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The fan circles slowly, blowing cool air across my body, where the sheet did not cling to my moist skin. He lay next to me, his chest rising and falling slowly. He is so beautiful in the moonlight, the little tufts of his chest hair silhouetted in pale blue where they poke out from beneath the sheet. He seems so soft and peaceful now, so happy. The sweat from our lovemaking has dried on his skin, and his hair splays wildly upon the pillow. He smiles in his sleep, and seeing that I smile too. I wonder if he is dreaming now, and I wonder if he dreams of me.

Not long ago he was awake, and I remember this night. I remember dressing, changing a dozen times, doing my face, the little pat on my bottom he gave me as we were leaving the restaurant. The way his eyes followed me as I went to the restroom, the way he held my arm like a china doll. I remember how he kissed me, slowly patiently as if he were waiting for me to open like a morning glory. And I blossomed beneath him! I search my body for evidence of each love bite, and remember the weight of him upon me. And oh I remember his thrusts deep and hard, and how he kissed me, and held the kiss while pouring his seed into me. It remains safe inside me, precious as the tracks in my mottled pubic hair. And as I remember, I feel myself growing warm again, and moist. Why should he sleep when I feel this way?

But how to wake him? He looks so precious lying there. My resolve almost fades, as manners surface. But I ache, oh how he has made me ache. I need him again, and then smile as a plan Ümraniye Escort fills my mind. I peel back the sheet and crawl beneath, lifting it from his torso. In the moonlight I can see the outline of his penis lying gently against his hip. It is small now, and seems so harmless and tiny compared to a few hours ago. But it is him, and once again I remember. And so I lift it gently and enclose it between my lips. I can taste his dried seed upon it, salty and musky. And something else I realize, I taste me, delicate and sweet. This is the flavor of our lovemaking, and as I taste I remember again how it felt when we were dancing, so long and hard against me.

He sighs quietly now, and I feel it swell a bit, beginning to straighten in my mouth. I hold my head motionless but I cannot help but purse my lips gently rocking the still soft shaft. And as I hold him it begins to thicken, growing deeper into my mouth. And with each new growth, I feel my cunt squeezing, and flooding with juice. I run my tongue across it, and then stop, unsure whether or not to continue. But he moves again, rolling his hips toward me. I glance up at his face. His eyes remain closed, but his breathing has grown deeper. Is he asleep? Is he dreaming what I am doing? That thought makes me chuckle inwardly. He has made so many of my dreams, why shouldn’t I make one of his?

And so I push my head down, letting him enter the back of my throat, teeth safely sheathed beneath my lips. What was once so small now seems so big, filling Ümraniye Escort Bayan me, almost choking me. I run my tongue up and down the shaft and as my head begins to bob, my cunt convulses, all warm and buttery. My nipples are hard now, scraping against his thigh, and I slip one hand down to rub them, pulling harder than I’d have imagined not long ago.

“Karen?” he whispers my name, still groggy with sleep. I smile and cup his balls in my right hand, and let his cock fall from my mouth. It is so full and wet in the moonlight, so I extend my tongue to taste it, licking up and down, stopping to circle the head. I see him toss his head back as I circle. He’s awake now, I know. But he remains passive, lying still, where before he was so active, forcing the action, using me as his toy. He is mine now, and I find that I like control. So I lick down the underside of his shaft and take his right ball into my mouth.

I feel his hands upon my leg, touching me, but I shift away. This is for him now. He licked me so patiently, and long, delaying his own pleasure until he was sure I had been totally satisfied. No, I decide, this is for him. And, I realize for me. I feel so wanton with his balls in my mouth. So I wrap my hand around the base of his shaft, and slowly begin to pump, up and down. I remember he did that while he watched me undress. I suck upon his balls, so soft and tender. And then I notice a drop of semen leak from his tip, slowly rolling down and over my fingers. I let his testes fall Escort Ümraniye from my mouth and reach up to lick his juices from my finger, and then circle the top of his shaft for every drop.

And so I open wide again, slowly moving my head downward until my lips are nestled in his curly hairs, and he is all the way inside me. My tongue moves up and down, but I sense it is my lips he craves, wrapped around him, stimulating him, and so I close them over him, and backed by my teeth begin to bob my head.

He moans again, his head flopping upon the pillow. And his hips begin to move. My pussy tightens like a little flower, and so let one hand fall to me, touching myself now. My head bobs gently and I swell my tongue against him. And then I feel his hands in my hair, so gentle and strong, holding my head against him.

His hips begin to move again, slowly picking up speed as the pleasure consumes him. He whispers my name, and I smile inwardly as I suck him. I feel the human give way to the animal within him as his pleasure grows, and I feel mine grow as well. Each thrust into my mouth seems to flood directly to my sex, and I begin to moan gently in time with his cock. He is all cock now, all filling my mouth. And I realize that my loins are also aglow, as we dance upon the precipice of ecstasy.

Oh how I want to cry out, to give him permission, to ask for his pleasure. But I dare not remove my mouth from this sweet cock, must not let up the suction. His cock is like a steel rod, still almost, trembling between my lips.

And then his convulsions begin, and the proof of his pleasure fills my mouth. It is sweet and salty and I hold it there. And as I do, slip two fingers inside myself. That one touch is enough as my pussy is filled with white heat. And as hold him in my mouth, I am sure that for this moment at least, he is mine.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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