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My husband was out of town for a month. Yes, a month, and that is a really long time when you are used to having someone there with you all the time. So there I was lying in bed, thinking of him and trying to get to sleep. My mind started thinking of all the things I wanted to do to him when I saw him again and I managed to get myself nice and worked up over my nasty little thoughts. I sighed, wishing he were there to take care of me, mind wandering to the toy box beside our bed. Sure I could roll over, grab a toy and get off in less than two minutes but where was the fun in that. I was really in a mood and I wanted more. Another sigh. What would my hubby do if he were here? Hmmm an idea. A slow smile coming to my lips as I roll over and start picking through the toys in the basket.

At first my hand passed over the nine-inch jelly beaded anal probe. It is not one of my favorite things to have used on me, it just goes a little too deep and the beads are just a little too wide. It makes me squirm when he puts it in and sometimes it even hurts when he does. However I love how it feels once it is finally in and he fucks me and it is one of his favorite toys to use on me. I smile to myself. Well if I am going to do, I may as well do it right. I pick it up and put it to the side, grabbing a small tube of KY Jelly and slipping out of my pajamas.

I lay back down on the bed, lubing up the toy lightly but stop before I put it in. I move myself up and onto all fours in the position I know he would have me in if it were him doing it. Knowing how open and exposed it makes me feel but making me do it anyway because he loves seeing me this way. I feel strange, sitting on the bed on my hands and knees, naked and alone. Getting yourself off with a toy while hidden under the covers is one thing, but this was such an exposed feeling. I felt myself getting more turned on from thinking about it, wishing he would walk in and surprise me at that moment, knowing how turned on it would make him to see me that way.

Satisfied he would be happy, I reach around nişantaşı escort with the toy and start popping the beads in. There are six. I had never counted before tonight. The first few slid in fairly easy, I was relaxed, more relaxed than when he is doing it to me. Probably because I was alone. I have to press harder at bead five as it is now at the width that starts to stretch my ring. I stop for a moment, thinking, do I really want to do this.. He is not here and will never know if I stop now and just roll over and cum. But no, if he were here he would hold me steady, telling me to relax and slide it in.

My ass contracts as bead five goes in, gripping at it almost hungrily as it pulls it in to the tip of the last bead, without giving myself a chance to change my mind I relax and push, like he has told me to do, allowing the last bead to slip inside and stretch past the tight ring, sliding in till it stops at the hoop on the end. I let out a deep breath that I did not realize I was holding, relaxing my body and wiggling a bit feeling a slight fullness as the beads move with me, massaging my inner walls. “Hmm not bad.” I thought, enjoying the sensation and knowing how happy he would be with me right now. I wiggle again. Very nice, actually. A wicked thought goes through my mind of doing this for him next time, it seemed to go in much easier with me doing it for some reason and I know he would love to watch me as I did it if I could get past feeling so shy about it.

I sit back on my knees for a moment. Now what. I glance at the computer monitor blinking at me and decide to see if I can sit through reading a few hot stories with the probe buried in my ass. By the time I start the third story I am squirming in my chair actually grinding my ass down on it to make the beads move inside me. Oh god if hubby could only see me now.

I decide I had enough and walk back over to the bed, reaching in the toy box again I find my purple jelly g-spot vibrator. I love this toy, it is one of my favorites. Plenty long and two inches wide softly şişli escort curved to hit just the right spot. Tangled around it is a set of nipple clamps. I smile and pull them out too, nipples stiffing a bit as I think about them.

I decide that since I am being such a naughty girl that I should get an extra kick from them and take the soft rubber protector off the bottom side of each one, exposing the jagged metal teeth. I don’t waste any time, laying back on the bad and spreading my legs I start with my right nipple, pinching it and rolling it for a few seconds to harden it before stuffing it into the small clamp. They really need to make these bigger for those of us with larger nipples, I think to myself as I push it in till it is squashed against the tension spring, which I have barley turned, not allowing hardly any give. This is going to hurt, I think to myself and let go. Oww shit. I was right. I squirm my hips hump at the air uncontrollably and I quickly grab my left nipple before I change my mind and loosen them up, slipping this one in as I did the first and letting go, I actually whimper as they bite against my already throbbing nipples.

I move my arm, carefully so as not to jiggle my tits too much, and reach for my lovely purple vibrator. I slip it down to my puffy lips already slick with my juices. I want nothing more than to just shove it in and go to town but I stop myself, knowing if it were my husband he would torture me a while, I tease my lips, the vibrations on the lowest setting, moving my hips with it and spreading myself even wider, closing my eyes and really getting into it. I press my ass back against the bed wiggling slightly as a way of reminding myself of the probe buried in my rear and feel my insides start to throb a bit as my orgasm builds fast. I don’t want it to end so I use my free hand and yank hard on the chain connecting the clamps on my nipples, actually bucking slightly from the pain. Fuck that hurt, but I’m not so close to cumming any more.

I close my eyes, smiling; starting to slide the toy into mecidiyeköy escort my dripping folds deeper, thinking how pleased my hubby would be with me for holding off and making myself wait. Knowing he likes me squirming and begging before he usually lets me cum. I want to tease myself some more so I slip the toy all the way in, leaving it on low. I close my legs tight around it, pushing it down and back so that the tip is angled directly at my G-spot. I put my hands above my head and start to move my hips against the toys buried in me.

My orgasm builds again very quickly, I feel it starting but not wanting to end yet again I move my hand down, grabbing the chain and yanking yard. Ow! Fuck. I groan softly but tell myself that I have to wait, needing to keep my mind on my hubby and not my throbbing cunt. Still holding the chain taunt but moving my hips and grinding on the toys. I think about what he would do and then tilt my head down, taking the chain in my mouth, stretching my abused nipples even more, the teeth digging into them, thinking that this will keep me from cumming as pain shoots through my nipples.

My mind goes back to my husband, wondering what he would do if he were to walk in and see me like this, nipple chain in my mouth and legs pressed tight together, grinding away franticly against the toys stuffing me. I moan at the thought. Nipples on fire the rational part of me tells me to free them before I cause permanent damage so I do, knowing it’s really going to hurt.

I start with the right one, unclamping it quickly and pinching it hard in the opposite direction, my pussy clenches in pleasure from the jolt of pain. I reach for the left one, doing the same thing. Both hands now rolling my nipples roughly between my fingers I finally loose it, going over the edge and cumming harder than I have for a long long time, certainly harder than I ever have by myself. I move slightly as I am still cumming, reaching down and pulling the probe from me, bringing on another lighter climax on the end of the first one. I lay there panting, whimpering softly as I pull the vibrator from my drenched convulsing pussy, barely even rolling over before I am asleep, a smile on my lips as I lay there debating on telling my sweet hubby about this when I see him again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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