The Party

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This is a true story. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy telling it.

I had heard stories about secret, underground parties held at a house off campus. Supposedly, they were the wildest parties you could imagine. According to the rumors, there was all kinds of crazy stuff going on there.

I was very curious to find out first hand.

One day I heard through the grapevine that one of these parties was going down that weekend. I had to be there! The only problem was I had no idea if it was true, or if they’d even let strangers in.

Well, I figured there was only one way to find out. I decided I’d have the best chance to get in if I looked sexy. I put on my tightest pair of jeans. They were cut so low that you’d be able to see my pubic hair if I didn’t shave myself nearly bald. I also wore a tight, skimpy tank top that barely held my braless 36C breasts. If I bent over, they just about spilled out the top.

I finished my hair and makeup and looked in the mirror. I thought I looked damn good. Good enough that any guy would probably let me into the party.

I got to the house and saw a few cars. The driveway was long, and the house was set back from the road, so I couldn’t see what was going on. As I walked up the driveway I heard music playing and figured it was the right place.

I was a little nervous, but went and knocked on the door anyway, not sure what I’d say when it was answered.

“Damn, hello sexy!” said the handsome guy that quickly opened the door and stepped outside closing it behind him as he checked out my body, obviously focusing on my breasts.

He was tall, probably 6’2″ or so and looked like he had a great body. His facial features were incredible. He had a strong jaw line, great lips, and beautiful blue eyes. And he had very trendy, longish shaggy hair.

“Hello sexy yourself,” I answered.

“So you want to get into our party?” he asked

“Absolutely,” I smiled. “I hear they’re the best parties around campus!”

“Yeah, they definitely are,” he laughed. “But do you know what our parties are like?”

“Well, I heard they’re pretty wild, but I don’t know anything else,” I told him.

“You’re gonna have to prove that you’re ready for our kind of party before I let you in.” he said with a wicked grin.

“How do I do that?” I asked with genuine curiosity.

Without saying another word, he undid he belt and dropped his jeans and liseli hikayeleri boxers to the ground, exposing a beautiful, meaty, perfectly shaved cock and balls.

I knew how to take a hint. And I wanted to get into this party. And this guy was gorgeous anyway.

I dropped right to my knees and sucked his soft cock into my mouth, massaging it with my tongue while I played with his balls.

He groaned his pleasure and immediately started to get hard inside my mouth. I just love that feeling.

Within a minute, he was hard as a rock and I was going to town on him. He leaned back against the front door while I slid my lips up and down his shaft, lightly squeezing his balls at the same time.

Then with my mouth still around the last couple of inches of his gorgeous prick, I wrapped my hand around the base. I started to stroke my hand up and down while my mouth bobbed over his knob, sucking and licking as I went.

I could tell by his moans and body language that he was getting close. When I felt his balls start to tighten, I slid my hungry mouth all the way down his cock, deepthroating him.

Just then I felt splash after splash of hot cum spraying the back of my throat. I waited until for a few seconds after he was done and slowly milked my way up his shaft.

When I was done, I stayed on my knees and stared up into his eyes with my sexiest look.

“Fuck,” he sighed, still out of breath. “I just wanted you to show me your tits, but that works too.”

“Well, I didn’t want to leave anything to chance,” I laughed.

With that, he pulled me up to my feet, put his pants back on, and led me inside.

There were 10 or 12 people sitting around on couches talking, drinking, and smoking pot. It seemed much more laid back than I expected. There were a couple of more guys than girls, but that was fine with me.

It also seemed like everyone was really hot, which seemed strange. I’d never been to a party quite like this.

“Hey everyone, this is…” he paused.

“Lisa,” I added. “Have room for one more?”

“Who is she, Jim,” asked one of the guys.

“Don’t worry, she’s cool,” He assured them.

With that, he led me to an empty couch. In no time, I had a drink in one hand and a joint in the other. There was lots of laughing and flirting going on, everyone was having a great time.

After what must have been a few hours, I kadın hikayeleri had forgotten about the crazy reputation these parties had.

“OK, I think it’s time to get a little more comfortable everyone,” said one of the guys as he turned the lights off.

Jim reached over, put his hand behind my head, and guided my face to his. Our lips met, and I was in no mood to resist.

I decided hours ago that I wanted to spend the night with him tonight, so I greedily retuned the kiss. Soon we were going at each other like teenagers on prom night. Our passionate, sloppy, sexy kisses exploring each others mouths, lips, faces, necks, and shoulders.

My hands were under his shirt exploring his body that felt like it was cut from marble. His hands quickly pushed the straps of my tank top over my shoulders exposing my breasts and hard nipples. He roughly played with them with both hands, before one moved to my ass.

As I pulled his shirt over his head, I realized that I could hear moaning and groaning coming from all over the room. I looked around and in the moonlight coming through the windows, I could make out some shapes.

The couch next to us had a guy and girl in a similar position that we were in. In the corner I could see another couple, completely naked in a chair with her riding him.

Standing against a wall were two guys, shirts off, making out, one with his hand down the others pants.

Then on the floor were three people, two guys and a girl, in various states of undress. One guy was between her legs face first, the other was sucking her nipples.

Jesus, this was some party after all. I’d definitely have to come back, but for the moment I had more important things to do.

By now I was sitting in Jim’s lap. I faced him, and just smiled while I rubbed his hard chest with both hands. He pulled my tank top over my head and started nibbling and sucking on my nipples. This drove me crazy!

I reached down to undo his belt and rub his cock. This time, he took the hint. He stood up and dropped his pants and boxers for the second time tonight. At the same time, he undid my pants and pealed them off of me. I wiggled my tight little ass to help, or maybe just to tease. He seemed to like what he saw.

“No panties huh? I guess you were ready for tonight,” he laughed.

I just grabbed his shaft and pulled him towards me. I hungrily sucked erotik hikaye oku his cock head into my mouth while I stroked his hard fuck pole. I couldn’t wait to see what else this could do.

“Oh no, we already did this,” he said. “As good as it was, it’s time for something else.”

He grabbed my arms and pulled me up to my feet. Then in one motion, he picked me up, turned me upside down, and pulled me against his body. I ended up with my mouth at cock level, and legs wrapped around his head.

Neither of wasted any time. His cock was ball deep in my mouth in seconds as his tongue explored my hot, wet pussy.

After just a couple of minutes, between being high, drunk, upside down, having a cock in my mouth, and the heaven going on between my legs, I felt like I was going to pass out.

For some reason, the strange mix of feelings was making me incredibly sensitive. Or maybe he was just that good.

My body shook and I nearly tore his head off with my legs as wave after wave of orgasm pulsed through my body. I pulled my mouth off of his cock as I screamed.

“Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh, oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh, Jesus Christ!” Anyone within a mile probably heard me, but I didn’t really care.

Jim laid me back on the couch.

“God, please fuck me Jim,” I begged once I caught my breath.

Seconds later, he was laying on top of me, guiding his cock into my soaking wet pussy.

Seconds after that, I was screaming again. This time, I didn’t seem to be the only one. I think I set off an orgasm chain reaction.

Jim wasn’t fooling around now. He was giving exactly what I wanted. I good, hard, rough fucking.

He slammed his cock in and out of me at lighting speed, my hips bucking up and down to match the rhythm of the squeaking springs.

I reached up and pulled him to me, kissing every inch of his face while I wrapped my legs around his waste in an attempt to pull him even deeper inside me.

Somehow, he picked up the pace even more, fucking me harder than I’ve ever been fucked before.

I knew neither of us would last long at this rate.

Soon, my second orgasm came, which I could feel was about to trigger his.

I spread my legs and unwrapped my arms. He took the hint and pulled out, now kneeling above me.

I licked my lips while he furiously stroked his glistening, hard cock above me.

Soon he was shooting blast after blast of cum all over my chest and face. For the second time that night, I gently milked the last few drops out of his softening cock and swallowed them.

When he recovered, he led me by the hand upstairs first to the bathroom where we showered together, then to his bedroom where I spent the night. We didn’t get much sleeping done.

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