Vicky and Her Vibe

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“Good night, Vicky. I’ll call you tomorrow.”

“Good night, Gary. Thanks for dinner. I had a wonderful time.”

The door closed, leaving the frustrated Vicky, naked under her bathrobe, alone in her apartment. Gary was a sweet, good-looking guy and he had taken her to one of the best restaurants in town and then dancing. He was also an excellent dancer. He had told her he would call the next day, and she knew he would, and send flowers too. Female friends who knew him expressed envy of her for having the perfect boyfriend, and Vicky had to admit he was close to that ideal except for one thing. What he didn’t know about pleasing a woman sexually would fill not just a book, but a whole library.

Besides his cock being small, which really wasn’t his fault, he had rushed through even the semblance of foreplay. His cock had been crammed into her pussy before she was even wet and once he had penetrated, he had fucked her too fast and too rough and had cum too soon. At least he had sense enough to use a condom. As usual, Vicky faked an orgasm but now she was in need of a real one, and she knew how to get one. Buzzy was waiting for her in her panty drawer so Vicky brought him out, along with a bottle of baby oil, and lay down on the bed, her bathrobe falling open exposing her lovely figure.

Buzzy was the name she had given her vibrator but lately Vicky had been thinking of him as “Gary 2” because he picked up where Gary 1 left off. She always thought of the vibe in terms of male pronouns because he did for her what some men couldn’t or wouldn’t do. After covering its head with oil and turning it on to the lowest speed, Vicky held it against one breast, moving it around and enjoying the feel of the gentle vibrations against her soft skin. Gary had fondled her there – squeezed her would be more accurate – but it had been through her bra. Later, after he had fumblingly removed the bra, he ignored her breasts, even though they are perfect for pleasuring somebody’s beşiktaş escort mouth, ripe and succulent and topped by big, sensitive nipples.

One of those nipples was the next place for the vibe as Vicky touched her erect nubbin and let Buzzy caress her there. “Why couldn’t you do this with your tongue,” she asked Gary, too late for he was miles away.

While one hand held the vibrator against her nipple, the other hand was massaging all around her clit. Vicky wouldn’t cum from this but it was intended to replace the foreplay that had been omitted by Gary and she was really enjoying it. Besides that, it would help her pussy lubricate for the insertion of the vibrator. She would need that because Buzzy was much longer and thicker than Gary’s cock, in addition to never having a problem with premature ejaculation.

Vicky moved the vibrator to her other breast while her fingers remained active on her clit. Between the toy and her fingers, she could feel pleasure start to swirl through her body and knew she would be able to bring herself to an orgasm.

“Why couldn’t Gary 1 be more like Gary 2” she wondered for the umpteenth time. “Oh, well, look on the bright side. He has many good qualities and I might be able to teach him.”

She had her doubts, though. Earlier that night, while they were both naked and in the middle of what passed for foreplay, all of it initiated by her, Vicky had started sucking his cock and had swung one leg over Gary’s chest into the 69 position. This put her pussy inches from his face and she hoped he would take the hint and use his mouth the way she was using hers. What actually happened was that Gary pushed her away, saying “Vicky, you are a really beautiful girl but your anus is not your most attractive feature.”

“Maybe I can rent a porno videotape next time he’s here and let him learn from it,” she told herself, even though she found such movies to be silly and disgusting. şişli escort “Maybe I can get him a book, like ‘Joy of Sex’ and insist he read it.”

By that time, Buzzy had finished working over her nipples and was vibrating right above her clit, sending shivers coursing through Vicky’s body, while her other hand fondled her breasts and tweaked her nipples. “That should be your tongue down there, Gary, not some plastic thing.”

She was lubricating heavily enough that she dipped the end of her toy into her pussy to pick op some of her juices. Slowly, she started caressing her labia, swollen from her arousal, with the head of the vibrator. Pleasure, throbbed through her body, mounting toward ecstasy, from where Buzzy was doing his work. Vicky was starting to fuck up against the vibrator and she knew it was time to take the toy inside her pussy.

Leaning forward and holding her pussy lips open with one hand, she held the vibe at the entrance to her vagina with the other. After moving it around to coat the tip with her natural lubricant, she took her time before actually inserting the toy. Vicky eased it slowly into herself, reveling in the way Buzzy tickled the lining of her wet pink hole. The controls were at the base of the vibrator and Vicky turned it up to the high speed and pushed the toy all the way into herself.

“Ahhhhhhh,” she sighed as the vibe massaged deep inside her pussy. Slowly, she drew it almost all the way out and, equally slowly, she plunged it back in again. Her whole body squirmed on the bed as pleasure flowed from where the long, thick toy was vibrating against the inside of her pussy. “Ahhhhhhh,” she sighed again.

“Ooooo,” Vicky moaned as Buzzy once more was drawn out and thrust all the way back inside her dripping pussy. “Uh. Uh. Uh,” she whimpered as she started fucking more strongly up against the toy and her other hand that had moved down to massage her clit.

She knew bahçeşehir escort bayan she could cum quickly from what Buzzy was doing for her but there was no hurry. Vicky wanted to prolong the pleasure she was receiving, pleasure Gary should still be giving her. After removing the vibrator from the dripping hole where it had been doing such a great job, she started stroking her pussy lips with the vibrating tip. Their swollen state made them even more sensitive and she was almost in ecstasy from the sensations rippling out from where the toy was buzzing. All around her clit Buzzy massaged her as Vicky writhed on the bed. The only part of her body remaining steady was the arm and the hand that slowly moved the vibrator around to where it would do the most good for her.

Vicky’s level of pleasure was at its peak; the time had arrived for her to cum. All the way into her wet pussy she plunged the toy, and almost all the way out. Over and over Buzzy surged into her, caressing the entire inside of her pussy with his steady vibrations as Vicky’s entire body thrashed on top of her bed. Her head was rolling from side to side and her pussy was fucking up against the hand that controlled the toy and the other hand that was caressing her clit.

“Yes! Yes!” Vicky whispered hoarsely as she started cumming. “Oh! Oh! Yes,” as her upper body bent forward at the waist and her legs squeezed together on the hand holding Buzzy in his place. Her other hand kept pummeling her clit as she continued coming until she climaxed with a spasm of her whole body.

Vicky lay quietly on top of her bed; the only movement she made was her hand pulling her vibrator from her pussy. She turned off the toy, dripping with her juices, held him in front of her face and kissed him. “Buzzy, I don’t know what I’d do without you,” she murmured. A few minutes later she drifted off to sleep, satisfied from her orgasm but wishing it had been Gary’s tongue and cock that had brought her to that state.


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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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