With Three You Get… Ch. 05

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Dinah woke the next day with Mark still wrapped around her. A light breeze fluttered through the open window bringing fresh scents of sea air and floral vegetation and the sounds of water lightly slapping the supporting posts of the huts. Dinah’s movements stirred Mark and he hugged her tightly and thanked her for the previous nights entertainment.

“So … was there anyone here other than you and Janet?” he asked.

“There was actually quite a few people here last night, and they appreciated the show you put on,” she teased.

“Was there anyone here?” he asked again, plaintively.

“I’ll never tell,” Dinah said, “that’s my fee for the week of sex you’ve been enjoying.”

Mark flopped back on the bed, frustrated at not being able to find out but accepting it good-naturedly. His cock flopped over, beginning to stiffen as he reviewed the week in his mind. “It has been an incredible week,” he admitted. “You seemed to enjoy it, too, though,” thinking back to the previous morning when he had walked in on Dinah having her pussy thoroughly licked by Janet. His cock stiffened to it’s full rigid length.

Dinah rolled over and smiled at him. “I enjoyed it, too,” she said, reaching over and touching his cock. They both watched as she slowly stroked up and down. Mark pushed her over onto her back and found her pussy to be soft and wet already. They lay side by side on their backs as they often did on weekend mornings, pleasuring each other with their hands. When Marks fingers began their final assault on her clit, Dinah’s hand motions slowed, and then stopped as she raised her hands over her head.

“That’s nice, babe,” she moaned, “right there …” Her nipples hardened as her climax neared and Mark rolled over on his side so he could pinch them. With a final moan Dinah came, her body clenching and relaxing as she rode the waves of pleasure Mark was providing. “Imagine Janet licking you,” he whispered in her ear, the imagery stimulating another rush through her. Then finally she relaxed, breathing deeply as she closed her legs and rolled into Mark. “Yeah, I did like it,” she whispered as the afterglow spread over her.

Mark stroked her back as she recovered, then she pushed him onto his back. She circled his cock with her hand and lightly stroked it and his balls with her fingertips. “I liked it a lot,” she said, moving her head down to rest on his chest as she continued to toy with his now twitching cock. She wrapped her fingers around his cock and stroked it firmly, causing a large drop of precum to ooze out of the head. “I liked watching Janet lick your cock, dragging her tongue over the head,” she went on, “getting a string to form from your cock to her mouth.” More moisture began to flow from his pulsing cock. “And when you came on her face … mmmmmmm, she loved it.” Mark was beginning to moan. “You gonna have any cum left for your orgasm, babe,” she asked, rubbing the now profuse quantity of precum over his entire cock.

Dinah straightened up and placed her mouth close to Mark’s ear. “She really liked your cock.” Mark moaned again. “You know what she really wanted?” Dinah’s voice continued to whisper in his ear, her tone low and breathy. “She wanted you to fuck her tight little ass. You could have slid your big cock right… up …her …ass.” At these words Mark came, the first spurt shot out, hitting Dinah’s cheek as she lay beside him, the next spurts landed on his chest and stomach as he arched his back with a large “arrrrgh,” and the remaining cum coated his cock and her hand. He lay quietly, breathing deep as Dinah got up for a towel and returned to clean him. She wiped him clean then laid back beside him and rubbed his chest. “I just can’t lick it up like Janet did,” she said.

“No worries,” he said, “it felt great.”

“What’s the plan for today,” she asked, “we need to be at the airport tomorrow morning at 11:00 in the morning.”

“Well, some of the guys from the dive boat are going on a bike ride, would you mind if I went, I’ll be back around 5:00,” Mark answered.

“Sure,” Dinah said, “go ahead. I think I’ll do some shopping then relax on the beach.”

Mark got dressed, kissed Dinah and went out the door. Dinah dressed in shorts and a tee shirt and took her book and went out to the veranda to read. Twenty minutes later Dinah heard the slap, slap, slap of sandals coming towards their hut. Ivana came around the side of the hut dressed in shorts and a tank top, “Hi Dinah,” she said, “Mind if I sit down?”

Dinah gestured towards the lounge next to her, “Sure sit down, Mark’s gone ’til this afternoon.”

“I know, I talked to him as he was leaving on his bike with the other guys, what are you up to today” Ivana asked.

“Some relaxin’, some shoppin’, maybe some beachin’.” Dinah said.

“Want some company shopping?” Ivana asked.

Dinah thought back to the fun she’d had with Janet shopping on Bora Bora, “Sure,” she said. “I was going to go in an hour or so.”

“Great, stop by my hut on your way, I’d love to go with you. A girls day out will be fun.” Ivana said.

An hour later dikmen escort Dinah had collected Ivana and they walked through the resort and out to the street which circled the island. There were small collections of shops along the road and they walked from shop to shop, talking and laughing as they went. Dinah’s previous impression of Ivana proved to be accurate, she was very friendly, intelligent and fun to be with.

After a mile or so the two walked into another resort and found their way to the bar where they each ordered a cool drink and took it out to the veranda to drink.

“What did you think of last night? Did you like it?” Dinah asked, as she sat down.

“It was … instructive … and exciting, but not very fulfilling from my point of view,” Ivana answered, a slight smile on her face.

“Did you take care of it when you got back to your room?” Dinah asked.

“Janet told me about you guys when she was dropping me off, how sexually open you were and how … satisfied … you made her. After she left I went to bed and got my little friends out,” Ivana said. “But I just couldn’t get into it, I was so wet and horny but plastic just wouldn’t cut it so I read until I was able to sleep.”

Dinah imagined Ivana spread out, naked, on her bed, fucking herself with a vibrator. The thought excited her. “But you’ve had multiple partners, that must have satisfied you.”

“Sometimes,” Ivana said, “But it sounds like you guys have fun, playing and touching.”

“We do have fun,” Dinah admitted, “And Janet fit in with us so well, we’re going to miss her.”

They finished their drinks and walked back to the street. A passing truck dropped them and their purchases off at their resort and they went back to their rooms.

“I’m heading down to the beach, would you care to join me?” Dinah asked.

“I’d like that,” Ivana answered.

“I’ll meet you back here in a few minutes,” Dinah said as she headed back to her hut. She returned with a towel and her snorkeling gear and the two went down to the beach. Dinah stripped to her bathing suit, a one-piece, and asked Ivana to put some sunscreen on her. Ivana spread it on her back, then on her legs and Dinah was surprised to find herself getting excited again.

“Lets go for a swim,” Dinah suggested, trying to get the thoughts of Ivana’s face buried in in crotch out of her head. Ivana dropped her shorts and top to reveal a fairly conservative one-piece bathing suit. The women went out into the water and snorkeled among the colorful fish and coral. Dinah found her eyes returning to Ivana’s athletic body as they swam, she was a beautiful woman, Dinah decided again.

Returning to the beach they lay down on lounge chairs and relaxed, a waiter stopped by for a drink order and soon returned with two tall rum fruit drinks. The hot sun prodded them into drinking and soon they had each consumed two of the drinks.

As the sun began dropping into the west Mark returned. “You guys have a good day?”

Dinah opened her eyes to find a sweaty Mark standing next to her. He bent over and kissed her then straightened with a groan. His sweaty hair was plastered to his head, his face was dirty with rivulets of sweat and mud down his cheeks. His entire left side was muddy and his right elbow and knee were sporting bloody scrapes.

“Looks like you had fun,” Dinah said calmly.

Ivana sat up quickly, “Are you OK?”

Mark explained they had been barreling down a narrow single-track and he’d brushed a tree sending him sprawling into the shrubbery. “I think I’m too old for this. Those guys were all in their twenties.”

Dinah teased him, “You’re only as old as you feel.”

“I feel old,” Mark smiled back as he slipped off his shoes and shirt and waded out into the water to rinse off. “Yikes, this salt water stings,” he said as he gently splashed the dirt off his scrapes.

“He’s fine,” Dinah assured the concerned Ivana, “Someday he’ll realize he’s getting old but I don’t like to remind him of it. He always says you didn’t have fun unless you’re bleeding.”

Mark walked tenderly out of the water and started back for the hut, telling the two women he’d see them later. “I’d better go with him,” Dinah said to Ivana, “Join us for dinner?”

“I’d love to,” Ivana said, “Stop by when you’re heading over.”

“See ya later,” Dinah called as she hurried off to the limping Mark. Reaching him she put her arm around him, “Let me help you,” she teased. They went a little further and Dinah said, “Ya know, Ivana said you have a lot more stamina than those twenty year olds.”

Mark raised his head, “Oh yeah?”

“Yeah, and if you play your cards right, you may get to prove it,” she rubbed her hand over his crotch and was not surprised to find him hardening. She gave it a little squeeze as they walked across the bridges to their hut.

Mark showered first and, after drying, he stretched out naked on the bed, enjoying the warm evening breeze blowing through the windows. He closed his eyes and relaxed to the sounds emek escort of the water and the wind, drifting off to sleep.

Dinah finished her shower and came back into the room drying her hair only to find Mark asleep on the bed, his breathing deep and slow. She dressed in a simple dress she had purchase that day (with nothing underneath,) did her hair and make-up as he slept. She glanced at his naked sleeping form on the bed. His cock was half-hard and she wondered what he was dreaming about as she slipped out of the door, careful not to wake him.

Ivana was wearing one of the sarongs she had purchased; she had it wrapped around her body toga-style with seashell clasp holding it closed. On most tourists it would have looked silly but on Ivana’s muscular, tanned body it looked good, really good Dinah thought to herself.

“Mark’s asleep, would you like to come play with him with me?” Dinah asked with a smile.

“Let’s go,” Ivana replied and the two hurried back down the walkway.

While Mark continued to sleep his cock had come fully erect when Dinah eased the door open and went in with Ivana following closely. “Go in the bathroom for a minute while I get him ready,” Dinah whispered. Ivana went into the bathroom leaving the door open a crack. Ivana admired the older woman’s body as Dinah’s dress dropped to the floor, her nipples hard and erect. Dinah sat on the side of the bed opposite the bathroom and with a slight touch of her finger caused Mark’s legs to open wider. She began lightly stroking the base of his balls, smiling up at Ivana as his cock began to twitch.

Mark’s eyes came open and Dinah looked up at him while she continued to stroke his balls, then she moved up to kiss him. Her fingers continued to strum his skin softly around his genitals; never touching his straining cock and precum began to flow. “How about an appetizer pussy,” she said, raising her leg to straddle Mark’s face so she faced his feet. She began rocking her hips as Mark’s tongue found her wetness, probing her vagina and teasing her clit. “That’s it, lick me good, lick my pussy.”

As Mark endeavored to bring her to a quick orgasm with his now wet face Dinah motioned to Ivana to come in. “That Ivana’s a beautiful woman,” Dinah said to Mark, smiling at Ivana. “I’d love to see her strip, slowly,” Dinah went on to Mark, who was unaware of Ivana’s presence.

Ivana caught on and began to slowly unwrap her sarong. “She has great tits,” Dinah said, “I’d have her play with them, stroking them, then pinching her own nipples.” Ivana complied with Dinah’s directions and Mark felt a fresh rush of juice spill from Dinah as her hips began moving faster on his face.

Dinah went on, “Then I’d have her spread her legs so I could see her pussy, it’d be open and wet.” Again, Ivana complied, sitting down facing the bed, legs spread wide. Mark’s hand moved to his cock and began stroking it, both women’s eyes followed his motion. “Does that feel good, babe,” Dinah asked, “Would it feel good to have Ivana stroke your cock?” His reply was muffled by the grinding of her cunt on his face but Dinah was sure it was affirmative.

“I’d have her touch herself next, sliding her fingers through her wet pussy lips, maybe sliding a couple of fingers in, fucking herself.” Dinah moaned out the words as she watched Ivana’s fingers disappear into her vagina then reappear, shiny with her juice and begin to stroke her clit. Mark was rubbing his cock faster and was sucking Dinah’s entire pussy as his tongue flicked back and forth across her clit, her orgasm was imminent and huge.

“Then I’d have her lick the precum off the head of your cock.” Ivana slid off the chair and, careful not to touch Mark, leaned across and stroked her tongue across the wet head of Mark’s cock. At the touch Mark sucked hard on Dinah’s pussy, causing her to gasp wordlessly and pump her crotch on Mark’s face as he tried to maintain the suction, distracted as he was by the unknown women licking his cock-head.

With a final moan Dinah rolled off of him, still slightly convulsing as the last waves of her orgasm broke over her. Mark looked down into Ivana’s eyes as she engulfed his cock in her mouth then winked at him. Ivana’s cock sucking style was just that, sucking like a Hoover vacuum cleaner. “It’s not a straw, Ivana,” Dinah squeaked out as she recovered, “you’re not trying to suck the cum out, play with it, tease it, lick it, coax the cum out.”

Mark moaned in pleasure as Ivana heeded Dinah’s suggestions, finding the spots that brought the loudest moans, the spots that made the cock twitch, the spots that made him thrust up into her mouth. “That’s better,” Dinah said as she snuggled up to Mark, her head on his shoulder. He continued to moan as Ivana worked his cock with her mouth and hands. Dinah reached down and stroked the base of his balls with a single fingertip, “He’s getting close now,” she said. Dinah moved down so she was sitting opposite Ivana and continued to slide her fingertip in a circle on his balls as Ivana took his cock into her eryaman escort mouth until only his balls showed. Mark moaned as Ivana’s throat squeezed his cock head.

“Here it comes,” Dinah said, pushing Ivana’s mouth off his cock and positioned her face on his stomach. Dinah tickled his balls with one hand while the other hand stroked the shaft and aimed it at Ivana’s face. With a violent jerk Mark came, the first spurt hitting Ivana’s cheek, Dinah then directed the succeeding spurts across the lower portion of Ivana’s face. After the spurts finished Dinah moved the still dribbling cock back into to Ivana’s mouth, “Suck him gently now,” she ordered as Mark relaxed, moaning between deep breaths. Ivana took the cock in her mouth and sucked it softly, getting the remaining cum as it trickled out and she kept it in her mouth until it had softened

Dinah moved up and lay beside the near comatose Mark as Ivana finished cleaning him with her mouth after she had wiped the cum from her face. “That was nice, huh babe,” she said, kissing him. “Relax a bit then we’ll start on Ivana.”

Ivana had moved up to Mark’s other side and snuggled up to him, too. They lay relaxing then Mark sat up and, leaning over Ivana, extracted a short piece of rope from the bedside table. He pushed Ivana into the middle of the bed then placed her hands together over her head and with a few quick twists and turns of the rope secured her to the headboard, then he laid down beside Ivana, opposite Dinah.

“Mmmmmmm,” said Dinah, closing her mouth over one of Ivana’s nipples as Mark copied her motions on the other side. They sucked, and nipped, and licked Ivana’s breasts until her nipples were hard and extended. Mark reached down and grasped Ivana’s left leg just above the knee and drew her leg up, Dinah repeated on the right leg and Ivana lay with her legs spread as wide as they would go. Ivana’s pussy lips were swollen and open and moisture flowed out and down to her anus. Ivana moaned in anticipation, but her partners were in no hurry to please her. They resumed their breast play, rougher now, the pinches and bites harder as Ivana rotated her hips, vainly trying to get them to touch her now pulsing cunt.

At last Mark and Dinah slid their hands down Ivana’s body and along the inside of her thighs, occasionally grazing the sides of her pussy lips. Ivana thrust her hips side to side, trying to get them to touch until at last she pleaded, “Touch my cunt, oh gawd, please.”

“Now, now, all in good time,” Mark told her as he moved down so he lay between her wide spread legs. He began licking the inside of Ivana’s thighs.

“Hold still or we’ll have to stop,” Dinah whispered in Ivana’s ear. Ivana whimpered as Mark’s tongue slid along the sides of her cunt, which was opening and closing on its own. Mark stopped licking and began tickling the wet area between her vagina and anus.

Ivana moaned and Mark slid a finger into her ass, sawing it in and out before adding another finger. Ivana growled a low feral moan as Mark continued teasing her. Mark met Dinah’s eyes and slightly nodded his head, she rolled Ivana’s face towards her and kissed her, their tongues tangling and dancing as Ivana tugged at the bindings that held her. Mid-kiss Mark licked from the bottom of Ivana’s vagina to the top where he stopped and sucked on her clit. The sudden unexpected stimulation set off Ivana’s orgasm and she yelled, “Oh, gawd,” as it ripped through her, her powerful stomach muscles convulsed and rippled as Mark continued his tongue attack until with a whimper she finally lay still, breathing deeply.

Dinah untied her hands and they stroked her as she recovered. “Oh, that was sooooo good,” Ivana finally said, shaking her head to clear it. “Oh, shit …” Dinah continued to run her hand lightly over Ivana’s tummy and breasts as Mark resumed licking and sucking Ivana’s new extremely wet pussy. He sucked one lip, then the other individually, then both together. He slipped his tongue into her vagina as deep as it would go then teased her clit, lapping at it one minute then sliding his flattened tongue over then next. He inserted two fingers into her vagina and curved them up and stroked her G-spot.

Dinah stopped her caresses and laid her head on Ivana’s stomach so she could watch as Mark’s oral adventure continued. Her eyes met Mark’s and he raised his wet face to smile at her, “She seems to like it,” he said, then returning to licking.

Ivana moaned in response, “It feels so good, so relaxing…”

After giving Ivana enough time to recover from her first climax Mark increased the pressure of his ministrations. His tongue flicked faster over her clit as his fingers pumped harder in and out of her still dripping pussy. He felt her inner thigh muscles begin twitching, as were her stomach muscles. Ivana let out another moan, “I’m going to cum again,” she said, “oh my gawd, I’ve never come twice this close together.” Her hips began bucking and Mark had a hard time keeping his mouth on her moving target. She suddenly stopped, drawing her knees up and groaning out an “arrrrgh,” as another orgasm rushed through her. Mark slowed as before, barely touching her clit as she rode though it, moaning and swearing. As she finished her legs lowered and she lay, breathing deeply and smiling. “That was better than the first one,” she said in a hoarse whisper, snuggling her head into Dinah, who had moved back up to lay beside her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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