Without a Word

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The night air was hot and sticky, causing her dress to cling to every curve of her taut young flesh. Standing in front of the mirror, Alegra looked over her reflection, checking for imperfections which would be evident to her mystery lover. The light from the fireplace danced across the light fabric of her dress, and she could clearly see the outline of her hard nipples through the fabric. The electricity in the air caused her skin to tingle. Her lover would be here any moment and Alegra wanted perfection.

She ran her hand along her flat stomach, savoring the feeling of her hands caressing the silk as it lay against her body. Every thought in her mind was on the man, the mystery man who was going to be with her tonight. They had talked late into the night, his voice touching her soul, arousing her to levels she had never before experienced. He whispered her name at night and she found that the sound of it lingered like a ghost through out her days. Each time the phone rang, she found her heart beat quickening, her nipples becoming hard and tight, and her arousal evident in the dampness that grew from deep inside of her.

The man spoke of things he wanted to do to her, with her and have her do to him. He talked of things that Alegra had never before experienced and he urged her to vocalize her own fantasies and experiences. At 22 years old, Alegra’s fantasies far outweighed her experiences and that seemed to spur the man’s desires even further. He wanted her to be new and to be fresh, so that he could mould her into the perfect sexual vixen. She wanted someone who would teach her, guide her, someone who would show her pleasure and take her to new levels that she had never before experienced. The man was him.

Hearing footsteps on the walkway, Alegra snapped out of her momentary dream and cautiously walked toward the door. Without waiting for him to knock, she opened the door and for the first time saw the face of the man who had haunted her dreams for months. He stepped inside, not uttering a word, and turned Alegra so that her back was towards him. He quickly surveyed the woman who stood before him. Her body was small, athletic, tight in all the right places. Her long dark hair hung loose around her shoulders and he brushed it aside so that he could see the length of her long, creamy neck. He pressed his lips softly to her hot flesh, and he felt her body quiver beneath his kiss. A quiet moan escaped her lips, and she leaned into his embrace, feeling his arousal pressing against her.

He ran his tongue along the length of her neck, and nibbled softly on her ear. In the voice that caused her body to tingle her whispered, “No talking. No questions. This night is about pleasure. This night is about fantasy. Yours and mine. These are the rules.”

With those words, he slid the thin straps of her dress from her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. Her body was beyond even his expectations, and he found that he was growing harder as he stood and watched the light dance off her naked skin. Alegra did not wear a bra or panties and when the dress had fallen to the floor, she had been stunned at the fact that so quickly she was naked in front of the stranger. Still facing away from him, the man let his fingers trace over the curves of her body, down her back, across her hips and down the soft curve of her perfect ass. From his pocket, he withdrew a long piece of silky black fabric and reached in front of him to secure it around her eyes. The fabric made the perfect blindfold, so that she would have no idea as to what kind of pleasure was coming next, and the inability to see would serve to enhance the sensitivity of her other senses.

Feeling Alegra grow tense at the unexpected prop and hearing the beginning of a eryaman escort protest, he pressed his lips to her skin again, and whispered to her, “Relax. Enjoy this.”

Her ran his hands down the front of her body, dancing his fingers from one hard nipple to the other. He led her away from the doorway and into the neighbouring room. He layed her down on the sofa and put some pillows under her head to make sure she was comfortable. Her body glistened with the faintest covering of sweat and he knew it was a combination of the heat and her arousal. He quickly took in the view of the front of her body. Her breasts were perfect. They were full, large, firm, and taut with youth. Her stomach was flat and had the faintest hint of a bikini tan line along her hips. Glancing down further, he saw that her pussy was perfectly smooth and glistening with her juices. His cock ached to be released from the confines of his jeans, but he set aside his own needs as he lowered his lips to kiss her hot skin again.

He kissed across her neck, her collar bone, and the valley in between her breasts. He could hear her breath quickening, feel her writhing beneath him and he smiled to himself. He continued his oral exploration of her body and ran his tongue along the breasts that seemed to grow fulller beneath his eyes. Her nipples grew harder as he kissed the area all around them, careful to tease but not to touch the tender flesh. Alegra moaned loudly and pressed herself upwards, trying in vain to get his lips to touch her where she wanted, but keeping with his rule of not speaking. She ached to call out to him, to beg him to touch her, but at the same time she found the blindfold and the silence to be incredibly hot.

He moved further down her body with his tongue, tasting her, savoring the soft, silky feeling of her flesh beneath his lips. He traced the indent of her belly button before moving further down, pleased that she spread her legs to allow him to move lower. He ran his tongue along her hip, the top of her thighs and into the valley between her legs. He could smell the sweet muskiness of her arousal and could see the wetness glistening on the outside of her pussy. He touched her softly with his finger and spread the lips open to give him full access to the center of her pleasure.

He touched her clit with just the tip of his tongue and he heard her muffle a scream. Pressing his tongue firmly against the button, he began to lick her, feeling the velvety softness and tasting her with each stroke. She pushed herself up further, pressing herself against his tongue so that it was buried deep inside her pussy. Cautiously, he inserted his finger inside of her, pressing as deep as he could, feeling the tight wetness of her wrapping around it. Keeping his tongue pressed firmly on her clit, but not moving, he began to fuck her softly with his finger. He could feel her getting wetter with each thrust, feel her opening up to him, and feel her thrust her hips back against him. She pulled his head tighter against her with her hands, twisting her fingers in his hair. He slid another finger deep inside of her, faster, harder. Her hips were bucking wildly and she was moaning constantly as she grew closer to orgasm.

Increasing his pace, the man began to lick her with frenzied speed, and Alegra felt the relieving first twinge of orgasm rocking through her body. Every inch of her body was on alert, seemingly on fire. Her orgasm was wild. With his fingers buried deep inside of her and his tongue lapping wildly on her clit, she bucked her hips forward to meet every thrust of his fingers. She pulled his head tighter to her as she climaxed and her juices drenched his fingers as he pulled them out of sincan escort her tight pussy.

Without warning, he took his soaked fingers and placed them against her lips. She sucked them furiously, taking them deep into her throat as if she were sucking his cock. She swirled her tongue along his skin and tasted herself on him. He leaned in and kissed her. Thier tongues tangled together, tasting her and each other as their lips met for the first time.

With the blindfold still in place, Alegra reached for him and pulled him to a standing position beside her. She located the buttons on his pants and opened them, desperately searching for his cock. Pulling his jeans and boxer briefs down, Alegra stood up beside him, and pressed her lips to his. Blindly she groped for his hardness and began to stroke him. Her tongue did not leave his mouth as she massaged his rock hard cock.

It was so big and hard, that he definitely outsized all of Alegra’s past lovers. Her knees grew weak as she fantasized about having something so big buried deep inside of her, thrusting, pounding. Dropping to her knees in front of him, Alegra put her lips to the tip of his cock. She loved the feel of the head as he began to slide it into her mouth. He pressed the back of her head forward, thrusting himself deep inside her mouth and down her throat. Alega tightened her lips around his shaft and felt him thrusting in and out of her mouth. She flicked her tongue along the tip as he withdrew it from her mouth, and she moaned again. She longed to tell him how good her felt, how hot he made her and how much she wanted him to FUCK HER NOW! But instead, she remained quiet, fearful that if she did not continue to follow the man’s rules that everything would end, and she would never experience the pleasures that they had talked about for so long.

The man continued to plunge deep into her mouth, his cock touching the back of her throat with each thrust. She squeezed his ass from behind, loving the feeling of him in her mouth. He pumped at her wildly, her mouth hot and wet, wanting the release that was so close. Her tongue danced against the head of his cock, teasing him as he fucked her mouth, pleasing him with its softness. Unable to hold back any longer, he felt himself begin to cum. He shot load after load of the thick hot liquid into her inviting mouth. She sucked him harder, drinking down every ounce at it poured from his throbbing cock.

He reached for her and pulled her back up to standing. She allowed him to turn her around and push her back onto the couch. Facing into the couch, she felt him place the stiff head of his cock into the slit of her pussy. Their juices mingled together as he pushed against her, feeling himself slide inch by inch into her from behind. Her pussy enveloped every inch of his cock, pulling him deeper inside of her. The man grabbed her hair from behind and pulled her head back softly. He nibbled at the soft skin of her neck as he thrust in and out, and she thrust herself back against him, feeling him deeper and deeper.

Alegra moaned over and over again, louder with each thrust until her moans had changed to pure whimpers and screams of pleasure. She had never in life felt somoeone so big and hard inside of her. His cock inside of her tight pussy caused waves of pleasure to rock through her body. She came again as he fucked her. It was unexpected to her, as she had never had an orgasm before. This time it was different. She felt her pussy tighten further around him and her body was rocked with intense feeling. He felt her grow even more wet and he found himself moaning as he felt her cum. He slowed down to an almost torturous pace, sliding the full length of his cock etlik escort almost all the way out of her, so that she was pressing herself backwards, craving him inside of her. It was almost a need at this point for both of them. She needed to feel him deep inside of her, needed the powerful release that he gave her over and over again. He needed to be deep inside of her, thrusting, pounding, giving in to the fantasies that they had been telling each other for what seemed like forever.

The man knew that there was one more area that Alegra had been wanting to experiment with. Through thier conversations, he knew that she had other areas that she had always wanted to explore, and the annonymity of their conversation had given her the platform to relay these fantasies. Withdrawing his cock from her pussy, he moved her into position, and pressed the tip of it against the tight opening to her ass. His cock was soaked from her orgasm and he pressed it against her and began to slide it deep inside. At first she was so tight that he didnt think he would be able to get any of his cock into her, but after a couple of minutes of slow and steady pressing, she opened up to him.

Alegra was lost in the sensations that were coursing through her body. Her pussy was so wet that she felt herself almost dripping. Her breasts were bouncing against the sofa, her nipples rock hard from the friction of the fabric against her tender flesh. Now, her ass was flilled with the man’s cock, and she was experiencing feelings that she had never had before. Alegra allowed her hands to wander down her body to her pussy, where she began to softly rub her clit. The combination of the blindfold, the annonymous man fucking her, him pulling her head back with her hair and the feeling of a rock hard cock buried deep in her ass made Alegra feel like the so called “Bad Girl”. She loved it!!

“OH MY GOD!! YOU FEEL SO GOOD! SO FUCKING GOOD!! ” she screamed out. Unable to control herself any longer, Alegra bucked wildly against the man, forgetting the rules that had been put in place and drowning in the feelings that enveloped her body. She came again as she rubbed her swollen clit, the feeling coursing through her tits, her pussy and her ass. Her whole body was trembling as the climax rocked through her. She continued to scream with pleasure as the man increased his speed. She felt him grow bigger and harder, and knew that his release was going to happen soon. She needed to feel him cum, she needed to feel the hotness shooting deep inside of her. She wanted it.

“I want you to cum,” she whimpered. “I want you to cum in my ass. I want to feel you.” She continued to coax him onwards, all thoughts of anything else gone from her mind as he continued to pump her harder and faster. With one last hard thrust she felt the hot stinkiness shooting deep inside of her. He continued to thrust at her from behind, his pace slowing as his own orgasm drained from inside of him. Pulling his cock out slowly, he turned her over so that he could look at her face.

The man kissed her deeply. He loved the feeling of her. He loved every inch of her. He thought of all of the conversations that they had about the things that they wanted to do to each other and with each other. The man knew that this was only the beginning. Now that he had finally had her, he knew that she would be willing to try everything that they had discussed. While continuing to kiss her, he undid the blindfold, and looked deep into her eyes. The sparks that shot between them were almost visible and she smiled at him.

Alegra ran her hands along his neck and into his hair. She kissed him deeply again and moaned as he massaged her tongue with his.

“Can we do this again?” she asked softly. The man nodded.

“Are you going to tell me your name?” Alegra said, laughing at the fact that he had been inside of her in ways that no one else ever had and yet he was still almost a stranger to her. The man smiled slowly.

“You broke the rules, ” he said as he stood up to get dressed. “I guess you will have to wait until next time.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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