5 Mile High Fun

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There I was at 31,000 feet, I never would have thought this could happen, especially to me. If this didn’t happen to me I would have thought the story was bullshit. But there I was in flight from Seattle, WA to San Francisco, CA. I was the Captain of the flight; it was a small commuter type turboprop airplane that holds approximately 30 passengers, while at cruise flight my First Officer had to go use the Lavatory in the back of the airplane. Company policy states that if a crewmember leaves the cockpit the Flight Attendant, they don’t like being called stewardess any more, must stay in the cockpit until the crewmember returns.

This particular Flight Attendant that took my First Officers place was a gorgeous, perky new Flight Attendant with an insatiable appetite for sex. We started talking and she asked how high up we were, I said that we were at 31,000 feet. She asked if that was over a mile high? I told her that we were almost 6 mile up in the air. Then she asked me if that qualified for the Mile High Club? (The Mile High Club is an exclusive club for people that have had sex in an airplane while being at least one mile in the air.) etiler escort I told her that at that altitude you would be qualified to be a Five Star Mile High Club Member. She thought that sounded great and asked if we would have time before the First Officer came back, I told her that we had plenty of time to do whatever she liked to do.

She then took off her vest, blouse, and bra to revile the most beautiful, firm, perky breasts I have seen in a long time, since I am at least 20 years older than her. Her breasts were milky white with very nice quarter sized areolas and erasure tipped nipples. Then she lifted up her skirt and slid her thong to the side to revile a perfect set of glistening, shaved lips coated with her fuck juices already leaking out and down her tight smooth thighs. I slid my tongue up her smooth thighs sucking in her nectar into my mouth; she tasted like the freshest peaches I have ever tasted. Then I pressed my face to those lips and started to lick up her juices spreading her lips open. As my tongue slid up and down her slit she moaned with pleasure. As I fucked eve gelen escort her with my tongue she begged for me to stick a finger in her ass. As soon as my finger slipped in her ass, her pussy gushed all over my face and mouth as she came.

She then reached for my cock and stared to rub it through my pants, then she undid my belt unhooked my pants and sipped them down then she slid her hand inside my pants to pull my cock out. I helped her by sliding my pants down to my ankles. She then started to suck on my meat stick; her lips went up and down on my shaft. Watching her gorgeous red hear flow around my six-pack and her beautiful head bob up and down on my meat stick was suck a turn on, I almost shot my massive load down her throat right then, but I wanted more. I pulled her head off of my cock and kissed her deeply and told her to get on top of me. She guided my saliva covered pleasure stick in her tight young pussy. She told me she felt so full she rode me like a stallion in that cockpit. Then she leaned down and kissed my ear and whispered in my ear that she wanted me fatih escort to cum in her ass.

She slid off of me and turned around to place her asshole at the tip of my cock. I slid my pulsating cock in her ass as she rested her breasts on the instrument panel, that’s like the dashboard in your car. I fucked her hard and she was begging for more, finally I said I was going to cum. I could feel my balls twitch as my cock pulsated and shot load after load of cum deep into her waiting ass feeling her ass tighten as she came with me. She said she could feel my vein throbbing cock pulsate inside her as it pumped her full of cum. When I pulled out of her she let out a cute little raspy fart then slid her thong back in place over her gaping puckered hole so my cum would not drip out. Then she went back down on me licking and sucking her cunny juices off of my cock and balls to leave no trace on me of what happened.

She then finished putting on her clothes and buttoning up her vest when the First Officer called on the intercom telling us he was done and ready to come back in. She then kissed me on the cheek and whispered in my ear, “Thanks for letting me in the Mile High Club” then opened the door and let the First Officer back in and she went back to her passengers to continue the services. When we were done for the day and were going to our hotel rooms she gave the First Officer her well-used Thong and said see you next time, but that’s for him to tell you that one.

Capt. MileHigh

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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