Unlikely Training Couple Ch. 02

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This is the second chapter following “Unlikely Training Partners.” It’s recommended that you read the first chapter prior to reading chapter two but it’s not necessary.

The day after the big experiment for Leanna was like nothing had ever happened. Of course, for me, a lot had happened and my thoughts and fantasies involving Leanna were in overdrive. For her, it was almost like she was overcompensating by being very polite and guarded but deep down I knew there was more of her yet to be explored.

Two thoughts kept coming to mind. The first was now that I knew for sure that she read erotica and had an active fantasy life, what was she reading? The second thought was something that kept coming up from something she said years ago. It was back when we were running with a large group of friends, mostly ladies.

There was a mutual acquaintance of all of ours that had worked really hard to compete in a physique competition in the bikini class. She was a real knockout and one of the ladies commented that looking at her would almost make her consider switching teams (from a sexual preference perspective). All of the ladies chimed in and I remember Leanna saying specifically, “Yeah, I’d go gay for that.”

I just brushed it off at the time because she was young and trying to fit into the crowd but now that I know more about her, I wondered. Also, there was the fact that she followed a lot of female physique athletes on Instagram, like fifty. I wondered if she had been bold enough to give me a try if she was also thinking about exploring her Bi side. For all I knew, maybe she already had.

Either way, the holidays were approaching and I was leaving with the family for our annual two weeks in the mountains to ski and ring in the New Year. I was going to miss my training time with Leanna but I probably needed a cooling-off period…


So my workout partner is going to be out for a couple of weeks and I hate lifting alone. However, there’s an opportunity that presents itself now that I’m going to be hitting the gym solo. There’s a new member that I’ve noticed that has been politely trying to engage me the last few times I’ve seen her. With Wes around I’m always tuned in to his coaching and our discussions but who knows. I might have a shot to complete my final area to explore before turning 30 in a couple of months.

If these people had any idea what really goes on inside my mind they would be shocked. I love being that homeschooled conservative Midwest girl harboring her dirty little secret. It’s all a front that I’ve been able to maintain since my awakening. I tell my friends that are trying to raise their kids the way I was raised to be very careful. If they’re sheltered too much they may go off the deep end with their first taste of freedom.

For me, it happened after I married Jason, the first guy that told me I was pretty. Our wedding night was less than stellar and I had assumed since I wasn’t his first that he would know what he was doing. This spawned my own online research about sex and that has been quite a ride. Although I’m still a little shy to act on everything that pops into my dirty little mind, I’m getting bolder. Take fucking Wes for example. I wanted him to be my first strange cock since I met him. He’s been a good sport about it and I know it’s wrong but I really want to do it again sometime.

Poor guy, I know I’m hot even though I put on this insecure front. I know when I wear those light purple leggings while doing hip thrusts he can see my pussy perfectly and it has to make him crazy. Also when I’m doing back extensions and I really clinch this glorious ass I’ve built it’s getting more than just his attention and that’s exactly what I want. I’ve noticed the new girl looking too so I hope she’s there Saturday morning. That will be my best chance.


Perfect, she’s walking on the mill warming up. I’ll just snuggle up right next to her.

“Good morning.”

“Good morning! Yeah hi, I know we haven’t formally met but my name’s Ashley.”

“My name is Leanna. Nice to meet you, Ashley.”

“Where’s your training partner?”

“Oh, Wes? He’s driving to the mountains in New Mexico for a couple of weeks with his family leaving me as a gym widow.”

“Oh, he has a family? I thought you and him…”

“No, he’s not my husband. I can’t drag my husband to the gym and Wes and I go way back so we just train together.”

“I see. Sorry to think otherwise, it’s just that you two seem like more than just training partners.”

“Yeah, we’re close. I think he sees me as his gym wife.”

“Lucky guy. I wouldn’t mind having you for a gym wife too,” Ashley said.

Thinking now was a great opportunity to take a chance.

“That’s so sweet. Do you have a wife outside of the gym?” I asked.

“Oh no, I’m not gay. I just appreciate smart people and beautiful bodies regardless of gender,” she responded.

“Hey me too! I’ve always been fascinated by human anatomy and it’s totally on display izmit escort bayan in this place.”

That kicked off a long discussion where I learned a lot about her. She’s three years younger than me, one inch shorter, and other than her hair color is built exactly like me. I’m a little more muscular and she is a little leaner but that comes from her years playing volleyball at a local university. I realized why I was attracted to this little brown-haired beauty. She was a younger version of me.

After so many years of masturbating and learning to love me, in a strange way the thought of having sex was her was the closest I could get to having sex with myself. Something that I have become masterful at while feeding my ever dirty mind. She also had a genuine curiosity about me and my story which I found very attractive. I didn’t know for sure where this was headed but I knew at the very least I made a good friend.

An hour had passed and neither one of us had left the treadmills but I needed to get home to the kids so I asked if she would be in tomorrow and we could pick up where we left off. She agreed and so I left with high hopes for the next day.

The next day came and just as expected, Ashley arrived and took the treadmill next to me. We picked up where we left off but I changed it up about ten minutes into our walk.

“So, since we are both here to lift, do you think we should lift?” I asked.

“Sure, do you mind if I just tag on to your program?”

“No problem, just follow my lead!”

The next hour went great. I realized I liked being the stronger of the team and having Ashley as a bit of an apprentice added a little bit of a thrill. Just for fun, I added some Nordic Hamstring Curls to the end (you can google it) mainly because I wanted to get a long focused look at her ass while I’m holding her ankles during the descent. She had seen Wes and I perform this movement but having never done it she was very weak at this exercise.

After her third repetition, she was laying on the floor, face down endeavoring to recover when I took a risk. I reached forward placing my right hand on her right ass cheek and asked, “When you’re trying to hold your descent do you feel the tension here or lower?”

She didn’t wince at my touch so I just left my hand on her ass while she answered.

“Actually, I felt it more in my hamstrings than anything in my glutes. That’s probably because they’re weak right?”

“You’re a smart athlete! If you want to switch positions, you can watch me and see what muscles are engaged.”

With that, we switched positions and put in extra effort to give my new little apprentice a great show of what my legs and glutes can do in supporting my body weight. On my last repetition, I was painfully aware of the muscle activation in my glutes and the look on her face that I saw while glancing at a mirror on the sidewall, she was enjoying the show.

It was my turn to lay face down for a minute and recover. Ashley said, “I hope I’m not being too forward by saying this but you have an amazing set of glutes!”

“Why thank you! Being a mom I’ve worked very hard on having an ass that doesn’t look like it belongs to a mom.”

“Well, I must say that you have an ass that anybody would love to have.”

“Thanks!” I said making a mental note of something that just happened. When you hang out with high-end fitness enthusiasts, your backside is typically referred to as glutes. In the club or in the bedroom, it’s an ass. When she first complimented my backside she referenced my set of glutes. Then she changed to the word ass for the final compliment. In my mind, that’s like moving from first to second base in the world of people watching.

We wrapped up our session and planned on our next meet-up before I headed home to care for the kids. We exchanged text information, said our goodbyes, and planned on meeting for my regular lifting schedule. I had a hard time reading if there was any interest between us other than friendship but as I learned with my friendship with Wes, those can turn out pretty well.

Ashley and I spent the next couple of weeks training together and the more I was around her, the more I liked her. The problem was that Wes was due back and I wasn’t sure how that dynamic was going to work. The extracurricular activities I had experienced with Wes were really good and my hope to explore with Ashley was enticing but my main objective with training was to be lean and strong. That alone is hard work requiring dedication and if that meant that I had to say goodbye to one of them, so be it.

Fortunately, my concerns were all for not. Wes came back and the three of us trained together without any issues. At first, everyone was on their best behavior but after a couple of months, we were all cutting up and having fun with each other. Ashley was still a little guarded around Wes but when it was just us girls, she was very warm and open. And then, the pandemic hit, and our gym shut down. For a while, izmit eve gelen escort we all tried training at Wes’s garage gym but his wife seemed a little weird about the commotion every morning so we decided to take a month off.

Upon returning back, the dynamic seemed different. Everyone seemed to be on an equal basis relationally and we were just a 3 person training team. That didn’t seem to be a problem except my hope to experiment with another female seemed to be put on hold. However, with all of the post COVID world we were living in, experimenting sexually seemed to be something else that would be canceled or delayed.

By mid-summer, our gym was starting to fill up beyond the pre-COVID numbers due in large part to pent-up demand. Additionally, people changed their schedules so there were a lot of new and different faces in the gym. One of those new faces was a well-known fitness competitor in our community named Rachel. She was a married mom like me but she was older and had been training for years honing a world-class physique. She had won several statewide events and I had been following her on IG never expecting that I would meet her or at least be in the same gym at the same time.

After a couple of weeks of being star-struck, I had become comfortable being around her in the gym until last week. I was doing some shoulder presses which happens to be one of my better lifts when Ashley said, “I think you have a fan.”

“How so?”

“Your girl crush was watching you on those presses very intently.”

“Yeah, she was probably looking at ways to fix my form so she could sell me some coaching.”

“I don’t think so,” Ashley said, “When she realized I saw her watching, she turned away like she was caught doing something wrong.”

“Hum, What do you make of that?”

“I think she’s got a girl crush on you too,” Ashley said matter-of-factly.

Interesting thought. I finished my sets and realized Rachel had moved up to the dumbbell rack and was doing bicep curls which were next on my list. In an effort to be bold I strolled up to the rack, gathered some weights, and started my sets. Her arms are so well developed compared to mine so I said, “I used to feel pretty good about my arms but compared to you I’m a waif.”

She laughed a little louder than expected and said, “Honey, you’ve got all the goods and are very well built. I expect to see you on stage very soon.”

“Oh gosh no!” I blurted, “Too much judgment out there to walk around on stage wearing barely anything. Nope, not for me.”

“Listen honey, you didn’t start on day one lifting that much weight overhead like you were doing earlier. You start light and work up. It’s the same for building confidence for the stage. You start small and work up.”

“Easy for you to say. You have an awesome body that I would show off if I had it too. I’ve got too much work to do.”

“Not in my opinion,” Rachel said, “If you would work with me on posing and confidence building, I could have you competing in the amateur divisions by spring.”

“That’s very kind of you to say, but the likelihood of actually competing is so low for me, there’s no way that I could justify hiring a coach.”

“No worries darling, I could teach you a few basic poses, no charge of course, and if you ever decided to take the leap, we could work out some arraignment from there.”

“Wow, that’s quite the offer, but I don’t think you realize how shy I am. There’s no way I could practice posing around all of these people.”

“You wouldn’t have to,” Rachel said, “I have a small gym in my basement with a full mirrored wall and it would be just us girls. If you want to start in the fall, the kids will be back in school and the husband works long hours so you wouldn’t have to worry at all.”

This did sound promising. Getting to learn from someone more advanced for free in the safety of her own home, seemed too good to be true. As I’m pondering this I catch Ashley and Wes looking in my direction as if they’re checking on me to see if everything is ok. I responded to them with a grin.

“You have definitely sparked my interest. Let me roll this idea around for a couple of days and we will talk more.”

With that, we traded numbers and I went back to Wes and Ashley who were finishing up to share my good fortune. They were both very encouraging that I should jump at the chance. I could actually gain some skills and maybe some self-confidence with no real risk other than my own discomfort. I knew they were right and it was sweet that they seemed willing to help push me in a growth direction although I felt like they knew this would also divide my attention from them.

“Look, we all know that this will take some of my energy away from our little band of three, just promise me you won’t replace me if I spend a few months working with Rachel.”

“No problem!” Wes announced, “We couldn’t find anyone to replace you if we looked for a couple of decades”!

Ashley izmit otele gelen escort chimed in, “And we expect you to bring back some of your posing skills and share with your training team right?”

“You guys are the best!”

Fast forward to September and Rachels’s kids started a modified school schedule as did mine so we picked Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10 am for posing practice. I still trained with Ashley and Wes on the weekends but the rigor required for high-quality posing meant I needed to take a break from training during the week.

Rachel had understated the size of her home gym. It actually seemed quite large and super comfortable for the work we were doing. For the first couple of weeks, she worked with me on basic poses and spent a lot of time with her hands on me tweaking certain angles and positions to find the poses that suited me best. At first, I was a little uncomfortable with her hands on me but that went away quickly. She would even help massage me from time to time if I had a muscle cramp up as I was trying to flex which happened often until I became accustomed to the work.

As the weeks progressed, she was steadily moving me to wear less and less clothing to try to get me comfortable with the skimpy outfits worn by the competitors. I happily obliged although I would put up a bit of a fight to keep it interesting. I truly did have some hang-ups with my body confidence but that slowly went away and I enjoyed the attention I was getting from Rachel. I also enjoyed looking at her when she would demonstrate a pose. I realized she was also wearing less clothing and I assumed it was to help me feel comfortable.

About 2 months into the posing practice, she brought out a skimpy outfit and announced that the time had arrived to let it all hang out.

“If I didn’t know any better I would think you were trying to get me naked!”

She laughed, “Honey, this whole time has been about getting you naked!” She said it as a joke but the funniest jokes have a bit of truth.

“You’re the boss,” I said, “I’ll just go to the washroom and try this on.”

“Just change right here,” she responded, “Just like in the locker room, nothing to fear.”

“I’ve always been mostly hidden in the locker rooms, just here in front of you is different.”

“Ok, I get it,” she said, “But keep in mind that nudity empowers some women, modesty empowers others. Different things empower different women and it’s up to here to figure out which it is.”

With that, she stood up and stripped off everything she was wearing, turned around, and posed proudly. “I love my body and am proud of it. You should be proud of yours too. So what do you say? This could be your comfort challenge for today.”

After a long pause, I relented and matched her in nudity and pose. It was empowering to be completely naked in front of her. And having her naked was suddenly intoxicating to me. She seemed to be a little taken by the moment as well. After a few poses in the nude, I slipped on the outfit if for no other reason but to be sure it fit. It was a little loose because Rachel has more mass than I have and she graciously offered to alter it to fit me. We finished the session and when I went to leave I was feeling this overwhelming gratitude toward her for helping break through my body confidence problems and I gave her a big hug. This is something we hadn’t done and for whatever reason, it lasted a little longer than I initially planned. I said goodbye a little embarrassed for the prolonged display of affection but she was grinning from ear to ear.

That night, it was that grin I saw between my legs when I dreamed about Rachel going down on me. Funny thing, I had been viewing Ashley as my first indulgent into women and suddenly my dreams and fantasies revolved around Rachel.

Thursday arrived and when I rang the doorbell, Rachel greeted me wearing only a robe. Since she is normally in tightfitting athletic wear I looked a little surprised. She quickly explained that since we were trying to progress on the confidence-building part of our training, we were going to strip just inside the door and spend the whole session in the nude. I quickly complied and waited for her to lead me down the stairs as she normally does.

But not this time. Instead, she insisted that I go first and I wondered if it was so she could check out my ass while descending the stairs. Feeling a little playful, as we walked I asked if it was so she could watch me walk and after a pause, she said, “Your whole body is amazing but that ass of yours is something to behold!”

I stopped shortly after descending the steps, turned around and said, “Did you just say you wanted to hold my ass?”

Continuing to move toward me with a sly grin she said, “I didn’t say that exactly but if you’re offering.” and with that, she pressed into me, threaded her hands around me and grabbed my ass with both hands. As she moved her face closer to mine she said, “I’ve been wanting to get you like this since I first saw you”.

“So this has all been a ploy to get me naked and have your way with me?” I said in almost a whisper.

“No, I really wanted to help you, but having my way with you was my ultimate hope.”

“Well coach, if you’re going to fuck your student be sure you do it right?”

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