80 Plus Grannies

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Big Tits


As I am now 70 plus, I cannot get a real hard-on anymore — just a sort of a strong piss proud erection. But the advantage of that is I can last a very long time, before shooting my wad and even better, produce loads of pre cum.

During the past year or so I have extended my granny lust to ladies 80 and over, but they must be chubby/fat — skinnies look like skeletons.

Edna — the surprise

I found my first old lady-friend, Edna, in the supermarket driving around her buggy. She was trying to get something off a shelf but could not reach and being ever the gentleman, I leaned over and got it for her. After she thanked me, we started small talk, as you do, and well, I took her for a cup of tea in the supermarket café.

I found out that she suffered from arthritis and could not walk far, but was ok around the house. I must admit she did not look 83 and she seemed to keep herself in good nick, with nice clothes, makeup, etc. Yes, she was nice and plump and very pleasant. Anyway, after that, we used to meet up at the café every week.

Out of the blue one week, Edna asked if I would like to have tea at her place. Of course, I agreed and there we were the following Wednesday sitting on the sofa when she said; “Robert, do you ever miss the intimate side of things now you’re on your own? I do, very much, but I suppose we just have to put up with it.”

I turned to her and kissed her gently and whispered, “well Edna we could help each other in more ways than one.” She returned my kiss with more passion, exploring my mouth with her tongue. We must have been at it for a good ten minutes and she was getting entirely worked up as was I.

Not being one to miss an opportunity I pulled up her skirt and as I pushed my hand Haramidere escort up to her thighs, she responded by opening them.

And what a surprise, no knickers. As I went further, I hit the jackpot, she still had lots of hair. Finding her clit with my thumb I rubbed it gently, sending a shiver through her. By now Edna was getting quite wet which allowed me to put two fingers into her, pushing gently upwards, and as she moaned and groaned: “that’s lovely Robert, gently finger fuck me but put in another two fingers.”

As I was doing so, she pulled down my zipper and retrieved my now very wet cock, and gently began to wank it. We must have been at it for a good while and I could feel her ready to cum as we both speeded up and came almost at the same time.

After we cleaned up, Edna asked if we could make it a weekly event and promised me that she would make it more interesting.

The 81-year-old flasher who loves to piss fuck

I am a sucker for any woman, who blatantly flashes their cunt (especially if it is hairy) at me. It is extremely unusual for very old ladies to even have an interest in sex but exceptionally rare to find one who likes to signal their interest in sex by flashing their fanny almost in your face.

One sunny afternoon after shopping in the local supermarket I was minding my business sitting in the car reading. I had parked up at the far end of the car park when I noticed an elderly lady park right next to me. She was dressed conservatively and turned to me and smiled. I of course smiled back. She was exactly my type, chubby, nice round granny face, etc. Opening her door, she swivelled around on the seat as if to get out, but as she did so, she opened her legs giving me a good İkitelli escort bayan view of her stocking-clad fat thighs and the gusset of her pants. It lasted for only a second or so, but I was aroused and interested.

Anyway, she went on her way into the market and I carried on reading. It crossed my mind as to why she would park next to me in a deserted area of the car park. Giving it no further thought, I must have dozed off when there was a knock on my window. It was her.

“I’m sorry to wake you, but | was wondering if you could help me load up this lot — I am not as strong as I used to be.”

Being ever the gent, I agreed, got out, and as we packed items into the boot along with her bags, she introduced herself as Angela.

“I’m Robert”, I replied, flashing my best smile.

As we finished loading, she looked me right in the eye and said “I could not help but notice Robert that you showed a keen interest in my crotch when I got out of my car. Don’t get me wrong, please, I was flattered that an old biddy like me can still get a gentleman’s interest. If I am really honest, I did it on purpose to see if it would work. Which is why I parked right up here next to you. You caught my eye, so to speak.”

“Well, Angela it did work. And I must add, your chubby thighs turned me on. I would like to see more, if I may?”

“Well, why not come into my car and find out? You’ve got me interested.”

Whilst in the car we chatted about all sorts of things and agreed that at our ages, we should grab what we can. Rubbing my thigh, she leaned over and gently kissed me which lead to me pushing my hand up her skirt, but the surprise was no knickers and she was very hairy for an old bird.

As I was Escort Çapa fingering her fat twat, I asked her when she took off her knickers. “In the toilet, in anticipation of this. But not to alarm you, Robert, my bladder is not very strong and I might squirt a bit.”

“You can piss all over my hand if you want.”

“Oh Robert, that is nice. But l cum a lot harder when I have a long piss.”

Whilst I didn’t get hard enough to cum, I enjoyed making her cum and piss over my fingers.

We agreed to meet at her place the next day and we promised to have extremely full bladders. On opening the door Angela was wearing nothing under an open housecoat. Her lovely flabby titties hung down to her protruding belly which flopped over her beautiful hairy cunt. In short, she did look good to fuck.

Leading me into her bedroom we sat down on the bed and she undressed me all the while teasing me by flashing her tits in my face. Lying down both stark naked, I started kissing her passionately: she responded and gently started wanking my piss proud cock as I fingered her massive hair-covered clit.

She started to squirt and said “Robert, fuck me please, right now” as she moved her thigh over me. “Don’t worry honey, your cock is just right,” as she pushed it up her fanny.

By now my dick was a little harder -hard enough to fuck her and it didn’t take long for me to shoot a few small wads of spunk. All the time she was getting very vocal: “Oh yes, yes, I can feel it, Robert. Fuck me harder, harder.”

I did my best and rammed my piss proud right against her clit and also stuck a couple of fingers up her tight arse.

“Yes, fuck me Robert I am going to cum — piss up my fanny now.”

With that, she pissed herself screaming “more, more.”

It was so fantastically kinky hearing her gush over my cock that I let go of my bladder and pissed up to her womb.

The bed was soaked, and after cleaning up, she said, “that was fucking great.”

Now, it was nice and perverted; though I enjoyed it, it wasn’t something I would do every week.

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