The Seduction of Kerrie

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The seduction of Kerrie, unlike most of my seductions, was not premeditated. But it was a seduction nevertheless. Make no doubt about it.

My husband and I have known Kerrie for over eight years. Our nephew and her son played on the same T-Ball team together. Paul had ended up coaching the team when our brother-in-law was called out of town for a couple of months on a temporary job assignment and the drunk Kerrie was married to at the time couldn’t make it to practice because of the flu.

As the boys grew they continued to be part of the same or competing teams first in baseball then basketball and finally football. We attended a lot of our nephew’s games and were around when Kerrie divorced drunk No. 1 and married drunk No. 2 and finally got rid of him to. For such a lovely, bright lady, she sure as hell couldn’t pick anything but losers to married.

As eighth graders the boys were on the same junior high team. We attended all their football and basketball games and Kerrie would sit with us most of the time at the games.

Kerrie is late 30’s, 5-8 or so, big breasts and knows how to dress to show the better parts of her body….all of it! I had always found Kerrie attractive, and I had often caught myself having quick fantasies about having her in bed with me, but an opportunity have never prevented itself. . New Year’s eve day I was in the grocery store doing some last minute shopping for the quiet evening we were planning at home. The local university was playing a football bowl game and we planned to build a fire, watch the game, eat and drink and bring in the New Year as we normally did…making hot love to each other.

I rounded one of the aisles and there was Kerrie. She looked lovely as usual in her tight jeans, sweater and what appeared to be no bra. We gave each other a big hug and I found that my suspicisions were correct. She had no bra on and those big tits of hers were as real as my ittie bitties. We chatted for a few minutes and I asked what her plans were for the night. She said she had none and was planning on watching the game, get a little drunk and go to bed early, by herself-the later said with an audible sigh. I told her we were staying at home to watch the game, I already had a gumbo on that would feed an army and invited her to come over and watch the game and eat.

“No need for a pretty lady like you to spend New Year’s Eve by yourself,” I said innocently, and it was at the time, but the seeds of seduction had been planted. And they grew very, very quickly.

She protested but I insisted and she finally agreed. We said our good-byes and I went about my shopping.

My husband was not home from his run to the liquor store when I got there, so I put up the groceries and fiddled around in the kitchen with some snacks for later in the evening, checked the gumbo and headed for the shower. My thoughts were on Kerrie and those big, soft tits and I found myself daydreaming about her as I washed my hair. I had just finished shaving my legs and trimming my pussy when the shower door opened and my husband stepped in to “help” me take a shower. His help normally leads to another shower after a passionate love making session and this time was no different. As we got back into the shower to try and wash away the raw lust smell that covered both of us, I told him that Kerrie was coming over to spend the evening with us. He laughed and said, “As long as it doesn’t interfere with our New Years tradition.”

I assured him it wouldn’t, and added, “Who knows maybe we will start a new tradition.” He looked at me with a wry grin and said, “Here we go again.” I just smiled, but my wheels were turning and my desire for Kerrie was manifesting.

I was surprised to see our deck was covered with snow when we came out of the bedroom. Paul brought in a load of firewood and cracked, “So much for a dusting it’s coming down out there.”

The Five O’clock News confirmed his weather prediction. What had been originally forecast for a “dusting” how now turned into a full fledge Winter Storm with three to four inches or more snow due to welcome in the New Year. Kerrie must have been watching the same news because she called as soon as the weather report was over. She was begging off because of the weather and afraid that the streets would be tough to handle later that night “after I’ve had too much to drink.”

I told her to throw some PJs in a bag and come on, if it was too bad or she was too drunk she could crash and burn in our guest room. She commented innocently that she didn’t wear anything when sleeping which brought instant arousal to my pussy that was still warm from the hot fucking it had received less that 30 minutes earlier, but I didn’t comment. She hemmed and hawed until I finally said, “Get your ass over here now girl.” She laughed and said she’d be there shortly after six. I said a silent prayer for more snow.

I was dressed in my game-watching outfit…sweat pants and sweatshirt bearing the university logo and nothing else. I decided that for a change I need to change the outfit…add bra and panties. gaziosmanpaşa escort I didn’t select just any bra and panties. I pulled out a pair of sheer white panties and matching bra that revealed my pleasure spots enough a blind man could see them. I am glad I did.

Kerrie arrived and the three of us settled in with drinks and snacks in front of the now roaring fire to watch the game. The hooping and hollering during the first half had us jumping up and down and giving high fives as our team was “kicking ass and taking names” to use my husband’s terminology. By halftime the only question in doubt on the football field was what the final score would be…with our boys on top!

Kerrie and I went to the kitchen to finish the dinner preparations and away from Paul the conversation turned to men and sex. Kerrie was moaning about her lack of success with men and how she hadn’t even had a date in over six months.

“As beautiful as you are I find that hard to believe,” I said. “If I was a guy, I’d ask you out and try to get in your pants so fast it would make your head swim.”

It was her turn to blush. “Yeah but the ones I choose are born losers,” she laughed. “I am thinking about being a lesbian.”

“No you don’t want to be a lesbian,” I jabbed back. “They’d be fighting over you the first night.”

We laughed and then she asked, “Can I tell you something and you not take it the wrong way?”

I nodded, “What, babe?”

“Well, …ah, ” she stammered. “Well you and Paul always have such a sexual look about you, a glow, like you just got out of bed or something”

She was blushing either from the Cosmos or the question. I wasn’t sure which.

“Probably because we just have,” I laughed trying to make her feel more at ease.

She smiled like a little girl just caught with her hand in the cookie jar.

I winked and said, “We do have a very good, make that beyond belief relationship, sexually and every other way.”

“All I can think about right now is sex,” she admitted. “I’m so damn horny and I am so tired of masturbating night after night.”

I walked over and gave her a big hug and a kiss on the cheek and said, “I understand sweetie, I understand.”

The stage was set. Paul came into the kitchen and the three of us sat down to eat, but in my mind the thoughts seduction were running rampant. The conversation at dinner was light and cheery and I only heard bits and pieces as I continually grabbed glances of Kerrie. As I did my arousal was becoming evident. I could feel my nipples getting hard and an unmistakable warmth growing in my pussy. I was cognizant that Kerrie and Paul were flirting and that only help build the fire in my body. This girl was ready for some hot sex. The question was how to get it started. I felt that once it was started, she would be a very willing participant.

Kerrie and I cleared the table and cleaned up. I caught Paul out of ear shout from Kerrie and whispered “You want to fuck her tonight?” His smile was the only answer. “What are you planning dear,” he asked. “A little seduction.” I gave him a hug and whispered in his ear, “Think it may be more of a little help in getting started.”

Armed with a fresh pitcher of Cosmos for us girls, we started watching the game again but it was boring now as our team marched up and down the field like it was playing a junior high team. Time to do something. “Let’s play some cards,” I popped off. Kerrie quickly agreed and Paul had no choice. I grabbed some cards out of the bedroom and we played spades for a while, but I could tell they were as bored as I was. I had been stealing glances at Kerrie the entire time and my desire was fast approaching a fever pitch. Kerrie and I were both a little drunk, you can never tell about him he holds his booze so good.

I threw my cards in and stated the obvious, “Spades is boring, let’s come up with something else.”

They both looked at me for a solution. “How about strip poker?”

Paul and I both turned our attention to Kerrie. She hesitated for a second and then, blushing all the way, said, “Why not? I haven’t played strip poker in years.”

My heart started racing. The rules would be simple I explained. Since there were three of us, the person with the worst hand of the three would have to lose something. Once a person was nude, and then the person with the best hand would tell the one with the worst hand to “do something” and left that ditty open ended. With know comment, I told Paul to start shuffling the cards and excused myself to the bathroom.

As I came out of the master bath, Kerrie was in the bedroom waiting for me.

“Patty, I have a problem with this,” she said and lowered her head.

“What babe?”

“I didn’t wear a bra tonight and I will be naked quickly.”

There was no way she could get one of my bras on. I offered a tee shirt and start digging in my drawers and found one and held it out to her.

“That will work,” she smiled.

She began to peel off gölbaşı escort her sweater and I got my first glimpse of her breasts. They were gorgeous, darkish aoera and nipples, which were getting hard. As she pulled her sweater over her head she caught me staring at her tits. She blushed, “I am sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you.” I assured her I was offended and gave her a peck on the cheek and went back to the living room.

As we sat down I quickly went over the rules again. All understood and the first hand was dealt. I had made up my mind that I would be the one to break the ice and “loose” the first hand, on purpose if I had to. I would have to since I had a pair of Kings dealt to me. I quickly tossed them in, held a two of hearts and asked for four cards. The sexual tension was mounting as the three of us wondered who would be the first to lose. Since socks didn’t count, the game would get good quickly. My pulse quicken as I began to look at my cards. They were all red. Thankfully, one was a diamond. I had nothing, zilch, nata, with a ten high. Paul put his cards down first; three Jacks, a sure winner. I thought I detected a little panic in Kerrie’s eyes as she laid down her pair of sixes said, “uh, this is not good.” We laughed and then I spread my cards out. Paul was quick to see that I had nothing and said, “Looks like you Patty.”

“That’s not fair,” I protested without much conviction.

“Off with something Patty,” Kerrie grinned, relieved it was me instead of her.

I stood up and slowly, much slower than necessary, started to pull my sweatshirt over my head. I took a very long time standing there with my arms above my head and my face covered by the garment so they both got a good look at my boobs encased (barely) in the see through bra. I heard what I assumed was Kerrie utter a small but audible gasp.

“Umm,” Paul said. “I love that bra.”

Kerrie said nothing and the big winner dealt again. I had broken the ice, now I would play poker I told myself. One look at my cards and I knew I could be in trouble, the highest card I had was a nine. Once again I went for four cards, this time hoping to catch something. It was showdown time. Again Paul had the sure winner with two pair. Kerrie put down a pair of Aces and didn’t look too worried. I hadn’t even looked at mine. I just spread them out. A measly pair of nines made me the loser of two straight. I protested a little louder this time and said to Paul grinning, “thanks asshole.”

The sweats hit the floor and I sat back down Indian style knowing that my panties and bra weren’t hiding anything. I caught Kerrie staring at my dark mound of pleasure and smiled back at her, “Oh well.”

Kerrie would never make it as a professional poker player. As she looked at the cards dealt to her, it was obvious. I had caught a high pair and took three cards, Kerrie took four to confirm my suspicions and Paul took one (the lucky bastard). I caught another pair. As suspected, Kerrie had a very small pair and Paul had three kings, again. Kerrie blushed and hesitated. “Off with something girl,” I laughed. The sweater was peeled off and the flimsy tee shirt didn’t hide her tits and the rock hard nipples. Paul shot me a knowing glance and shuffled the cards again.

If I didn’t know better I would have sworn the man was a card shark. Kerrie lost the next hand as well. It took some effort but she wiggled her way out of the blue jean revealing a tiny pair of black bikini panties. She plopped back down with her legs crossed. My mouth was watering and I was hoping my wetness wouldn’t seep through the panties and be obvious to both of them. I detected a rise in Paul’s jeans as well.

Four hands into the game and Kerrie and I were down to bra/tee shirt and panties. Paul was still fully clothed. It was going to get interesting. The cards came around again. Paul laid his down first. Three tens this time. I felt good about mine and laid down three eights, not a winner but pretty damn good-I thought. Kerrie was grinning when she laid down five spades, a flush. I lose again.

I reached up and quickly undid the front clasp bra that wasn’t hiding much anyhow and let it slide seductively off my shoulders and on to the floor behind me. Kerrie’s eyes were fixed on my 34B breasts with their pretty pink nipples, which were rock hard. I blushed and said, “deal asshole.”

I caught Kerrie stealing glimpses of my breast as Paul dealt the cards again. Our eyes fixed on each other’s and she blushed and started to say something but stopped.

Finally I caught a hand. Three aces. This time it was Kerrie and Paul needing four cards. Showdown came and Paul finally lost a hand. Off came his sweater and his wide shoulders and taut chest and stomach made me smile. I loved the way he looked. Married for 18 years he looked as hot as the day I met him. Kerrie was impressed and said so.

The cards came again. I held my breath. Nothing again. A pair of eights. Showdown time. Paul a pair of kings, my pair of eights. Kerrie hesitated and keçiören escort then threw her cards into the middle of the pile, “It’s me,” She pulled the tee shirt over her head and I got my second look at her beautiful tits with the nipples now rock hard as well. Paul whistled under his breath. My mouth started to water.

My anticipation on the next hand was incredible. Chances were that Kerrie or I one would be naked to the world. I shivered a little with excitement as the cards fell. It was me. I made a production of slipping out of my next to nothing panties and let them drop to my feet staring at Kerrie the entire time. She met my eyes for a moment then lowered her gaze to my trimmed pussy, which I am sure was glistening with moisture by that time. I sat down cross-legged making sure she had an unobstructed view.

Cards flew around again. The sexual tension was starting to fill the area and chatter was at a minimum. Paul loses. Off come the jeans and he’s standing there in his boxers and his cock is sticking straight out. He sits back down cross-legged and Kerrie is torn between looking at my pussy or his cock. Her head is going back and forth like a bobble doll. I have fear she is about to stop the game.

The cards fly again. Show and tell time. Kerrie loses. She hesitates. Takes a sip of her drink. Looks at both of us. Stands up and wiggles the panties over her luscious hips and lets them drop to her feet. As she bends over to pick them up her breasts are hanging within inches of my face and it’s all I can do not to take them into my mouth. She sits cross-legged. My eyes are fixed on her nakedness and beauty. God I want her.

The cards come. I look at my cards, a full house. A sure winner. Paul lays down three of kind, another winner. Kerrie turns up a small pair. I win. I get to tell Kerrie what I want her to do. What I really want her to do is come over and let me suck her tits or let her suck mine. Instead I tell her to kiss Paul. She starts to lean over and give him a quick kiss, but I stop her. “No, no girlfriend, come over and sit in his lap and kiss him.”

On purpose or not, she comes around and sits down with her naked butt on top of his hard cock, positioned so I can see all of her, puts her arms around his neck and begins to give him a deep passionate kiss. Instinctively, his had goes to her tits and grabs one in his big strong hands and starts to squeeze. I hear Kerrie moan. I am getting hotter by the second.

The cards fly and its show down time again. I have a small pair. Kerrie has three of kind. I lose. She wins. “Now you kiss Paul,” she orders. I make a conscious effort to sit in his lap where she can see all of me as I start to kiss my husband. He knows what to do and starts to squeeze and flick one of my pink nipples. I groan and grind my ass harder on his now completely hard cock. As I get up I notice a small wet spot on his boxers, it’s my pussy juices. Does Kerrie see how hot I am; does she know it’s for her?

More cards. Not much of a hand, but enough to come in second. Paul wins. I lose. “Let’s see here, what should I have her do?” He asks no one in particular. “OK, Patty, you kiss Kerrie.” I watched Kerrie to see what her reaction was. I could tell she was a little stunned but didn’t say anything. I made a major production of getting up and walked over to her letting my now sopping wet pussy come within inches of her face as I set in her lap, put my arms around her and kissed her deep, deep with my tongue exploring every crevice of her mouth. She responded and her hot tongue was intertwined in mine. I grabbed her face and pulled her to me even more. Her arms went around my body and our tits were slammed together. Oh she is hot I thought.

We finally broke the kiss and the cards came again. This time Paul was the loser and the shorts came off. As he stood there Kerrie couldn’t take her eyes off his rock hard cock, all seven, thick inches of it. I swear I say her lick her lips.

More cards. More bad luck (if there was such a thing at this point), but not as bad as Kerrie’s. Paul winner. “Guess Kerrie needs to kiss Patty now,” he grins. There was some hesitation again, but Kerrie came over and sat in my lap. Our kissing took up where we left off, our bodies pressed against each other. I couldn’t stand it and reached over and grabbed one of her big tits and started tweaking the nipple. There was no mistaking the groan this time. I had her. Every time I tried to break the kiss she pulled me back closer to her. Finally we broke the hug, both breathing hard. Our eyes met. She was lost between fear and ecstasy. Not yet I told myself. Not yet.

Kerrie and I are both flush with excitement. The cards come flying at us. I know I have at worst the second best hand. I was wrong it was the best. Kerrie has nothing again. I looked at her as she waited anxiously for my instructions. “Do you want to play with Paul’s cock,” I asked. She blushes and asks, “Can I?” I motion her to go. She’s in front of Paul sitting up on her knees, her tits mouth high to him and she tentatively touches then takes a hold of Paul’s beautiful cock. I can see the pleasure in his eyes. Her eyes are planted looking down at her hand on his cock. He can’t stand it and leans over and starts sucking on her tits. She gasps and then throws her heck back as the air rushes out her. “Oh that feels soooo good,” she moans and increases the speed of her hand going up and down on his cock.

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