The Submissive Waitress

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You call from work.

“I’m taking a couple of the guys out for drinks after work and to the strip club. We’ll be coming back to the house afterwards.”

“Excellent.” I reply.

I know that when you’ve been to the club you like me to be ready for whatever you want afterwards.

“Jack’s coming with is and I’ve invited him to stay.” you tell me.

I can hear the innuendo in your voice and my pussy goes wet at the thought of you and Jack together.

“Mmm Big black Jack. Any special requests?” I ask.

“Yeah. Wear the black apron I bought you, your highest black heels and nothing else when you serve drinks for me and the guys.”

“Yes master.” I whisper.

God, after all the talking about it, it’s actually going to happen. My throat is dry and my cunt dripping wet as the evening’s scenario starts to run through my head.

You interrupt my fantasy saying

“Be ready at 11.”

and the phone goes dead.

You know I will do exactly as you ask sexually as I have done all through our relationship. I run everything the finances, the house, my own business and am considered a ‘ball breaker’ in the corporate world, but in the bedroom I am your slave. We can’t get enough of each other. I generally wear what you tell me outside of work depending on your mood and most recent fantasy. I have more sexy underwear and ‘fuck me’ shoes than most women will see in a lifetime. You buy me black, red, pink, blue whatever from crotchless panties to baby doll sets to PVC basques. When you can’t get underwear I have received vibrators (my favorite is the remote one), butt plugs, handcuffs, nipple pegs and all manner of sex toys.

I have sucked you off in my office, in bars, at your works Gala dinner while supposedly retrieving my fork from under the table, had your finger up my arse while on the phone to my sister, and been knickerless just about everywhere. But tonight might be the ultimate…

By 11pm I am waiting by the front door, the harsh cotton of the black apron rubbing against my hard nipples. The apron is just long enough to cover my pubes and backless. I am already wet with excitement when I see the taxi pull up outside. I open the door to welcome you and your work colleagues (including Jack) into the house. They each kiss me chastely on the cheek not yet realising I am quite as naked as I am as I stand with my back to the wall. You come in last and I can see your hard cock straining against the fabric of your suit trousers. You grab my hair pulling my head back and bury your tongue in my mouth.

“Fucking whore!” you whisper ofise gelen escort in my ear.

“I bet you’re dripping wet already.”

I look into your eyes and nod.

“Get us some drinks.” you command.

I walk away on shaky legs, all I want to do is make myself cum.

The guys have made themselves comfortable on the leather sofas in the lounge and I walk between them to the bar so they all get a good look at my naked back and arse.

“Whiskey and ice OK for everyone?” I say as I turn with a smile.

Checking out each of their crotches I see growing erections and get mumbled ‘mm, yes fine’. I turn back to the bar to make the drinks, feeling their eyes on my arse. Putting the drinks on a tray I serve each of you friends ensuring that as I bend down the one I am serving gets a great view of my tits and the one sitting opposite them (behind me) can watch my crack and pussy open up to him.

I serve you last and as I look in your eyes I see you are pleased with me. You remain standing as I go back to stand my the door, a willing slave, awaiting your next command.

As you begin to talk politics and business I know I must not react. My opinion is worthless tonight. I am only here to do your bidding. The talk turns to work and a report that John has written. As you want to read it he pulls it out of his briefcase. It is a hefty document and to read it you need to put your drink down.

“Come here.” you say looking straight at me.

“I need some help with this.” brandishing the report and your drink.

I walk over to you and bend over, my arse and wet lips facing you. You put your drink on my flat back, the cold making me shiver slightly, and then wetting your finger on my sex you begin to leaf through the report.

I watch the reactions of the men sitting looking at me. Only Jason, the newest member of your team looks shocked, the rest just smile. The night of drinks and strip clubs makes this seem completely normal, in fact as the hard-ons are back I know they are enjoying it. Even Jason relaxes when I smile at him and lick my lips in enjoyment.

Each time your finger dries you come back for more, digging it in slowly, sliding it back and forth a couple of times. You even make comments to John while doing it, at one point waving you finger at him to emphasis a point, which I really wish you wouldn’t do. I just want your finger back where it belongs.

As you feel my orgasm beginning to build you alternate between my wet cunt and my tight arse knowing that otele gelen escort all I want to do is cum when you do that. But before I can orgasm you hand the report back to John, remove your drink from my back and slap my arse hard sending me back to wait. I am so close to finishing that I start to slip my hand under the apron intending to quietly orgasm without you noticing, but you see me and a shake of your head stops me. I am so wet and so horny and the pleasure I know you get from keeping me that way is only making it worse.

Abruptly you suggest that your colleagues go home and I wait by the door to say goodbye to each of them. I see you watching as I stand with my legs slightly spread pushing my hot wet cunt against each of their hard-ons as they hug me. I turn to you once the door is shut, my erect nipples pushing hard against the apron.

You beckon me with a finger to follow you back to the lounge. Jack is still there his hard on clearly visible. You whisper to me

“I’m gonna fuck him, but if you want to watch I’ll have to tie you to the chair so you can’t pleasure yourself. Either that or you go to bed and I handcuff you there. Which?”

“Here!” I reply “I want to watch.”

I know if I’m here I might be allowed to join in. You guide me to a chair in the middle of the room and motion to me to remove the apron and sit down on the chair with my legs around the back. You handcuff my wrists to the back of the chair and lean over me ensuring I can feel your hot hard cock against my back, you push my legs apart as far as possible and open the lips of my cunt.

“I want to see if you can cum just by watching.” Jack says.

I look up at the sound of his voice, he’s naked and his huge black dick is only inches from my mouth. I can’t help but lick my lips and try and take him in my mouth.

“No!” you say “Behave or I’ll put you to bed.”

As you get naked Jack strokes his hard-on. His long fingers gliding up and down its length. I am fascinated and wish I could feel it inside me. He slides his arm around your shoulders and you turn your head towards him. I gasp with pleasure as your lips touch and your tongues start to explore each others mouths. Jack slides his hand down your chest and takes your hard dick in his hand, and starts to stroke you. He steps in closer and his cock brushes against yours. You moan into his mouth.

He then circles his fingers around both cocks, clamping them together while his other hand slides down your back and one of his long digits begins sincan escort to probe your arse. Your enjoyment escalates as he moves his finger further in, and I can see the precum on the end of your gorgeous cock and want to lick it off but I have to make do with licking my lips and grinding my clitoris into the chair increasing my own pleasure. I close my eyes beginning to enjoy my wetness against the fabric of the chair and when I open them you are on your knees, Jacks almighty hard-on being slammed into your willing mouth.

He holds your head as you hold his hips and the rhythm increases. I start to rock again in time with his strokes, over and over I watch him going deep into you until his orgasm overtakes him and he spurts his cum all over your face. I can’t control myself any longer and throw my head back letting waves of gratification overtake me.

As I surface from my pleasure I see the two of you staring at my throbbing pussy. You smile at Jack

“I think she disobeyed me, I saw her wanking against the chair. You chose the punishment.” you say to him.

“I don’t want to punish her.” he says “I want to shove my dick up her fucking arse as you screw me.” his voice still husky from his orgasm.

You stand up licking his juices from your face. You kiss me, smearing his cum on my lips and cheeks.

“You heard the man. Get your arse in the air.” you command.

Complying, I grip the back of the chair and still straddling the seat I lift my arse up high. Jack comes round behind me and I feel his fingers and tongue on my pussy, wiping and licking my juices up to my arse. As my hole gets wetter and wetter I feel one and then two of his fingers push inside me and I look into the mirror to the side I can see that what he does to me, you do to him. As I third finger goes in I cry out in a mixture of pleasure and pain and Jack starts to pump his fingers into me. I can hear his breaths beginning to shorten as he enjoys the feeling of your fingers up his arse. Then the fingers are removed and I feel his hands on my hips. At last I get what I wanted and feel him gently pushing his hard black dick into my tightness. As you pump your hard cock into him, his goes deeper into me.

Slowly the rhythm increases out… in…out…in oh so gently and tantilising. The image in the mirror is amazing your white dick up his black arse, and his black dick in my white arse. I can feel him growing even bigger and then he moves his hand so one of his fingers is circling and pressing my clitoris. I am so close to orgasm I push hard against him. The pleasure level rises and I can feel my arse throbbing with my orgasm, gripping his dick tight. I feel wetness running out of my tightness and realise that Jack has cum too and you are bent over his back exhausted from your own orgasm.

Slowly and deliciously dicks are removed and you un-handcuff me. We all collapse onto one of the sofas, sated by an amazing night of pleasure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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