Yes, I Remember Elaine

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Big Dick

It was the last glass of wine that made me do it.

I wasn’t sure how I got into this mess, and had no clue how I was going to get out of it, but here I was and here she was. I was an extremely married man, but it seems that my right hand had developed a mind of it’s own and had independently slid itself up the inside of Elaine’s thigh until the edge of my palm was resting against the seam of her panties. I really expected her to slap me silly, or at least to protest and push it away, instead she shifted in the seat and spread her legs just enough to give me access to what lay just beyond the seam. She didn’t say a word, just looked over at me and slowly and seductively licked her lips. I shifted my hand to the right and felt just a hint of moisture on the palm of my hand.

It was 1980, Elaine was my secretary, and we were in Julie’s Lincoln Mark VI. The Lincoln was Julie’s Christmas present, she was Glen’s secretary, and he was in the right hand seat. We were headed back to the office after a Christmas luncheon that had somehow stretched out to the early evening. Elaine and I were in the back seat, and sitting on the back seat next to Elaine were the two poinsettias the girls salvaged from the luncheon.

She was an attractive woman, (more than attractive, she was a babe), had a trim body and had been a dancer. Not a stripper, an honest to goodness ballet dancer who decided her legs were too short and her body too full to ever get out of the chorus, so after some school she found herself sitting outside of my office. She had an easy smile, and green eyes that sparkled when she laughed. Today she was wearing a simple white blouse and a fitted, mid-calf, dove gray skirt that had a sexy slit up to her thigh. If it weren’t for that slit, I would have stayed out of trouble, but I looked at her leg, saw the top of her stocking against her skin and things just happened.

Only a fool will play where he works, I was not going to pursue this any further, I was going to remove my hand and find a way to apologize for being a typical Neanderthal boor. That’s when Elaine rocked her hips forward, pushed that little bit of heaven against my hand, and I found myself falling deeper into the rabbit hole. I really needed to stop, but this particular rabbit hole was soft and beckoning so I flexed my middle finger against that hint of moisture. As I said, it was the wine, or maybe the slit in her skirt, that made me reach for her, but it was those green eyes and the slight tremble I was feeling that urged me onward into the depths of desire. She laid her hand on my thigh and squeezed, then clamped those trim, muscular, dancer’s legs onto my hand like a vise, and I was trapped.

I looked at those lips and knew I wanted to kiss them, to slide my tongue into her mouth and feel her pink tongue dance with mine. I wanted to kiss her hard and long, but I didn’t. Julie would glance into her mirror, see us in a passionate lip lock and the proverbial cat would have scrambled out of the proverbial bag. Instead, I just flexed my finger against the moist satin of her panties, pressing into the source of the moisture, and gently moved it up and down her slit. I was rewarded with a smile, and another tremble that seemed to emanate from deep inside her soul.

I couldn’t believe what was happening; Julie and Glen were in the front seat making small talk about something that was completely beyond my realm of consciousness. Elaine and I were in the back seat almost participating in the same innocuous conversation, while at the same time I was slowly massaging Elaine’s pussy through her panties. The whole scene was simply surreal. At any moment Glen was going to turn around and catch on, but he didn’t. He just kept prattling on about the beef wellington, his trip to Germany or his upcoming ski trip to Vail. Julie was weaving through the downtown traffic, I was trying to figure out what the hell I was doing, and Elaine just sat there smiling, grinding and flashing her green eyes.

I knew I was making a big mistake, no good would come of it, so I should pull my hand away and stop this crazy scene right then. Instead I slipped my finger under the elastic and into her eager wetness. She shuddered, began squeezing my finger with the inside of her pussy, and dug her nails into my leg. This time it was my turn to reward her by pushing the palm of my hand down on her clit. I felt her pussy tremble, the wet smoothness of her pussy and the course but silky hair that crowned it. She discreetly ground her pussy into my hand, tightened the death grip she had on my finger, and took a deep breath.

She was willing, I was ready, my cock was rock hard, and her pussy was flowing. I wanted this fabulous woman to pull my cock out, climb on my lap and impale herself eryaman escort on it. I wanted to feel that soft satiny smoothness envelop me, hear her moans and gasps as I drove deep into her. I wanted her to scream in rapture as I filled her with streams of cum. I wanted to feel the juices run out of her pussy and over my balls as she rocked back and forth. Yes, I was going to hell, but it was going to be an e-ticket ride all the way.

It didn’t happen.

Instead, Julie pulled into the parking garage in the basement of our building. I looked at Elaine, and said “ummm”, she replied “yeah”, and I slid my finger out of heaven. She released my leg and adjusted her skirt. Now what?

Julie pulled into a parking spot near the elevator, and we climbed out of the car. This was a pretty neat trick since I had a huge bulge in my pants, and I focused on covering it with my suit jacket as I slid out, then slipped on my overcoat as soon as I stood up. The four of us climbed on the elevator, Julie and Glen talking about Vail, and beef wellington or something. Elaine and I stood there in an awkward silence as the elevator wound its way up to the office. When we got there, people were returning from the party, picking up their stuff and preparing to leave for the day.

Without saying a word, Elaine and I walked into my office. I was embarrassed, and unable to say anything, she just looked around not making eye contact. The silence was deafening, you could see the tension. I’d just finger fucked my secretary in the back seat of a car, while our co-workers sat in the front seat.

Finally I broke the silence, “look Elaine, I uh….I’m sorry about that, I just got out of control there”, she smiled and “yeah, but it sure was fun while it lasted, what now?” What I wanted to do was take her into my arms and kiss her passionately, then pick up where we left off, but my nerve left me, so I replied, “we have to get on with our lives.” She nodded, leaned over to give me a kiss on the cheek and said “Merry Christmas”, then turned and walked out to her desk.

The emotions were overwhelming; I was wrestling with the guilt and the desire. The voices in my head were having a heated argument. One was saying “Take her, take her and fuck her,” the other was saying “Wayne, go home, you’ve got to take your wife to the neighborhood Christmas party tonight, what kind of turd are you anyway?”

A semblance of sanity came over me, so I stuck my head out of my office and said, “Merry Christmas, I’ll see you tomorrow.” She smiled at me, and said “OK, thanks for being so nice,” and walked away before I could respond. I busied myself with shuffling stuff around my desk until I was sure she had made it down the elevator, then turned off the office light and left. It was going to be a long night. All I could see was those damn green eyes.


The next day was going to be a short day, and then we’d all take a couple of days off for the holidays. As usual, I was in early, and busied myself with reading the Wall Street Journal. Elaine came in a little later said hello then got busy with her routine work, while I read the paper about 8 times, never comprehending what was in it. I have no idea what Elaine did that morning, but I was painfully aware of her presence and the sexual strain. For several hours, we just existed, surrounded by a bubble of silent tension that seemed to be physical. I had no idea what to do or say, all I could think of was my wife, the soft wetness of Elaine, and what a shit I was. The guilt was eating me up, but hell; I’d danced to the piper and now was paying the psychic price.

About 12:30 everyone started to drift off when Judith and Paula, two of the bookkeepers, wandered in and asked if I wanted to have a drink with them on the way out. I said sure, since it was about time to leave, and grabbed my coat. Judith then yelled “Elaine, come on, let’s run down to Lou’s before we leave”. I looked at Elaine, she looked at me and we both had the same thought, neither of us said it, but we knew the jig was up, we were busted!

Lou’s was a little downtown bar on the ground floor of the building. It was all dark paneling, with about 8 tables and a bar. The four of us sat at a table, and ordered a pitcher of beer. I bought (I think that’s the reason they invite me, I’m an easy touch), and waited uneasily for Judith or Paula to make some comment. After a few minutes of normal conversation, both Elaine and I came to the same conclusion. Our dirty little secret was safe, they didn’t know about the sexy car ride. So I ordered another pitcher of beer, and refilled glasses.

As we were talking, I felt a foot rubbing on my leg under the table. sincan escort My head snapped up and I saw an evil glint in those green eyes. Instantly the tension and guilt was gone, only to be replaced by a burning desire to have that vixen who was sitting next to me. As Jimmy Carter said, “I felt lust in my heart,” and I was lost. Judith and Paula finished their drink, and got up to leave, I poured the last of the beer into Elaine’s glass hoping she would hang around.

She did.

When we were alone, I said, “You have no idea what I’m feeling right now.” She looked into my lustful heart and said “I hope I do, I hope you’re feeling the same thing I am.” I thought I was going to die, right then, right there.

No matter what they say, almost every straight man on earth secretly harbors the fantasy of bending his secretary over his desk and banging the shit out of her. Every time she walks in his office, he says something like “can you pull the Warson Contract for me?” but he really wants to say “Will you suck my Dick, and pull every drop of my cream down your throat?”

Well, here I was, my beautiful secretary rubbing on my leg, and implying that we should become very good friends, friends with benefits. “Elaine,” I said, “assuming you’d want to jump in the sack with me, can we do this without creating a problem?” She looked at me, and replied “Assuming I’d want to jump in the sack with you, the only problem I can see is if you left me in the same shape I was in yesterday.” Oh God, the internal struggle was over with those words. I was lost in her remembered wet, sweetness and was spiraling into the darkness.

Without a word, I took her by the hand and led her to the elevator; I had visions of her leaning over my desk while I watched my hard dick slide in and out of her pussy. At the elevator doors, I pressed the up button, and the doors opened immediately, we stepped on and as soon as the doors closed I took her into my arms and crushed my lips onto hers. She reciprocated my passion and ground her body into mine. I could feel her firm breasts against my chest while our tongues danced. My hands slid down her back to cup her ass and pull her hips closer to me. When the doors opened, we broke our clinch and stepped into the hallway, the glass office doors were locked, and the lights were out, the office was abandoned, and was all ours.

Still without a word being spoken we walked hand in hand into my office, I closed and locked the door behind us. My office was small, but nicely furnished with a leather topped desk, a small couch, and a fabric upholstered side chair. It’s funny what runs through your mind at times like this. We’d been walking hand-in-hand through a major downtown office building, and had exchanged a passionate kiss on a public elevator, but I was suddenly paranoid about being caught in our illicit affair in my private office behind two sets of locked doors. (Oh shit, I was having an affair!)

Elaine was wearing a white scooped neck dress with a short jacket over it, not an incredibly sexy look, just typical office attire. Guilt was descending on me like a heavy cloud and I was about to tell her this can’t go on, when she slipped her jacket off. I can’t decide if it was her bare arms, or watching her remove that jacket, but whatever it was my passion rose higher to dispel the cloud and carried me away to an unbelievable level of desire. We stepped toward each other and again kissed. Once more I felt her breasts against me, smelled her hair, and reveled in her passion. She ground her hips into my rock solid erection. Oh My! My hands found the zipper on her back, and pulled it down. She stepped back and let her dress fall to the floor and pool around her feet.

This vision, this object of my desire was standing before in a simple white bra, chaste low-cut white satin panties and those same thigh high stockings as last night. Once more I pulled her to me and kissed those luscious lips, once more my hands found connectors on her back and once more a piece of her clothing was on the floor at her feet.

We had spoken not a word, but the communication was as clear as if it were posted on a giant billboard. We both wanted the same thing, my hard cock buried in her hot wet pussy. She broke the silence, “Wayne, I want you but I want our first time to be someplace special.” I replied “Elaine, I want to fuck you, I want you here and now, and I can’t wait.” Once more those green eyes sparkled, once more her arms went around my neck and once more we kissed. My hands went down her back, slipped inside her white panties and crushed her hips into mine.

I have no idea how it happened, but I was suddenly divested of my suit, shirt and shoes and was etlik escort standing kissing her wearing only my tighty whities (I know, not at all sexy or stylish, but it was 1980 and that’s what I was wearing.) My cock was sticking straight up, with the head just peeking out the top, she giggled, and pointed then pulled my underwear down and off, adding yet another article to the pile of clothing on the floor. She pushed me down to the chair, stepped out of her panties and sat sideways on my lap.

All this time I had been looking at her body, but all I’d seen was her green eyes, pink lips and that smile, that deadly smile. Now I started for her breasts, and got a surprise. The left nipple was rock hard, and sticking out in armor piercing mode, but the right one was inverted. Where the nubbin was supposed to be was an indentation, she had an inverted nipple. I looked at it and said, “What’s wrong”? She blushed, and replied “I don’t know, I’m sorry, it’s just like that.” I thought it was charming, and told her so. Next I took that poor malformed nipple into my mouth and began sucking on and licking around it. She tilted her head back, moaned a bit through parted lips, and soon both nipples were sticking straight out. Meanwhile my left hand was extremely busy working on her glorious pussy, playing with her clit, sliding first one, then two fingers in and out of her remembered pussy. That’s when something else hit me, last night I clearly remembered a healthy bush, but now there was only a tight little tuft crawling upward to ward her belly. I looked and said “hey it’s different.” Again the smile, the flash of green and the reply “I got it ready for you this time.”

She then threw her leg over me so she was straddling both me and the arms on the chair grabbed my cock and positioned it at the gates of her pussy. She lowered herself onto it in one smooth motion, forcing her pussy to envelop my cock and draw the entire thing deep into her as far as it could go. I saw, felt, and heard her gasp and moan as I was taken into her depths. Remember, in my office, I had a couch, and that nice leather topped fantasy fuck desk, but we were stuffed into that little side chair. I didn’t really care, my cock was buried in her pussy, she was moaning with pleasure. The realization hit, I was fucking my secretary, and it was wonderful.

Do you recall me saying that 6 months ago she was a ballet dancer? Well her dance training took over and all I could do was shiver as she rocked her hips back and forth, sliding up and down on my cock. She would roll her hips back and up until just the tip was in, then come crashing down to make an audible splat, over and over. She had her head back, and was breathing like a freight train. I looked down between her bouncing tits, and watched her nicely trimmed pussy just pounding away at my cock. NO, I wasn’t fucking my secretary; she was fucking me, and doing a hell of a job.

I’m not one of those supermen who can fuck for an hour or so, and I’d been more or less semi-erect and ready all day. I wanted to stay hard in her, to put her face down and fuck, to find every new position I could think of, but after a lifetime, she came down and I felt her pussy grip my cock. She was in the throes of an orgasm, I felt the juices flowing down my balls and over my ass and I totally lost all resolve. I grabbed her ass and forced myself into her as deeply as I could to shoot what must have been a fire hose stream of cum deep into her. As she felt my cream begin to fill her, she came again, more violently than before, and just screamed OHGODOHGODOHGODOHGOD as I continued to spurt again and again and again. Elaine got religion.

And then it was over, my dick softened, but stayed buried in her pussy, in a semi-state of firmness as she collapsed and laid her head on my chest. All I could do was hold her, exhale deeply and say, “Wow!” After a bit, she stepped off, and my dick slid out of her pussy like a dejected puppy. My dick, balls and lap were coated with a shiny, pearly white mixture of our combined juices. A thick glob of the same pearlescent mixture was slowly crawling from her pussy and down her leg. We were a depleted mess, and I was once again a guilt ridden, flawed human.

After cleaning up she did something else that endeared her to me. She slipped on my shirt, and sat on the couch with her cute tits peeking out, the inverted nipple again withdrawn. Her sweet little pussy winked out at me as she curled her legs under her and we just talked, not as boss and employee, or as lovers, but just two folks having a pleasant conversation. I wanted more, but after that short and very intense session neither of us could even stand, much less fuck.

Elaine and I were truly friends, and remained so for several years. Occasionally we were friends with benefits, but never more than that. Thereafter when we had sex, she always slipped on my shirt and we talked. I eventually got over the guilt. The chair was stained beyond repair, but no one ever asked and I never replaced it, Elaine loved to sit there. We never fucked on my desk, but I’m OK with that.

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