The Perfect Homecoming

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She sat at her desk after lunch, typing a memo and listening to the quiet murmur of the office around her. It was a quite day, a long day, and the pecking of her fingers on the keyboard faded from her mind as she allowed her thoughts to wander. There was a knot insider her, a tension that demanded release. A release, she thought as she typed, that she would not find today. It was, after all, just another day.

The receptionist came to her desk and handed her a Fed Ex envelope containing, she was sure, another mundane task that would help her to fill the hours of the afternoon. Picking up her silver letter opener she sliced the top of the cardboard envelope, looking inside to see a single piece of sand colored stationary. Immediately her heart began to beat faster, even as her mind was telling her that no, it wasn’t possible. It couldn’t be. And yet, as she slipped the paper out of the envelope, saw the words, she knew it was happening.

Come to me.

Three words, scratched in fast, angular strokes of blue ink burned into her mind. Her hands trembled as she picked up her desk phone, punching the key pad with quick gabs of her finger. The office manager answered sounding bored and tired.

“I have to go downtown for the afternoon.” She said, a slight tremor in her voice betraying her sudden excitement. “Do you need anything brought to the courthouse?”

The answer was no, there were no filings to be made. She hung up her phone, flicked off her computer, and reached under her desk for her bag. Standing, sure that everyone in the office could see right through her, certain they could feel her body tremble through their office doors, she slung her bag over her shoulder and walked to the ladies room.

Slipping into a stall, she stepped out of her demure red heels and set her bag on the toilette seat. She eased her dark skirt up over her hips and slid her pantyhose down over her thighs, pulling them off and tossing them into her bag. Again she reached under her skirt, this time removing her comfortable, sensible cotton panties and pushed them into a crumpled ball at the bottom of her bag. Straightening her skirt she ran her hands through her hair, combing her tresses with her fingers, leaving it full and wavy. She sprayed a fine mist of perfume over her throat and zipped up her bag, slinging it over her shoulder as she stepped back into her heels and walked to the elevators in front of the office.

It seemed like an eternity until the elevator doors slid open with a soft chime. Stepping inside, oblivious to the men in suits that filled the elevator car, she stood holding her bag in front of her, dangling from her fingers, looking like a little girl on her way to school. She gently bit her bottom lip as she watched the numbers light up, descending slowly until finally the doors slid back and released her into the lobby. Walking quickly to the front door of the building, her heels echoing like gunshots through the lobby, she spun through the revolving door and stepped gerçek sex hikayeleri out into the cold autumn afternoon.

Sometimes she felt guilty on days such as this. She thought of her life, how different it was now, and how the people that surrounded her, the ones that were there for her every day, would never think of her doing what she was doing. She was violating their trust. She knew this, and yet she could not stop herself from responding to the sudden appearance of the notes on sand colored stationary. Not any more than he could stop himself from sending them. She clutched the note in her hand as she flagged a taxi on Madison, settling into the back seat and instructed the driver to take her downtown.

Watching the city slide by her window she realized she was slowly rubbing her thighs together under her skirt. Her entire body was suddenly alive, suddenly charged with a lightening that she spent her days searching for in the sky. She dreamed of these days, lived for them in a way that she knew should make her ashamed. She was not, even though she told herself she should be. She could not feel that, not on these days. Not when the lightening would strike, causing her world to tilt and swirl and become something other than what it was. Not when he would call for her. By Canal Street she felt she was losing her mind, her thoughts a patchwork of images, voices echoing in her mind. She slipped a compact out of her bag and flipped open the little mirror, dark red lipstick coating her lips before she touched her hair with her fingertips. The cabbie glanced at her in the rear view with a look that was curiosity tinted with hunger. She told him where to turn, stuffing a wad of singles into his hand as he pulled to the curb. She opened the door and stood in the autumn wind for a moment, feeling the cool breeze and smelling the sea before turning to enter the hotel.

She scanned the dark lobby as she walked to the reception desk, quietly giving her name and feeling that familiar rush through her body as she asked for the envelope she knew would be there. The desk clerk smiled politely and handed her a small red packet which she took with a quivering hand. She turned and walked to the elevator, her heart pounding in her chest. The only sound she could hear was the rushing rhythm of her blood in her veins, rushing thick and hot from her heart, warming her body as she pressed the button for the top floor. The numbers seemed to light in slow motion, the lift taking what felt like an eternity to reach her destination.

In the hallway she opened the red envelope and slipped out a room key, glancing at the number written on the packet before tossing it into a trash can. Her breathing was fast and shallow, her mouth dry with excitement, her body warm and flushed and ready. She reached the door and considered knocking, forgetting in her excitement that she held a key. She closed her eyes, breathing deeply before sliding the key into the sex hikayeleri lock and twisting the door handle.

Her heart threatened to explode in her chest as she walked into the room. It was dimly lit, the drapes drawn closed, the only light coming from candles that flickered from every table in the room. She let the door close behind her, the smell of sandalwood in the air, her skin alive with anticipation as her eyes grew accustomed to the low light. Something caught her attention and she looked to a chair in front of the window.

He stood, tall and lean and dressed entirely in black. His hair was longer than last time, his skin looking tanned and tight. He walked toward her with an intensity that she would have found frightening had she not been crazed with excitement. Still, his predatory advance caused her to step back in spite of herself as she heard her bag thump to the floor.

In an instant, without a word, his hands were holding her face, firmly but with a gentle warmth, and his mouth was on hers. His lips, soft and warm and moist, caressed hers with a natural ease. Like they belonged on hers. She opened herself to his kiss, her mouth accepting his tongue greedily as her hands went to his hair, fisting uncontrollably.

His hands were on her then, a low moan, a growl, drifting from his chest, reverberating through her body as he took her into his arms. His hands, big, strong, demanding, and somehow still gentle, reached for her curves as he kissed her deeply. His nostrils flared as he took as sharp breath through his nose, unwilling or unable to break their kiss as she pressed her body to his. He was shaking, a tremor rippling through his body that emanated from his very core as his caress drifted from her back to the flare of her hips. He pulled her to him, pulling her against his arousal as she kissed him with months of pent up need, her blood red nails grazing the back of his neck, his grip on her growing stronger with every passing second.

He pulled her forward, still not speaking, and she gripped the edge of a wooden table as he stood behind her. His hands went to the sides of her thighs, gathering her skirt in his hands and quickly slipping it up over her hips, grinding himself against her as he pushed her skirt to her waist. She felt him then, sudden and insistent, sinking into her wet folds, wet since touching his note in her office, filling her in one smooth motion.

She cried out, her voice choked with need until she could no longer recognize it as her own. Her gasps over his animal moans, his hips thrusting as she pushed herself back onto him, her skin searing under his vice like grip on her body. Crying ‘Yes!’ as he gripped her hair in both hands, not pulling so much as holding tightly, brining her head back toward him, exposing her throat, causing her moan to break in her throat until she uttered it like a sob. The table shook under her own trembling body as he thrust hard, taking her over and over, the sex hikayeleri familiar feel of him inside her sending hot waves through her body.

His breath came in great rushes, sucked in through clenched teeth, expelled in deep moans and brutish grunts. He took her deeply, always, touching the entrance to her very core like nothing ever had, ever could. He kissed the side of her neck, sucking her skin into his mouth before releasing her hair from his grip, his hands pushing under her blouse, his hips never ceasing their demanding thrusts.

‘More’ she whispered through desperate gasps, feeling his hands cup the fullness of her breasts, squeezing to the point of pain, her nipples feeling the heat of his palms through her sheer bra. ‘More’ she gasped again, feeling him push harder, somehow finding her deepest, softest place with the iron tip of his shaft. He cried out, a seething growl of lust and desire as he slipped his fingers into the sides of her bra, holding her like it was a harness, driving into her, claiming her as his. The heat in her body was sending blinding explosions of white light through her mind, eviscerating every thought but the need for more of him, more of this. More of whatever would entwine their souls.

He growled louder, his hands twisting in her bra, the straps biting into her shoulders, the cups of lace tightening around her luscious breasts. The tremors in her body turned more violent, turned to spasms as he found her deepest entrance, his wide tip stretching it until he was holding himself there, frozen, feeling her push back onto him with quick, stabbing thrusts. She shuddered, his hips held tight to her, his cries growing louder, matched by her squealing, desperate moan as felt him become part of her, his body fusing to hers as her muscles began to spasm, clenching him, holding him deep inside her body.

His breathing stopped, caught in his chest, his jaw locked, eyes on her face as she looked over her shoulder, their eyes meeting, both dark with passion, as she felt her entire body melt into a simmering mass. His breath came from his chest in a long, loud cry as he felt her body convulse on him, and he exploded in time with her, bathing her quivering walls in thick heat, a burning stream jetting into her deeper than she had ever dreamed possible. They lurched together, uncontrolled, boiling over in a storm of heated gasps and feverish caresses.

Her trembling legs refused to support her and his arms wrapped around her in a warm cradle, easing her to the floor as he slipped out of her. It would not be for long, she knew. It was never for long. He kissed her temple softly as he laid her down on the floor, holding her tightly to his broad, heaving chest as they felt the familiar warm glow settle around them.

He stroked her hair, kissing her forehead with a tenderness that brought tears to her eyes, his lips soft and warm as he covered her face in a slow rain of kisses. They held each other there in a tangle of arms and legs and clothing, not allowing an inch between them. Together. One. A slow smile spread across her lips as she felt, at last, again, like the woman she was meant to be. He moved to speak, and she slowly pressed her fingers to his lips, halting his words before he could utter a sound.

There was no need for words.

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