Used Fuck Toy Ch. 01

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Ava Addams

These characters are fictional and over 18. If you have a problem with consensual-non-consent please read something else. Remember you are on an erotic story web site these are more about My fantasies than anyone else. If you would like to read more stories about these characters please let me know. CONSTRUCTIVE criticism only please no need to be cruel.

Thank you.


I have never been raped. I am not a Sex Slave. I am not a Kitten, a little, or a whore.

What I am is a Fuck Toy.

My Roommate, his name is Dylan, and I made an agreement when I moved in. The house is his but he only uses the left half. I was living with my mother and needed out. I don’t pay any more or less in rent than his last roommate. The only difference is Dylan didn’t stick his cock in Randle. He wasn’t really Dylan’s type.

The agreement was no strangers in the house without the other person’s permission. Simple enough. But then Dylan started getting agitated at night. He would walk the halls and clang in the kitchen. We figured it out after a one night stand he had at some girl’s house. He needed sex at least Anadolu Yakası Escort twice a week to sleep.

After a particularly rough night for both of us I told him to just fuck me. We knew there were no feelings involved for either of us. I just wanted him to go to sleep so I could too. I was on the pill we were both clean, we asked before getting naked. Once we were naked he took over.

I am the type of girl who is always a little wet. Which turns out to be a good thing, because Dylan is not much for the pregame show. At least not with me. He grabbed my tits and licked each once. Quickly he turned me around and bent me over the couch. Dylan was slow but hard he was a good size, 7 inches. Not a Bad girth either. My pussy was stretched but I wasn’t in pain. We didn’t speak to each other. We both knew this was just stress relief for him. Dylan held for a few seconds when he finally pushed to the hilt. Testing me out by grinding his pelvis against my ass. He slapped my ass once before grabbing my hips. After that it was full throttle. Our bodies were slapping together Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan like an applause. We were both moaning and grunting with each thrust. He was louder and more primal. A hard-thrust deep into my pussy had him Cumming with a guttural roar. After catching his breath Dylan slid out of me. He picked up my panties and wiped off his dick, then through them back on the ground. Once last slap to my ass and he walked off to his room.

I hadn’t cum, and from then on, the only time I would cum with his dick in me was by accident. The unspoken agreement was final. Dylan’s priority was to get off; not to get me off. I was, and still am, totally fine with that. I get to sleep and he gets to empty his balls. Other than that, we are surprisingly normal roommates. If he needs a fix and no one is around he’ll find me. Even if I’m busy he just quietly comes in pulls down my pants or lifts up my skirt. I’ve started wearing more skirts to make life easier for the both of us.

Mostly it’s middle of the night stuff. I started sleeping naked so when he comes in Escort Anadolu Yakası he can pull back the covers and climb on top. Usually I wake up but there have been a few times in the morning I have cum in my pussy. We don’t talk to each other when Dylan is Fucking me. We also don’t talk about it when we are back to roommates. It’s like a switch; one side is roommates the other is User/Fuck Toy.

It also happens randomly. We’ll be watching a movie and Dylan will pull my head to his lap for a blowjob. I’ll suck his cock and lick his balls without a word. Then he’ll blow his load in my mouth, I always swallow. Plus, I bought that couch. As soon as he zips up we’re back to normal. We Fuck whenever and wherever he wants.

I’ve been pounded, banged, screwed and plowed all over this house. Dylan nailed me from behind while I was doing dishes. Throat fucked me on my birthday; ass fucked me on his. I am his personal Sex Toy, nothing else.

The truth is I love it. I like feeling used and discarded. He doesn’t ever hurt me. He would have to care about me to want to do that. Dylan doesn’t care and neither do I. He wants to use me and I want to be used. Whenever I don’t cum on his cock I just masturbate alone after. I’ve never been more satisfied sexually then when he Dumps his load and walks away. It’s like my purpose in life is to drain a cock. Dylan lets me do that. He is the Man he’ll tell me when it’s time to take a dick. So far life is good.

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