Victoria’s Secret

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OK, I was bored. Really I don’t have any excuses. Nor should I have any. I was reading erotic stories online again. Some interested me. A lot didn’t. I guess I expected too much. Not that I’m in any position to complain, the stories I’ve tried to write but all of mine come out as half-assed and looking like a horny teen age boy wrote them.

One story, I found earlier tonight I found so bad that it made me laugh to myself. The story was about a couple that go shopping together on Christmas Eve at Victoria’s Secret. The woman in the story turns into some freak exhibitionist that shows off her body clad with only a silk teddy or something to all the men in the store doing their last minute shopping then has a threesome in the dressing room.

The story made me laugh because I work at Victoria’s Secret and something like that would never happen.

Maybe I’m asking for too much for some sort of realism in the stories I read. Maybe I’m not letting my mind go enough. As soon as the woman stepped out of the dressing room wearing only underwear she would’ve been asked or escorted by the sales girl back into the room. How do I know that? Because I’ve been the sales girl that had to do that. Not because the woman was an exhibitionist or anything but because she wanted to show her bra to her friend.

We make sure that no one does do anything they’re not supposed to do in the dressing rooms. We only let one person in a dressing room at a time. Sorry, I know it sounds boring. But I like my job. OK, It’s not that great of a job but it pays the bills right now.

People seem to think Victoria’s Secret is a hot bed for sex. Maybe Frederick’s of Hollywood is but Vicki’s isn’t. Again I apologize for ruining all of your dreams. Working at Victoria’s Secret is like working in any other clothing store except I’m surrounded by bras and panties all day long. People think that because we work there we’re all nymphomaniacs. Maybe we have a little bit more underwear but we get a discount. I think I’ve been asked five times by men to try something on because they say they want to see what it would look like on their wife or girlfriend because I have the same body as their wife or girlfriend. If only their wife or girlfriend knew what a scum bag the guy was.

But it’s not just Kadıköy Escort the men that hit on the sales girls. One of the thing’s we do is size a woman to determine what bra size they are. Trust me guys it really sucks to be wearing a bra that doesn’t fit. I guess it would feel like wearing underwear that fit too tight. Anyways, when wearing a bra we measure around the women and we actually do have to touch them. But not like that. I’ve had some women that seem to like it more than others but that doesn’t bother me too much. I just try to ignore it. Oh yeah, I guess I should tell you now that there are no huge stockroom lesbian orgies. Sorry. What makes me uncomfortable is when I have to go into a dressing room with the customer to see if the bra fits. It’s kind of weird. Sure I’ve seen my friends and roommates in their underwear but everyone does to some extent. I’ve seen more sagging breasts and boyfriends like to ask if seeing another woman in her underwear turns me on. Sorry, it doesn’t.

OK, that’s enough of me ranting and raving. Back to why that story didn’t turn me on. Because I know what it’s like to have sex in a Victoria’s Secret store and it’s nothing like what I read. We didn’t have sex in the dressing room or on top of a panty table and I definitely did not get naked for all the men in the store see. It didn’t even involve having sex with a stranger if you can believe that.

They hired a guy to work in the stockroom over the Christmas break. They planned to have him just help out during the holiday season but he stayed and four months later he still is there. I’m part of the reason.

Gossip spreads around at Victoria’s Secret like at any other store. As soon as they hired Nick gossip focused on him. Somehow the two of us were romantically linked before we were even really romantically linked. When we started dating we tried to keep it a secret. We didn’t show any affection to each other in the store, not even a quick kiss. I don’t think too many people actually knew for a fact that we dated but everyone seemed to believe the rumors.

It started out innocently enough. OK, it really didn’t. I walked into the stockroom looking for a bra and not expecting to see a cute guy back there sorting through the shipment of Kadıköy Escort Bayan new merchandise. I walked into the room adjusting my bra so my face turned a little red but he was staring at my chest as I did it so neither of us were truly innocent.

Our relationship could be defined as pretty boring. We went to McDonald’s together on our breaks. We ate cheeseburgers, bitched about work and complained about our positions in life. We had a natural attraction.

Nicks works during the day somewhere else and works only evenings and weekends at Victoria’s Secret. Outside of work there we didn’t really have much time to spend together. We ventured to a restaurant across the street from the mall on our first real date outside of the mall food court. To tell the truth, we never went on any other real dates but I’m not complaining. After dinner at the restaurant I went home with him.

Nick worked three our four nights and we usually spent those nights together after work. He satisfied me but I would’ve like a little more but he didn’t have the time.

One of the these nights after having sex, Nick lay next to me. I stared at the ceiling contemplating life. He stared at my tits. “I really love this but I have only one complaint.” I said.

“Oh,” Nick became worried.

“But don’t worry it’s not you. I’m sure it happens to a lot of guys.”

His face became red.

“I’m joking. I really think you’re great in bed.” I grinned. “I just wish we had more time we could spend together. Hopefully together in bed.”

“Me too.” I never said Nick was much for words. “The only time we have too much time together is at work. There’s sometimes at work I see you and get so horny. I want to take you right there.”

I kissed him. I wanted him inside of me again. We never planned on having sex there. When we couldn’t take our breaks together during my breaks I usually went the stockroom to talk to Nick while he worked.

The Saturday in question was no different.

“I’m going to miss you.” Nick said. For three days he was going to be gone, visiting his parents for the holidays.

“Do you still have to leave tonight?” I knew he did. It was his sister’s birthday and he had to leave work and rush to his parents house to Escort Kadıköy catch dinner.


“You know this is the longest we’re going to be separated.” I said. “Did you know this is the longest we’re going to go without having sex.”

The stockroom door opened when I was about to give him an innocent kiss. Another sales girl walked in looking for something. After she left, I did kiss him. “I really want you.” I said.

“Don’t tease me.”

“I’m sorry.”

“We could do it here.”

“No we couldn’t.” I looked at the door.

“It does lock.”

“And what would you say to someone who knocked on the door? What if it was a manager.”

“You worry too much.” He pinned me against the folding table but I didn’t do too much escape his arms. He kissed me and it was far from an innocent kiss. His tongue explored my mouth. I felt him grow hard against my stomach.”

“I want you so bad.” I whispered even though no one else was in the room to hear.

He pushed up my black skirt to my hips and of course I wore Victoria’s Secret panties. Not the sexy panties I wish I had been wearing. I had on a pair of cotton ones but he didn’t seem to mind. In fact I don’t think he even noticed. He pushed them aside with his fingers. He brushed against my pussy’s lips and I felt it wake up.

He unzipped his pants just enough to take himself out. I quivered in anticipation for him. I’m not exactly sure what that means but I know I’ve read it a dozen times so it must have been what I felt right then because I couldn’t explain it in any other words if I had to.

He pushed himself deep inside of me. It was exactly what I needed. We didn’t waste time. We didn’t have anytime to waste. I held on to him as he fucked me.

We didn’t fall into any sort of rhythm. It was just fast and intense. Nothing was romantic about it. It was just two people fucking.

If anyone came into the room we didn’t notice. We were in our own world filled with pleasure. I felt something that words can not describe building inside of me. He didn’t stop. I pulled my muscles tight around him. He fucked me faster as I started to orgasm. He didn’t stop until I felt him explode inside me.

We quickly pulled ourselves apart and rearranged our clothes to look like nothing had happened. But the glow on our faces gave it away that something had happened. I kissed him quickly on the lips then went back on to the sales floor. For once I didn’t want to do any bodily harm to annoying customers and my boss complimented me on me attitude.

It became our personal Victoria’s Secret.

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