Touching Myself for Matthew

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Everything was silent, it was as if I was home alone but I wasn’t. Andrew was home, and in the next room passed out in the bed just six feet away and through the closed French doors. I knew I had to be quiet or else he’d wake up and yell at me and dealing with that bullshit was too much for any sane person to handle. I slowly stripped off the sweatpants I wore, amazed that I had even bothered to put on pants in the first place and the top I wore that was once a dress, but now rested on the tops of my thighs. My mind flashed back to that one time Shawn had ordered me to wear it in public, and I wore it on the train, and in public men whistling at me everywhere I went. I blushed and threw the clothes into the corner where my suitcases sat. I turned to look at the beige couch, my eyes flicking for my vibrator soon deciding it wasn’t worth it to let the sounds echo in the room.

I fixed the sheet on the couch and thought about it, I was to cum for Matt right? Surely they’re one of my more intense orgasms and thinking better of myself I grabbed the teal blue towel I kept by the couch. Squirting isn’t something that’s my favorite, but it occasionally happened when I let it, and I completely enjoyed doing it to him. I laid down on the couch staring at the ceiling for a moment, this was so wrong in so many ways. I live with my ex, someone I promised to love forever while secretly ‘dating’ if you could even call it that; two men at the same time, while becoming addicted esenyurt escort to another. Someone that J and A completely hate. It thrilled me inside knowing that their anger and hatred for him was so intense and it fueled my need to keep it going. It was a sick twisted desire and I bit my lip as my fingers caressed my chest dancing over my nipples. I hated them, my surgery from a few years ago to reduce the enormous size left me with a leaky self confidence though men never cared. They were big and soft and sensitive. I rolled the sensitive flesh in my fingers pinching them just enough till it only pinched slightly, I don’t like pain and I simply wasn’t going to hurt myself. I could feel my cunt twitch with need urging me to touch it.

I cupped them, sliding my hands down the curve of my waist to my hips scratching lightly with my nails, goosebumps raised on my thigh as the sensation made its way down and I sighed softly parting my thighs. I could feel the sticky juices on my thighs separating as I slid my fingers down sliding over the thickness of my legs. Absolutely drenched, I smirked a little bit, I was always wet, always ready for someone even when I had nobody to be ready for. My fingers drifted teasing the puffy lips of my cunt. I could feel that the top of them was slowly parting already ready and desperate for a finger to slide against my aching clit and I complied, relaxing instantly. I’m one of those weird istanbul escort girls that doesn’t really like to play with her clit unless its with something vibrating, something I learned at an early age.

I rub more feeling as if my cunts on fire, I never did like the sensation that much but for some reason I couldn’t stop pushing myself past the uncomfortable point. My thighs were twitching at this point and my lips were just barely parted as my breathing increased. Anytime I slipped a finger to rub against my opening and pulled away a trail of wetness, and I smeared it onto my clit. God that feels good… I was biting my lip at this point hard, I could feel it pulsate between my teeth and I finally slipped a finger inside of myself. FUCK!! It was intense as my finger rubbed up against the top of my cunt, seeking the spot that always got me off. Within seconds I had found it, and rubbed it slowly not wanting to get myself off too fast, but who the hell was I kidding, my body was on fire and consumed by thoughts of him. Every word he had put onto the screen in front of me flew through my mind. I couldn’t help but wonder how good his cock would feel inside of me, and with that I began to rock my finger back and forth my hips moving with it. I panted heavily, my toes curling the sparkly red nailpolish glimmering catching my eye for a second before I rolled them back in my head panting more. I couldn’t take it much longer as beylikdüzü escort I slipped a second finder inside of me.

My fingers were the width of about a penny each my ring finger most definitely. I have pretty dainty fingers and can never really get more than 2 inside at a time. Quite frustrating really but no matter. My hips rolled with my touch as I pumped my fingers in and out faster and faster, curving them upwards pressing firmly to that spot. It took every ounce of willpower not to cry out with pleasure as I brought myself to the edge. “FUCK!! MATT PLEASEEEEE!” My thoughts were consumed by the thought of him fucking me, I was completely in heaven with those thoughts and for once I let myself speak, but just his name. My voice was low and quiet but equally full of passion. I was shaking, a thin layer of sweat was coating my body as I finally began to cum.

My thighs wanted to clamp together but I had other plans in store for my body as I brought myself higher and higher, never stopping the motions of my fingers until finally I ripped them from my body, squirting against the towel. My head swam with lust, it was as if the room was spinning around me. My chest was tight as I was barley breathing in any air it was so intense. Finally what felt like hours but was only minutes passed. My fingers stroked my throbbing clit as I trembled still laying there waiting for the strength in my legs to return so I could get up and clean up the mess on the couch knowing every second juice would seep into the cushion. Finally I thought I could stand and I pushed myself from the couch, wobbling on my own two feet. I grabbed the towel yanking it off and threw it into the corner smirking before letting myself fall back onto the couch curling up a pillow between my legs as I just relaxed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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