The Sybian Club Ch. 04

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Adriana Chechik

It was Tasha’s curiosity, really, that started it all. She was obsessed with Sybian porn. Her eyes would get all dreamy and half-closed every time they watched. And Max had to admit, the thought of watching her climb on and ride one of those things had him going. Besides, he never could say no to her. Still, Max was a business man, an investor. The cost of a Sybian of their very own was cost-prohibitive, to say the least. There were rentals available, but none in their area. That’s when he got his brilliant idea, and that’s how the Sybian Club began—a two thousand dollar investment, clearing out a private room in their basement, and a website. They started by offering free introductory sessions. Max felt a little bit like a heroin dealer… “The first one’s free, man!” But Tasha’s instincts had been right on. Once a woman had a ride on the Sybian, she wanted to ride it again. “If you build it, they will cum!” she said… and man, did they cum… and cum… and cum!


Tasha nearly laughed with delight when she led Daisy back into the living room. The entire group of women stood and cheered! The redhead did laugh, blushing prettily as she took a seat. She was surrounded immediately by a crowd of eager women asking, how was it? What was it like? Tasha just smiled, pulling another name out of the fishbowl. The cheer that went up when she announced the name of the next rider was music to her ears.

She hadn’t been wrong, though, about it being a long night. Up and down the stairs she went, leading nervous women in and bringing ecstatic women out. The change in them was incredible, and as the night wore on, and the women relaxed, the gathering upstairs turned into more of a party. Tasha had left a sign-up sheet on the buffet for those interested in the Sybian Club and she counted, every time she reached for the fishbowl. So far, only two women who had ridden the machine had not put their name down on the list.

Max is going to be thrilled, she thought, as the very last woman followed her breathlessly up from the Sybian Room. The group was relaxed and the women were chatting, past the “getting to know you” stuff and more into sharing the details. Tasha caught phrases like, “My boyfriend said…” and “When my sister told me…” as she gathered up the paperwork of those who had decided to join.

“I want to thank you all so much for coming,” Tasha said, looking around at the beaming group of women. There were several murmured, “No, thank you!’s” among the crowd. “As I promised, I’m going to draw a door prize—and the winner gets a twenty-minute ride on the Sybian with the attachment of her choice.”

The women clapped and whistled, the energy of the room changing in an instant.

“Also, after she’s done, I will offer the machine up for use to those of you who are interested in taking Ankara escort another ride tonight. I’ll leave a price list here,” Tasha explained, waving a sheet that she set back down on the buffet.

“All of you have experienced the Sybian without attachments… which is an amazing experience in and of itself,” Tasha went on. The group nodded and murmured their agreement. “However… the Sybian with attachments… well, as a friend of mine says, it will just blow your mind.”

The anticipation in the group edged up another notch. Women shifted and wiggled in their seats, giggled and whispered together like girls. Tasha smiled and flipped the papers in her hands over, shuffling through them as she spoke. She pulled one sheet free, turning it back over, and saying, “Okay, the winner of our door prize tonight is Holly Renfrew! Congratulations, Holly!”

The young blonde who had asked all the questions earlier that evening gasped and stood, her eyes shining as she came toward Tasha. “That’s me!!”

“Our lucky winner!” Tasha announced with a smile. “Those of you who want to sign up for rides, please do so… we’ll be back soon.”

“Not that soon,” Holly smiled, flipping her long, straight blonde hair over her shoulder as she followed Tasha back down the stairs.

“Choose whatever you like,” Tasha said, showing her the accessories.

Holly pointed to a ribbed dildo, about five inches long. “That one.”

“Alrighty.” Tasha attached it, squirting some lubricant over the head. “Are you ready?”

The blonde hesitated. “Can I… is it possible to get a tape done, for my boyfriend?”

Tasha smiled. “Sure. It costs a little extra…”

“Oh, that’s fine,” the girl said with a wave of her hand.

“Okay, just let me get the camera out.”

While Tasha set it up, the girl undressed, putting her jeans and long t-shirt over the chair, and taking off her bra and panties, too, so when she climbed up onto the machine she was completely naked.

“All set,” Tasha told her, the camera sitting on a tripod. “Do you want just a wide angle view, or would you like me to do some close ups?”

Holly frowned. “What do you mean?”

“Well…” Tasha cleared her throat. “I just thought… he might like to see your face when you were cumming… or how your breasts bounce… or your pussy… kind of up close and personal…”

“Ohhhh,” the blonde flushed slightly, but her eyes were bright. “Yes, do some close-ups… he’ll like that…”

I’m sure he will, Tasha thought, turning on the camera as the blonde started up the machine. God knows I do… The steady ache between Tasha’s thighs had grown all night long as woman after woman climaxed on her machine. Now this young, little blonde was sliding her shaved pussy down into the dildo’s shaft, moaning softly as the cock inside her began Ankara escort bayan to rotate and vibrate at once, and Tasha could barely keep still.

Tasha kept the camera wide-focused for a while, as the young girl moaned and rocked on the Sybian. Her breasts were sweet, rounded and pink-tipped, her nipples hardening as she rode, faster and faster. When Holly’s fingers moved down between her legs, spreading her smooth lips, Tasha zoomed in. The girl was easing her clit down against the machine, pulling the hood back to expose the nub of flesh and rub it there.

“Ohhhh yesss!” Holly moaned, using her other hand to tug at one of her nipples, rolling it between her thumb and forefinger. Tasha panned the camera up her taut, flat belly with its silver navel ring, focusing for a moment on the way her breasts swayed slightly back and forth as she rode the machine.

Tasha bit her lip, trying to control her fast breathing as she watched the girl’s climax peak. Her own pussy was throbbing between her legs, her panties soaked. The blonde’s head went back for a moment, as she let out a long, low moan, her whole body shaking. Then her flushed face fell forward, her eyes closed, her mouth open slightly, her cheeks flushed with heat as she shuddered on top of the machine.

Holly turned the dials down, but not off, gasping for breath and still trembling. Tasha zoomed the camera out again, waiting. The young girl bit her lip, and her hips began to rock once more, back and forth, up and down. She reached for the controls, and the machine hummed to life once more.

She wasn’t done yet.

Tasha swallowed hard, sinking into a chair with the camera, leaving it wide-angle as she watched the blonde start to ride it again. She was completely lost in her own pleasure—she probably didn’t even remember that Tasha, or the camera, existed. The young girl spread her thighs wide over the back of the machine, and Tasha knew, when she turned the rotation up, that she was working toward a g-spot orgasm. The way her eyes were clenched, her lower lip drawn in under her teeth, and the sweet way her hips rolled over the machine told her that.

Fuck! I want to ride, too! Tasha thought, squeezing her legs together and willing herself to be patient. When everyone went home, she reasoned… then it would be her turn to celebrate. Watched the little blonde made her ache all over. Holly was moaning louder and louder, her hands grasping the front of the Sybian.

“Ohhhh fuck, oh god, yes, yes!” Holly cried, running one hand through her long hair as she arched her back, gathering and holding some of it there as she fucked the rotating dildo shoved up inside her pussy. Tasha focused there for a moment, watching the girl’s pussy lips working over the vibrating ridge of the machine, knowing that the dildo up Escort Ankara inside her was about to send her right over the edge.

“Oh I’m cumming!” the girl moaned, her whole body flushed with pleasure as her climax peaked, making her tremble with the force of it. The camera was still focused between the blonde’s legs, and Tasha barely restrained a gasp when the girl’s pussy began to flood, spilling clear fluid down the machine in little rivers.

Gonna have to really clean up after this one, Tasha thought, as the blonde turned the controls down. She sat panting for a moment before starting them back up again.

Still not done. A girl after my own heart, Tasha thought, repressing a smile. Glancing at her watch, she saw that they only had another five minutes or so. Upstairs, she could hear the sound of the party going on and could almost feel the anticipation of the women who still wanted a full ride. She could barely stand the pressure between her legs. She was aching to touch her clit. Instead, she crossed one knee over the other, took a shaky breath, and zoomed in on the girl’s pussy again.

The wetness all over the machine made it slippery and Holly was fucking it good now, really going for a ride. Her pussy lips mashed against the machine, she rocked on it for all she was worth, tugging and pulling at her nipples.

“Fuck me, yeah!” she moaned, panting. “Fuck that juicy cunt until I cum all over you, big boy!”

Her boyfriend is gonna explode when he watches this, Tasha thought, attempting to hold the camera still.

“Oh baby, oh baby, yes, yes, that’s so fucking good!” the girl cried in a high, tight voice, her thighs trembling with some unseen effort. Tasha knew the cock up inside her was doing its work, pressing her further and further toward that edge.

“Gonna cum for you, baby,” Holly moaned, and Tasha nearly gasped when the girl looked straight at the camera through half closed eyes, eyes that seemed filled with more pleasure than one human could possibly stand, and said, “I’m gonna cum so good for you, all for you, baby, ohhhhhhhhh FUCK! NOW!”

And she came again, nearly screaming with her orgasm, her body bucking hard against the machine. The force of it was incredible, and the girl fell sideways onto the table, panting and gasping for breath. The machine was still going, thick with her juices, and she groped for the controls, turning the dials down.

“I think your boyfriend is going to like this tape,” Tasha said, pushing the button to stop recording and setting the camera down.

Holly half-smiled, looking at her through dazed eyes. “I hope so. I’ll come make one every day for him if he wants me to.”

Tasha smiled back. “Welcome to the club.”

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