The Mirror

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I wish you were here with me. I wish you were here, and I wish you were looking at me in a way that let me know you wanted me. I wish You would stare into my eyes, as you run a hand lightly down the right side of my body, brushing the top of my nipple ever so gently, never breaking eye contact. You would lean in to kiss me, and your lips would touch mine, pressing softly, then more firmly against me, warm and searching. We’d break for a second, parting only an inch and feeling each other’s breath, me feeling your hardness growing against my stomach.

You’d turn me around, so I was standing with my back to you, both of us facing the full-length mirror, your hard bulge pressed against my butt, and you’d tell me to stand still. You’d raise my arms so they were lifted out from my sides, and you’d rub your hands down my sides to my waist as you nuzzled, teased, and breathed on my neck, finally kissing and then biting it gently. Then, you’d reach around to the front of my body, rubbing your hands all over my stomach and up to where my bra was, but no further. You’d continue rubbing my stomach, nibbling my neck, breathing in my ear, then slowly begin to pull the front of my shirt up as you watched both me and yourself in the mirror. I’d be standing transfixed, seeing your hands pulling my shirt higher, higher; to reveal the white transparent lace of the bottom of my bra cups.

“Put your arms above your head,” you’d say, and I would comply, and instantly feel the crisp cotton of my shirt passing over the hardening nipples poking through my bra and then completely over my head before you tossed it aside and I lowered my arms again.

We would both return our gazes to the mirror, and would see my hardened, darkened nipples only slightly obscured by the delicate lace of my bra. We’d both watch in the mirror as you began rubbing over my stomach again, this time running your hands higher, higher, until you slid them over my lace-covered nipples, causing the lace and the heat of your hands to create tingling sensations that started there and moved downward. You’d continue very lightly massaging my nipples through the lace, both of us watching in the mirror as they got pointier, both of us hearing my breath growing heavier, me feeling your breath against the side of my neck.

You’d rub circular motions around my nipples with your fingertips, getting me warm, then pinch them gently to make them really stand up. Escort Bayan Esenyurt Then, you’d undo my bra slowly from the back, and slide the straps slowly, slowly down my arms, revealing my full, round, white breasts in the reflection as we both watched.

“Your breasts are beautiful, baby,” you whisper, in that hoarse, husky tone that tells me you’re giving in to the lust you feel. And you run your fingertips down the sides of my body again, brushing against the rounded sides of my breasts and causing me to get goosebumps.

When your hands get to my waist, you slowly, easily, fluidly move my shorts down to my ankles, and I step out of them as you pull them away from my feet. Then you stand back up, and sigh at the sight of the thin white lace of the front of my thong panties, at the thin layer of strawberry-blonde pubic hair that’s barely visible through them. I start to turn around, wanting to kiss you, but you grab my shoulders firmly to keep me facing the mirror. You then move your hands back to my waist, and bend me forward, both of us watching, until my upper body is angled toward the mirror, and my boobs are dangling, swaying gently.

You bend with me, pressing your chest against my back and your erection right in between my butt cheeks, fondling my breasts for a moment and watching their reflection as they wobble gently and sway from your touch. Then you stand upright, leaving me bent over, and grab my butt with two hands, squeezing, massaging, watching in the mirror as my eyes slide shut and my head goes back.

I feel your hand running up and down the back of my lace thong, up and down the thin strip of lace separating my cheeks, up, and then down all the way to the wet spot growing between my legs, brushing lightly against my labia before heading back upward again.

You back up, and I feel you looking at me from behind. I look in the mirror and see your eyes drooping with with lust as you look at my butt, pulling my thong out from between my cheeks and running a finger down my crevice, making me shiver.

Then you pull the thong down my legs just as fluidly as you did the shorts, and I step out of them as well.

I am now completely naked, and you are completely clothed behind me. Your arms come around me and your hands run down my stomach to my mound, down between my legs then back out again, and you feel that I am very, very wet. Escort Bayan Avcılar Wet for you. You start finger-fucking me, slowly, firmly, with two, then three fingers. You feel my muscles clenching around you.

A slight moan escapes from deep in your chest, then you whisper, “Look how beautiful your body is, baby.”

You step back, and I wonder why.

“Baby, touch your breast for me ,” you whisper breathily, erotically. You see the uncertainty on my face, and you encourage me more. “Touch your nipples, baby. Feel how hard they are.”

I reluctantly move a trembling hand upward toward my right breast, and my breath catches in my throat as my fingers come into contact with it. I trace circles around it with my index finger. My eyes close.

You speak again. “See how hard they are? They feel good, don’t they? They make me want you so bad.”

You pause for a moment, and watch me touching myself for you, then you continue.

“Baby, slide your other hand down between your legs. Feel how hot and wet you are.”

My eyes are still closed, but I feel your gaze burning into my skin as I slowly move my left hand downward until I can feel the heat and wetness of my body on my fingers. I moan, startling myself, and open my eyes to see the image of myself masturbating naked in the mirror. I am completely transfixed by the sight, but when movement catches my eye, I notice your reflection, and I see that you have unzipped your pants and have taken your cock out and are now stroking it as you watch me touch myself. It is almost too much for me, and my motions intensify as my head goes back and my eyes stay riveted on your hard, long cock with your hand jerking its steady rhythm as you look at me. We make eye contact for a moment, and the intensity is so great that I think I will cum right then, but you start to take your clothes off and I know I have to hold on.

You walk over to me and help me lower myself to the rug. You climb on top of me and your large cock lands heavy on my stomach. I groan.

“Do you like that, baby?” you whisper.”See how hard I am for you?”

I moan again, wanting you to put it in me, reaching out to touch it. But you’re not finished.

“Do you want to feel my cock on you, baby?” you ask.

“Yes,” I breathe. “Please.”

You push yourself up and begin rubbing your cock all over my stomach, driving me crazy Escort Bayan Beylikdüzü as I feel its smooth hardness and the bit of moisture trickling from the tip.

“You like it on you, baby? You like it touching you?”

I know I sound like a slut, but it does feel so good, and it’s making me so horny feeling it all over me.

“Yes, baby,” I reply.

You push yourself up further, and use the tip of your cock to circle my nipple, moistening it with your pre-cum and making me moan. “Oh god, baby,” I whisper, sure that if you even touch my pussy with your cock I will cum all over it instantly.

You bend and kiss me deeply, pushing your tongue deep into my mouth and sucking the lust from my lips, feeling how badly I want you. You then move upwards to brush your cock against my lips. I try to take it in my mouth but you pull away, brushing your balls against my chin, a sensation I have never felt before.

“Come back, baby,” I say, and you see the pleading in my eyes. I see the fire in your eyes growing as you lower your cock to my lips again. I immediately take your bulbous head into my mouth and begin licking around it, flicking it, sucking it, stroking your balls and gently squeezing your shaft. You sigh heavily as my warm mouth envelops you, and you slide in further, and begin pumping in and out, fucking my mouth slowly, deliberately. I feel you start to swell a little and know you are close, and I push you out of my mouth reluctantly.

“You want me to fuck you baby?” You ask.

I look straight into your eyes as I desperately say, “Please fuck me…”

You crawl back between my legs and spread my knees apart, and say, “Watch, baby. Sit up and watch.”

We watch together as your cock slowly enters me, as my body sucks it in inch by inch; as you start pumping me agonizingly slowly. I have never watched this before, and the sight of your cock halfway buried in me is so erotic I feel an orgasm coming on. I squeeze my eyes shut, and lay back as I feel the waves washing over me, causing me to squeeze and contract around your shaft, moaning and calling your name as I do.

It appears to give you a second wind, because you only fuck harder and faster, rougher, splitting me wide open. But somehow, you do not cum yourself until you have given me two more mind blowing orgasms.

Suddenly, you look straight into my eyes and say, “I’m cumming for you baby.”

You thrust deep one final time and clutch me to you as I feel you pumping your warmth into me. Your eyes roll back and your eyelids close as you finish, then collapse on me. We both breathe hard for a moment, coming down off our high, and then you roll off of me and lay on your back next to me. You grab my hand, and I feel myself drifting to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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