True Nature Ch. 04

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Hello my beautiful readers!

Just wanted to leave a quick note of thanks for the lovely comments last chapter! They really touched my heart. I hope everyone enjoys the chap!

Much love, Xx

Fae’s Pov:

I woke to the feeling of rough hands softly raking through the fur on my back. I kept my eyes closed for a long moment, letting myself enjoy the gentle touch, for it reminded me of a time before Frank and my other pet owners; a time when I was safe and unaware of what my life would become. I wanted to loose myself in the sweet reminder but Cain seemed to sense that I was awake and he began to move.

“Did you sleep okay?” He asked as he got out of bed and sat down on the floor next to me.

The night before, after the alpha had, surprisingly, cleaned me from all the cum I wore, I’d finally settled on the idea of shifting to my wolf form in order to sleep. I hadn’t been able to in a long time and after feeling so many emotions throughout the night, I felt safest letting my wolf take over.

Now, as it was morning and I needed to speak with Cain, I shifted back to human form and took the t-shirt the alpha offered me, before answering.

“Yes Alpha,” As quietly as I could get away with, not sure what would happen now that we had several days to spend together.

“I wish you would have used the bed, little wolf. I could have done with a night on the floor,” Cain told me as he carefully undid my braid and brushed his fingers through my hair, ridding it of any tangles.

“I couldn’t put you out of your own bed!” I protested once more, just as I had half a dozen times the night before.

“Well, you got your way last night,” Cain continued as he re-did my braid. “But I’d like you to sleep in the bed from now on. I can sleep on the couch if you don’t want to share the bed with me.”

“Alpha I can’t-“

“Just stop Fae,” Cain interrupted as he stood to dress himself. “I’m not like Frank. I can’t handle the thought of you on the floor while I’m comfortable; it’s not right! It caused me to sleep terribly and I was afraid I’d wake you up from how often I tossed and turned,” he groaned with a stretch and I stole at glance at his defined stomach, only for him to catch my eye. “You’re sleeping in the bed tonight and for the rest of the week,” he commanded and I blushed as I felt a shiver of pleasure run down my spine.

Something about this alpha had me feeling excited when he gave me orders. Even though the bite of rejection was still fresh, the wound had been soothed by connecting with Cain last night and the alpha was still insisting on treating me well. I finally decided to simply give in to whatever he wanted, even if I felt I didn’t deserve it.

I’d always dreamed of a life where I could have affection and food and pleasure and I’d always wanted to be pampered. Cain was the sweetest alpha I’d ever met and even if he didn’t want to mate me, he clearly wanted to spoil me, and I decided to be alright with it. Frank did say I was to do whatever the alpha wanted and Cain wanted me to be comfortable and content.

“Yes alpha,” I finally uttered, eyes closed, as my I allowed my mind to submit fully to Cain. “How may I serve you today?” I asked, curious as to what the day would bring, now that I wasn’t behaving like a wanton slut.

“Hmm,” the alpha’s breath tickled my ear and I jumped, not expecting him to be so close. “Did you really want me to continue to touch you? I need to be sure.” Cain growled in my ear.

I could feel chills explode behind my skull, running down my spine, spreading energy throughout my body. “Yes, I’ll do whatever you want Alpha.”

Cain softly kissed the back of my neck, his stubble scratching softly against my skin, before speaking.

“I…. god.. this is a bit embarrassing but… I have a box full of things I’ve been collecting throughout the years… things I’ve wanted to try and I told myself that once I was comfortable with someone… I’d open up about it.”

I smiled and turned to face Cain so he could see that I wouldn’t judge him. “I’ve probably experienced most everything you can dream up Alpha. You’re desires are safe with me.”

He nodded slightly, looking apprehensive, before he finally continued.

“Can I call you names? Humiliate you a bit?” He asked as a blush colored his cheeks. “I- god Fae, I promise, I wouldn’t actually mean it. I’ve just seen some things… Um.. seemed hot,” Cain tapered off and looked properly ashamed of himself. “No, just forget that actually. I promised you a break. I don’t want to make you feel-“

I kissed him and he hesitantly kissed me back, as if surprised by my reaction. My alpha was so precious! Stumbling over what he wanted to experience, on account of me? It was beyond flattering. How could I tell him no?

“Yes Alpha. You may do whatever you like. Are there other things you want to try?”

Cain dropped his forehead to my shoulder, face red, “There’s so many ways I want to dominate you.” He finally said. “I just feel like I don’t have the right to do so… like, I’m taking advantage, especially after yesterday.”

“Forget Ümraniye Escort about yesterday Alpha. I was being stupid when I had that panic attack. I know my place and you aren’t taking advantage. No one’s ever asked permission before but since you have, I am giving it to you. Treat me like I’m your omega.”

Cain nodded slightly before asking, “Please, tell me any fantasy’s you’ve had Fae? I want to make you feel good most of all. Teach me… teach me how to ruin you.” He whispered as he pulled on my braid, forcing my face closer to his.

“I-I like pretty clothes,” I offered timidly, as I stared into his curious eyes, not sure how the alpha would take it.

Most of our kind felt that it was shameful to cross dress, especially when it came to undergarments. However, I’d experienced the thrill of supple lace rubbing up against my tiny cock before and I’d never forgotten how sexy I had felt wearing panties. Wearing them was meant to be humiliating for me, and it was, but it was also one of the few things Frank did to me that I secretly enjoyed. Though I dare not express that to him, for fear he would take that small pleasure away from me.

“Like… like girl clothes?” Cain asked with an amused expression on his face before he chuckled lightly to himself and I felt ashamed and ridiculous.

“It’s stupid-” I started but the alpha interrupted.

“You smell so sad… what did I do?” He asked as he sniffed at the air with confusion in his grey eyes.

“Aren’t you… laughing at me?” I asked, mirroring his confusion back at him.

“Oh Fae,” Cain sighed as he took my hands in his, “I’m sorry for laughing but it wasn’t that I was mocking you. I was just imagining you in a dress or something… I thought it sounded cute.”

I blushed. “A dress? I’ve only ever worn panties… but I would wear a dress for you Alpha.”

Cain face changed at my words, as if he wear warring with himself over feeling aroused or very angry and I scooted away from him a bit but when he growled at my movements I bared my neck in submission.

After several moments of tense silence he finally asked, “Why did you wear them?”

“M-master Frank… that’s a way he degrades me… but I like it.”

Cain inhaled sharply, “What color?”

“What?” I asked, unable to understand why color mattered.

“What color do you like? I’m buying you some.”

“Pink,” I finally answered before hiding my face behind my hands.

It was so hard for me to accept that Cain was accepting of what I enjoyed and was going to buy me something that I liked. It made me uncomfortable and I wanted to scream at him that I was fine the way I was. I deserved to be treated like dirt… but I knew he would never listen to me.

“Any other colors?” He pushed, “I’ll buy you whatever colors you like.”

“I don’t mind any color really, except for white. I don’t deserve to wear that color.”

“Why not?” The alpha asked, as if it wasn’t extremely obvious.

“White is for people that are clean… innocent. I’m a whore.”

“I see,” Cain answered with a small frown.

Worried that I’d disappointed him, I hurried on with “I’ve always wanted to be tied up. The only times I’m restrained is when I’m asleep… and rope looks so much softer than my metal chains.”

Cain awkwardly cleared his throat, “I have rope,” he muttered as his cheeks blushed. “I… I’ve practiced shibari on myself for years but I’ve never been brave enough to try with a partner.”

“I’d love to be your test subject,” I offered, with a smile that I hoped was seductive. I could feel my small cock hardening as we talked and the more we did, the more I wanted Cain to fuck me into the mattress. I shifted my position a bit, using the fact that I wasn’t wearing any underwear to my advantage. I hoped that the subtle movement would be enough for the alpha to notice my arousal, forgetting that my scent was probably already broadcasting that news loud and clear.

Cain crinkled his nose a bit before reaching his hand out, grasping my cock in a firm grip. “It looks like someone is already addicted to his orgasm. Aren’t you pup?” He asked as he slowly pulsated his hand against me.

I burned with shame at being read so easily. “Yes Alpha… if that’s ok with you, Sir?”

“Well… I need to get going soon. I have to pick up some groceries, now that I have company, and I need to pick up a few other things too but I have an idea.”

Cain released me and stood, walking to his closet, he slid the door open and pulled down a medium sized black box. Walking back to me, I could see the alpha punching a code into the front of the box and I heard a click as the lid popped open. Cain settled onto his bed and motioned for me to join him as he lifted the lid off of the box. Inside was a black velvet bag that Cain opened slightly before reaching in and pulling out a 6 inch black dildo and a small remote.

“Lay on your belly, pup. I need to lube up your ass.”

I quickly twisted my body over, so that I could obey the alpha, unsure what to expect but Şerifali Escort excited all the same. I flinched nervously as Cain’s rough hands pulled my asscheeks apart, exposing my damp little hole to the open air. I inhaled sharply when I suddenly felt Cain’s wet tongue swipe at my opening, allowing him to taste the trickle of slick I could feel dripping down my crack.

“What a good boy, already getting wet for me,” Cain mocked as two of his lubed fingers worked their way inside me.

I whimpered at his words, helpless as more slick escaped my needy hole. I was so unused to my body reacting like this that I almost felt embarrassed for enjoying it so much.

Cain played with me for several minutes, brushing my prostate every so often, as gently as possible, teasing me.

“Please… Alpha please. No more. I need you,” I finally begged when I could no longer stand the torture.

“It’s ok baby. I’m gonna fill you up a bit,” he told me as he removed his fingers and seconds later I could feel the soft silicone of the toy against my asshole. As slowly as he possibly could, Cain slid the phallus inside of me, burying it as far as it could go.

“Roll over pup,” Cain ordered.

I obeyed in time to see the alpha pulling a pink silicone ring out of his bag and soon enough I was wearing it around my tiny, hard cock.

“Now, both the plug and the ring vibrate and this,” he explained as he picked up the remote, “Controls what happens to you. It will work wherever I go today. So while I’m gone, I’ll tease you and keep you turned on for me. However, you’re not allowed to cum. No matter how bad you want to. Do you understand Fae?” He asked, looking down at me in a way that made me feel how small I was in comparison to him.

“I understand Alpha,” I told him, hating the idea of being without his presence but curious as to what Cain’s toys would do to me. No one had ever used proper sex toys on me before.

He kissed the top of my head before praising me with, “That’s my good boy,” as he pet my head and I swelled with pride. “There’s cereal in the pantry and milk in the fridge if you get hungry and I’ll bring something home for lunch. I should be back around 12:30. Do you think you can handle that?”

I bit my lip and looked up at him through my lashes, trying to flirt through my anxiety at being left alone in a strange place, hoping to tempt him into coming back sooner.

“I’ll only be gone three hours pup,” he promised, allowing his scent to cover me. “You’re safe here, okay?” I worried my lower lip as he spoke and Cain hurried to his dresser. “Here, you can wear these if you want, that way you’ll be fully covered in my scent while I’m gone alright?” The alpha asked as he offered me a pair of his soft grey sweatpants.

I took them and held the clothing close to my chest, feeling as it tightened with a pang of loneliness, I didn’t want Cain to leave me.

“Don’t look at me like that Fae. I promise I’ll be back as soon as I can and I’m only leaving because we need things.”

I nodded and did my best to smile as I ignored the burn behind my eyes of tears I refused to release. I’d done quite enough crying in front of this alpha for a lifetime. I would not allow my emotions to fully control me over this small upset.

Cain walked over and grabbed my chin in his hand, tilting my face up to meet his as he kissed me, letting his tongue trail across my lips for a moment before he released my face. “It won’t be as bad as you think,” he told me as he showed me the remote once more, pushing one of the buttons. Immediately, I could feel vibrations against my prostate and I looked up at him with wide eyes full of lust as my mouth hung open in surprise.

“That’s right pup, I’m going to play with you, the entire time I’m gone. Remember, don’t you cum,” Cain reminded me with a wink before he left the bedroom. Moments later I could hear the front door closing and a lock sliding into place.

I was alone and unchained, during the day, for the first time in my adult life. If I wanted, I could very easily run away and be free from Frank’s ownership forever… it would be so simple.

Suddenly, a moan ripped through my body as the vibrations against my prostate became more intense.

Or maybe, maybe it wouldn’t be simple to run away after all.


Cain kept his teasing up only for a few minutes before the vibrations stopped, leaving me on high alert for more. However, when the minutes slowly passed and nothing happened, I began to relax and took the opportunity to explore my new place of dwelling for the week. I quickly found the cereal and milk the alpha had left for me and decided to eat. I tried my best to keep my hunger in check as I ate, for I could have eaten the entire box of Cheerios with how hungry I was becoming. As it was, I still allowed myself three large bowls before I forced myself to stop eating.

Next, I took to exploring the living room and discovered the alpha’s collection of tv shows and movies. As I went through the entertainment center, I began to pull Bostancı Escort out the dvds, reading their titles and the summary’s of whatever adventure they boasted to take me on. I was quite amused by the collection, as Cain seemed to have everything from Jason Bourne and Sherlock to Legally Blonde and Gilmore Girls, not to mention every episode of Friends and Game of Thrones. Most of the movies and shows I hadn’t seen much of. I only recognized them as background noise at from Frank’s tv that was always blaring.

However, when I dug a little further, I was surprised to find a small collection of porn dvd’s. The covers all featured huge, muscled men, with very large cocks, doing various things with pretty little twinks. I blushed a little, seeing how similar I looked to one of boys that was wearing a blissful expression on his face as the man on top tore his ass open with one of the biggest cocks I’d ever seen. That wasn’t something I hoped to experience myself and I briefly wondered why Cain would pick this type of visual, given how self-conscious he was over his own size. I sincerely hoped that viewing this material did not make him feel bad, in any way, for my alpha had nothing to be worried about.

I temporarily thought about watching the dvd of the boy that sort of looked like me but the moment I picked it up, both my ass and cock were filled with vibrations. I dropped the dvd in shock, suddenly embarrassed and feeling as if Cain could see exactly what I was doing. I hurriedly put all the dvd’s back where they belonged, not wanting to get in trouble for leaving a mess or snooping.

The cock in my ass pulsated against my prostate hard, making me grip my own cock in earnest before I remembered my alpha’s orders. Frustrated, I awkwardly waddled my way to the bathroom, hoping that I could distract myself by splashing cold water on my face. It worked for a bit but only because the vibrations eventually stopped. I smiled when they did, not because of the teasing but because the teasing meant that Alpha was thinking of me and I loved the attention. I hoped, momentarily, that if I could be good enough, Cain would change his mind about giving me back to Frank.

I was distracted from this thought when, upon passing the bedroom, the black box Cain had taken down caught my eye. I quietly tiptoed into the bedroom and held my breath as I slid the closet door the rest of the way open. Seeing that I wasn’t tall enough to reach the box, I hurried to the kitchen to retrieve a chair to aide me in my goal. I quickly stood on top of the chair, needing to stand on my tiptoes to fully reach. I gripped the box, sliding it down from the shelf carefully and took it across my lap, which was clothed in Cain’s sweatpants, as I studied the silver keypad on the front of the black contraption.

I lifted the box so that I could see it’s underside and smiled to myself at the sight of the numbers I found there before punching them into the lock. Sure enough, the box clicked open, giving me access to the alpha’s intimate secrets. I held my breath for a moment, wondering if I was doing the wrong thing by exploring in this way… but I was so curious. I only wanted to know what Cain liked so that I could be that for him. I wanted to give him whatever he wanted during our limited time together, so I used my own longing to justify invading the alpha’s privacy.

I slowly lifted the lid, spying the large velvet bag that lay inside and carefully undid the cords holding the bag closed. I stuck my hand in blindly, with baited breath, unsure but excited as to what I would discover, and pulled out a metal chain that sat between two metal clamps. I blushed as I studied them and imagined what it would be like for Cain to use the nipple clamps on me. They weren’t something I particularly enjoyed with my old owner but I was sure I’d like it with Cain. For the alpha was different from any wolf I’d ever met. He would never injure me… I didn’t think.

I carefully reached into the bag once more, feeling around for something soft or silky and soon enough I found it, sort of. I felt myself blushing all across my whole body as I lifted the next item out for inspection. It was an incredibly small, pink chastity device with a tiny gold lock on the front as well as a metal hoop with a thick chain leash attached to it. The silky feeling had come from three pink ribbons that were tied carefully to the ring.

I stared at the cage for a long while, wondering why Cain had it, and I found myself jealous over the fact that he might use it on some other boy. For there was no way his cock would ever fit the tiny thing. It was definitely made for an omega and as soon as I saw it, I wanted it. It was so pretty and delicate and I momentarily wished that Cain had made me wear it today, so that I could at least be the first. I let my fingers softly trail against the ribbons, imagining how it would feel to have my small cock tied up in a bow, on display for my powerful Alpha. I moaned softly at the mental image, before rubbing my hand against my dripping cock, groaning in irritation when the vibrations did not start up. I needed Aplha’s attention!! I looked over at the clock, shrieking in frustration when I realized I still had at least an hour before Cain would be back with me. I needed to be teased, I needed to be fucked and I needed to cum and I was not use to waiting for two of those things.

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