Woodhaven School Girls Pt. 05

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Tiffany Jones smiled as she prepared herself for class. She was as usual naked, and the class would be in session in a few minutes. Today, she was going to give the class another live demonstration of sexual pleasure. The principal was always eager to assist, and his cock would always be hard and ready for her. And, doing it in front of a classroom full of naked, horny 18-year-old girls, was kinky and exciting as all hell.

Her class came in, smiling and bidding her good morning, quickly stripping, then taking to their desks, standing and waiting for Tiffy. She had gotten to enjoy this morning ritual very much. She started down the aisles, giving each student a big smile, cupping their labial regions and a swirling caress of her fingers, enjoying the soft coos of pleasure that greeted her as she gently stroked at the tight pussy lips.

“Nice neat, tidy bush Laura….So smooth, so bare, so nice Carole….Love that sexy diamond shape Ashley…”

Tiffany could feel her juices starting to perk, feeling up the sexy mons of her students powered her lust up. She returned to the head of the class.

“Today, sexual positions, part 2.”

The principal entered, stripping quickly, and Tiffany went over and took to her knees.

”Just like lesson 1, always take to your knees, and give him a hot, swirling blowjob. You want his balls swollen with a thick load of spunk.”

Tiffany could see the class, starting to rub gently at their mounds, they were getting warmed up for the main event. Slipping her lips around the head of his cock, she circled his cockhead with her tongue, listening to his grunt of pleasure, then she pushed down, and eagerly swallowed his cock in one gulp, his balls touched her chin, and his cock head nestled in her throat. She pulled back, and gave him a hot, wet suck job, enjoying the feel of his stiff shaft filling her mouth.

After a minute, she pulled back and stood facing the class. She could see the lust-driven sheen on her class of revved-up teens, and in a voice throaty with lust, she growled, “Now that you have your man’s cock all hard and ready, let him take you, the second position, from behind.”

Tiffany went over to her desk, leaned forward until her tits pressed against the desktop, and spread her stance istanbul travesti wide. She slipped her fingers down, spreading open her pussy lips, revealing her dripping wet pink folds to the Principal’s hungry gaze, inviting him to stuff her cunt. She shifted her buttocks in wanton and inviting little circles, urging him on to give her a good, hard fuck.

Principal Hunter grinned and took the position, nudged his cock against her, and drove his hips forward. Tiffany squealed with pleasure as she was beautifully stuffed, hos cock surging into her until she felt his balls smack against her pussy.

He paused for a second, so Tiffany could instruct the class, ”This position has variations. On your hands and knees, ass up commonly referred to as doggy style. My position, where I am at 90 degrees, using my desktop. Or you can bend forward slightly, and your lover can ream you like that. If you want to test it out with strap-ons and a willing girl, go for that too.” Looking over her shoulder at the Principal, she grunted, “Now fuck me, ream my hot cunt, and flood me with a thick rush of hot cum!”

Principal Hunter smiled, and gripping her hips, he set the fucking rhythm, driving forward with lust-driven thrusts. Tiffany was driven up on her tiptoes as her willing cunt was stuffed to the max on every plunge, oh yeah, being taken hard, her favorite.

Tiffany grunted, “Oh yeah, fuck me harder, harder, I love it, paint my cervix white!”

Principal Hunter was glad to do so, Tiffany was very hot, sexy and so fuckable, he grunted with pleasure as he power fucked her, Tiffany’s squeals, cries, and groans of pleasure joined in the rising cadence of lust as he buried it to the balls on every thrust. He totally relished the grip of her walls, stretching apart her pink hole to take all he had, testing the liquid depths of her fiery fuck hole with great enjoyment. Having a class full of naked, horny 18-year-old girls, watching him shaft their teacher, and jilling off to it was an extra boost.

Tiffany gazed at her class, an expression of sheer bliss on her face, and saw every one of her students were masturbating, just like the first sexual position lesson. Cries and moans of pleasure filled the room as nimble fingers were pumping istanbul travestileri juicy wet holes, the smell of teen lust and the wet squelch of plunging fingers filled the air.

Tiffany knew she was on the verge, orgasm was imminent, and she gasped out to her class, “When you’re ready to explode, just let it go!”

Just before Tiffany’s orgasm hit her, she saw Paige, body shaking, mouthing, ‘I want to fuck you just like that’ and then letting out a shriek as she hit climax, the sight of Paige in the lust driven grip of orgasm gave Tiffany the last little push.

”Fuck, oh fuck, fuck, Cum in MEEE!”

Tiffany shrieked as her pussy started to spasm and milk hungrily. She felt the tightening up around the Principal’s cock, she was surrounded by multiple cries of orgasm as Paige’s climax started to set off the other girls. Dimly, she heard the Principal grunt out “Oh yeah, fuck, cumming FUCK!” and the explosion as her cervix was coated with waves of hot cum, her pussy sucking eagerly at his pulsing prick, hungry for every drop.

When he pulled out, Tiffany was in a glow of pleasure, and she cooed, “Caroline Hanson, come up and clean us off.”

Caroline eagerly scrambled forward, she had just sailed through a gut-wrenching orgasm, and she was eager to get in on the hot action. She licked all over the Principal’s cock, then she swallowed him down, slurping all over his prick, giving his cock a hot mouth washing. Then she turned her attention to Tiffany’s parted thighs, a huge white glut of cum lined her pink labial lips, and she was hungry for that hot creampie.

Tiffany purred with pleasure as Caroline happily went down on her, her pussy lips were sealed to Caroline’s mouth, and she could feel her tongue digging in, a huge glut of cum gushed out, and she heard muffled sounds of pleasure as Caroline eagerly tasted the rush, letting it slide down her throat. Tiffany tightened up her inner muscles and squeezed, and Caroline happily drank down the mingled juices that Tiffany could give her.

Caroline lifted her head up, and Tiffany grunted, ”OH GOD, YES!” as she felt Caroline’s dainty tongue licking at the tight, rose-shaped pucker of her asshole.

Caroline adored giving oral, and not just pussy, she travesti istanbul knew how sensitive a tight little butt hole was, and the teacher deserved a total cleaning.

Tiffany was purring and moaning with pleasure as Caroline went from pussy to asshole and back again, licking and probing gently, sucking out all that hot spunk that had hosed down her cunt, licking and teasing her tight little starfish, then went back towards her throbbing, stiff clit.

She poised two fingers against Tiffy’s fuck-hole, then drove them in. Tiffany squealed as she was taken, she saw through lust-glazed eyes that her class were masturbating again, watching Tiffany in the grip of hot lust, being licked to climax by Caroline, had got her students stroking their steamy teen fuck-holes a second time, and feeling the grunts and moans against her pussy as Caroline eagerly feasted on her steamy snatch, it was obvious that Caroline was also rubbing herself off.

Tiffany locked eyes with Paige, Paige returned the locked eyes, her pink tongue slipped out as she licked at her lips, then she blew Tiffany a kiss.

As Tiffany felt her G spot being stroked, she squealed and grunted her way through climax, she could feel her juices squirting, and her student’s cries of orgasmic release joined in as her students climaxed with her again. She felt Caroline’s loud cries of orgasm against her pussy, and she came again and again, hard wrenching waves of pleasure washed over her.

When Caroline lifted her head, her face was glazed and shining wet with her facial, she smiled at Tiffany and said, “Thank you, teacher, it felt so good to have your pussy cumming all over my face!”

As Tiffany sailed down from her orgasmic plane, she was already off to another great day. She still had the ”please the teacher” period ahead, she smiled as she wondered who would be licking her cunt today. The look that Paige favored her with made it pretty obvious that her head would be one of the ones between Tiffany’s thighs.

As for who she wanted after school, Tiffany had decided that it was Krystal who would be the one, for the ”one on one” time. She wondered if Krystal would want to take it, like Paige, or be the dominant one and take the teacher, as Deanna had done. Whichever way was fine, she was eager to get her hands all over her, lick her, then plug her ass and ram her to a screaming orgasm, or to be fucked to a screaming orgasm by Krystal. She was lining up her choices, Caroline would be the day after. Ummm, it was so much fun deciding who would be next on her list.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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