A Birthday Fuck

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Big Tits


“Hey its Josh.”

“Hey Josh what’s up, what you been up to lately?”

” Nothing much just the same old stuff, how about you?”

“Well, let me see… I just quit my job, and oh yeah I just got laid”

“ooh tell me more. This is why i love talking you.”

“Ok you better sit cause this could take awhile. It was after I quit my job I was feeling kind of down so I went to this bar for a drink. I was just relaxing when this guy came and at my table I didn’t want any company so I just ignored him, plus he was kind of dorky looking. Anyways he introduced himself as Ben and asked if he ‘could get to know me better.’ I figured why the hell not I got nothing better to do might as well screw with his mind a little. So I smiled and said sure I’d love to.

“Can you tell me your name?” Ben said.

” I told the dork my name and I gently ran my toe up and down his leg. He looked alittle scared which only added to my interest. I leaned closer to him and ask in this really stupid husky voice that i guess to him sounded sexy. How about you tell me what a nice guy like you is doing here in a place like this?”

” Um…Um…well you see its my birthday today and I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind that you will…, you know be my companion for tonight.” Ben was stammering and turning a light shade of red.

“Companion…mmm what do you mean by that? what is it that you want is to do together?”

“Well… you know…I want you to…um.. I want..”

“I think I understand, you want me to give you your birth day fuck right? Oh my god Josh you should have seen haramidere escort his face when I said that it was like soo red I thought he was going to pass out.”

Josh bursted out laughing”Ahaha, Trisha you are so mean some times”

“All he did was nod his head. I ask him so where do u want to fuck me and he was like anywhere I wanted was fine with him. I decided to scare him a litte, so I grabbed his hand and dragged him to the bath room I told him I wanted to fuck there, I figered he’d get scared and back out. He looked nervouse and he was kind of sweaty. ‘If your scared you can leave’ I went up to him and kissed the dork smack on the mouth and before I know what was happening, the dorky birthday boy was kissing me back and squeezing my tits.”

Josh gasped and replied “oh my god did you even try to push him off you.”

“Well I thought about it for a split second but with all th squeezing and teasing the guy was doing with my tits I was getting all turned on, and I figured a good fuck could really boost my spirits, plus it was his birthday so we all would be getting something.”

“Trisha you are really a slut sometimes, and thats why I love you so much.”

“Shut up Josh you know you don’t love me you just want to fuck me. Anyways as I was saying this dork was turning me on so I decided what the hell I’ll just fuck him.”

“So when do plan to fuck me? you’ve known me forever and I’ve asked you about a thousand times.”

“Thats for me to know and for you to find out my friend, now do you want to içerenköy escort hear the rest of the story or not. If you do then stop interupting me. Well you wouldn’t believe this but shy birthday boy got all agressive all of a sudden, he hiked me up and wrapped my leggs around his hips then he pushed me up against one of the wall and just pulled one of my tits out and started sucking on it and let me tell that boy really got a good tongue. My shirt was in the way so i just took it off and threw it on the floor. He kept altenating between sucking and pinching my nipples, I was getting so horny. You know how sensitive my breast are.”

“Actually no I don’t but I’m just dying to find out”

“Yeah yeah what evers Josh. I decided I wanted to see what kind of package this boy got on him so I got on my feet shoved him against the wall and undid his pants. His dick sprang to life and nearly hit me in the face, he got a pretty good size cock for a guy that looks so dorky. I gave him a couple of squeez and a few extra jerks just to make sure that he was fully erect. Then I told him to bend his knees alittle so that I can get on top of him. He did and I managed to straddle him but had to put on hand against the wall to hold myself steady or else i would’ve fallen off. I was sqiriming my ass around trying to get his cock in my but it was so hard that it sorta curled up to his tummy so I had to grab it with my other hand and positioned it over my hole and just sat down on him really hard. I heard him gasp, I don’t know if it was from the pleasure innovia escort of having his dick in my wet pussy or if it was from the pain of squatting and having me on him to long. But either way I didn’t care, I start riding him up and down really slowly. I guess his leg was really sore by this time cause he picked me up while I was still humping him and turned me arund so that was against the wall with my legs wrapped around him again and he just started to ram in and out of me. It was a better fuck than I thought. He kept changing his speed fast and quick for a moment then slow and hard. He had me cumming in 10 minuts, it was a pretty good orgasm. I thought that that was it but no he wasn’t done. He laid me and the floor and he had my legs as wide as it would open and started to fuck me again. This time while he’s fucking me he was sucking my nipple and fingering my clit at the same time. It felt so good. He had me reaching another orgasm in no time. and this was a big one I think I was screaming when I came, I’m not sure. Then after about another minut of fucking me birthday boy shot his cum all over my tits and collasp on me. We layed like that for awhile then I got up and put my clothes back on, gave Ben a quick kiss on the lips and said happy birthday, and I took off. I was right to that fuck did lift my spirit.”

“Damn Trisha, you wild girl. Now are you going to answer my question when are you and me going to get together and do some fucking of our own.”

“Josh we are to close to fuck eachother it’ll be really wierd.”

“No it won’t. It’ll be good, it’ll be damn good. But honestly have you ever thought about us having sex?”

“Honestly, of course I have.”

“Well then why haven’t we been fucking like wild and crazy animals”

“Cause you’re my friend”

“It don’t matter, we’ll still be friends.”

“Let me think about and I’ll get back to you.”


“Three days”

“OK I will see you in three days.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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