A Bad Boy’s Love Ch. 03

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The final chapter for this story. It’s 2.27am right now, my energy levels are zilch and I’ve just completed it. My bad, and I’ll try to release all the chapters at once for a story next time. Have fun.



I turned to look at the person who’d called out my name. Keisuke was standing several paces behind me, an unreadable expression on his face. I stared at him icily. “Who did you say you were again?” Then, I just left him eating the dust as I stormed towards my next class. He looked positively crestfallen and hurt was evident in his eyes. Well. Not my problem anymore.

After my little confession a few weeks ago, he’d ceased speaking to me. He’d just ignored me and pretended that I didn’t exist. I couldn’t even begin to describe what I felt back then. For the first time in my life, I’d fallen in love. And I’d fallen hard. I’d never imagined that there would come a day when I would say those words to anyone.

I was the tough kid who grew up picking fights on the streets and picking pockets to survive. None of that helped in dealing with the pain of being abandoned by Kei.

Ever since he’d started ignoring me, I’d indulged in a good dosage of alcohol and fights. Pain has never failed in making me forget things I don’t want to remember, and alcohol is such a numbing bliss for trash like me.

It was stupid. My mind wouldn’t stop thinking about Kei unless I forced it to with drugs. I didn’t even know why I’d professed my love even before we’d gotten to know each other on a deeper level. And how the hell could I fall for someone in less than a month? Pure idiocy, I know.

Still, I hadn’t expected that reaction from him. I’d half-expected a “Huh?” or a “Go fuck someone else” reaction instead, which made this annoying ache a real pain in the balls.

I tossed my books to the bed, and looked at myself in the mirror. “Well. No wonder that bastard deigned to speak to me again. I look like shit.” There were dark eye bags from lack of sleep, messy hair and mismatched clothes. The bruises on my face and my swollen blue-black left eye made it plain what I’d been up to recently, not to mention that throbbing ache in my head, symptoms of an impending migraine.

Kei’s guilty conscience must have eaten at him when he saw me like this. Sure, I’d been depressed for awhile, but I’ll survive. This is the reality I should face, not some goddamned fairy tale where I whisk off some fair princess away on a white horse. I’d get over him, even if it kills me to do so.

I was shaken out of my reverie by the feel of someone’s eyes on me. Ignoring the regretful expression on Kei’s face, I continued dabbing antiseptic at my bruises with a cotton swab.

“Look, Jake. I’m sorry. It was just too sudden and I didn’t know how to react to it, that’s all.” His eyes pleaded with me not to ditch him. Ironic, considering I was the one who was left behind.

“Kei. Stop. PISSING. Me off. You’re the one who fucking reacted that way, and you think you can just crawl your way back into my good graces? Well, guess what? I’m over it. I don’t give a shit about you and your highborn life anymore.” I scowled at the little twerp and left the bathroom, putting on my earphones. Ah. Last Resort by Papa Roach.

Rich boys and their fucking games. They think they can twist anyone around their little fingers just because they’re all that.

My resolve faltered a little, though, when I snuck a peek at Kei. I’d expected him to look…unperturbed by it all, but he looked half as bad as I did, if not worse. His usually silky locks looked a bit lifeless, and he’d lost some weight. Dark circles and exhaustion marred his pretty face.

Frustration was visible on his face as he ran a hand through his hair, struggling for words and an apology. I must admit that I was at least slightly moved by his current condition, but that didn’t mean that I could forgive what he’d done so thoughtlessly.

“Jake, I…I çankaya escort was scared. Fuck! Do you think this is easy for me? I know the fault was mine, but you just caught me by surprise, okay?” He looked away from me, glaring at the wall.

I smirked. “Look, you want my forgiveness? I don’t give it away that easily. You’ll have to earn it. Think of a way to pacify me and just maybe I’ll forgive you. But for now, I’m still pissed as hell and you’d best stay away from me.” With that, I turned my back to him and closed my eyes, listening to more of Papa Roach’s songs.

Kei didn’t say another word. We allowed our own thoughts to steer us to sleep.

The following day, he waited at my locker. I gave him the stare but to no avail. I was getting tired of this. “Are you my personal stalker? At least give me some room to breathe. God.”

Before he could respond, someone swept him up and gave him a wet, sloppy kiss. Right on the lips. “What the –? Chet? What are you doing here? I thought you were in Japan with –” Kei was shushed up by “Chet” who placed a finger on his lips.

Red. That was the color I was seeing right now. I managed to regain composure by counting to ten and clenching my fists. I drawled coolly and started assessing the tall blonde from head to toe. “Aren’t you going to introduce lover boy to me, Kei?”

Chet slung an arm casually around Kei, doing his own slow perusal of me as well. Nerd. That was one way to describe him. He wore those thick-rimmed corporate glasses, and strangely, they seemed to match well with his checkered shirt and faded jeans with holes at the knees. To give him credit, he did look slightly better than your average nerd, and he was pretty tall; a six-footer. Still, no one that Kei would have bothered hanging out with. And since they seemed so intimate, I was starting to think that he was an ex. Great.

“Jake, this is Chet, my best friend from childhood. Chet, meet my roommate, Jake.” Kei seemed to have forgotten all about me by now and was enthusiastically shooting questions at his buddy, who was eyeing me thoughtfully.

“Have fun with your rendezvous. Ciao.” I was so close to losing my temper and beating the living daylights out of someone who only might be an ex. I wasn’t about to humiliate myself in front of Kei again, seeing that he didn’t give a shit about me. I stalked off in the opposite direction, heading towards the cafeteria for some chips.

If I’d turned behind to look at Kei, I would have had confidence re-installed again. Although his hand was on Chet’s arm, he was looking woefully at my retreating back, pain apparent in his gaze. What he didn’t see was Chet watching him watch me.

I was enjoying a little snack with my chips in hand under a shady tree when I heard someone approach me.


I ignored the human insect and continued to munch. Maybe if I focused hard enough, he’d go away.

“You’re Jake, right? Mind if I share the space with you?” Nice. Focusing is a waste of time.

I stared him down. “Yes, I do mind because you’ll be breathing my air.”

Chet sat opposite of me. “So. Are you naturally sarcastic, or are you just in a bad mood?”

“Chet.” I smiled at him. “It’s obvious that I’m in a foul mood right now. That phrase you just so carelessly spouted would have landed you in the hospital some time ago.”

He chuckled, amused at my response. “Maybe. But not right now. Want to know why?”

Glancing at him with a bored expression, I humored him. “Why?”

“Because Kei likes you, and you like him. You wouldn’t do anything harmful to his buddy, would you?” His words sent a shockwave pulsing through me.

“And you would know that, how?”

“I just do. He told me about you, and what he did. I’ve never, in my years of life, seen him this flustered and worried over anyone at all. So he did something bad. If you knew him keçiören escort the way I know him, you’d know that what I know of him would be what you wouldn’t want to know if you knew, you know?” He grinned at me. Great. A smart aleck is such a killjoy.

“So what is it about him that I wouldn’t want to know? His sordid past?” Seeing as Chet didn’t seem to harbor any feelings towards Kei, I started to feel much better.

“He told you about his dad, didn’t he? Kei was my neighbor, before we struck out on our own. That was how I got to know him. When I was a kid, I was so afraid of his dad; he was like a living statue. He never once praised Kei for anything. Not when he was 1st in school, not when he won the Talented Artist of the Year award, and not even when his own friends complimented him for having such a talented son. His mom’s a workaholic, and couldn’t give a damn about him at all. So, you can imagine.”

Chet shrugged. “He lost me when I had to study overseas for awhile. Now, he probably thinks that he’s going to lose you. Give the kid a break, eh?”

Although Kei wasn’t the spoiled rich boy I’d made him out to be, I couldn’t exactly forgive him yet for his betrayal. I sighed. Damn him and this bastard Chet. I was starting to soften and I knew it. “I’ll think on it, Chet.”

He nodded and got up to leave. “Later, then.” He paused in mid-stride and gave me a lopsided grin. “Well. You’re not as bad as I’d thought you’d be. Take care of him for me. I wholly approve of this relationship and give the both of you my blessings.”

Somehow, I’d ended up back in my room, face-to-face with Kei. He looked miserable and was sitting on my bed. When he saw me, his dark gaze lightened and was replaced by determination. I sat next to him and didn’t say a word, looking straight ahead into nothingness.

“I’m sorry, and I’ll prove it to you.” He leaned forward and kissed me.

I drowned in his kiss, tasting the sweet tang of some chocolate bar he’d eaten and his wet tongue. I forgot my past and what he’d done. I forgot all the hardships I went through to be the person I am today. My mind was filled with thoughts of him, and all I could taste was him. I returned his kiss with fervor, memorizing the lines of his cheekbones with my fingers and breathed in the musky scent of his cologne.

We didn’t exchange any more apologies. Vaguely, I heard the rustling sound of clothes being undone, as his jeans pooled at his feet. I watched him fumble nervously with my zipper and couldn’t resist stealing a kiss. I stretched over him on the bed, both of us wondrously nude. His eyes took in every naked inch of my body, as he traced a hand down my chest and over my nipples. He chuckled when he felt my muscles flex under his exploring hand.

“Utsukushii. Hontou no utsukushii otoko da yo, omae,” he whispered as he traced the hard planes of my body.

I struggled to hold myself in check. I was already so turned on, and the husky tone of his voice just enflamed me.

Trailing kisses at his chest, I paused to nibble at the hardened buds, rolling them around with my tongue before sucking at each one, all the while rubbing my excited cock against his. I felt him shudder and groan my name as his hips undulated in response. “Jake. Stop fucking around and make me yours.”

I drew a deep breath and tried to remember how to be gentle. Reaching into a drawer, I pulled out a bottle of lube and placed it beside me on the bed. Before Kei could protest, I slid my mouth down his cock, then up again, stroking him with my tongue and being careful not to graze him with my teeth as I lubed up my fingers and cock.

As my finger penetrated his virginal hole, his face was tight with concentration and sweat as he struggled to adapt to the feel of being invaded. “Relax, Kei baby. I won’t hurt you.” His tight hole twitched around my finger as I started to fuck him with etimesgut escort it, matching the pace with my mouth on his cock. That was when he started going all Japanese on me.

“Motto…kanjiru sasete!” Now, I had three fingers moving in and out of his tight ass, and Kei was thrusting enthusiastically into my hot mouth as he fucked back against my fingers. I could tell that he was ready.

His hands gripped the bed sheets when my cockhead started to pry his ass lips apart, slowly sinking in. Kei’s face was twisted in pain as he gritted his teeth. “Iitai.” He struggled to accommodate my size, unused to the feeling of fullness inside him.

“Alright, Kei?” I was waging a losing battle with myself, trying not to fuck him senseless although that was what my body was screaming to do. He groaned when I started moving, slowly pulling out before thrusting in again. It wasn’t too long before I really started to fuck that tight ass, branding him as mine as my lips claimed his once again.

Dimly, I was aware of the sound of his sweet ass slapping against my thighs as I plunged my hard cock repeatedly into him. Nails dug into my shoulder blades as he strained to meet my thrusts, pressing back against me.

“Soko! Soko da yo!” He had turned into a Japanese-speaking sex fiend as he encouraged me, sucking and licking frantically at my neck. I obeyed his whims and brought the both of us closer to completion, my breath exhaling in harsh gasps.

I closed my eyes and thrust harder into him, eliciting a loud moan from my lover as I felt that delicious pressure building. “Fuck. I’m gonna cum, Kei!”

“Jake, ore mo! Ore mo iku zo na no!” Kei shuddered and stroked himself furiously as we came together, his cum streaking our stomachs and mine staining his well-used ass and thighs.

I settled in next to him on my tiny bed, and my cock slipped out of previously virgin hole with an audible pop. I drew lazy circles with my finger at his nape, while I tried to find the right words to say.

“That was…I’ve never felt anything like this. I’ve never felt this way about anyone before.” I was vulnerable now. If he rejected me again, I’d probably sink into depression and do something drastic.

Kei turned to face me with intense eyes. “Yeah.” He chuckled. “Aishiteru yo.”

I knew the meaning of those words, by the way he said it, although I wasn’t ready to say them again so soon. “Me too.” He knew what I felt about him, and that was enough. I tugged the comforter over the both of us.

“You’re going to stick with me for a long time, right?” At my nod, he continued. “I’m not going to give a shit about my dad anymore. It’s high time I placed priorities on the things I want, and he won’t be able to make me change my mind about you. You’re like a thorn deeply ingrained in me.”

Puffing out my chest with pride, I grinned. “I’ll be your knight in shining armor when the time comes, Kei baby. Don’t you worry.” I paused for effect. “I was deeply, uhh, embedded in you just awhile ago, you know. And you do know that I don’t speak Japanese, don’t you?”

His eyes glinted with amusement as it dawned on him; I couldn’t understand any of those Japanese phrases he’d moaned at me when we’d been making love. “That’s the whole point, dude.”

I closed my eyes, but stole a peek at the expression on his face when I said “Oh well. I’ll let you win this time, since the seme should be gracious to the uke.” He shot me a disgusted look.

“Your ass is mine next time, and you can bet on that, Jake boy,” he snarled.

“Whatever you say, uke. Oyasumi.”

Kei snorted indelicately at me before settling in for some sleep as well. “Yeah. Oyasuminasai.”


Japanese terms:

Utsukushii. Hontou no utsukushii otoko da yo, omae. : Beautiful. You’re really a beautiful man.
Motto…kanjiru sasete! : More…Let me feel more! (or should be “Give me more feeling!” if translated directly, but it sounded wrong so…)
Iitai. : It’s painful.
Soko! Soko da yo! : There! Right there!
Jake, ore mo! Ore mo iku zo na no! : Jake, me too! I’m cumming as well!
Aishiteru yo. : I love you.
Seme : The dominant or top in a gay relationship
Uke : The submissive or bottom in a gay relationship
Oyasumi/ Oyasuminasai. : Good night.

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