Unspoken Love

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The end of the academic year was always a mixture of weariness and relief for Emma but this one was more fraught than usual. She was eternally grateful to her parents for the time and energy they spent on their grandchildren and had been delighted that they had asked to take the girls away with them for a week by the seaside. She would have preferred the second week of the summer holidays instead of the first because she was now in a race against time to get them ready for setting off early the next morning. It was all worthwhile though for the blissful week of peace and self indulgence that she had been looking forward to immensely.

As usual, Emma had chatted to her close friend and colleague, Gina, in the staff room during morning break.

“All sorted for your holiday then Em?”

“No chance G, there’s loads to do, Millie’s lost a trainer, God knows how or where so I’ve got to get to Sainsbury’s to pick up a new pair as soon as we finish this afternoon. Then it’s tea, packing bags and sorting out arguments before bedtime. They’ll not get off to sleep because they’ll be so excited. I love them to bits and will miss them but a whole week to myself; utter bliss.”

“And some good times with me,” said a pleased looking Gina, “did you ring that number I gave you for the foot massage?”

“Yes, she’s coming round tomorrow afternoon so I should be in a zen like state when we go out on the town later.”

“Great, you’ll love it, I thought reflexology was a load of old bollocks until Lawan worked her magic on me, but like I’ve said before, don’t be surprised if you feel a slight arousal at some point. It happens to me every time so I googled it yesterday and you’ll never guess.”


“Apparently, it’s possible to have an orgasm.”

“What, through a foot massage, never.”

“It’s not just a foot massage, it’s reflexology, there’s loads of areas of your foot connected to other parts of your body so I suppose it makes sense that your pussy is too.”

“You’re having me on.”

“No honestly, I haven’t been anywhere near coming but it’s a nice feeling, quite arousing, and it helps that she’s so pretty.”

“Gina!” said a surprised and intrigued Emma. She’d never previously known her friend to even hint that she had been turned on by a woman.

“What? I’m just saying.”

The bell rang for the end of break and the two friends hurried back to their classrooms to try to keep order with a bunch of excited pupils until lunch time. They were allowed to go home early because it was the last day. When the children had left, the staff gathered in the hall for speeches and presentations. As soon as they were over, Emma picked up her bags, gave Gina a warm hug, said her goodbyes to the others and dashed out to the car park.


Emma’s girls, Leah and Millie were nine and seven respectively. She’d had Leah when she was twenty six, her husband had left her shortly after Millie had been born. He couldn’t handle being a parent and a grown up and now he hardly ever saw his daughters. Emma’s parents lived ten minutes away and had been very supportive with their time and money and she knew how fortunate she was compared to many other single parents.

Emma was attractive with a good figure. She was five feet seven inches in height and her black hair was cut in a short ‘bob.’ Her brown eyes were very pretty and she was still the same weight that she had been at university. She remembered her student days with a fondness, she was popular and sought after by male students and tutors alike and had ended up with a very good looking technology student whom she had married a year after finishing university.

Her husband wasn’t her only sexual conquest at university, before she met him, she had slept with four other students and two of the tutors. She’d also spent one semi drunken night in the bed of a female student and she still fantasised about the oral sex to which she had been treated by her very experienced lover. Afterwards, she’d been so disconcerted by her ‘lesbian’ fling that she’d avoided the girl for weeks even though she thought of her frequently while she masturbated.

More recently it had dawned on Emma that she had taken up with her then future husband as a means of overcompensating for her apparent sexual attraction to women. Once engaged to him, she’d thought, she could easily convince herself that her one night of passion with a woman was an aberration and not a sign of lesbian tendencies. It had left it’s mark though, she sometimes imagined making love to women when she was in bed with her husband. He took credit for her deepest and loudest orgasms unaware that she was, in fact, imagining a woman’s mouth around her pussy at the time.

Since her husband had left almost ten years ago, she’d had a couple of short term relationships and three one night stands but it seemed that none of the men she met were keen to take on a ready made family. With two young daughters to bring up, she’d been ultra cautious about who tuzla escort she had trusted to get to know them and she’d suppressed any thoughts of inviting a woman into her bed. Now, in mid 2019, It had been almost two years since she’d had sex with anyone else and she was beginning to contemplate joining an internet dating site.

Emma’s friend Gina had been encouraging her to take the plunge. Gina was thirty two, single and lived in a small flat five minutes away from Emma. She’d been engaged in her mid twenties but she’d broken it off after she’d discovered that her fiancé was fucking his best friend’s wife. Several unsuccessful relationships later, Gina had taken to ‘Tinder’ and had enjoyed uncomplicated, no strings attached sex. Lately though she had begun to feel that it was all a bit soulless and she’d joined an internet dating site and was now trying to recruit Emma.

Gina and Emma had been good friends since they both started teaching at the same primary school together two years ago. They’d become very close and, despite their different lives and commitments, had spent a lot of time in each other’s company. Emma’s girls loved Gina and she was very fond of them. At times, they’d each been a shoulder for the other to cry on, they’d shared plenty of good times as well but Emma was oblivious as to the depth of Gina’s feelings for her and vice-versa. They’d barely acknowledged to themselves that they both felt an uplifting sense of well being in each other’s company.

Gina was two inches taller than Emma and was slim but shapely. Her dyed blonde hair and striking blue eyes attracted attention on ‘Tinder’ and she’d had no difficulty linking up with lots of men over the years. She was lively and ballsy and she’d generally been too much ‘woman’ for many of the men that she met.

She’d recently been made aware of reflexology by her sister-in-law who had told her about Lawan’s ‘magic hands’ with a knowing smile and a wink. Lawan had come to Gina’s flat once a month for the past four months to give her a foot massage. Gina had been surprised at how aroused she’d become when Lawan put pressure on an area just under the ball of one foot and on the heel of the other. Looking into Lawan’s large and very pretty eyes hadn’t helped to quell her arousal in any way.

Gina had been a bit of a ‘party animal’ in her early twenties. Like other young women she’d participated in the growing trend, after a few drinks, of kissing another girl at a party for the benefit of salacious boyfriends. She’d repeated the exhibition several times over a couple of years and had found it to be extremely pleasurable with one girl in particular. The girl had declined to take things further in private unless her boyfriend was also involved. Gina wasn’t keen on the boyfriend so she had reluctantly decided pass up the opportunity to go to bed with the girl. Like Emma, she occasionally masturbated while imagining herself with a woman, often the woman was Emma, but that had been the extent of her curiosity.


Emma’s parents turned up at eight o’clock on the Saturday morning and drove Leah and Millie off to the coast for a one week holiday. Emma tidied up after they had gone then settled down with a cup of tea to enjoy the peace and quiet and to contemplate her week of freedom. She’d arranged for Lawan to come to the house at two thirty to give reflexology treatment to her feet. In the evening, she was going out on the town with Gina. It had been a very long time since she’d gone out to drink and dance and she’d joked to Gina that they would be ‘on the pull.’

As the appointment time approached Emma wondered what Lawan would have in store for her, surely Gina had been exaggerating about it being possible to orgasm during a foot massage. She could hardly risk appearing foolish by asking Lawan directly. She smiled to herself as she thought of Gina, she loved her sense of fun and she loved her as a friend and she had to admit that Gina was an attractive woman; her masturbated pussy knew this only too well. Just as she contemplated pressing her fingers into her pussy through the material of her leisure suit, the doorbell rang. Lawan was fifteen minutes early.

“Hi, you must be Lawan?”

“Yes, sorry I’m early, I didn’t know how long it take to find you.” Lawan’s English was good but not perfect.

“Oh don’t worry, I’m ready for you, I’ve washed my feet,” said Emma with a grin, “come in, come in. Shall we use the sofa in the lounge or do you need me to lie down?”

Lawan didn’t engage in casual light hearted humour, her polite but unreadable expression didn’t change. “Sofa is fine, I have my own stool so I sit in front of you. I will explain basic idea of reflexology then I will give you massage to feet.”

“Okay, fine, like I said on the phone, I haven’t done this before and I don’t know anything about it.”

Lawan explained how she believed that various parts the body were connected to zones of the feet and showed Emma a chart. Emma looked hard at the complicated pendik escort illustration for any words that indicated links to sexual organs but she couldn’t see anything. Now she was certain that Gina had been pulling her leg.

“Okay, it will take about one hour, I take your left foot first please and I apply pressure to different places and you feel sensations in different parts of body; it relieve stress and pain. Tell me what you feel and I tell you how link works. Not everyone feel same sensation, it different from person to person. Stop me if it feel too uncomfortable.”

“You don’t look old enough to have been doing this for very long.”

“I learn from my Grandmother, she an expert, many years. I still only twenty two but learn well and am good. I came from Thailand last year to stay with uncle and aunt who have restaurant in town.”

Emma started to relax as Lawan pressed and rubbed her fingers and thumbs into her feet. She looked at the pretty petit young woman and thought how desirable she looked in her short little tunic and tight trousers.

“Do you have a boyfriend or partner Lawan?”

“No, I still single, but my Aunt is always trying to find someone for me,” smiled Lawan.

Emma thought she had a pretty smile, it reached her beautiful eyes and lit up her face. Lawan pressed different ‘zones’ of her feet and talked about which parts of the body they were linked to. Emma found it fascinating, Lawan’s strong fingers and thumbs probed deeply and occasionally caused pleasurable pain to spread through her body.

After twenty minutes Emma had completely relaxed. Then it happened without warning, with Lawan’s thumb pressing into a spot just above Emma’s right heel, a strong, warm, tingling feeling shot up the back of her leg and into her pelvis.

Emma gasped, “Are you okay?” said Lawan as she stopped applying pressure.

“Yes, yes, keep going please.”

Lawan probed again, she pressed a point beneath the pad of Emma’s big toe, it happened again, but this time, the tingle lasted longer and she felt like she was suddenly close to having an orgasm. As Lawan held her thumb in place just below Emma’s ankle bone, the tingles turned into pulses, each one getting stronger and deeper in her pelvic area. She pressed her lips together to keep from moaning with pleasure and at that moment, she climaxed. Her heart pounded in time with each contraction, and her body melted into a deep release. Emma was stunned, after about twenty seconds, Lawan moved on to another pressure point on her foot and Emma’s climax came to an end. Lawan looked completely unfazed, showing no signs of knowing what had just taken place.

The foot massage continued for another thirty minutes. Emma gradually calmed down as she wondered what the fuck had just happened to her. Lawan explained from time to time which parts of the body she was focusing on but there was no repeat of Emma’s arousal.

She’d just had an orgasm at the hands of another woman but it seemed unreal and detached. Had Lawan meant to make her come? She didn’t know for certain, if she had, it had been done in a remote manner, there had been no direct contact with her pussy. Lawan, for all her pleasing looks and serene sexuality, had not said or done anything lascivious of provocative.

For the last few minutes of the massage, Emma closed her eyes and imagined lying naked on a bed with Lawan and making tender love to her. She was roused from her reverie when Lawan set her foot down gently and asked whether she had liked the massage.

“God yes, it was a revelation, thank you so much,” said a still puzzled but satiated Emma.

“We do this again yes?” said Lawan with a beautiful, expectant smile that made Emma’s pussy tingle.

“Yes please, can I book you on a monthly basis?”

“Of course, we have lovely journey together.”

It took all of Emma’s self control not to pull Lawan onto the sofa with her and shower her with kisses.


After Lawan had gone Emma luxuriated in a warm bath. Her thoughts were divided between her remarkable orgasm and the prospect picking up a handsome young man as a result of her night out with Gina. Lawan’s magic touch had left her pussy in the mood for more and she thought about getting out of the bath and having a session with her vibrator but it was now four fifteen and Gina would be arriving at six. Instead, she opened her legs and reached for her submerged pussy with her with her right hand. She tried to conjure up a fantasy of smooching with and then being laid by a man she’d picked up in a nightclub but those thoughts were dispelled by images of Gina writhing in orgasmic ecstasy as Lawan worked on her feet.

She felt delightful sensations in her inner thighs and abdomen but the bath water was getting cold and she needed to eat and get ready to go out so she wrapped herself in a towelling dressing gown and made herself a pasta salad. She poured herself the last glass of Sauvignon Blanc from a bottle in the fridge and smiled aydınlı escort at the thought that she and Gina would probably polish off most of it’s neighbouring unopened bottle before they went out.

At five o’clock she went up to her bedroom to get ready. They’d planned to get a taxi into town at about eight and find a lively pub where they could drink and dance before going on to a nightclub. She’d invited Gina to stay over and she smiled at the thought of two tipsy, giggling thirty somethings arriving back at her house in the early hours. In truth, their clubbing days were behind them and she wondered at the wisdom of resurrecting them tonight but Gina had suggested it and she seemed to be looking forward to it immensely.

Emma was aware that she had been more ‘stirred’ than usual by Gina of late. She was really looking forward to seeing her and telling her about the orgasm that had been induced by Lawan. She’d always felt an indefinable thrill in Gina’s presence whilst, at the same time, feeling as though they were sisters.

She’d had little time for anyone else in her life after being left with two daughters to bring up but, over the last two years, Gina had grown on her to the point that she sometimes fantasised about being in a loving relationship with her. There had been no sign that Emma’s emerging feelings were reciprocated by Gina so she told herself to stop being foolish and be content with Gina as a close friend.

At thirty five years of age, and probably able to pass for thirty, Emma knew she could still rock a tight, short dress. It was a chilly evening for late July so she pulled a pair of long, neutral hold up stockings up to the tops of her firm thighs. Sitting with her ample breasts contained in her sexy black underwired lace bra and panties, she applied subtle mascara and eye shadow then painted her lips scarlet to match her already painted finger and toenails.

Her thick black bobbed hair, pale skin, bright red lips and gold dangling earrings made her look like a glamorous twenties film star as she stepped into her tight red dress with thin shoulder straps. She smoothed the dress down and tugged at the hem that finished half way up her thighs. Satisfied that her lacy stocking tops would only be visible when she wanted them to be, she stepped into five inch high heeled black sandals, buckled them up and stood in front of the full length mirror attached to the wardrobe door. She liked what she saw reflected back at her. Her pussy still remembered the treat it had received at the hands of Lawan earlier on and she couldn’t wait for her next appointment in a months time.

As she descended the stairs, the doorbell rang so she hurried to open it. There stood Gina in all her glory. Her elegant friend looked so tall in her six inch high stilettos. Emma tingled with arousal at the sight of her Gina in a short, tight lilac off the shoulder dress that finished at mid thigh; her firm breasts were two beautiful mounds defying Emma to look away from them. The tell tale sign of suspender clips protruding through the tight material did nothing to slow Emma’s pulse. Her nipples tingled and sent a signal to her pussy.

“Well, aren’t you going to let me in?”

“Oh sorry Gina, I was mesmerised,” said Emma with a cheeky smile, trying to hide the fact that she actually was. “How have you managed to get stockings on with that belt that you’re wearing?”

“Oh ha ha, very funny, It’s not that short and it covers my boobs, you don’t think I look indecent do you?” asked an anxious Gina.

“No love, I’m only kidding, you look stunning, you’ll pull tonight, no trouble.”

“I shortened my suspender straps as much as possible and wore the longest stockings I could find. I love stockings when I go out, it makes me feel thrillingly accessible.”

“Me too, but I’ve not been brave enough for a suspender belt like you.”

“Mmm, sexy.” said Gina as she stroked the top of Emma’s thigh and felt the lace welt of her hold ups through her dress.

“Oo, stop it, you’re turning me on,” joked Emma.

She noticed Gina’s face flush a little and felt mildly uncomfortable herself but she rescued their sudden embarrassment with an offer of wine.

“Come on G, you’ve been here sixty seconds and we haven’t opened a bottle yet, we must put that right.”

“How remiss of us.”

“There’s one in the fridge, can you get it while I get the glasses?”


The friends sat down in the lounge together.

“Did the girls get off okay?”

“Yes, no trouble, I had a quick chat with them earlier, they phoned as soon as they arrived.”

“Ahh, I bet they’ll have a whale of a time with Sally and Mick.”

“Yes, and I’ll make the most of my week of freedom, are you still up for shopping in Birmingham on Tuesday?”

“Yes, absolutely. Anyway, come on, out with it.”

“Out with what?”

“How did it go with Lawan?”

“Very well, she’s good, I’ve booked her on a monthly basis like you.”



“Come on, stop pretending, you know what I want to know.”

Emma’s face started to go bright red.

“Come on, I can see it in your face, you’ve got something to confess to your Auntie Gina haven’t you? You found it arousing didn’t you?”

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