A Chance Encounter

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Big Dick

Bianca smiled to stifle her yawn, any more talk of high yield specificity for hybridization and her head would fall off into her soup here and now. Why did these faculty dinners always have to be so monotonous, always with talk of work and as a PhD student she was only here because of formality, not really part of the faculty but on the fringes. “It’s good for you to make contacts.” Those had been the words of her supervisor, his careful guidance helping not only in research to obtain her doctorate but also to make a name for herself as a serious scientist. In his eyes every occasion was an opportunity and she knew he was right, especially as this was her first year at Berkley having moved from New Zealand to study in the US.

She sipped her wine, a Californian merlot that she let flow over her tongue, savouring the mellow flavour. To her it just tasted like wine, she never understood how people could say it had things like a touch of chocolate, cherries or pepper. Even with her family owning a small vineyard she could not make those kinds of distinctions, she always wondered if the so called ‘experts’ could actually too.

Turning her attention back to the conversation she was not surprised to see they were still talking shop. She hoped when she got her professorship she would not become as dull as the majority of the people sitting at her table in the restaurant. Even the younger teachers seemed to have become so absorbed in university and science that they spoke of little else. Satisfied she had not missed anything Bianca gave the restaurant a cursory scan, her grey/blue eyes skimming over faces not really taking anything in. Just the usual assortment of evening diners, mostly couples heading into their middle ages, the normal respectable sort a restaurant like this drew. Respectable and boring.

Lifting her glass to her mouth her hand froze as the slim rim touched her lips. Staring across the room between the shoulders of two professors she saw him and her heart went into double time. Conscious of her immobile glass she went to place it on the table, her eyes though still on him and with her attention elsewhere the base of the long stemmed wine glass caught on her plate, tipping the contents of her wine across the white linen. Red wine contrasting like blood on snow and there was sudden commotion as conversation stopped and a waiter hurried to attend.

“Oops. How silly of me. Really it’s fine.” She smiled at the waiter as he tried to intervene, offering a fresh cloth. Instead Bianca just placed her napkin over the stain, not wanting to draw more attention to herself than she already had. Her dinner companions seeing the funny side started to tell their own stories of spilt wine or assorted food disasters; this at least made a nice change from the usual topics.

From across the room the man that had caught her eye barely registered the small upset; he looked up briefly to see a waiter talking with a group of people before he returned his attention to his lone dinner companion, his wife. They were enjoying a short vacation and had chosen the restaurant on the advice of their hotel concierge, advice that was well given as they enjoyed their meal of succulent roasted loin of venison smothered in a wine and plum sauce.

Bianca on the other hand could not stop looking across towards his table. She wanted to curse when the woman one table over shifted her chair, blocking her view of him. She smiled distractedly when the waiter brought the next course, picking up her knife and fork with mechanical actions bought on by a lifetimes practice.

“Are you OK? You are awfully quiet this evening Bianca.”

“Oh I’m just fine.” She smiled across at Jason, an old paleontologist that looked like he could have been alive when the creatures he studied, the great dinosaurs, had in fact walked the earth.

“Well just as long as we aren’t boring you to death.” He joked, being careful to keep his eyes above the neck line and wishing he was thirty years younger as he eyed Bianca’s lips, her lipstick was a soft pink and the way she smiled at him he wondered what it would be like to kiss her.

“Never. It’s always fascinating to listen to everyone, get a little taste of the research going on around. And I hear you are doing well with your pollen grain analysis from that core sample.” She tried to maintain her interested façade as the professor started discussing his latest results, nodding in all the right bits while her mind returned to the figure across the restaurant.

She has seen his face so many times in the photos, him with family or friends, with his dog or just by himself. Photos he had sent her when they first met on the internet three years ago, when they had been casual acquaintances and then cyber lovers and close friends. She had dreamed about one day meeting him and yet it had never eventuated, like most dreams that fade when you awaken, her küçükçekmece escort dream had slipped away and Bianca realized she had not thought about him in at least a year.

Now though, along with a resurgence of memories from their many conversations was a stirring of feelings, she could feel herself getting hot and she knew her lace panties would be getting damp, sticking to her heated pussy and all because of Thomas. Thomas who she had spent hours talking with, sharing intimate details and fantasies. Thomas who had called her his slut and every time she would read it it would make her wet. Wet like she was now and getting wetter.

“Will you excuse me?” Bianca smiled as she stood from the table, standing tall she could see him clearly and knew that there was no mistake, it was definitely him in the same restaurant and yet completely unaware of her presence. She made her way to the bathroom, glancing over at him willing him to look at her. She wondered how she could get his attention, if she could fake a phone call or some excuse to draw him from the table. But then seeing his dinner companion she realized that it was his wife and so any chance of a meeting would be nil. Still she lingered on his face a moment longer before turning into the small hallway and into the ladies bathroom.

She slipped into a stall, locked the door and without hesitation slid her panties off, grinning at the sight of wet lace as she stepped out of them leaving them on the floor. Sitting on the toilet she lifted her left leg up, her foot pressing against the stall wall as she spread her legs wide and leant back, closing her eyes as her fingers found her clit.

All the feeling he brought upon her had come back and she knew she had to relieve herself, rubbing her swollen nub and biting her lip to stop any moans. She plunged two fingers into herself, fucking her aching pussy while her thumb rubbed faster, hips bucking as she envisioned Thomas’s cock pounding into her, his lips on the back of her neck, his breath against her ear as he called her his slut and told her to cum. Lifting her free hand Bianca bit at the back of it to stop her cry of ecstasy as a shooting of pleasure rushed through her, clenching walls gripping her fingers as her juices flowed around them. Her eyes still closed and panting softly she reclined back on the toilet, enjoying the energy flow in her body, pulling her sticky fingers from her and lifting them to her lips to suck them clean, enjoying the taste of her own cum as she licked them for every drop.

Standing she flushed the toilet to disguise her masturbatory session, then looking down at her panties. She scooped them up quickly and disposed of them in the sanitary container, getting a small thrill at the idea of arriving back at the dinner table having just cum and panty-less. “Now that would give them something to talk about.” She mused as she checked her reflection in the mirror, smoothing down her long blonde hair before opening the door to return to the table.

“Oh excuse me.” She was startled to walk into someone on their way into the bathroom.

“After you.” The woman laughed and held the door open, allowing Bianca to pass her by before she went into the bathroom. As the door was closing Bianca turned to look at her, noticing the woman’s tall black stilettos, her focus on the woman’s shoes that she walked into the wall.

“Woah, are you alright there?”

Bianca turned to the voice, her hand absently rubbing her forehead feeling completely foolish and ready to reply she was fine when the words died in her throat as she came face to face with Thomas. His face took on an equally startled look as he realized that standing in front of him was Bianca, the girl he had spent so many nights chatting with and fantasizing over.

“Oh my God. Bianca? But…” He shook his head in amazement, his mind whirling at seeing her here before him. Images of her photos rose in his mind, overlaying with her standing before him. She always said she was short but now standing here in the small hallway her 5 foot slim frame made her seem positively tiny. He could not help but drink in the sight of her as she stood in mutual shock in a sensually cut white dress, the material clung to her emphasizing all the right places. Her tanned skin contrasted against the white, thin straps holding the dress up and a tantalizing slit up her thigh revealing just enough flesh to make him want more. Her heels matched her dress, also thin white straps with a graceful heel that accentuated her legs.

“Thomas.” She breathed out his name, her eyes lingering on his face as she took one step towards him. She longed to reach up and caress him, run her hands through his dark brown hair, feel the rough scratch of his facial hair against her cheek. He was well built, his arms while hidden in a light jacket küçükyalı escort she knew were toned, his right shoulder adorned with an intricate tattoo. Those arms could sweep her off her feet and she felt her face flush as she realized she had been staring at him. “Um, hi.” She looked down blushing at how stupid she sounded, he had turned her from a 26 year old woman to an awkward 16 year old girl meeting a boy she had a crush on.

They stared at each other a moment longer, the tension pulled at them, each imagining what the other was thinking, wondering what to say as they stood close. She could smell his aftershave, a delicious smell that made her want her press her head against his chest and breathe him in. His head dropped a little, the gap was closing between them and she felt her heart stop as the magnetic pull brought their faces together; her eyes closed as his warm lips met hers and sent electrified tingles up her spine. His arms curled around her waist, pulling her to him swiftly as their kiss intensified, his tongue sliding into her mouth, dueling with hers as they tasted each other for the first time. Thankful for the presence of his body, in the support of his arms Bianca felt herself trembling in desire, she wondered if this was what they meant by weak at the knees as she thought surely if he let her go she would fall.

Still kissing her he turned her around, trying to walk and hold each other at the same time they pushed through the women’s bathroom door. Bianca remembering the woman in the black stilettos looked for her and seeing the room empty and all stall doors opened realized she must have walked past the two of them and yet so intoxicated with Thomas she never remembered seeing her go past.

They stepped into the first stall, shutting the door and flicking the lock to engaged they looked at each other a moment.

“I have to have you. Now.” He pushed her back against the wall as he leaned down to kiss her again, his tongue more insistent as it claimed her mouth, curling with her own tongue, their lips meshed and rolled over one another.

Bianca could only moan in agreement, her hands wanted to touch every part of him at once. He had shrugged off his jacket and it lay in a pile at his feet, her hands pulled at his shirt, sliding up inside it and running over his chest. The kiss broke as he traced his lips across the line of her jaw, down her neck as though devouring her and all she could do was push her head back against the wall and moan his name as her pussy throbbed and her nipples pushed against the fabric of her dress, the hard little nubs clearly visible as an indicator of her need.

His hand slid between her thighs and she grinned looking at him to see his face as he realised she was not wearing panties. He looked at her as his finger brushed against wet lips and his smile going bigger, his fingers pushing between her folds and sinking easily into her dripping cunt.

“My God you’re so wet.”

“Mhmm. I saw you, earlier, in the restaurant. I came in here and played, remembering how I use to play with myself for you.”

“Oh yeah? And did you imagine my cock fucking you like a good little whore?” His fingers were pushing into her hard and slow, she fucked them with wanton lust, lifting her leg up and resting it on the toilet seat edge as he sawed in and out of her. “That’s my girl, fuck look at you so desperately needy.”

Bianca reached for his pants, fumbling slightly as Thomas pushed her head back against the wall as they kissed again. Her hands slid inside his pants, his cock was like a living rock, throbbing in her hand so hard and she felt the wet pooling a precum at the tip of his cock. Freeing his cock finally she looked at him, his free hand slid under the back of her thigh lifting her from the ground and guiding her legs to wrap around him as he pulled his honey covered fingers from her cunt and pressed them to her lips. He watched how she lapped at his finger, the sight of a girl sucking at her own juices always drove him wild and it was as she flicked her tongue over his finger that he drove his cock into her.

His cock demanded entry into her pussy, tight wet walls wrapped around his head as he pushed into her, pushing her against the wall and making her moan out loud. They heard the bathroom door open and the click of heels across the tiles. Thomas raised his hand and covered her mouth as he thrust again, she cried out against his palm, the sound though muffled still escaped and he grinned.

He fucked her hard, hips pumping as he squashed her to the wall, each thrust pushing her upwards. She gripped onto him, her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck, as his cock slid from her cunt only to drive back into her, her nails scratched down his back and he let out a groan. She tightened her muscles around his cock, maltepe escort sucking at him as his cock rubbed her walls, trying to keep him inside her as she squeezed tighter making him moan again. They could hear water running and then the hand drier before finally the door opened again and closed. Alone again Thomas removed his hand and replaced it with his mouth, kissing her hungrily.

“Oh ohh gods… Thomas god I’m about to cum.”

“That’s it baby, come on my cock mhmmm. I want to feel you drench me.” He slammed into her, intent on pushing her over the edge, bodies pressed close as he sensed his own climax was eminent. Bianca started to scream, this time she grabbed his hand and put it over her mouth, he pressed down to mute her screams as she bucked beneath him, her whole body going tense and her hips thrusting out from the wall hard.

Her body exploded as Thomas pounded into her relentlessly, her pussy clenching so tight that the release was like someone had sent an electric wire to her cunt, she was trying to be quiet and yet at the same time wanted to scream the house down. Tremors coursed up and down her body and the pleasure was curling around her spine and up into her brain, she felt light headed and still he fucked her.

Thomas could feel how her pussy grew tighter, how it gripped and released his cock spasmodically, the sensation too much as his balls tightened and he let out a moan that was vaguely human. He removed his hand from over her mouth and kissed her hard as he went rigid, his hips slamming into her, thrusting every inch of his thick cock into that tight cunt. Another jerk and his cock throbbed, hardening and swelling as it filled with cum before he was erupting inside hot pussy, filling her with cum as they both moaned into the kiss. She squeezed around his cock to milk it, wanting every last drop of cum and he groaned her name, breaking th kiss and biting at her neck, holding himself inside her as he slowly regained his senses.

“Jesus-Christ that was amazing, I mean that was… wow…” He kissed her softly as they began to untangle themselves. As Thomas straightened himself Bianca regretted her decision of throwing away her panties, she could feel his cum dripping from her freshly fucked cunt and while normally she loved the feeling the thought of returning to the table and sitting through the rest of dinner while dripping was not appealing. The thought of returning brought her back to reality.

“Your wife! What are you going to tell her? I mean…” He pressed his fingers to her lips and silenced her.

“Don’t worry about a thing. But yeah I have to get back. Look I’m only in town another couple of days but I have to see you again.”

Bianca gave him details on how to contact her through the university, the easiest method when neither of them was carrying pen or paper. Opening the stall door she walked to the mirror to check her appearance and he slid up behind her and kissed her neck, stroking her hair into place before turning her around to kiss him.

“I’ll see you later OK?”

She nodded and smiled, watching him slip out the bathroom door before she took a deep breath and followed suit, studiously avoiding looking over at his table as she made her way back to her colleagues.

“Ah here she is. We were about to send out a search party.”

“I ran into an old friend and I went outside to have a cigarette with him.” The lie was out of her mouth before she knew it, her cheeks were flushing red as blood rushed to the surface and she gave a small laugh. “Terrible habit I know but just sometimes I can’t help it.” There were a few nods around the table and she thought some smirks that said she was not believed. But that may just have been her paranoid mind and really she could not care. She was still floating at the fucking she had just got.

Across the room she could see Thomas escorting his wife out the door, she watched him leave without a backward glance and took a small breath to return her thoughts to the rest of the dinner, forcing thoughts of what had happened to the side so she could review and relive them later. She knew she would be masturbating hard all night as she remembered his touch.

Outside Thomas sitting in a taxi glanced out the window into the restaurant, willing her to appear so he could see her one more time. His wife lightly touched his thigh and he looked at her and smiled. She leaned into him with a conspiratorial nature, her eyes flicking from the cabbies to her husbands.

“You’ll never believe what happened when I went to the bathroom. There was someone, yanno… doing it!” She giggled, her eyes sparkling with excitement.

“Really? Did you see them or…?” Did his face show his guilt he wondered?

“No. But I heard them. It made me feel so…” She looked shy for a moment, just looking at him. He smiled and leaned over and kissed her, familiar lips moving together and his hand stroked her face tenderly.

“Just as well we are going back to the hotel then. A shower and then you will be the one making all the noises.” He gave her a wink and smiled as she blushed and looked away. He would go home and shower, removing all trace of Bianca and then he would make love to his wife, but in his mind he knew it would be Bianca he was thinking of.

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