The Neighbor Pt. 02

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I did not see Gary for a while, he worked a lot of overtime, when I did see him about a week later he looked exhausted, worn out, dead on his feet.

“Hey Gary how are you?”

“I’m okay Bill how are you?”

“All good with me, you my friend look exhausted, have you not been sleeping?”

“No not really, been working overtime and I’m tired, hungry and horny as hell.”

“Come for a beer, I might even feed you dinner.”

“You Sir have yourself a deal, just let me go change clothes, and grab a quick shower.”

“Okay I will go get dinner in the oven, just come in the door will be unlocked.”

It was not even five minutes and Gary is walking in the door, I looked at him like what to hell was going on.

“Thought you were going to have a shower and change, what happened?”

“She is being a bitch like usual, I walk in the door and it is a yelling match, I grabbed my clothes and walked out. Could I use your shower Bill?”

“Of course just let me get you some towels, and make sure there is soap and shampoo for you to use.”

I did not realize but Gary followed me in to the bathroom, I was checking the shower, he was at the vanity slowly undressing, first his shirt then the wifebeater. This guy had the most amazing chest, pecs and abs, his pecs bounced as he flexed, a hairy upper chest with a treasure trail that led to his jeans. Gary pulled off his socks then unbuckled his jeans.

I was mesmerized watching him get naked, I stopped staring long enough to get him towels and made my escape. Gary did not close the door he left it wide open, he pulled off his pants and of course he was commando. The man had the hottest ass I had ever seen, muscular, dusted with black hair, as he walked into the shower his butt muscles flexed in all the right ways.

I grabbed his dirty clothes and made my way back into the kitchen, I had to get away from him my cock was rock hard and I was actually drooling. Gary was in the shower a good half hour, he came out a new man, his hair loose, about shoulder length, combed back. He did not have a shirt on, he did not have anything clean he told me.

I went and got him a clean white tee, he had on grey sweats and you guessed it, he could not hide anything in those. His cock huge, down his left leg, the sweats tight on his body I could see his cock was cut with an ample knob on it as well. I handed him istanbul travesti the tee, I told him he could go lay down while I prepared dinner, I handed him a beer and he did as I suggested.

I was busy getting dinner made Gary was stretched out on the sofa, he had not been in there for only a few minutes and he was snoring. I would let him sleep for an hour or so then I would wake him to have dinner. He and I ate, he looked a little better but he clearly needed more sleep, I suggested he get back on the sofa and I would wake him in an hour or so.

I got dishes done, then went in the living room to check on my guest, Gary was out, I got a blanket and covered him up. Of course I took a peek at that beautiful cock of his before I did that. I went to bed around eleven, Gary was still sleeping soundly, I stripped down and got in bed. It must have been around one in the morning I woke to Gary getting in bed with me, he had stripped naked and cuddled in close to me.

I felt that huge cock on my hip, his body covering half of me, he was grinding his huge penis on my thigh. I rolled him on his back and took his cock in hand, I got between his legs and viewed his huge tool I had in my hand. His cock had to be ten inches long and I would guess almost six in diameter, his cock was leaking out precum like a leaky faucet.

I took his mushroom head in my mouth and licked him clean, Gary was moaning and groaning, I took about eight of his ten in my mouth and sucked down on his huge organ. Gary grabbed the pillows and pulled them in, his balls reacted, his cock shot me full of cream. Gary quietly screamed as his cock filled me with his wonderful white cum.

I milked his cock dry, then got in beside him, he and I cuddled in close, he soon was snoring once more. He and I woke at five he had work at six, I got up made him coffee and breakfast, I packed him a lunch, and sent him off to work. At six pm there was a knock on my door, it was Gary once again.

“Bill can I come in and talk to you for a bit?”

“Of course grab a seat I will get you a beer.”

Gary sat there for a few minutes, the man looked beat, on the edge of giving up. She had been abusing him for quite some time it seems, not letting the man get hardly any sleep, taking whatever money he had and spending it on useless junk purchases and gambling, not paying their bills.

Gary istanbul travestileri explained how he came home last night when he came to my place to have a shower and some guy was there in their apartment with her. He grabbed some clothes and came to mine, Gary was on the brink of tears, I had not seen a guy so worn down. I got up and pulled him to his feet I held him to me, I took his hand and walked him to the bathroom.

I helped him get undressed, I turned on the shower and guided him in, I got his grey sweats and brought them to the bathroom. I helped dry the man off, his huge cock getting harder and harder as I gently dried his naked body. Gary looked at me a sad look on his face, I helped put his sweats on and took his hand and brought him to the sofa.

I put a light blanket on him and kissed his forehead, I sat beside him my hand on his furry chest, I turned on the tv and got up to make dinner. I woke Gary up an hour later, he was sound asleep, but the man had to eat. He and I ate in silence, I loaded the dishwasher, Gary sat and watched me like he was glued to his chair.

Once done I took his hand and led him to my bedroom, I removed his sweats and tucked him in, I was going to leave the room so he could get some much needed sleep. Gary held my hand and pulled me in for a kiss, a very soft gentle kiss. I knew the man was not the least bit gay, but he craved attention, he needed to be cared for, he needed love.

“Bill can you come to bed with me please?

“I will join you later Gary, it is much to early to go to bed right now.”

I knew the man was boned up and needed relief, I wanted at his cock later, but if I really had to I could suck him now and of course I could do it again later.

“Please Bill, I really need you close to me right now.”

I stood up and slowly took off my clothes, I climbed in and snuggled in close to him, his cock was rock hard and ready for action. I laid on top of him and kissed him, eyes closed, hands all over each other kissing each other. I kissed my way down this mans body, paying attention to his nipples, licking his ribs, kissing his abs.

There it was his huge cock, rock hard and dripping precum like a hydrant, I kissed his mushroom head then swirled my tongue around it. I cradled his balls in my right hand as my mouth sucked on his huge knob. I took his balls in my mouth travesti istanbul and lathered them in saliva, Gary was going crazy.

“Please Bill suck my cock for me, I need to cum so badly.”

I ran my tongue along his shaft, my tongue tickling the tip of his cock, I held his cock in one hand and slid it down my throat. I had about nine of his ten in, I forced myself to take it all, my throat filled to capacity. I stroked his cock while I sucked, his balls tightened, his cock jerked as it got ready to unload.

I sucked down on his cock and stroked even quicker, Gary held my pillows in his fists, his cock right on the edge. He grabbed my head and shoved his cock in, his hips fucking my throat, his cock unloaded with a vengeance. Seven full shots of cum shot inside me, Gary held his hands on my head as his cock slowly stop shooting.

Gary pulled me off of his cock and held my head in his hands, he pulled me in for a kiss, he rolled us over and held me in place his hands laced into mine. Gary reached down and took my own cock in his hand. He got in between my legs and looked at my uncut cock, he jerked me off at first, then his mouth went to my knob and licked.

He kissed it gently, his mouth took in my knob, the whole time his hand jerking me off, I was close, my balls ready to fill him up. Gary took in more of my cock, not ready for my orgasm, I flooded Gary with cum. I shot him everywhere, face mouth lips beard, Gary was good about it he licked what he could, but I could tell cum was not to his taste.

I rolled us over and got up to get a damp towel to wipe him off, he laid there waiting for me to come back, his face covered in cum. I gently wiped him off and leaned in and kissed him, he pulled me in and rolled on top of me. I would want this man inside me at some point, Gary laid on top of me his head on my chest, he planned to sleep on top of me.

In less than ten minutes the man was snoring, his arms holding me tight to him, I was not going anywhere anytime soon. I reached over and grabbed a book I was so into before I met Gary, I got through about a quarter of the book. I too was tired now, I shut off the light and fell asleep with this wonderful man on top of me.

I woke at two thirty, Gary was getting back in bed, he had gotten up to pee, he snuggled in close to me holding me tight to himself. I woke at five got up made us coffee, made him breakfast, and a lunch, I knew I could get used to having this guy around. He ate got dressed and was about to walk out the door, he turned around, pulled me in close and kissed me.

“See you later Bill, have a great day.”

“Thanks Gary you too.”

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