The Meeting

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You’ve been waiting for this for a long time. You’re on edge. That line which approaches frustrations and anxiety. It’s been rather cool, summer is over and fall is full bloom. The air crisper and sharper than the summer sweltering days steps us closer to winter.

Sitting and talking, the food is there, and the conversation is lively. We both look and smile. I reach over and kiss you. You’re surprised and open your lips and my tongue dives in, tasting your mouth, wrapping a tongue deep and around. We separate a little, looking into each other’s eyes, and come together again. Our breathing is deep and passionate signaling our wanting and desiring of each other. My hand reaching up and pulls your head closer. My other hand reaches under the table. Sliding up your leg. Across your nylons my fingertips race to your skirt.

Your hand reaches behind my neck and the other follows my hand action as your race up my leg. My hand stops at your hem. You feel my hand stop and you pull away from the kiss. You scoot closer and as you do your legs separate a little. A smile traces across your lips with your tongue barely visible painting a line across them. Your free hand reaches for the wine glass. The other is in my lap, feeling the hardness through my pants. As my hand passes your hemline your legs slowly close. Trapping my hand beneath your skirt you start talking.

My hands feel erotik hikaye your nylons and yes, your garter too. You’re saying how you’re not that kind of a girl. But you still squeeze my pants taunting them to open. But your legs separate and my hand travels further up and, what, no undies. Your legs squeeze together again. You close your eyes and enjoy the moment. Your hand releases my cock and I’m under your power. My fingers play and dance beneath your skirt. You scoot away a little and my hand is free. I bring my fingers up and taste the juices you’ve given me. You watch me as I suck and lick them.

You slowly stand up and say your going to the restroom. I half stand as you leave. Watching your legs part as you stand I can see your inner lips. Moist and wanting. You adjust your skirt as you stand and walk away. My eyes are glued to your tuche. Wanting them and seeing them go tortures me.

You come back in about 5 minutes. You have a smile and a bounce in your step. You slide close and whisper into my ear, “I just couldn’t wait, you must suck my fingers and really taste it.” You pick up a piece of bread, and bringing it close to my lips you slip your fingers into my lips. Yes, I taste your juices, heavier and muskier. Your fingers have ventured farther than mine.

Desert is brought, cherries on top of a delicious cheesecake. Funny thing is that I don’t remember adult sikiş hikaye ordering it. But one large piece is placed before us. The cherry juice is draped over with a couple of cherries on top. You cut a piece and feed it to me. Slowly you enter it into my mouth. I close my lips over and let you slide the fork out slowly. You whisper again to me and ask if I like the desert. I roll the cherry around and swallow it. I lean over to your ear and say not as much as you. You smile a little and adjust your self. I really don’t see what you’re doing, I’m looking at your eyes and lean over to kiss your ear and suckle on your neck a little.

As I come back from your neck you have another piece of cake but just with a cherry and a small piece of pie. I open my mouth and you slide the piece in. Closing my mouth I hint a different aroma. It’s mostly cherry and little pie so I’m wandering what’s different. I roll the cherry around and it has a different taste and feel. Warmer than the first and definitely a sexier taste. It taste like your juices. I bite the cherry and swallow. Oh what an aphrodisiac.

You lean over and ask me again and I whisper it to you. “It taste like you, the body and sweat, just like your fingers.” You whisper to me that it was. When you went to the restroom you order the cheese cake and picked up a couple of cherries from the bar. When you went to restroom erotik hikaye you inserted the cherries into your love and masturbated yourself to an orgasm. The cherries where left in and as I leaned in to kiss your neck your slipped one of them out, and placed it on the plate. I lean in and kiss you. My hand reaches to your lap you place your hand upon mine and controls how much my fingers play.

I look down at your lap as we separate and see your skirt hiked up with our hands just barely hidden. You take away my hand and your hand goes back and pulls out another cherry. Your eyes are watching me, my eyes are following your every move. You bring the cherry up and into your mouth. You lean towards me and we kiss again. Our tongues intertwine and suck the cherry between us. We swallow together the juices and fruit of the cherry. Your nipples are now so hard you close your eyes. I reach up and feel them rubbing them softly. You moan. You lean towards me and whisper to me that you want me. You reach down and grab my cock.

My pants are straining your want. You unzip me and you wrap your hand around my hard cock. Your fingers find moisture at the tip. Your fingers gather the pre-cum and you bring it up to your lips and you lick your fingers and sucking them dry. I lean and kiss you. Tasting your cherry juice mingled with my cum. You reach back down and zip my pants up. You wipe your lips and resituate your self. You ask me if I enjoyed the desert and again I say it’s been one of the best.

You smile again. Your tongue slides across your lips and you say, “oh, that was just the appetizer, just wait…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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