The Training of Pixie Pt. 11

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Where do I start? Writing these reports is not what I had imagined. Instead of a straightforward account recording what happened, even to get that far requires of me more reflection than I had imagined. If only I had done a history major rather than a politics one, I might have been better prepared.

I have to admit that when Dame Suzy presented us with the change of lesson, and especially when Monica read out the scenario for our group, the last thing I had expected was what we got. Surely, I had reasoned, this was Pixie’s chance to get her own back and inflict punishment on Abby, who had been pretty insufferable. She needed taking down a peg or two in my opinion, and I relished seeing her suffer at Pixie’s hands. So when Pixie had herself stripped, I was bemused. I stayed bemused to the end, when I was lying in a sweaty heap on Abby’s equally sweaty body, my strappy trapped between her arse cheeks. It is only gathering my thought for this, in the light of what happened next, that something like enlightenment dawned. I am sure that Dame Suzy, will take advantage of the debriefing session to advise me on whether I am even in the right area.

As my vision cleared, apart from the sheer erotic pleasure of my body pressing against Abby’s perfectly toned one, what hit me was the smell of the room. It reeked of cunt. Monica, Kay and Janet had all orgasmed at least twice, Abby and I had had the most tremendous orgasm, and we were all wet and sweaty. To this there was, I realised, one exception – the diminutive Pixie. Naked as the day she was born, she alone had not orgasmed and, as far as I could tell, had not even touched herself. As I eased myself off the exhausted Abby, I looked over to Pixie.

“That was so fucking hot, thank you. How do you feel Abby?” I asked, stroking her arse, which was still red from the spanking she had received from me earlier.

A noise came from her lips which as far as I can render it into a speech form was:

“Fuuuuuuucckkkkkkkk, ohhhh fuuuuuuucckkkkkk!”

The moans were continuous and primal.

“Kay,” Pixie, who was still in control of Abby commanded, “will you go and soothe her please.”

I watched as the tall brunette joined her former domme and, placing her head in her lap, stroked her hair.

“Janet,” Pixie asked addressing their old school contemporary, “would you mind soothing Abby’s arse with the ointment provided?”

“Mind?” Janet smirked, “I’ve wanted to touch that tight arse for years – my pleasure.”

And with that, Janet joined Kay in ministering to the moaning, semi-conscious Abby who was still giving whimpers of pleasure.

“Monica,” Pixie asked, “could you help Kay and Penny out of their strappies and bring them to me.”

Monica, who at twenty-two was the youngest of us, and the only non-European, was delighted to oblige. I drooled a little at her dusky breasts with their dark nipples. She unstrapped me, then Kay and took them to Pixie, who proceeded to suck them clean.

“Abby does taste delicious, Penny.”

I confirmed she did and waited to see what on earth Pixie had in mind balıkesir escort next.

When she had finished cleaning the strappies, she asked Monica and Janet whether they would mind going, as she wanted a smaller, core group to stay for the end of the exercise. As the two women were eager to get back to playing, Monica grabbed one of the cleaned phalluses from Pixie and took Janet with her, just throwing their blouses and school skirts on for the walk of shame back to their room.

With Kay left soothing Abby, Pixie came over to me.

“How long do we have left?”

Looking at the clock on the wall of the room I told her we had another hour and then time before dinner too. She asked me if I would mind taking Kay into the room with the two-way mirror where, she told me, Dame Suzy was waiting, and staying and watching?

“If Dame Suzy tells you to intervene, please do it at once, otherwise, enjoy.”

I put my arm on Kay’s shoulder, and, imitating Monica and Janet and leaving our underwear behind us, we went into the adjoining room. Dame Suzy was delighted to see us, and soon had Kay between her thighs to, as she put it, “relieve the build-up of tension”. She asked me to keep a close eye on the room.

I looked through the mirror and saw Pixie on the bed next to Abby. The microphones picked up every word, and the cameras gave me an 360 degree view.

Pixie was stroking Abby’s hair. As Abby began to show distinct signs of life, Pixie licked down her sweaty back until she reached the cleft at the small of her back when, gently parting Abby’s thighs, she began to lick her sweaty arse cleft, all the while rubbing ointment into the damage wreaked by my hands on Abby’s perfect arse.

As Pixie’s tongue circled and teased Abby’s arsehole, the blonde not only showed signs of life, but of revival. Wincing slightly at any touches on her sore arse cheeks, Abby began to push back, nevertheless, pressing her arsehole into Pixie’s tongue.

“What, what the fuck Pixie? You are in charge, I am your sub, why the fuck are you licking my sweaty arsehole? After how I have behaved, why the fuck aren’t you treating me like I wanted to treat you?’

“Because I am not you Abby. Do you like what I am doing? I remember you once threatening to pee on me if I continued to annoy you. Do you still want to? You must need a pee?”

Moaning, Abby responded by asking:

“What the fuck is going on? What do you mean when you say I am not you, of course I bloody well am not you, I am me!”

Pixie teased Abby’s lubricated arsehole with her left index finger, making her moan as the pressed.

“Have you ever had an orgasm that good before, Abby?”

“Fuck, you little freak, no, no, never.”

“Had you ever been denied an orgasm before or been taken from behind?”

“Gawd no!” Abby moaned as Pixie’s finger began to insert itself in her most private place.

“So, never thought of doing those things and never had such an orgasm, is that right?”

“Yes”, Abby moaned as Pixie’s finger pushed through her sphincter balıkesir escort bayan muscle.

“Fuck, Pixie, what’s the …?”

Suddenly, without warning, Abby began to shake uncontrollably. I saw Pixie’s right hand had slipped between her wet thighs and assumed she was stroking her clit. Such was Abby’s state of arousal that she had a small orgasm, and then, her arse pushing itself against Pixie’s finger, a stronger one.

Pixie, parting Abby’s quivering arse cheeks carefully, made her tongue into a tube and pressed it into the blonde’s opened arsehole, pushing it deep and, from the sound of it, making her even more aroused. Pressing in and out, Pixie proceeded to arse-fuck Abby with her tongue, which made Abby thrust her hand between her own thighs and rub her sore clit furiously. She came again after ten minutes of Pixie’s treatment.

Sliding out, Pixie asked Abby how she felt.

“How the fucking fuck did you do that? I’ve never cum that often or that quickly.”

Pixie smiled sweetly at her.

“Do you still need to pee?”

“Yes, I do, can you give me a minute?”

“Well, after where my tongue has just been I may need cleaning up. Do you fancy carrying out your threat to piss on me?”

Abby looked shocked.

“Me? You’re in charge, order me to?”

Pixie smiled enigmatically.

“There will be a follow up which I shall enforce, but I want you to make the choice. The consequence of your choice will follow, but you don’t know what it is, so choose.”

Abby looked hot and bothered, her breathing still laboured.

“Okay, yes, I do, if that’s really okay with you Pixie. After you’ve done all this for me, I don’t want to be ungrateful. I am sensing you may want this, though goodness knows I am not known for my intuition.”

Pixie nodded.

“Just remember Abby, darling, the consequences will follow.”

“I know, but you know what Pixie, I sort of trust you and trust they won’t be awful. So if you will lie under me, I will squat and pee. Do you want it on your body or in your mouth?”

“What do you think?”

Abby looked thoughtful, a new look for her..

“I think you want to drink my pee, so mouth.”

Pixie lay meekly on the floor.

Abby squatted over her, looking, as it happened, straight into the mirror.

She grunted as the first squirt jetted into Pixie’s open mouth, before the golden stream followed, forcing the diminutive headmistress to gulp and swallow. I had hardly realised she was so desperate. As she finished, she shook and stood.

Pixie stood up too, and I could see her face wet with Abby’s pee, and from the look of it she still had a mouthful, as some was dribbling out of the side of her mouth and down to her tiny tits. She looked at Abby and pointed to her mouth as though to say: “Kiss me.”

Abby bent and Pixie stood on tip toe as they kissed. I could see Abby initially flinch as she got not only the smell of her orgasm and piss from Pixie’s mouth, but also a mouthful of her own pee. For what seemed an age they escort balıkesir kissed, and kissed as lovers do, with Abby stroking Pixie’s hair. When they finally came up for air, Pixie looked up at Abby and asked:


Abby looked at her as though with fresh eyes.

“And nothing – except you are the most amazing woman. If you’d asked me this morning whether I’d have enjoyed drinking piss from your mouth, I’d have slapped your fucking face”, and here Abby giggled.

“And?” Pixie enquired.

“Now I think you’re a witch. You’ve bewitched me Pixie. I’ve always thought of you as Pixie, not Cat. You know I was jealous of you?”

“Were?” Pixie continued with her monosyllables.

“Yes, you were the cleverest girl in the class and the most reserved. I couldn’t figure you out and so decided to put you in a box marked ‘freak’ and acted as though you were.”

“Why?” Pixie asked.

“Because you freaked me out, I guess”, Abby smiled gently, pulling Pixie into her firm breasts which were wet with her sweat and piss.

As Pixie sucked on Abby’s nipples, Abby’s hand slid between Pixie’s thighs and began to part her thin, wet lips. As she fingered her, Pixie began to suck harder and slid her own hand between Abby’s thighs and reciprocated. All I could hear was the noise of their sighs and of their wetness.

I looked at Dame Suzy, who by this time had recovered from the effects of Kay’s ministrations and had put her knickers back on. She and Kay were watching the scene on the other side of the mirror as though mesmerised.

Naked, Abby and Pixie could not have looked more dissimilar. Abby’s toned athlete’s body with her firm and full breasts, her well-defined abdomen and that perfect arse, topped with a striking mane of blonde hair set off with perfect blue eyes, all made her a poster girl for female beauty. Pixie, petite, her thin aesthete’s body with those tiny but, in my view, beautiful tits and tight little arse, her brown hair in disarray and her eyes that indefinable shade between green and brown, was well, she was no poster girl. And yet, as I reflected later, she had brought the poster girl to where the latter had not even realised she needed, let alone wanted, to be.

As I looked and thought, I felt myself grow wetter underneath my school skirt. With a huge groan Abby came again – and a moment later, so did Pixie. Finally Pixie, who alone had not cum that afternoon came – and at the willing hands of her great self-proclaimed enemy who, as Pixie shook, hugged her and said:

“I am sorry, you are loveable – and just, well thank you!”

As Pixie’s eyes refocussed, she looked up at Abby and said:

“So are you – loveable that is. Just remember that.”

Abby kissed her.

“Sometimes”, Pixie smiled, it is better to receive than to give – and she who wants to be first, sometimes she has to put herself last.”

She kissed Abby with a look of such tenderness that my heart melted and so, by the look on her face, had Abby’s heart.

“I didn’t think she could do it”, Penny, said Dame Suzy. “But she did. Look, Penny, learn and inwardly digest – especially that last comment.”

And since then, that’s what I have been trying to do. It is as though there is some code there to which I almost have the key, and when I get, all things will be revealed. Dame Suzy is right about one thing, underestimating Pixie is easy – and a bad idea.

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