The Ring Ceremony

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Digital Sin

It was to be a solemn occasion. I had plenty of time to consider the sacrifices and ramifications of the commitment I would make and what the remainder of my life would entail. My marriage would go on, of course, and I would continue making a nice living and supporting my lovely wife. But I have chosen to be more, better, something other than who I had been, devoting my time, my body, my heart to a wonderful man.

My heart pounded in my chest as I prepared myself and thought back to the events that brought me to this fateful afternoon.

All my life I knew I was different than the guys I knew. I had a secret attraction to my male friends which I hid for so many years. I watched them with desire as they matriculated, moved on in their careers, having girlfriends, marrying.

What made me a welcomed addition to the group of guys I hung with? Well, for starters I was always good with math. So good that I would be called upon to assist my buds with their homework. By assist, I mean they would have me do it for them.

But that was a small part of it. I was good with odds which made me valuable when it came to sports betting. I would suggest which way to wager and once they saw I was right, they had me over every Wednesday night to make the weekend picks.

One memorable Sunday when my best friend Rick won big on my tips, I was walking by him as he sat in his over-stuffed recliner watching the games. He was so elated by his winnings that he grabbed me and playfully pulled me onto his lap.

When I felt his cock settle against my soft pliable bottom I grew flush and although that moment lasted only a few seconds, it left me with no doubt that I was, to say the least, curious about guys.

A tight-knit group we were, over the years they teased, chided me about my lack of female companionship. They basically forced me into a marriage. “Dude, how come we’ve never seen you with a woman? Are you gay. Is that it, johnnie? You want cock instead of pussy?”

Unable to speak the truth, I relented and agreed to marry if only to maintain my secret.

Rick had introduced us, having us both Cindy and I over for dinner with his wife Leigh who happened to be Cindy’s sister.

Ah, Cindy. What can I say about the woman who would become my pseudo wife? Even before we were introduced, I was aware of her exploits which consisted of many sexual conquests. To say she slept around would be generous. The guys would gossip about what an easy lay she was, how she dressed to attract men, and how open minded she was regarding who would be her cock du jour.

The consensus opinion from those who, I supposed experienced her talents was that she could suck an apple through a plastic straw.

Rick’s wife Leigh cajoled him into constantly badgering me to marry the woman in an effort to rehabilitate her reputation. I got it. And secretly having feelings for Rick, I relented.

Just to keep up appearances, I dated her frequently…. no, make that nearly every night. I didn’t try to have sex with her. It wasn’t because she isn’t attractive but because I wasn’t really interested in women. She’d get frustrated with my lack of sexual attention to her needs and I would lie and tell her I was a virgin waiting until I married.

I have no idea whether she believed that or not. The fact was and is that I make a very nice living and could provide her with not only the necessities but also a lifestyle that was heretofore unavailable to her. That plus the urging of her sister to try to show some decency by marrying instead of whoring around pushed her in my direction.

So, she hung in there with me.

My heart wasn’t really into it when Cindy walked down the aisle to join me at the altar. Yes, I kissed the bride, we danced, ate the cake, and left on our honeymoon beneath that cliché shower of rice raining down on us for good luck. But in the back of my mind, I was wondering how long we would remain husband and wife if and when she learned of my secret desire to be with a nice man.

Like me, Cindy had been cajoled into marrying me. It was during the plane ride to Jamaica that she confessed.

“Leigh thought Dequan was abusive and felt it her responsibility to get me away from him. He’s black, you know.”

But I didn’t know and while his ethnicity didn’t bother me one iota, and although I abhor abusive men, I was curious about him and asked many questions.

“Dequan is a man, johnnie, a real man. You felt it proper to wait until our honeymoon to have sex with me. Dequan would not have waited. As a matter of fact, he didn’t. He fucked me long and hard the first night we met at the club. I was a little tipsy and when he held me close during a slow dance, I felt his cock against my tummy. I couldn’t resist. I get horny when I drink and I had to feel it.”

My new bride noticed me adjusting my own, nearly 5 incher as she relived her first fuck with Dequan.

“This excites you, does it?”

I had to confess that it did which brought a happy grin to her pretty face. “Want to hear more?”

“Please. istanbul travesti Yes.”

“Dequan treated me like his personal slut that night. During a fast number, he got behind me and ground his cock on my butt. I bent and rubbed up and down on him, doing my best twerking. He took that as permission to do as he pleased. The next thing I knew, he had my skirt up around my waist, his hands under my blouse, and all but fucked me right there on the dance floor.”

“Good thing you stopped him, huh,?” I asked secretly hoping to hear more about his cock than their fucking.

“I didn’t stop him, johnnie,” she smiled at the memory. “Dequan knew he had me wrapped around his finger. He took me home to his apartment and had me beg him to fuck me.”

“Did you? Did you beg for his cock,?” I asked, almost breathless.

Cindy giggled. “Let’s just say that he fucked me like I had never been fucked before. He made me promise to fuck his friends, to eat pussy, to allow myself to be recorded having sex.”


“Wow is right. But you know, it was worth it. He and his black buddies made me feel so much like a woman that I never thought I’d be marrying a white guy. You know?”

I asked a few questions about their cocks; were they huge, did they have big balls, did they cum big loads? Things like that. I hadn’t confessed my attraction to her brother but Cin is no dummy. She caught on and came right out and asked if I was gay.

I was unable to answer, so overcome with guilt for marrying her under false pretenses.

“It’s okay, johnnie. We can have our marriage annulled if you want.”

I was shocked out of my self-pity. “No, Cindy. Please. Let’s try to make it work.” I just wasn’t ready to come out of the closet.

There was silence the remainder of the flight, the cab ride to the resort, and the check-in. Oh, Cindy was nice and pleasant to those we came into contact with as was I but between she and I, there was no more talk.

In our suite I took a stab at trying to save our honeymoon. I explained how I wasn’t at all sure I was gay but did find myself attracted to men who are bigger, stronger, and more masculine than me. When she asked had I acted on my desires I told her the truth. “I’m afraid I’ll learn something about myself and hate myself for liking it.”

“Liking it, johnnie? Don’t you mean you’d hate yourself for being a sissy, a homo, a cock sucking faggot?”

Cringing at the names she was calling me, I wilted like a dying flower and began to weep.

“Oh baby,” Cindy said trying to sooth me. “Look johnnie, I understand what it’s like to step out of the norm and have people judge you for simply being who you are. I know people talked about me when I was with Dequan. But, johnnie, it didn’t bother me. I was happy and that’s what counts.”

She was right. I wasn’t happy and it seemed like my new bride knew what she was talking about.

“I have an idea though about how we can make it work. Make us work. This may sound weird or worse but hear me out. If you let me pursue… maybe pursue isn’t the right word. If you let me fuck those I choose, and if you decide to allow yourself to be the fairy you are, I won’t judge you if you don’t judge me. Ours can be a win-win marriage, johnnie.”

I wasn’t sure. Fuck. I wasn’t sure about anything anymore. Cindy recognized my indecision. “Listen to me, johnnie. This can work. I’ll help you be who you are, help you find a nice cock to suck. It’s what you really want, right? Well, I can help you get there. And at the same time, we can keep up the charade of being husband and wife.”

Inside I was crumbling. Maybe this would work after all.

My new bride had me stand and held my face to her bosom. She bent down and kissed my forehead and smiled down at me. “Hush now sweetie. Dry your tears and let’s go to the beach.”

Cindy wore her red thong bikini which displayed her shapely ass. The bra top was no more than two little triangles covering her nipples. Like her, I was aware of the many looks she garnered from those seeing us walking in the sand.

“I think they like you,” I said teasing her.

“Don’t sell yourself short, johnnie. I saw some of the locals checking you out too. And why wouldn’t they. You have a sexy ass baby boy; nice and round. Hardly any hair on your graceful little body. Your face is pretty and I think with a bit of makeup you can have men standing in line to part those full lips with their cocks.”

“Really,?” I asked somewhat doubtful and unsure that I wanted that.

“Oh yeah. I’m sure you’ll get to act on your desires while we’re here.”

I turned beet red but looked around to see if she was kidding me. Nope. I saw a couple of nice looking, half naked black men looking at me; not my wife.

“See,” she said cheerfully. “We both might get what we need here. You just need to keep an open mind babe. As many cocks as I have had in me and in my mouth, I certainly won’t judge you for doing the same thing.”

“Uh, you wouldn’t mind? I mean istanbul travestileri we’re married and how would it look for us to be with others? And besides, I’m not sure I want to do that.”

“Not sure you want to do what? Suck a nice cock? Sure you do. Hell, johnnie, so do I. And we’ve already gone over this. You suck who you want and I fuck who I want. No judging each other.”

We lay on our beach towels looking at the water, saying nothing. My mind wandered as I checked out the well-built native Jamaican men strolling about, stopping only to chat up receptive white women.

A man bout 24 years old who apparently worked at the resort came to us and offered to put sun tan lotion on Cindy. He introduced himself as Alphonse. He was muscular, his broad chest and six-pack abs all in beautiful mocha. His shorts were loose and when he would move, I could discern the outline of what I perceived to be his very nice cock.

Cindy accepted his offer and I watched his dark hands roam over her body. Winking at me with a handsome smile, he fondled her breasts. His hands moved under each little triangle lifting them and freeing her nipples to the warm sun. I heard my wife moan her appreciation when he tweaked each nipple in turn making them stand out like little gum drops.

When he had her turn over on her stomach, he got a great view of her bottom. Smiling at me, he proceeded to cover her back, neck, and shoulders. Then, moving down, he winked at me again as he rubbed the lotion on her exposed round ass cheeks.

It obviously felt good to Cindy because I heard an audible sigh. Kneeling at her feet, he began to apply the lotion to her legs. As he ran his hands up and down, I saw Cindy wiggling. Her growing excitement was evident as he massaged her inner thighs.

I could see that this young man knew what he was doing. He knew his way around women and from what I was seeing, he knew just how to get them all hot and bothered.

When he got near her pussy she moaned and raised up on her knees. Offering her privates, she was urging him to take liberties.

“Your woman is excited man,” he grinned as he nudged her legs apart and settled between them.

I moved to a position where I could see better. He had pulled the thong out of her crack and had at least one finger in my wife’s pussy. Cindy, on her knees, her head and shoulders still on the towel began to push back and forth essentially fucking his hand without regard to others on the beach who were watching.

Again, winking at me, Alphonse seemed to have stuck his thumb in Cindy’s bottom and more than one finger in her pussy.

“Oh God,” my wife moaned. “Feels so damn good.”

I looked on as our new friend finger banged her until she was moaning and grunting, her fingers clutching the beach towel in her fists until her body shuddered with the spasm of her orgasm.

The young man pulled his fingers out of Cindy’s privates as she stayed with her ass high, her head on the towel in the after-glow of her orgasm.

At last, Cindy rolled over on her back and sat up. Her breasts still uncovered; she removed the bra top completely. Then she hugged the young man and whispered something in his ear. I saw him pull back looking at me and then back at her wide eyed. She whispered something else and he turned and looked at me with a smile.

“Your turn little man. Let Alphonse protect you from the sun.”

“No thank you,” I said trying to keep my composure. I knew that I’d get more excited if he started rubbing my body with his large hands.

He ignored me and came to my towel. “Your Mrs. says not to take no for an answer. She said you might want Alphonse to give you some of this.”

With that, he took my hand and placed it on the front of his thin shorts. He was still hard from playing with Cindy. I wanted to pull my hand away. Wanted to, but didn’t. Instead, I squeezed his cock in my little fist eliciting moans from both he and I.

“I knew you’d like that cock. Alphonse can spot a sweet boy right off.”

His words brought me back to the present. I suddenly realized what I was doing with my wife and a beach full of strangers watching. I let go of him, got up and scampered back to the room.

I was on the bed crying and trembling. I shivered as I remembered how nice it felt to hold a big cock and my own little dick was stiff with that memory. Still, I worried that everyone at the resort would think me a queer.

When Cindy returned she began to scold me before seeing how upset I was.

She talked me down from my crying jag, assuring me that it didn’t matter what the people here thought of me. “It only matters what I think of you. And right now, sweet boy, I think you need Alphonse’s cock as much as I do.”

“But you’ll tell Rick and your sister and everyone will know and everyone will hate me.”

“Listen baby. Let me clue you in. I won’t tell on you if you don’t tattle on me. I plan to fuck Alphonse while we’re here and would rather our family and friends not hear about it. Besides, travesti istanbul johnnie, it’s none of their business. Now stop being such a baby about sex. You’re an adult. I’m an adult and we have an agreement in place that we are in an open marriage.”

I felt somewhat better until she promised that she’d see me suck a cock before we left. “You need to face facts johnnie. Life is too fucking short to deprive yourself of happiness. Having a nice cock to nibble on, either black or white, makes no difference, will make you happy. You’ve been wanting to do it for I don’t know how long and it will be my wedding present to you to find you a nice long, fat cock so you can realize your future.”

Alphonse has a nice cock,” I blurted out and immediately wishing I hadn’t.

“I’ll take your word for it but plan to find out for myself,” she smiled. “Maybe, if you’re a good boy, we’ll let you watch him fuck me and you can suck your first cock. Won’t that be fun?”

I was unable to answer that question. I had taken the first step and held his cock in my hand. It was nice and it was exciting for me to have done it. Remembering how powerful it felt in my hand, feeling the pulsing strength of his manhood, my own little dick responded accordingly.

My hard-on did not go unnoticed by my new bride.

“It’s okay baby. No one but us will know my little hubby sucked a cock on his honeymoon. I mean besides us and the man who fed you his cock and pumped a nice load of sperm down your gullet, that is.”

Her words jolted me in a good way. My dick grew harder than ever now that I was close to satisfying my desire to be with a man. I had to admit to myself that Alphonse was attractive and well built. He was very friendly and had a pleasant personality and seemed to be open about what my wife said to him.

Yeah. Just what did she say to Alphonse? “Cindy, can I ask what you told Alphonse about me?”

“Wondered if you’d get around to that. And no, I don’t mind you asking. I told him that you liked men, well hung men but were afraid to go for it. Then I suggested he try to see if he could bring out the fem boy we both know is hiding inside you.”

I blushed at the words fem boy but being around guys like Rick and now Alphonse did make me feel less than manly. My mind drifted back to how good it felt when Rick pulled me onto his lap.

We dressed for dinner and when we were seated in the resort restaurant, we both saw a number of threesomes. White couples with a black man at their table; some I recognized from the beach earlier. Yes, there were some black couples but they were either with a white woman or by themselves.

We ate seafood and drank white wine and when we finished, Cindy suggested we go to the lounge where they had live music and dancing.

“I’m not a dancer, Cindy. never could get the hang of it.”

“Not to worry little one. I’m sure I’ll be asked by someone, especially after my little performance on the beach today.”

Again I blushed. I had to say, my new wife had no filter.

I knew it was not an accidental meeting when Alphonse showed up at our table. “Cindy, johnnie,” he beamed. Perfect white teeth illuminated his smiling face. “What a nice surprise, seeing my favorite couple here. The sweet boy with his sexy wife.”

I blushed again, damn it. Cindy rose and gave him a hug and a kiss. I did notice when his dark hand slid down to her bottom, cupping it under the loose white mini-skirt quickly before giving it a little playful spank.

Alphonse winked at me again and without being asked, grabbed a chair from another table and joined us.

You might think I would be jealous watching the man who finger fucked my wife in public now flirting with her openly in a crowded lounge. I assure you I was not. Although I was growing quite fond of her, I had no desire to be with Cindy sexually. Alphonse was taking the pressure off of me failing at any performance she may demand of me. I was both relieved and sort of excited knowing he planned to finish what he started earlier. Maybe it’s weird but I wanted to see his cock, even if it was in her vagina.

I watched them dance. Slow, fast, it didn’t matter. Their bodies were never more than a centimeter from each other. So close at one point, they looked to be fucking right on the dance floor. But in this place, on this night, none of what my wife and Alphonse were doing seemed out of place. Others were doing the same things. Grinding, feeling each other up, kissing. All this activity in public.

Looking around I saw that I was not the only husband sitting while his wife was being displayed and felt up by the local men. We sort of nodded at each other embarrassed, not by our wives and their new friends. We were embarrassed because we shared a common, yet exciting shame of not being the one she wished to be with. And we, each of us now solo husbands, saw the same in the others like us. I knew I would not be the only husband that might suck a cock that night.

My attention was turned back to Cindy and Alphonse who were dancing over to me. His hand held her firm round buttock. His other hand held something out for me.

Cindy giggled as Alphonse handed me her panties. It took me a second before I realized what they were and once again, I blushed a hot crimson.

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