When No Toys Are Available

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Here I was horny beyond reason and I was on a business trip with none of my toys available. I guess I could have just gone to the local watering hole and picked up the first horny guy and let him fuck my brains out but I wasn’t that type of woman. Although single I never was one of those girls who would go out and fuck for sexual relief. When it came to actually getting intimate with another person I just had to have an emotional attachment to that individual.

So there I was left in my hotel room with only my fingers to please me. Although my fingers have gotten me through tough times before I had a need that needed deep fulfillment. I needed to scratch an itch that my fingers just couldn’t reach.

The frustration was driving me out of my mind so I looked around the hotel room for anything that might reach my itch. The first thing I noticed was my hairbrush, its handle was smooth and cylindrical and measured a good eight inches but it was relatively kocaeli escort bayan thin. That is when I had an idea, earlier in the evening I noticed a pop machine that gave out the 500ml bottles of pop as opposed to the regular machines that gave out cans. Grabbing some change I headed down and grabbed myself a pop.

So now I had my hair brush and a bottle of pop, they would have to do. I got on my bed and undressed, my nipples already hard in anticipation. Using my fingers I started caressing my body. Tweaking my nipples I felt a shudder go all the way to my needy cunt. Taking my right hand I followed that need and when I parted my smooth lips from my freshly shaven snatch I felt the wetness already present. I quickly inserted one then two fingers into my wanting hole. It was so wet and warm I knew I would have no trouble getting my substitute toys deep inside.

Grabbing the hair brush I turned it around and slid it into my wet cunt. The length was kocaeli sınırsız escort just right as I slid the whole handle deep inside. As I drove the brush in and out of my hungry hole I used my other hand to rub my throbbing clit. This movement brought me off to my first orgasm. Weak by my standards but still pleasurable I knew I needed to be filled up. My pussy now totally wet I reached over and grabbed the pop bottle. Turning it so the end you drink from was at the entrance to my cunt I started to push it up my hole.

The first part went in smoothly and when I came to the thicker part of the bottle I thought I might go out of my mind as the pleasure shot through me. The width was a little smaller than my own fist and I struggled to feed it into my wet hole. God it was a tight fit and as half the bottle disappeared deep inside me I was overcome with my second and much stronger orgasm. I felt as the juices flowed over my izmit anal yapan escort hand that held the pop bottle. It was a very good cum but I was still hungry for more.

I know a lot of women don’t like anal sex out there but I am one of the few that love the feeling of having my ass stuffed, and if my pussy is filled at the same time it gives me the most incredible orgasms. So with my free hand I grabbed my hair brush once again and aimed it at my tight ass that was slick from the juices flowing out of my pussy. Shoving the handle in my ass I stuffed myself completely full.

The feeling of having the bottle in my cunt and the handle in my ass was just too much for me to take and my whole body began to shake violently as I erupted in one magnificent cum. Driving the two make shift toys deep into my holes I felt my cunt spasm over and over again and when I looked down I watched as the fluid erupted from my pussy, shooting high in the air squirting all over the lower half of my body.

As my orgasm subsided I pulled the bottle and hair brush out of my two holes. The empty feeling was a relief. I lay on the bed for a few minutes to catch my breath from the amazing session I just gave myself. I was completely satisfied for the night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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