The Relaxation of Kismet Ch. 02

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It wasn’t that Kismet was addicted to shopping for sex toys. That wasn’t it at all. She was just one of those people you could easily suggest things to. You hand her a certain toy and give her the highlights on what it could do and 9 times out of 10 she’d be walking out of the shop with bag in hand, mind filled with ideas of what was to come.

The Internet just provided a whole new way for Kismet to research and shop whenever she was in the mood for an addition to the collection she kept in a small chest under her bed. These sites had product specifications, pictures and – most importantly – customer reviews. Those were her downfall. Hearing other people talk about all of the pleasure they received from their toys…Kismet couldn’t get her credit card out fast enough.

Unfortunately, a lot of these toys hadn’t been used very often, thanks to her busy schedule. That was all about to change tonight. Her first orgasm had only been a warm-up to get her started. She had every intention of coming until she was sore – or until she passed out.

First, however, she needed to finish pampering herself. It was a way to not only soothe her further, but to heighten the anticipation. Seeing the toys spread out on the bed made her wet and it took all of her self-control not to go over there right now and get the party started, so to speak. Instead, she grabbed her cherry almond lotion, pouring some into her hands and slowly running the smooth cream up and down her legs, rubbing it into the skin. More lotion went along her abdomen and then her arms, making sure she didn’t touch any intimate parts just yet. Moisturizer went on her face and her hair was let down. Now, she was ready.

She grabbed her lotion again, slowly circling her breasts, rubbing it in. One of the things she bought was a gel to make her nipples harder, which was better to attach the clamps to in her personal opinion. Unscrewing the cap, she squeezed a little gel onto her fingers, slowly rubbing it over each nipple. She gave each nipple a tug, experimenting a little before wiping her fingers off on a Kleenex, Ankara escort letting the gel take effect. The hardening almost felt like it was happening from the inside out, and that sensation alone was almost overwhelming.

Leaving the robe on the chair she headed to the bed, picking up the nipple clamps. She attached just one to start, tightening it until she winced slightly. “Good enough,” she murmured, sitting down on the edge. The other one could wait until later, she was dying to try out her newest purchase, one she’d heard a lot about but never had the guts to try.

The beads were cool metal, a black nylon cord holding them together. Kismet grabbed the beads and the lube, moving to sit back against the headboard. She unscrewed the lube and applied it to the beads, making sure they were lubed generously. Breathing deeply, she closed her eyes, knowing if she didn’t relax this wasn’t going to go well. Feeling the tension ease again she pressed the first against her opening, gasping as it popped inside. Squirming just a little she added a second, feeling it press against the first. “Shit,” she murmured, having no idea that this would feel as good as it did. Taking her time, she pressed the rest of them one by one, until only the metal ring remained. She moved again, feeling them roll around inside of her. They were worth every penny.

Kismet knew that the longer she dragged it out, the better it would be in the end. With that thought in mind she reached for the other nipple clamp, nearly coming just from the added sensation to her body. That just encouraged her to leave the rest of the toys where they were, running her hands over her thighs, nails scratching along the skin. Her fingers slid between her legs, feeling how wet and waiting she was. Scraping her fingernail across her clit she cried out, doing it again before dipping two fingers inside of her, spreading her wetness over her clit for added lubrication. She started to rub, feeling herself tighten already, another orgasm already approaching.

“Oh fuck,” she whimpered, rubbing her clit a little faster but not Ankara escort bayan increasing the pressure. She’d always heard the cliché of fireworks dancing under closed eyelids but had never had the pleasure of experiencing it until now. Her hips rocked up hard as the first wave of her orgasm hit, her whole body shuddering as she rode it out, not stopping her assault on her clit until she knew she couldn’t take it anymore for the time being. Her hand fell to her side and she fought to catch her breath, staring up at the ceiling.

Taking a moment to recover, she tugged gently on the clamps. She groaned then and loosened them, not wanting to end up overdoing it her first time using them. Tossing them in the general direction of the vanity she arched her back, her hands running over her breasts again, feeling the still hardened nipples. “So good,” she whispered to herself. She couldn’t believe how amazing this night had been thus far.

She also couldn’t believe how much she wanted more. Kismet could not remember ever being this wanton in her life. It was like she was having a sexual awakening, something that only she could have provided to herself to show her what was out there. Running her fingers lightly over the taut muscles of her abdomen, she could feel the little flutters under the skin, practically begging her for another round. This time, she needed penetration.

The jackrabbit vibrator was something that had intrigued her from the first time she saw it in a store. It was probably the most expensive sex toy purchase she’d ever made, but she’d been told time and time again that it would be worth it. Now it was time to test that assumption and see if it was correct.

She picked up the contraption, holding it in her hand for a moment. A slow smile spread across her face and she slowly took the head of the shaft into her mouth, sucking on it and then removing it with a little popping sound. She knew she was probably wet enough to slide it in without any help but she added just a bit of lube anyway – better to be safe than sorry as far as she was concerned. Her Escort Ankara eyes closed as she slid the vibrator completely inside of her until the “rabbit ears” rested on either side of her clit. Just that little bit of contact made her moan and she knew then that this was money well spent.

Kismet had almost forgotten about the string of beads she had pushed into her rectum earlier, but she remembered the second she felt the brush of the vibe against the thin wall that separated the two toys. “Oh!” she gasped, moving the toy in and out slowly, her hips rocking up to meet it on each downward thrust. She turned on the vibe, feeling it twist and move inside of her as she kept moving it inside of her, fingers on her free hand finding her still sensitive nipples, tugging slightly on the nub.

The sensations were so amazing, she knew there was no way she’d be able to last long even though she’d already come twice that night. She turned on the other sensor, pressing the vibe in deep so the rabbit ears would pulse against her clit. Her hips rocked up over and over again, her hand sliding down to the ring on the anal beads and her breath coming out in short gasps. She was close, so close. Just a little more right…there…yes!

Kismet came with a scream, her hips completely off the bed as she started pulling the beads out of her rectum. First one, then two slid out as a second wave of pleasure washed over her. She bit her lip hard to hold back another scream and tugged the other three beads out all at once, nearly sobbing from the pleasure she was giving herself. It wasn’t long before she had to turn the vibrator off – the rabbit ears on her clit were starting to get painful. Her hips descended back to the mattress and she closed her eyes, trying to regain control of her breathing.

Once she had regained her composure she pulled the toy out of herself, running her tongue over her lips. It had been one hell of a night and Kismet could only pull a thin blanket over herself, curling up on her side. She was exhausted, and she knew she needed a nap at the very least. Closing her eyes, she smiled as she replayed the night’s events in her mind. She wanted to experiment more, and not just alone. But that would have to wait. For now, she slept, her hand resting on her inner thigh. There was always tomorrow.

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