The Neighbors Ch. 03

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CONTAINS: [married, mfm threesome, lesbian, exhibitionist, dirty talk, secretary fantasy, facial, cum, cum-slut fantasy, blowjob, light BDSM, extreme facial]

Lana awoke under a thick pile of covers in the living room, her eyes sealed shut from the thick layer of dried cum plastered to her face. Her hair was tangled and matted to her forehead. She shuddered to think of what she must look like after last night’s romp (see: PART 2). Lana spit in her hands and rubbed her eyes until they moistened and she could open them. She looked around, still naked, but saw no sign of Mark or Tina. Lana stood up, stark naked, her face a wreck, and strutted down the hall. The closer she came to the bedroom, the more she was sure that she heard Tina moaning out in pleasure. She instantly prepared herself to see Mark and Tony tangled in the throws of passion, but when she opened the bedroom door, Lana was shocked to discover Tina sprawled out on the bed masturbating in the nude. She had a series of photos spread out before her which she seemed transfixed on, her face was a mess too – a fresh load of cum now dripped down her features on top of the thin layer still plastered all over her face. Her hair was tangled and a mess, her make-up ruined. Suddenly, Tina noticed Lana standing in the doorway and nearly jumped out of her skin.

“Jesus, how long have you been standing there?” Tina asked, quickly removing her hand from between her legs and revealing her swollen, clean-shaven pussy to Lana who just blushed in response.

“Just a few seconds,” Lana added.

“Well, you nearly gave me a heart attack. I thought you left already,” Tina said.

“No, but I can give you some privacy if you like…”

“Hmm? Oh! No, its fine, Mark’s just out running some errands is all.”

“Looks like you two already had some fun without me, though…” Lana added.

“We like to start the fun early,” Tina admitted through a thin smile.

Lana considered. “You know, I was just going to go home and do the same thing… do you think I could join you?”

Tina smiled and took in the nubile redhead’s busting sexuality oozing out of her every pore, her nude body practically begging to be fucked in every context. She loved the way Lana looked at her, especially compromised like this.

“Sure, why don’t you come over here and grab a seat next to me,” Tina added.

Lana strutted over to Tina and pulled herself up on the bed. She looked at the naked wife before her and then down at the pictures in front of her.

“So, what have we here?” Lana asked.

“Pictures we took on vacation,” Tina stated, while returning her hand to her throbbing clit. Lana could now see that Tina’s lips were swollen and her slit glistening with her juices. She could already smell her, the intoxicating aroma casting a spell on her. Tina just smiled when she saw Lana’s eyes on her and then used her fingers to spread her vulva open, revealing her moist pink hole to Lana. Lana squirmed immediately.

“God, you’re so hot…” Lana breathed.

“Yeah?” Tina asked. She then switched to using two hands to spread her lips apart even further, revealing the most private depths of her pussy to Lana.

“Thank you so much for sharing yourself with me…” Lana moaned as started to rub herself to the sight of Tina, spread eagle, pussy spread open before her. She could see Tina’s juices flowing inside her, slowly spilling out of her and running down her inner thighs. She looked back up at Tina, her face a mess with dry and liquefied sperm still spilling down her features. Tina gave Lana fuck-me eyes that drew Lana between her legs, the musky aroma emanating from her most private body part inviting her to taste her best friend and married neighbor. Still, even when Lana found herself inches from Tina’s pussy, staring deep inside her hole, she couldn’t help but still steal a few glances of her cum-ruined face. Tina just smiled again.

“You like seeing my face dripping with my husband’s sperm, don’t you?”

Lana moaned yes and then stuck out her tongue and penetrated Tina’s hole with it. Tina screamed out and pulled Lana deeper inside her pussy. Tina’s titillating juices ran over her tongue and smeared all over her face as she began to lick and lap at Tina like a horny teenage boy. She took in her friend’s scent and reveled in the sensation of her nectar electrifying her taste buds. Occasionally, Lana slipped her fingers deep inside of Tina and attacked her clit, fully exposed and hyper sensitive. Tina’s whole body shuddered every time she felt Lana’s tongue on her, her orgasm building with intensity against her fiery nub. Tina grabbed Lana’s hair and pulled her deeper inside of her. She saw her face was a mess with dry cum, her hair matted to her features. It only drove her further into her sexual frenzy. After all, it was her own husband’s semen crusted all over the redhead currently eating her.

“Lick my ass too…” Tina moaned.

Lana stopped and looked down as she saw Tina’s tight little sphincter staring right at ankara rus escort her. She wasn’t sure what to expect.

“Please…” Tina moaned.

Lana smiled and then drew her tongue across Tina’s forbidden little bud.

“God! Yes!” Tina kept screaming.

Lana licked Tina’s ass, soaked in her pussy juices, and then returned back to her slit. Then, she did something she thought might help Tina’s orgasm finally peak – she slipped two fingers inside Tina’s pussy and forced her pinky deep into the forbidden chasm of her asshole. Tina cried out and wrapped her legs around Lana who began rubbing herself so hard that she thought her own orgasm might come before Tina’s. Tina’s pulled Lana deep inside of her pussy as she continued to finger-fuck her holes. Finally the pressure building inside of her became too much and Tina cried out in ecstasy as her orgasm exploded through her groin and flooded her whole body with electricity. Her muscles went rigid and her cum flowed out of her right over Lana’s tongue. Then, Tina began to rub herself so hard at the exact moment of orgasm that she started to literally squirt right into Tina’s face – she recoiled back a bit, but then reveled in the sensation of receiving a facial from a woman. Tina’s cum squirted all over Lana’s already cum-soaked features as Tina screamed so loud, Lana worried the neighbors might call the police. Her physical orgasm finally subsided just as Lana’s own orgasm ripped through her body, brought on by the sexual fury Tina ejaculating on her caused. Lana collapsed into Tina’s pussy, her face dripping with her cum.

They both passed out then.

Lana awoke later in Tina’s arms. Tina slowly caressed her.

“Will you need me to babysit at all this weekend?” Lana asked.

“No, but, if you’re looking to make some money, my husband might be able to help you,” Tina said.

“How’s that?” Lana asked.

“He’s hiring a new assistant to help out with the home office. I used to do that for him, but then when he downsized, he didn’t really need me anymore. Now he’s expanding his business and is looking for someone to help out around here again. Thing is, I can’t… too busy working, and being a mom too.”

“What’s the job entail?” Lana asked.

“Why don’t you stop by tomorrow at noon for an interview. My husband will better be able to explain it…”

Lana smiled.

“Sounds perfect, but on one condition…”

Tina looked into her eyes.

“You lick my ass while you eat me out before I leave.”

Tina just smiled… and then she dove between Lana’s legs.

“Come in,” Mark said.

The next day, Lana had stopped by Tina and Mark’s place just as she said she would and had been asked to wait outside his office until she was called in. Tina had let her in and went into the office not five minutes ago. Was she going to be interviewing her too? She wondered what they had in store for her, especially with everything the three of them had all been through. Now, she approached Mark’s office door and reached for the handle – upon entering, she was shocked to find Mark in full business attire behind his desk, his wife Tina on her knees in front of him, blowing him in the nude. Lana’s cheeks flushed as she sat down in the chair across from Mark.

“Please, sit down,” Mark said, gesturing to the empty seat.

“Thank you,” Lana said.

“My wife would say hello…” Mark began.

“Its okay, she looks a little… preoccupied,” Lana mused.

It was true. Tina was giving Mark what looked like a pretty passionate and somewhat sloppy blowjob. She bobbed up and down on Mark’s erect and throbbing shaft, her saliva spilling out of her hot wet mouth all over it. She occasionally deep-throated him and even choked herself on it. Watching Tina, her naked backside exposed to her through the glass-top desk, sucking off her husband while he continued interviewing her made Lana extremely wet, extremely fast. She crossed her legs to avoid adding insult to injury. But still, she couldn’t

“Thank you for considering me for the position,” Lana said.

“Well, truth be told, I didn’t immediately think of you… though when my wife brought you up, of course it made perfect sense.”

“Tina is a very smart woman,” Lana stated.

“Yes she is,” Mark stated through a thinly veiled smile.

“And from the looks of it… dedicated,” Lana added.

“Mmmphmmm…” Tina moaned, her husband’s cock still stuffed deep into her throat.

“So how much do you know about the position?” Mark asked, clearly starting to perspire and breathe heavier.

“Tina told me it was secretarial work of sorts,” Lana responded.

“Of sorts. I’m going to need you to answer phones, take messages, return calls, take notes, keep the home office in tip-top shape, order in lunch… that sort of thing. I see you have some retail experience on your resume here,” Mark said while pulling up Lana’s resume that Lana had given to Tina the day before.

“Yes, I worked ankara türbanlı escort at a Macy’s for about a year and a half in high-school.”

“Good, good… of course there will be other requirements for this position…” Mark added.

“Will I be expected to, uh, take over…” Lana asked, nodding to Tina, still sucking Mark’s cock. Tina took her husband out of her mouth, long strings of pre-cum and saliva dripping from her luscious lips and chin down to the erection staring right at her. She looked back at it and spit on it. She felt herself drawn to it and then started to lick it all over like an ice cream cone. When she returned to Mark’s engorged head, she took the whole penis back into her throat and began blowing him all over again.

Mark smiled.

“The long and the short of it is I’ll expect the woman who fills this position to satisfy me orally multiple times a day. My preference is to hire a cum-slut, just like my wife here. It’s a rarity, but… my wife loves cock. She simply can’t get enough of it… or cum.”

Lana felt her juices starting to flow.

“Oh, well, I may not have your wife’s experience, but… I think I’ve proven that I can be equally as… passionate… when it comes to dick,” Lana couldn’t believe the words coming out of her own mouth. She watched Tina, now masturbating furiously, suck her husband’s cock right in front of her. Mark then took himself out of his wife’s mouth and smeared his pre-cum and his wife’s saliva all over her face, ruining her makeup. Tina felt her pussy throbbing for attention, and knew she would get it as soon as the interview was over. But right now, she needed to get off and the only thing that drove her was her lust for her husband’s cock. She could taste his salty pre-cum flooding over her taste buds. She had to have his cum.

“Do you consider yourself a cum-slut?”

Lana considered and knew her panties had soaked through.


“Tell me why?”

Lana unbuttoned slipped a hand over her nub, it burned for attention.

“Its okay, you can make yourself more comfortable if it will help your answer,” Mark suggested.

Lana smiled and then unfastened her belt, unbuttoned her pants, and slowly pulled the zipper down. She slipped one hand inside her pants and deep beneath her panties toward her nub. She arched back and started to rub and looked back to Mark, a new fire burning in her eyes.

“Well… I guess ever since you marked me… with your cum… I just can’t get enough. I loved the way you made me feel that night. I loved feeling… dominated and marked…”

Lana continue to rub her fiery little clit and felt the juices inside her literally flowing out into her panties. The electricity surged through her groin and caused an intense pressure that built against her g-spot.

“Very good. Well, lets talk dress code. I’ll expect your uniform to be very professional outer attire including very suggestive undergarments. You are always to keep yourself in pristine physical appearance. If you work hard, and prove yourself, I’ll see to it that you’re satisfied also. How does that sound?”

“Will I be receiving facials in the workplace?”

“Yes. I will be cumming on your face frequently, but I mostly work alone so you will always be able to maintain some level of privacy,” Mark stated as Tina continued to blow him. Then, he grabbed his wife’s head and started to throat-fuck her so hard and fast, that Tina literally started to gag and cough. Mark’s cock was a piston that rocketed in and out of his wife’s mouth. He took out his cock and slapped her face all over with it – she seemed to revel in the feeling, her make-up smeared, her mascara running down her cheeks. Her eyes had since watered over from the intense throat-fucking she had received earlier on her own accord.

“Will I be expected to leave your cum on my face?” Lana asked as she started to grab her breasts and knead them slowly like dough.

“Unless otherwise instructed, is that going to be a problem?” Mark asked.

Lana shook her head.

“On the contrary.”

“Then I think we’re finished here. You can start first thing tomorrow morning, 8am sharp,” Mark stated.

“Sounds good…”

“Lana, would you like to watch Tina receive a facial before you leave?”

“I thought you’d never ask. Can she come over here where I can see a little better?”

“Of course,” Mark stated. He got up and took his wife by the hand, who stood up, her face a wreck of pre-cum and dried tears, stark naked. Tina just winked at her as she got on her knees right in front of her and looked up at her husband who began to masturbate in front of her face.

“Come on, baby. I’ve been sucking your cock all afternoon. I really need that hot cum you’ve been waiting to paint me with!” Tina exclaimed.

“You’re so beautiful, honey, I can’t wait to paint you with my cum,” Mark breathed.

Mark cried out as he finally burst – a long, thick rope of white sperm splattered across bahçelievler escort Tina’s beautiful face. The very second Tina felt her husband’s cum splash into her face, she reveled in the moment. This was her favorite part. The next rope rocketed out and struck Tina on the cheek. Lana continued to rub herself as she watched another rope of semen struck Tina across the bridge of her nose and hung awkwardly off her nose, dripping slowly down in front of her lips. Tina turned and looked at Lana who rubber herself even harder, especially when more cum flew onto the young wife’s face. Lana reveled in the feeling of watching her friend and neighbor demeaned in front of her, reduced to a lowly cum-slut. A thick glob of sperm splashed across Tina’s luschious lips. Mark continued to stroke himself – another rope struck up into Tina’s forehead and fell across her brow. Mark shook the final drops all over his wife’s small, perky breasts and then stumbled back onto his desk. He looked down at his cum-covered wife and smiled back at her, the cum dripping down off her nose and oozing over her sperm-soaked lips.

“Sweetheart, your dick-sucking lips look so beautiful covered in my cum,” Mark said.

Tina smiled and blew Mark a kiss.

The next morning, Lana showed up in a blue blouse and black trousers, her long red hair down, heavy mascara and shiny lip-gloss. Mark welcomed her in and show her around the home office and immediately put her to work organizing his den which he also used for storage. Lana finished organizing and then let herself in to the office where Mark was busy on a business-call. She decided to clean his shelves while he continued to talk finances with his business partner via the telephone. Then, Mark pulled the phone away from his mouth and called out to her in a hushed tone.


“Yes, Mr. Saunders?” she asked, turning around.

“I’d like you strip down to your underwear now.”

Lana smiled.

“Yes, Mr. Saunders.”

Lana unbuttoned her top one button at a time and removed her blouse, revealing a lacy see-through black bra, her puffy pink nipples poking through the transparent mesh material beneath. Next she unbuckled her belt and slid it from around her waist. Then, she hooked her fingers into her pants and slipped them off her hips revealing her matching black, see -through panties. That’s when Mark’s eyes went wide. He noticed that her pubic region was now completely bald, the thin slit of her vulva visible even through her panties.

“Are you shaved clean now, Lana?” Mark asked, still holding the phone away from his mouth and speaking in a hushed tone.

“Uh-huh. I figured since Tina was, you must like clean-shaven pussies,” Lana said, pulling down the material of her panties and revealing her smooth, naked pubic region to Mark.

“Oh yeah…”

Lana turned around, revealing that her underwear was no more than a thin-stringed thong, her full nude butt revealed to Mark. He stared at her supple cheeks as they bounced back and forth and slightly jiggled with every subtle movement she made. She had the ass of a goddess, Mark decided. Lana began dusting the shelves in her underwear as Mark took a number of phone calls, a noticeable bulge in his pants forming the longer he stared at the redhead’s nearly exposed backside. At one point, Lana turned around and saw Mark, penis out, masturbating to the sight of her. Lana blushed and felt a surge of excitement rush between her legs. She laughed nervously and turned back around.

Mark finally hung up the phone.

“Lana, I’d like you to take off your clothes now.”

“Of course, after all… you marked me with your cum. I have to do as you say, right?”

“That’s absolutely right, Lana… I’m glad you understand.”

Lana reached around, unfastened her bra, and pulled it away from her massive breasts and then slipped her panties down off her hairless pussy. She looked back up at Mark with questioning eyes.

“Now I want you to come over here and suck my dick dry,” he stated firmly.

“Mm, sounds good…”

Lana strutted over to Mark and dropped to her knees. She took his throbbing cock in her hands and began to stroke it, already overflowing with pre-cum. Then, Lana took the head in her mouth and swirled her tongue around it. Mark groaned out and ran his hands through her long red locks. Occasionally, Lana would come up for air and spit on his cock.

“You’ve turned into quite the little cock-sucker,” Mark complimented.

“I guess I just can’t get enough,” Lana admitted.

“I love watching you and my wife eat each other, you know that?”

“I figured,” Lana smiled, running her tongue around Mark’s engorged head.

“How do you think she tastes?” Mark asked.

“So sweet! You’re really lucky, I didn’t think I’d be into girls, but I love fooling around and fucking Tina. It’s so hot knowing what she tastes like. And I LOVE when you cum on her face in front of me… its so hot to watch her just walk around the house marked like that. Did she tell you we fucked yesterday?”

“Speaking of, how would you like to let me film you and Tina having sex?” Mark asked as Tina continued to bob up and down on his cock.

“Well, you already took my picture naked and covered in your cum, and I’ve already had sex with her, so… sure! Why no?” Lana exclaimed.

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