Work Friends

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“Holy shit, look at those!” Andrew said out loud into his full face helmet, as he rode by the small plexiglas bus shelter. He loved to ride his 1987 Triumph Bonneville to work, in the summer time. It was an old bike with lots of battle scars, but it was his last claim on his youth, since settling down to raise a family. He did his best to keep it running, from his ramshackle shop in the garage, while his car sat outside in the driveway. Riding to work wasn’t a bad way to stay cool on the hot summer commute, either.

Andrew also loved riding around in the hot Virginia summer because the ladies were out in droves. There were tits everywhere. He had no idea if the tits he had just ogled were sixteen or sixty years old, because in the two seconds it took to ride past them, he hadn’t found the time to see their owner’s face. It didn’t really matter. They were just really nice tits and he was just looking. “It’s gonna be a beautiful day,” he thought.

If anyone ever got into the head of Andrew Perkins, they would have thought him a disgusting pig. And let’s face it; he was. Partly, anyway.

But Andrew was an honest guy who lived mostly by the rules. He returned his shopping cart. He didn’t lie or manipulate to get what he wanted. He didn’t cheat on his wife, or his taxes. In his twenty-three years of driving, Andrew hadn’t been issued a single parking ticket or traffic violation. It wasn’t that he never drove above the posted speed limit; rather he just sped about as much as everyone around him.

Andrew believed in an honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work. He showed up to work on time and he left on time. While he was working, he contributed meaningfully, and enjoyed rewarding career.

He also went to the gym regularly because that was his rule for himself. “You have to adopt something like that into your routine if you’re going to stick with it,” he would often tell people. He felt pretty good about the results he was getting too.

However, Andrew spent a lot of time thinking about sex; mostly with his wife Amy, but often with one of nearly half of the women he knew and wasn’t blood-related to. He wasn’t into tying anyone up or hurting them, just consensual, pleasurable, dirty sex, and lots of it. Andrew had fantasized, once, about tying his wife to the bed, but that was just so he could go watch TV in peace. That was an entirely different matter.

Andrew behaved himself.

At work, he focused on the task at hand. He didn’t spend much time visiting or gossiping. He wasn’t concerned with office politics or which celebrity was in hot water this week. Andrew was a top notch engineer and he kept his mind on his work. That was, except when Raley Wanamaker was in the room. Raley was very tall and very pretty. She had long straightish red hair, big pretty green eyes, broad shoulders, a well defined waist, wide hips, “…and big fuckin’ tits!” as Andrew’s crude office-mate Dan would say.

Raley was also very bright. Not everyone appreciated just how sharp she was, because her smarts were hidden under an air self deprecating humility and a certain lack of confidence. She came from Ireland with her family as a teenager and never felt quite like she belonged. High school was a tough time for her and it didn’t take her long to find the wrong crowd.

It was Raley’s bright mind and brighter charm that had gotten her into the sales department of Jameson Dynamics, despite what most of her coworkers thought. It didn’t help that Raley’s persona was not one of professionalism either. She had been reminded often to “…mind my fucking language,” she told Andrew one day at lunch. She did use the F-word a lot. Most of her coworkers found her odd.

Andrew, however, found Raley to be intriguing. He remembered a time when she ran into the engineering department with a question. “Hi me fellas, sorry to bother you but I have a question,” she started. “And I don’t know why I can’t wrap my head around it; I’m just thick or something…” but as she started explaining, it became clear to Andrew that she had the answer nearly figured out, but not the confidence to accept it.

Raley was a little older than Andrew but he could never tell by how much. He would look at the few narrow lines on her forehead and wonder. She had a few streaks of grey in her hair, which made her look partly blonde from a distance. Raley was interesting, and she was hot.

Andrew and Raley were always the first ones in the board room for the morning meeting. Raley shared Andrew’s strong work ethic and they would visit for a few minutes while waiting for everyone else to arrive. After a while, Andrew started arriving earlier on purpose just so he could visit with Raley for those few minutes.

Andrew and Raley were work friends.

As a rule, Andrew didn’t flirt at work, but on this day, he felt like he wanted to give Raley a compliment on her outfit, whatever it was. It was bound to be sexy, anyway. He often anticipated what she would be wearing. Would she have a low cut top? No. She never çankaya escort did. She often wore a longish skirt, maybe with a pair of heels. She could even rock a pair of jeans, with her long legs and her fantastic ass, but she always kept a very conservative neckline.

“Top of the morning, Andrew,” Raley sang out, as she entered the room cheerfully. She had lost most of her accent, but still had that Irish charm. “Happy Monday,” she added with a hint of sarcasm.

“Good morning to you, too,” Andrew called back to her. “Wow, those are great heels you have on today,” he pointed out when she sat and crossed her legs, next to him. “With jeans, no less,” he added. Raley was sitting to the side of him toward the presentation wall. Her leg nearest to him crossed over the farther leg, which had the effect of showing the beautiful curve of her hip, as it blended into the shape of her strong looking thigh.

Raley looked at her foot and acknowledged “Yeah, y-know, I just love high heels…it’s dumb, I know.”

“Not at all. They suit you, and you’re so tall already. Its kinda hot.” Andrew was pouring it on pretty thick.

“Go way outta that,” she dismissed the compliment, as she always did when receiving any kind of praise.

Andrew countered. “Seriously, they look great on you.”

“I do like them.” That’s as far as Raley would go toward accepting the compliment.

As the room filled up and the morning meeting began, Andrew kept glancing at Raley, like a kid who’s just been told not to look at a solar eclipse. He looked at her briefly, and noted her pretty green eyes. Her glasses lightly framed and enlarged them just a little. Then he quickly looked back to the presentation. A moment later, he looked at her again and took in the visual of her long fiery red-orange hair that parted in the middle, fell around her freckled shoulders and finished half way down her arms. Of course he looked at her chest, too. Her large breasts looked amazing on her as she sat tall in her seat. They were beautifully big; not freakishly big.

Andrew found himself fantasizing about Raley.


It’s just Raley and me left at the table. Who knows where everyone else went or why? It doesn’t matter. I’m not fantasizing about logistics here.

She stands up, and seats herself on the thick glass table in front of me. She leans back onto her hands, needlessly popping out her magnificent chest.

“Do you wanna see ’em?” Raley asks.

“Mmm, I sure do,” I respond, as I grip my chair arms. She finger calls me to come closer. I obey, leaning in. As I do, so does Raley. I bring up my hand to cup one of her cups. My god, they’re amazing! I unbutton that top button only a couple inches from her neck. One…Two…Three. Now we’re getting somewhere. Four.

She stops me and guides one of my hands inside. I feel a delicate embossed fabric covering her and, I can see her wonderful cleavage.

Raley opens what’s left of her blouse and puts my hand to the front clasp of her white sheer full cup bra. I’m like a boy in a candy store. I can’t wait to unwrap this and put it to my mouth. I expertly open the clasp and feel the cups separate and as they slip away to the sides. Her large breasts spring out, toward the middle. I lift one up in my hands and feel her weight. She sits heavily into my palm. Beautiful. I do the same with my other hand and she returns to leaning back on her hands. “I’ve always known you wanted me, Andrew,” she says.

“Oh, in the worst way,” I respond as I stand up from my seat. I stand over her with my hands still holding her tremendous tits. I squeeze them and feel them. Her big light brown areolae show between my spread fingers. I start to work her nipples and feel them respond to me.

Raley spreads her long legs wide and I bring myself closer to her. Bringing one hand to her waist, I hold one of her breasts in the other hand while thumbing her nipple. I lean in and kiss her. I start kissing at her neck; lightly at first until she lets out a loud exhale. I squeeze her with my hand while I build up a suction that’s certainly going to leave a mark. Raley pulls my head into her with her hand as I go to work. I pull away and look at her free breast and bring my mouth toward her erect nipple, when-


“Andrew, what’s the status on those?” he heard his boss, Mr. Jameson ask, ripping him back to the meeting.

Andrew took the tip of his pen away from his mouth and blurted “Those are in great shape, Sir.” It was a total bluff. He looked back to the presentation and got his bearings. He added “The files are ready, and we can start prototyping, first thing in the afternoon.”

Mr. Jameson paused for what seemed a long time. “OK…If there’s nothing else, let’s go make some money.” This is how he always closed the meetings. His way of rallying the troops, Andrew supposed. Andrew returned to his desk and got right to work on the day’s big project. He loved his work and was happy to be doing keçiören escort it; not as happy as he would have been, thinking about Raley, but pretty close. Part way through the morning, Raley popped by Andrew’s desk to clarify something she was working on. After a quick reassurance, Andrew asked her “Did you bring a lunch today? I’m going out, and I’m looking for a lunch buddy.”

Raley answered “I did, actually, but yeah, I’d love to go out. I’ll leave my lunch here for tomorrow.” It was a date.

“Do you wanna drive, or take my car?” Raley asked Andrew an hour later.

“Well, I brought the bike in, so let’s take your car.” Andrew paused. “Unless you wanna…”

“Right than, I’ll drive.” A motorcycle wasn’t on Raley’s list of legitimate travel. They got into Raley’s little Ford Focus.

“I’m thinking Norm’s today,” Andrew asserted. Andrew was hoping for just the two of them to be able to visit.

Norm’s cafe was a quaint little joint that had good coffee and good sandwiches. Best of all, it was quiet. It smelled of country ham and coffee. The wood floor was overdue for a refinish and half of the chairs didn’t match the other half. They stood in line and placed their orders. Once they had their food, Raley picked out a small table near the back that didn’t wobble too much. “You can take the wall seat of you like,” she offered. She knew he would often prefer to face the room.

“I’ll sit here,” he answered as he put his hand on the back of the seat facing away from the room. He really did hate to sit with his back to the room, but he was going to work on his eye contact. Raley was certainly going to be a challenge. Andrew sat down. “So I have all the customer files you sent and…” He began, until he saw the palm of Raley’s hand up.

“I didn’t come for lunch to go on about fucking work,” she interrupted.

Andrew paused. “OK…umm…”

“Tell me about your weekend.” She coaxed him with an inviting smile.

“OK, you’ll love this. Yesterday, I was squatting down in front of the TV to fix the Blue Ray player ’cause someone jammed a fuckin’ doll shoe into it.”

Raley chuckled.

“Anyway, my pajama pants were riding really low and my two year old comes up behind me and put the TV remote right between my ass cheeks and yells ‘Daddy…bum!’ and he and his mother started laughing about it.”

Raley nearly shot iced tea through her nose as she burst out laughing. “Oh my god, that’s hilarious! Kids are so much fun. Mine are in high school now, so I really miss that age.”

“Honestly, I’m looking forward to that age,” Andrew said as matter of fact. “I’ve about had my fill of babies. I got a vasectomy shortly after the third one came.” Andrew added.

“Oh?” Raley seemed surprised.

He continued. “They wouldn’t be so bad but they’re always onto Amy. They’re such a drain on her and she never puts them down or takes time for herself y-know?”

“Yes it can feel like that.” Raley empathized with him.

“They make her miserable, and that makes me miserable. It’s like they’ve stolen her from me. I don’t even know who she is anymore. So yeah I’m hoping to have her back once the kids grow up a bit.”

Raley jumped in. “Well I guess three kids is enough, but you should try to enjoy them at this age while you still can. I wish I could have more.” She stirred her drink with her straw.

“They do have their moments,” Andrew admitted. He changed the subject. “So, I saw the new Star Wars movie.”

Raley lit up. “Yes, I’ve been dying to see that. Was it good?”

“Of course it was. Alright, I won’t say too much about it but, it ties well into the other movies. It fills in a big part of the story, but you could still get away with not seeing it.”

“AS IF!” they said together and then laughed about it.

“I’m a huge fan.” Raley said. “I’ve committed to watching them all, no matter how many they make.”

Andrew agreed “Yeah, me too. I just hope we don’t get fleeced every year just because they can, y-know?”

“Yeah,” Raley mumbled through a bite of her ham and cheese sandwich.

Andrew picked up his as well, and asked “Did you smell the weed on that guy when we crossed the street?”

“I sure did. Reminds me of…” she paused.

“What?” Andrew pried.

“Oh nothing.” Raley took a sip from her iced tea.

“Awe come on. We’re not at work here.” Andrew had a good idea of what it reminded her.

“I was just thinking it reminds me of college.”

“Yep.” Andrew smiled.

“You? A stoner? I find that hard to believe,” Raley giggled.

“Nah, I just tried it a few times. But I didn’t care for it. Just can’t stand smoke. Know what I mean?”

“Well you wouldn’t know it now, but I used to party a lot when I was younger,” she said, as she did her best to look innocent, opening her big pretty eyes wide and rolling them up and to the side. Andrew glanced at her white blouse and wondered what she would have looked like back in the eighty’s, with etimesgut escort the big hair and denim jacket. He thought about smooth, rounded black leather over her…

Eyes! Eyes! Look at her eyes, Andrew mentally scolded himself. He prodded. “Not anymore?”

“Nah, I’m just an old married woman now. And who has the time?” Raley frowned.

Andrew had never seen her frown before. He suddenly thought about all the times she put herself down. He couldn’t help but think something had sucked the life out of her.

“Come now, you can’t be that old. How old are you?” He was really pressing his luck. He knew never to ask a lady her age, but fuck it, he wanted to know her better, and age is relevant.

“How old are you?” Raley shot back.

“I like to say I’m old enough to know what I’m doing, but young enough to still be able do it.” He winked at her.

Raley laughed. “That’s pretty good. And how old is that?”

“My big four-oh is coming up.”

Raley comforted him about the idea. “Awe, forty isn’t so bad.” She took another bite. A long minute later, she said “I’m old enough to know better, but young enough to do it anyway.”

“I like that one. I might use that.”

“It’s all yours.”

Raley never did tell him her age. Andrew supposed it wasn’t really so important. Whatever age she was, Raley was still plenty attractive.

Holding the second half of her sandwich, Raley asked “Did you hear about the gravitational wave discovery? It’s a really big deal!” She sounded excited.

“I did. It’s pretty cool how it they did it, too.”

The two of them sat together, finishing their lunch and babbling on about gravitational waves, how they propagate, the laser detectors and how they work. She told Andrew what it means for closing old arguments and opening up new research. “It could have an impact on our work too, y-know,” Raley finished up on the subject.

Andrew looked at her fondly. “You’re a lot smarter than you give yourself credit for, y-know,” he praised her.

“Awe, go way outta that,” she dismissed him.

“No, really. You just don’t speak with the confidence that you ought to.”

“Idonno.” Raley went quiet. “Shit, we’re gonna be late.” It was her turn to change the subject.

“Yeah, we better get back soon, before they think we went and parked or something.” Andrew said, as he got up and cleaned up the dishes from the table. As he did, he had a flash in his mind of the two of them in Raley’s car with her riding his cock.

Raley had a similar image flash in her mind. She quickly pushed it away.

Back in the sales department, Raley dropped her purse on the floor beside her desk.

“How was lunch?”

“Don’t start, Jackie” Raley silenced her partner.

“Come on. Dish! You know he wants you.”

“Idonno. He’s nice to me ‘n’ all, but I don’t think…” Raley hesitated. Andrew had been quite flirty today. Come to think of it, he had always paid more attention to her than anyone else. He never made any actual advances though. Maybe she always knew, but just pushed the idea away.

“Mmm hmm,” Jackie teased her. “Think about it. He always sits next to you in the meetings. He asked you out for lunch today and not any of the guys over there. And…” Jackie added “…you should see the way he looks at you. He’s hot for you, girl.”

“Go way outta that.” Raley began to blush. “I don’t want to think about it. Can we just get to work please?” Raley turned into her desk and logged in to her computer.

“Bloody hell, Raley, you act like you’re the first married woman to have captured another married man’s eye.”

“Look. I know your affair was a fun adventure and all, but I’m happy with my uncomplicated life the way it is.”

Jackie didn’t say anything.

A quiet minute later Raley added “And if it means I only get half-assed missionary sex once every couple months than that’s just fine!”

Jackie felt as though she had just stepped in quicksand.

Raley was getting worked up. “And besides it doesn’t matter anyway, Andrew’s married, and so am I, and we couldn’t…”

“Ah hah!” Jackie pounced on the opportunity. “So you have thought about it.”

“I’ve got work to do.” Raley wasn’t getting sucked in again. She bit her upper lip; something she did whenever she was working hard on an idea. She began entering data into a spreadsheet

Later that afternoon, Raley came to Andrew’s desk to show him a quote she was working on for a new client. She asked a few questions and he looked up some information for her.

Andrew’s office-mate, Dan, watched as Raley bent down ever so slightly with her palms on Andrew’s desk. Combined with her heels and jeans, it really made her ass pop. He stared right into her pants until he heard Raley say “That’s great, thanks so much.” She stood up.

Andrew replied “No problem. You were on the right track anyway. Nice work.”

“Thanks for lunch, and the visit,” she said, turning the corner. Both men watched her leave.

Now, if Andrew was a pig on the inside, Dan Briggs was a pig on the inside and on the outside. He was on his final written warning for workplace harassment. He didn’t wait long after Raley left before starting. “God dammit, I wanna fuck the shit outta her.” He bragged about wanting her as if he had just nailed her.

“Dude.” Andrew interrupted “You don’t have to…”

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