Wendy’s First Time

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Big Tits

For my birthday, Wendy and I enjoyed a perfect meal at our favorite restaurant. Since we took a taxi, this allowed us to drink much more than we normally would. On the way home, we started kissing in the back of the taxi, which eventually led to me sliding my hand up her skirt. Her pussy was already wet so I easily slip two fingers inside her. I fingered her to an orgasm just as we were pulling into our driveway. Between the alcohol and trying to recover from her orgasm, she could barely get out of the car.

Once inside, we wasted little time in stripping and jumping into bed. Wendy is laying on the bed with her legs spread and moans as I lick her pussy, saying “I’ll do anything you want since it’s your birthday.”

“For my birthday present, I want you to tell me everything Mark did to you when you dated him in high school.”

Wendy had always told me they fooled around but didn’t go all the way, but I’ve always suspected they did more than she’s told me.

She kissed me and asked “Do you want to hear about how Mark fingered me?”

“He izmit escort bayan started with one finger for a long time, then finally worked up to two. It was so tight but it made my pussy feel so good. One night he wanted to see how many he could fit in, so he slip the tips of his third and fourth finger in slide me.”

I replicated everything as she was telling me this. I couldn’t believe he tried to get four fingers inside Wendy’s pussy. I buried four of my fingers as far as I could inside her and asked, “Did he got this deep?”

“Of course not, there’s no way I could handle that much. He barely got the tips in.”

While fingering her, I started to lick her nipples and breasts. She told me that he had done that too and how good it felt.

“When Mark would finger me, he’d tell me to grab his dick and feel how hard it was.” I would rub it through his pants, sometimes making him cum in his pants.”

I asked Wendy if Mark had a nice dick and she eagerly smiled and said yes. Of course I had to ask, “Was his dick bigger than mine?”


“Was izmit eve gelen escort it longer than mine?”


Was it thicker than mine?”


It was obvious she was impressed by the size of his cock. I asked her if she had to use both hands to jack him off.

“I did. I wrapped both my hands around it still hand enough to put in my mouth.” Wendy is telling me this while stroking my dick with only one hand, which was more than enough for my 5 ½ inch dick.

“One time, I was jacking him off and I let him cum in my mouth.” Considering she never lets me do this, I was pretty impressed.

I told Wendy I didn’t know how much longer I could last after learning she had swallowed Mark’s cum. She kissed me deeply and continued stroking my hard cock.

“Once we were at Mark’s house and we were able to sneak off into the bathroom. Mark sat on the toilet and pulled me on top of him. He tried to stick his dick inside me but it wouldn’t go it. I think I was izmit otele gelen escort too nervous and inexperienced to know what to do. He was rock hard so I just ground my pussy into his dick until I had an orgasm.” This was the first orgasm she had ever had.

I was almost ready to come so I told Wendy to get on top and ride me until I came.

She started sucking my dick and told me she had done the same to Mark after cumming on his lap.

“I made Mark lay on the bathroom floor so I could suck his dick. Once it was very wet, I climbed on top of him and slid down on his cock. In no time, he was all the way inside me. He popped my cherry right there on the bathroom floor. It took me a few minutes to get used to it, but even though it hurt some, I rode his dick up and down. We didn’t even think about putting on a condom. He didn’t last very long, then filled my pussy with his cum.”

That did it, I felt my balls tightened and I emptied a huge load of cum inside Wendy’s pussy. “Is that how it felt when Mark shot his load inside you?”

Wendy grinned and said, “Oh yeah, just twice as much.”

I know now that she was able to enjoy Marks big dick a couple of times. You always remember your first, and she definitely had quite the experience. I’ll always remember this birthday and relive the stories that Wendy told me.

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