The Perfect Hand

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I’ve been working on a few longer stories for a while now and this idea just found me, so I thought I’d put it out here for my loyal followers that have been so patiently waiting for something new. Just a fun little story of two fraternity brothers that find a special joy with each other through a friendly game of poker.

As always, all participants are over eighteen and please leave me a comment, I love to hear what you think.

* * * * *

“All in,” I looked at the smug grin on Eric’s face as he pushed his chips into the middle of the table as soon as the dealer flipped the Jack of Hearts on the river, there was just no fucking way; it couldn’t be true.

From the way he had played his hand, he was totally bluffing, or he had the full house, pocket kings to go with the two aces and the king that had shown up on the flop giving me four aces and a pat hand if ever there was one. Then the nine of spades on the turn which didn’t help anybody, and the damned Jack of Hearts, raising the ever so slim possibility that the son of a bitch had lucked into the only hand that could beat me, but no, he had been too aggressive, he was bluffing.

“No way, Eric, I’ve got your ass this time, I have the perfect hand,” I pushed all my chips into the middle of the table to call,” in fact, if I lose this hand, I’ll get down on my knees and suck your damned cock right here in front of everybody,” arrogantly flipping my pair of aces over and getting up from the table to start my celebration.

“I’m going to hold you to that Tony,” his grin turned into a broad smile as slowly, intentionally, relishing every second of it, he flipped first the Queen of Hearts and then the ten, the son of a bitch had been bluffing and then pulled a royal flush on the damned river, fuck!

“Now I think you owe me something,” Eric walked around the table to face me, slowly unzipping his pants as he did.

Of course, everybody else in the room, my entire fraternity was laughing and cheering, chanting “suck, suck, suck,” I was never going to live this down no matter what I did. I could go through with it and suffer the endless ‘cocksucker’ cat calls from my brothers, or I could renege and try to live with all my friends knowing I had reneged on a bet.

“Fuck you, Eric,” I glared at him.

“Not yet, but if you do a good job, maybe,” my brothers roared, I dropped to my knees and reached for his belt.

I didn’t have to say a word when Eric’s cock sprang free, someone behind me said it for me, “damn, Eric, that’s huge,” and they weren’t kidding. Eric was 6’4″, about 250# and captain of the rugby side so he wasn’t a small man, but this was impressive.

I shifted on my knees eyeing the beast, slowly reaching out to take it in my hands, my mouth starting to water as I considered what I was going to do. I could even feel something stirring in my crotch, there was just something about Eric’s cock that I couldn’t ignore; it was beautiful.

I could feel it slowly begin to harden as my hands slid over the soft skin covering the monster, my thumb caressing the slit in his glans as my other hand moved down to fondle his balls, hot and heavy, fuck, he was going to drown me if those things were full.

“That’s right, just take your time,” Eric’s voice had taken a softer tone, no one else in the room said a word.

I had enjoyed more than my share of blowjobs, in fact Julie, my current girlfriend had a unique talent in that area and loved to show off whenever she and I were together. Maybe, if I did to Eric what she did to me, I would understand why she seemed to relish giving head so much, it couldn’t hurt, right.

I swallowed hard, leaning forward slowly, reaching out with my tongue to flick the spot my thumb had just left and then kissing the large pink head, the musky aroma filling my sinuses.

Eric pushed forward just a bit forcing his way between my lips, I relaxed and opened my mouth, letting him in, twirling my tongue around the intruder and eliciting a soft moan from Eric as my reward.

His eyes met mine and he smiled and nodded, encouraging me to continue, slowly, tentatively, I took him further into my mouth, running my tongue along the bottom of the warm shaft, soft moans filling my ears, oh my god, that was me.

When I got as far as I could go, Eric pressed and I gagged, he pulled back a little and pressed again, I gagged again. Using my hands to stroke what I couldn’t get in my mouth, I started bobbing up and down on what I could, Eric meeting me with a gentle thrust every time I reached my gag reflex as my saliva ran down over my hands.

We played like this for a while, me doing my best with what I could handle and Eric trying to push me further, trying to get his cock in my throat, I found I wasn’t opposed to the idea, in fact, I started meeting his thrusts with pressure of my own and it clicked; he pushed, I pushed and swallowed, and his balls were on my chin, I had conquered the massive beast.

“Damn, Tony, nobody’s ever,” I squeezed istanbul travesti his balls and held him there, his words were replaced by loud moans, shudders ripping through my body as I exploded in my pants.

A feeling of pride filled me, and I realized that I was enjoying what I was doing. I didn’t remember exactly when it had changed, when it had gone from revolting to desirous, when I had started wanting him as deep inside me as he could go, but it had, and I had enjoyed a massive orgasm because of it.

I had to pull him out so I could breathe but I soon found a rhythm and was using my hands, tongue, and lips to pleasure him and then driving him all the way into my throat only to start over again, one hand always fondling his balls while I worshipped his shaft.

There was no sound in the room other than Eric’s moans and mine, the cheering and catcalls from the others fading into a soft murmur as my brothers watched amazed at what I was doing.

Spit running down my chin and across my hands, covering Eric’s balls, I was in bliss, ravaging his cock with everything I had almost not noticing when his balls pulled up and his legs clenched and his hands grabbed the sides of my head holding my nose against his crotch as he erupted inside my throat, filling my stomach with his hot cum, my body quaked as I exploded in my pants again.

Eric relaxed and I slowly pulled him from my throat, relishing the feeling of the softening invader as it slid across my tongue, stopping when just the head was left to suck the last vestiges of his gift from the flagging soldier, enjoying the salty pungent flavor.

The room was silent as I kissed the tip of Eric’s cock. Someone handed me a towel and I wiped him clean before doing the same with my face and hands and tried to get up. Someone else helped me to my feet and still no one said a word as I left the game room and headed upstairs to get cleaned up and go to bed my mind spinning amidst the conflicting thoughts and emotions brought on by what I had just done.

I woke up late the next morning not sure what to do or what to expect should I decide to venture out and face my brothers, so I stayed in my room working on homework and studying for my upcoming physics midterm that I knew was going to be a real bear, anything to keep my mind off of what I had done with Eric and how much I knew I had enjoyed it.

To their credit, the rest of the frat left me alone until well after lunch when a knock on my door brought me out of the calculus induced funk I had been caught in for at least an hour, “yeah, who is it?” I barked.

“It’s Eric, I, um, think we should probably talk about last night.”

I got up and opened the door retreating to my bed without looking at him.

“First, this is yours,” he handed me an envelope full of cash, “the guys started taking side bets on whether you’d go through with it, and no one thought you’d get me all the way down your throat and absolutely no one thought you’d swallow, so, yeah, this is yours.,” he gave me a weak smile.

“Thanks, I guess,” I took the envelope and made room for him to sit next to me on my bed, “so what do you want to talk about, I made the bet and I paid it off, there’s nothing else to it?” I couldn’t even look at him, how was I going to face everybody else?

“I think we both know it was more than that, I mean, nobody else noticed, but you creamed in your pants, twice if I’m not mistaken; you were into it as much as I was.”

I started to lift my head to look at him, noticing that he was wearing athletic shorts, the soft spongy tip of his cock just barely peeking out of the leg, my mouth immediately started to water and I could feel myself start to get hard, dammit, this is not what I wanted in my life, I did not want it to be like this, I did not want to be so attracted to his cock, or to any cock for that matter.

“So, what do you want me to say, I loved it, I loved you fucking my face with your monster cock, I loved the way it felt when you came in my throat, is that it?” there was no animosity, no anger in my voice, only quiet resignation as my eyes stayed fixed on the hem of his shorts and the small flash of pink flesh just barely exposed there, “is that why you came in here, to get me to do it again?” I was so lost; this wasn’t what I wanted but I just couldn’t look away.

Inexplicably, my hand slid under the leg of his shorts and stroked him,” because I will.” I said it in almost a whisper.

“Tony, no, that’s not why I came in here. I came to make sure you were ok, what happened last night wasn’t really supposed to happen, I thought it would be funny, something to give you shit about, and then you kept going and it felt so good, and then it went all the way in, “he took a deep breath.

“I should have told you to stop, but I couldn’t, I’m really sorry” another long pause.” The guys thought it was amazing by the way,” he laughed but didn’t even try to move my hand. I could feel him start to get hard as my hand slowly istanbul travestileri caressed the soft skin.

“It was pretty amazing,” I finally tore my eyes and my hand away from his crotch, meeting his worried eyes with the hunger in mine, biting my lip, hoping it was enough for him to give me permission to do what I realized I truly wanted to do.

“You really liked it, didn’t you?” he laid back slowly, lifting his hips and sliding his shorts down his muscular thighs.

I smiled and nodded, lowering my lips to the base of his cock, kissing it gently and running my tongue across his balls and then up his shaft to the very tip, kissing it again just before I took him all the way down my throat. “mmm hmmm,” I mumbled as I started to work him in and out of my mouth, flicking him with my tongue and sucking for all I was worth, alive in the feeling of him getting hard.

I couldn’t describe it if I had to but the feeling of Eric in my mouth, his cock driving down my throat, it was amazing, I didn’t just like it, I craved it. Would it be the same with someone else, did I want to do more, I had no idea, all I knew was that I needed to suck his cock.

As I knelt next to him on my bed, making his pleasure the sole focus of my existence, Eric pulled my shorts down exposing my cock and ass, running his hand across my bare skin and then between my legs to fondle me, wiping a drip from the tip of my cock. The attention drove me crazy, and I sucked and stroked him harder and faster as he moaned heavily, touching me sliding his fingers across my cheeks while he fondled my aching cock with his other hand.

I felt it building, not in Eric but in me, I knew I was close; when it hit, I drove Eric balls deep down my throat and let the spasms take me as I spewed my hot spunk into Eric’s hand.

When he drizzled the sticky liquid down the crack of my ass and started working it into my rose, sliding two fingers into my ass, another surge of pleasure tore through my body, and after a few minutes of him massaging my prostate, a third; I was delirious with pleasure.

“Tony, Tony, stop for a minute, OK?” Eric slipped his fingers from my hole and rubbed my lower back gently.

I was too punch drunk from my three orgasms to even think about what he might have planned. My face covered in my own spit, my eyes glazed, I pulled him from my mouth and turned to face Eric.

“Just lay back, ok? You’ve been doing so great, let me take it from here,” he smiled at me.

“Uh huh,” I rolled onto my back and just watched as he guided his slick shaft to my back door.

“This may be a little uncomfortable for a bit, but I promise it is supposed to feel really good,” he smiled again.

I just nodded and grimaced as he pushed his cock into my ass, he was right, it hurt for a minute or two but as he went deeper, as I got more used to the feeling, the pain was replaced with a wonderful feeling and twinges of pleasure started to course through my entire body.

“My god Eric, what are you doing to me?” I wasn’t complaining, on the contrary, I was in heaven. Even balls deep in Julie’s throat I had never experienced pleasure like I was feeling with Eric buried inside me. All I could think about was ‘why can’t there be two of him so he can fill both my holes at the same time’.

With each thrust of Eric’s cock, I felt a new spasm pulse through me, my cock was once more rock hard and leaking like a broken faucet, I dipped my fingers in the clear liquid and fed it to myself while Eric smiled down at me and pummeled my ass as hard as he could; I wasn’t even sure I was conscious anymore.

I erupted across my stomach just before Eric drove home and filled me with his seed giving a few more deep thrusts pumping the last of his juice deep inside me.

“This wasn’t supposed to happen,” he collapsed next to me.

“Are you complaining, because I’m sure not,” I turned toward him and smiled,” I’ve never felt anything like that in my entire life.”

“You know I’ve never been all the way inside anyone before you,” he let out a soft laugh.

“Glad I could help,” I started laughing, too.

We lay there smiling at each other neither of us knowing quite what to do next until my stomach grumbled, I hadn’t eaten all day and Eric had just pumped my ‘snack’ up my ass.

“Shower? I know I need one,” I pulled my cum stained t-shirt away from my chest. We got up and made our way down the hall and into one of the stalls in the common shower lathering each other and fondling each other, enjoying each other’s bodies, finally letting the moment take control as Eric lowered his face to mine and kissed me.

I started to protest but he just kissed me again so I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled his body as close to mine as I could grinding my crotch into his.

“You better stop that or I’m going to get hard again,” Eric whispered in my ear.

“And that would be a bad thing?” I slipped my hand between us and started stroking him. When he started travesti istanbul thrusting into my hand, I slathered him with soap, turned my back to him, arched my back and lifted on my toes. Taking then hint, he slowly pushed inside me, sliding his hand around my waist, jerking me off and fucking me until we both exploded.

“My god I love your cock,” I moaned as he slipped from my ass.

Eric and I weren’t even trying to be discrete which meant the entire frat knew what we were doing, the way we kissed and cuddled, him fucking me in the shower or me sucking him off in the common room during a baseball game, I couldn’t leave him and his cock alone and he never turned me away; I never denied him either.

When Julie found out and her reaction was to ask to watch me deep throat Eric’s cock; our sex life actually got better as it became a consistent three-way with me in the middle, me fucking Julie while Eric fucked me, or Julie sucking my cock while I sucked Eric’s, the dynamic never changed, and I loved all of it. The only thing she asked was that I not kiss Eric in front of her, that would be too much.

Things didn’t start to get truly complicated until the night I was in the common room reading the assigned book for my classical lit class, Bruno came storming in calling his now ex-girlfriend every name he could think of, she had had the audacity to get him all hot and bothered and then just leave him high and dry, not even a hand job. He had lost it and told her to fuck off.

“Hey Tony,” he called my name from the door way, “that thing you did to Eric at the poker party, rumor is, you really like that shit,” he was hedging, everybody knew I loved sucking Eric’s cock and having him fuck me, “Damned Ashley left me with blue balls again so I dumped her ass, you think you could do a brother a solid, It’s been a long time man?”

I looked up from my book, the frustration on Bruno’s face was evident, why he didn’t just jerk off in the shower like most other guys was beyond me. But Eric had gone home for the weekend, and Julie and I had fucked all night last night, so she was resting, and besides, what’s a brother to do, so I motioned him over to the sofa I was sitting on and patted the seat next to me, marking my page in the book and getting on my knees in front of him.

“Thanks man,” Bruno leaned back so I could undo his pants and pull his cock free. Understand that Bruno looks exactly like his name suggests, 6’6″ and 300#, all muscle, and an All-American defensive lineman on the football team, so when I pulled him from his pants, it was no surprise that he was bigger than Eric.

Smiling, I went to work, stroking, licking, and sucking his glorious manhood, fondling his balls at the same time. It took some effort, but I was finally able to take him down my throat like I did Eric which pleased him and put me in overdrive. Bobbing and pumping, licking, and flicking my tongue everywhere it would reach, I lost myself in the huge caramel colored delight that was Bruno’s massive cock.

“I want to see it,” he moaned when he got close, so I pulled him from my mouth and stuck out my tongue, opening as wide as possible to catch everything I could. Bruno stood up and started stroking, I just looked up at the ebony giant and waited patiently for my reward, when he started coming, it was almost too much, stream after stream of hot sticky delicious goo filled my mouth until I had no choice but to swallow; I swallowed three times before I took the head of his cock back in my mouth and gently nursed the last of his seed from him.

“Thanks man, I don’t know what I would have done,” he fastened his pants and headed for the door.

“Anytime,” I laughed hoping he knew I meant it,” and a thought, maybe stop dating cheer leaders, you’d split Ashley in half with that thing.”

“Point taken,” he laughed,” and thanks again, you’re all right man,” the ‘for a cocksucker’ was left unsaid but I didn’t care, I knew full well what I was.

A few interesting things happened because of my tryst with Bruno, first, my greatest fantasy came true, Eric pounding me from behind while Bruno shoved his massive cock down my throat, bouncing back and forth between them, I must have come three times before they did, then they switched ends and did it all over. I think I slept for a day and a half when they finished using me, it was glorious.

Second, Bruno hooked up with the 5’11” power forward from the lady’s basketball team. Not only did they make a striking couple, but she also took every inch of his beast and knew exactly what to do with it; Bruno was a happy man.

Third, word of my little favor for Bruno spread and I started getting asked for similar favors by other Tri-Omni brothers all of which I gladly agreed to, to the tune of eight or nine times a week. I guess me sucking more cocks than she did made Julie jealous, and she dumped me for one of Bruno’s teammates, or maybe a few of them, I don’t really remember.

Eric didn’t care because he was still the only one that got my ass, except for the time he shared me with Bruno, and I never turned him down no matter what or who else I was doing, he would even sometimes join in and take me from behind while I sucked someone else off, damn my life was good.

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