The Temp

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I am a 60+ year old bi woman. All my stories contain fictionalized characters from long ago memories and recent events of my life. They are memoirs spiced with a kinky imagination. I am submissive by natural inclination in most relationships, sometimes extremely submissive in sex.

If you like kinky mature women I hope you will like my stories and please comment on what you liked and perhaps didn’t like to help me improve. I sometimes include passages from previous stories I have published here on Literotica.


Just a point of interest, men with an average age of twenty-eight, outnumbered women two to one in my company. It was the mid-nineties and a different time. Every single person just wanted to get laid. There were times when I swear I could smell the testosterone and estrogen at group meetings.

A willing woman could… well you get the idea. The unwritten rules about sex are simple. If you meet a willing person here, married or unmarried, and you both want to, do it on your own time!

We had few problems but lots of sneaky conference room, storage closet and elevator sex. Some conference rooms and both elevators had security cameras that people routinely ignored especially at night because of course the idiots think that cameras only work in daylight. The movies we could have shown at office parties… We didn’t of course but Val and I did watch now and then and some videos were legendary.

About Valerie. Val had been with us since just about the time the company was six months old. She took a chance joining a few crazy people for low money and 90 hour weeks. Val retired seven years later, a millionaire twice over.

More about Val. To say Val was diminutive would be an overstatement. At four foot eleven most people towered over her. Val’s body was never the envy of the other women in the office. I have seen her naked so I can comment. Her breasts at barely an A would never catch a stare. Most people never saw them but the areola of her nipples, about the diameter of a penny, was a light pink barely visible against her pale skin. Her actual nipples barely extended in the center of each breast.

Val was short but not thin, actually a little chunky. Her butt and legs were her best feature and it wasn’t often that what she wore was not short and tight. Now in all fairness Val had an incredible bubble butt and great legs. More about that later.

Val ran the office. No one including me ever spent a dime without her agreement. Early on only she actually knew if the dime was in the bank to be spent. When we first started out she was everything, the Personnel Department, the Accounting Department, the Payroll Department, the Complaint Department. Well you get the idea. When we sold the company each of those functions had multiple staff and they all reported to…Val.

At about the two year anniversary of the company my personal relationship with Val changed dramatically. I have always, well not always but almost always, been bisexual but I made it easy on myself and stayed out of trouble by assuming no one else was. So back to the anniversary, Val and I and the other three women, partners, who started the company had a private very expensive dinner to celebrate. Lots of drinking, lots of fun. I of course had to much to drink and the last thing I really remember about the night was Val telling the others that she would drive me home.

The next morning, a Saturday I awoke naked in my bed. Lying next to me, also naked, was Val. The bed, the room, smelled of sex and booze. Val looked at me and, covering her mouth, said, “Robin, I didn’t know that you…well you know…you like girls.” I hadn’t heard it put that way in a long time. I laughed a little.

I answered her, “Yes Val, I like girls but I also like boys.” I laughed a little again. “Did you and I do any girl liking last night?”

“Yes we did and we also did a lot of girl licking and you Robin are very good at both.” Always the smart ass, she continued, “I always liked boys only but I recently found out that girls can be fun too.” She added, “Robin, how did you know…you know… that you liked sex with other women?”

Damn smart ass, I fell for it, “I found out because my ex was into the swinger scene and well, I had sex with him and another woman and she went down on me and…I found out I like sex with women. Val, how did you find out.”

Val smiled, a big smile, “I drove my boss home and she asked me to kiss her goodnight and one thing led to another and now I like girls too.

I asked, “Val, where do we go from here? What will change?”

She answered, “Nothing changes. No one knows or will know about this.” She hesitated and continued, “Just one thing perhaps will change, we do it again, often.”

We both took a pee and toothbrush break and with an entire Saturday ahead, returned to bed. Val sat up and the sheet and blanket fell to her waist exposing her girls. She then pulled the covers down to my waist and then threw the sheet kocaeli escort off the bed. She leaned over my face offering me her breasts. “Kiss and suck them again. You gave me a wonderful orgasm last night kissing sucking them. Do it again.”

I kissed her but not her breasts, her lips. As I worked my way down to her mons it became obvious that nothing smells like or tastes like a woman’s vagina after a night of sex. She was intoxicating!

Val left around noon but called when she arrived home. “I’m not going to get fired for last night’s indiscretion am I?”

“No, you won’t get fired but I assure you that you will be disciplined. That will make our late night work in the privacy of my office much more interesting.”

Office parties were a always a problem. Alcohol sometimes changes unwilling or at least discrete people into more than willing participants who later had regrets. Val was no exception. Over the years we worked together Val became a bit of a slut but she has been my right hand, best administrative manager in the world. A few failed relationships and her attitude seemed to change and she became much more openly promiscuous.

At an office holiday party she was more than a little drunk and was making a point of sitting at tables in men’s laps. When she came and sat near me I asked what the hell she was doing. She looked at me drunk and said, “I don’t have any panties on and we have a new holiday tradition going. It’s called Poke-aVal.

I took her back to my place but the damage was done and now she was going out on maternity leave all because of Poke-a-Val. Someone in this office knocked her up and now I’m going to have to get by with a temporary admin.

When she first came and told me she was pregnant she had already decided to have and give up the baby. She didn’t know it but there were two in her oven. In the end she kept both children, a beautiful little girl and a boy.

I was the first person she told and the person she confided in throughout her pregnancy. That was a bit of a blessing for me at that time. I had learned that I could never have children and was parting ways with my husband so I would experience pregnancy vicariously thru Val. She shared everything in the locked doors of my office or the bedroom of my home or hers.

I endured the bitching about morning sickness at the beginning but also the joy of the first time the baby moved. Surprisingly the biggest kick for her was going almost overnight, we’ll more like five months, from barely an A to almost a C. She would need that to nurse the babies.

Yes Val and I had sex throughout her pregnancy. Truth is, she was not at all interested during the first few months but then her sex drive returned with a vengeance. We never really thought of ourselves as a couple just friends with benefits.

Val loved me to suck her newly enlarged and hyper sensitive breasts. Towards the end it was almost comical to see her arch her back during an orgasm and push those babies up and off the bed. She would often come into my office, lock the door and pull a chair next to mine. She would hand me her panties shift her butt to the edge of the chair and ask me to finger her. When she sat down she was already wet and orgasms came quickly.

Toward the end Val was a sight to behold, almost as thick as she was tall. I remember one day she stormed, well ok waddled quickly, into my office saying, “I’m going out to buy a fucking wheelbarrow! These little bastards or bitches, whatever they are, are breaking my back!”

Around her seventh month she walked into my office and handed me a box. I opened it. A strap on cock. A big white strap on cock. She looked at me and said, tonight you are coming to my house and fuck my butt. I held up the cock and before I could say anything she blurted out. “I know, I know, but they didn’t have a black one. I need this Robin, I really need this. Never before but I need it now. I don’t know why. Please please please.” Some people, I hear, crave pickles and ice cream, not Val.

I guess I had not seen her completely naked in a while because that night I saw how magnificent a pregnant woman can look. I didn’t end up fucking her with the strap on but used a lubed dildo gently on her and that seemed to satisfy the urge. I then washed her vagina and butt with a nice warm water cloth and afterward went down on her. She was on all fours and I was behind her. It was amazing and quite erotic to see her bubble butt with her perfect pucker of a butt hole with her big belly hanging down and between her legs a perfect swollen vagina.

In this hormone driven sex drive Val as often as not wanted to lick me but her belly was very much a problem. She would lay on her back and ask me to sit on her facing her baby belly. She would then lick me from just above my clit through all the way to my backside and rim me. Over and over, her tongue flat and teasing at the same time, until I moaned with my first orgasm.

Eventually in the last two months kocaeli escort bayan her sex appetite faded. She was just too big to enjoy it. I gave her massages and baths to try and ease the transition to delivery.

At month eight feeling her time was near she hired the temp. I met her one week before Val was due.

The babies came and I was there for the amazingly easy delivery. Ah, the miracle of modern drugs and years of yoga. One week later Val let me taste her milk. Taste is not exactly the right word. She had just finished nursing the babies and asked me if I wanted to taste it. Of course I did but I asked if she had enough. She laughed and said I could drink my fill, she would just make more. I tentatively sucked at one of her nipples. Where were those tiny nipples I remember from before the babies? These were long thick and dark color and worked like miniature firehoses. They actually squirted into my mouth as Val squeezed her breasts. Her milk was warm, sweet and very filling. After sucking a while I actually burped and we both laughed. Val was amazed at what her body had done she had made two healthy babies and now her breasts were feeding them and me as well now and then.

Val tried to explain how she was feeling emotionally about everything but being the smart ass she is she stressed that it had only been three weeks and she was feeing horney again. She confessed that nursing the babies gave her small orgasms. Sort of like the feeing of pleasure you get just before a real sexual orgasm. She fed the babies a lot and never denied me when I visited.

Val always asked me with a big smile how Julie was working out as a temp. I knew it! She knew something! She had set it up!

Ok ok this story is of course about the Temp. I’ll bet you thought we would never get there.

If the word opposite had a definition it was embodied in the temp, Julie. Tall, perhaps an inch taller than me. Slender but still shapely. A “Blond Bombshell?” The word voluptuous was created to describe Julie from the waist up. It wasn’t that her breasts were exceptionally large. It was that they were always there, in your face, undeniable. Always a few buttons she missed and perhaps a push up bra to add cleavage. Always there. I was betting there was a garter belt under her skirt. No nylons, just a garter belt. Where did Val find this girl? Girl was the correct word because, just out of college she was just 22. Val had promised her a job if she worked as my admin for the duration of Val’s pregnancy leave, eight weeks. Julie, every inch of her a Southern college sorority girl, was always somewhat overdressed for the office. I didn’t even know they really made heels that tall. It was two weeks after she joined the company that I finally got around to reviewing her resume.

Val had made notes in the margins. “Sorority girl but smart and great common sense.” I knew that was important but never knew how Val judged that in a person. “Partnered with an AA woman two years older. Will relocate.” I have told Val any number of times, AA is not an appropriate way to describe a Black person but she never got the message.

On her first day at around 5:30 Julie came into my office and asked if I would be needing her help that evening. I told her, “No, no, you were great today. Go home and enjoy your evening.” I added, “Have a nice night.”

The second day Julie arrived a little early. I liked that. She poked her head into my office to tell me she had arrived and ask if I needed anything. Something had changed so I asked her to step into my office for a moment. The “Blond Bombshell” was gone. Much less but still very appropriate make up. Her hair was up in a fashionable very conservative style. Black slacks, sensible black shoes and a crisp white top hanging just over, not tucked into, her slacks. Although the top was open at the collar and a few buttons down, the in your face boobs were gone replaced by a single strand of white pearls. She was braless and carried it off beautifully.

She looked at me and asked, “Yes, miss Green?”

I stumbled for words for a moment, thrown off by the Miss Green, then catching myself, “Julie, you don’t have to call me Miss Green unless we are with clients. Then I would like you to, not out of vanity but as a reminder to the client that I own this company. Otherwise call me Robin and skip the Miss, ok?”

Julie smiled and replied, “Yes Robin, I appreciate you being frank with me about that.”

I continued. “Well then, as long as I am being frank with you I have a few simple observations I’d like to share. Your appearance, your make up, your outfit, everything about you is different today than yesterday. Yesterday you were dressed for a college sorority pledge. Today you are dressed as a professional business woman. I much prefer your look today.”

She jumped in, “Thank you Robin.”

I continued, “Julie, you jumped right in to say thank you and I appreciate that and you are of course welcome kocaeli escort but” I paused, “always wait until the other person has finished what they wanted to say before you speak. Try counting to two or three. After a while you won’t have to count. This is especially important when speaking to clients. You do not want to be perceived as rude or worse, not listening.”

I stopped speaking and saw her hesitate, “now to finish what I was saying, I love the pearls and white on black is perfect. The stiletto heels you had on yesterday are great for a cocktail party perhaps but frankly, you are a tall and stately woman already and you do want to be taller but not tower over people.

She did not speak. “You have legs that most women would kill you for so use them. Show them in meetings and whenever male clients are around. A skirt or dress short enough to reveal some thigh is appropriate but never so short that a woman or a man wants to have sex with you at that moment. Tease do not taunt. Now tell me, you do not have a bra on do you?”

She blushed a little, “I didn’t think…it’s comfortable for me…I’m sorry.”

I touched her arm, “Julie, don’t worry. I just asking because I suspected but did not know for sure and that is exactly the look you want. You won’t be able to carry that look forever and I will show you how to use your breasts with men to your advantage without ever being cheap. You can influence a man’s decision with an open collar shirt and your breasts and I’ll show you how. Are we ok?”

She waited, “Yes Robin we are ok.”

As she started to leave she turned and said with a big smile, “I’m going to love working here!”

A few weeks went by and the time came when Julie and I would be doing a proposal review. As she left on Monday I reminded her, “Don’t forget, the team working on the Johnson account proposal will have a first draft ready for review Wednesday evening so we will be working late. Take the morning off, dress casually and plan to work late into the evening to turn it around for them with my comments the following morning. Have a great night!”

She smiled and said, “Thank you ma’am.”Val told me what to expect in a proposal review. I’m ready. Good night.” I think I will let her continue to call me ma’am. I usually don’t like that but it sounds right coming from her.

She arrived at 11:00 a.m. the day of the review. The afternoon was uneventful and as we started the review the building emptied as staff went home. Half way through at about 9:00 p.m. we took a break and ordered Chinese food. I told Julie we would likely not end before two but I would let her sleep all day tomorrow.

She smiled and said she was fine and was learning a lot. She said she had told Meghan she might be late, as Val had warned her, the wee hours of the morning.

Meghan? Did she just drop that on purpose?

Waiting for the food to arrive I asked. I couldn’t help myself. “Meghan? Are you married? Tell me about Julie and Meghan.”

Julie was like an open fire hydrant. Attended the University of Georgia, was in a sorority, and grad school at Boston University in Massachusetts for her MBA. She took this job because Val sold it as an opportunity to learn and network and it was near Meghan. She met Meghan in Grad school. She confessed that she had hoped for something more with Meghan but it didn’t seem to be working that way. Then Julie stopped and said she was not being clear. “Robin, I think that sometimes a couple starts out as friends, move on to become intimate and then marry or at least commit to each other. Well with Meghan it was the opposite. A little booze at a party and we were intimate, very intimate for a while then the fire went out and we stayed friends with occasional increasingly infrequent intimacy.” She laughed a sad kind of laugh, “Yep that’s me, occasional increasingly infrequent intimacy.”

“Robin, I don’t mean to push this and certainly not tonight but I wonder if we could talk about something sometime?”

I laughed, she smiled nervously, “Sure Julie we can talk about something sometime. What is the something we are going to talk about sometime?”

Now she was obviously concerned, “No, no, not now. I shouldn’t have said anything. I’m sorry, forget I brought it up.”

I answered, “Ok, I will just forget that we are going to talk about something sometime that we can’t talk about.”

The food arrived and we ate without a lot of talk. Julie was still obviously nervous and spilled some food on her shirt. She mumbled under her breath, “Oh, fuck, my favorite top to!”

I told her, “Just take it off and I’ll run into the bathroom and put soap and cold water on it.”

She stammered, “But Robin, I’m nake…”

I stopped her, “Oh shut up. I’ve seen a woman’s breasts before. It fact I’m intimate with two of them often.”

We both laughed and she unbuttoned the top and slipped it off.

Julie was beautiful. Not a blemish and perfect. Pink half dollar size areola that became covered with hundreds of tiny bumps as her shirt failed to keep the air conditioning at bay. My breasts were larger and were never as firm as hers appeared to be. Mine always sagged a little even when I was twenty. When this conversation happened I was thirty-five.

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