A Diner Encounter

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The bell jingled again for maybe the fourth time all day. It was going on four in the afternoon, and the diner opened at six in the morning. Sundays are always really slow, despite the church crowds, and Tommy was the only one working. He shut the walk-in freezer door and walked through the kitchen to get to the front counter and desperately take the order. Just to cure the boredom.

Glancing through the kitchen window to the main area of the diner, he saw long dark blonde hair and nothing else. Only when he walked through the swinging doors did he see her face. Walking slowly toward her end of the counter, he took in her deep almost golden eyes. The sunlight coming in the front windows made them shimmer as she looked right back at him. When he got to her, she smiled.

“Hi. I need a to go order. It’s kinda long.”

He smiled back at her and said, “That’s fine.”

Back in the kitchen, he kept looking to his left as he was cooking, watching where she was looking. Every now and then she would look away just as he looked at her, like a shy teenager. He really hoped that she wasn’t a teenager. Eventually she started to wander closer and closer to the kitchen window. All the while, Tommy was starting to wrap up the first few orders and moving on to the next on this golden-eyed goddess’ list.

“So how much longer do you think you might be?”

“Well, it’s just me back here, and I’m almost halfway there. So, I think I can say between a half of an hour to forty-five minutes.”

“Well, damn,” she said with playful sarcasm, flashing him a smile, looking directly at him. “So, how long has this place been here?”

“A few years. We opened about nine months before Katrina. A little bit of money here and there has been put into restoring it since the storm, but I think it just took so long, most people think we closed down. Haven’t had too much time or money for advertising on top of everything. Five years is a long time though. Hard to believe.”

“Damn. I hadn’t even heard of this place but my mom came in a while back. She’s been raving about your burgers ever since.” There was that smile again.

“Well, you and the rest of the family should come over all together.”

“I think we will. Are you the owner?”

“Yes, I am. I’m Tommy Breaux. Hence the name ‘Bro’s Place’.”

“I like the name. Yours and the diner’s.” That last comment made her blush a little bit. “My name is Daniella. It’s nice to meet you, Tommy. Could I possibly help you at all?”

“If you’d like. Am I just going too slow?” She giggled as she walked through the back kitchen door that read “Employees Only”. She immediately started plating and wrapping an order while continuing to sauté another that was still on the stove. It was like she was born in a kitchen. He really liked her.

“Wow. You really know what the hell you’re doing. I’m impressed.”

“Well my mom is full-blown Cajun, and my dad’s Italian. I kind of pick up on cooking whatever pretty quickly.”

“Very cool. So, why so many orders?”

Daniella giggled again, “My three siblings are in town. One of them with a husband and child in tow. Plus two cousins dropped in.”

“Oh big Southern families.” The rest of the food was finished in almost absolute silence. The same furtive glances given before the conversation took place, only she looked a little bit longer, wanting to look into his blue-green eyes, his dark hair occasionally getting in the way. But only for a second before looking away again. Everything was finished and put into bags. He rang her up, she paid (with a credit card, granting him access to her ID; turns out she was twenty-three to his twenty-eight), and all the while, they kept staring at each other, longer and longer until she said goodbye with a sly smile and walked out with her bags.

Over the next few days a couple of extra customers were coming in every day and every night. Then at the end of that Friday, almost around midnight, as the last late-night coffee drinker was leaving, Tommy and his two other cooks were feeling miserable that despite the increase in customers, they still had almost an hour left on their shift and it was looking like no one şerifali escort else was going to come in. Good tips were a little sparse for a Friday, and Tommy was considering calling it an early night. When the little bell jingled again, and a cacophony of giggles filled the diner. At the head of a pack of beautiful ladies of all shapes and sizes was Daniella, looking lovely as ever with her hair pinned up and all decked out for some sort of bash.

“Tommy!” she squealed adorably.

“Hey there!” he replied, reaching to hug her over the counter. “What are you doing here?”

“We’re here to eat, duh! We just got out of a great party with not so tempting food and we were all craving something filling, and we were in the neighborhood. Hope you don’t mind. You guys aren’t closing yet are you?” All three of the cooks all shook their heads no as quickly as possible and started to take orders. By the end of the night, all of the gorgeous women were extremely satisfied with the food and had left extremely generous tips to show it. As the ladies filed out to their respective rides home, saying goodnight to Daniella and everyone else, Tommy’s other cooks were giving him knowing looks, as they told him to have a good night. No doubt they would both try to hook up with any number of Daniella’s friends as they were walking to their cars.

As the last of her friends left, she turned to Tommy as he was finishing cleaning everything up for the evening. “Thanks for accommodating us.”

“Thanks for all of the business tonight.”

“Oh I’ve been telling everyone about this place. Word of mouth is just free advertising. And it’s pretty effective in New Orleans.”

He laughed a little at this. “Very true.” He paused to look at her, eye to eye. “What are you doing?”


“What are you doing right now?”

“Um, just looking-“

“No. I mean, what are your plans for tonight? It’s after midnight now, but… the night’s still young. Well in it’s mid to late-twenties.” That made her really laugh.

“Well, I was thinking about going home and sleeping, but I’m kind of wide awake right about now. What did you have in mind?” she asked innocently. There were several answers that he had to that question, but he decided to be the good guy.

“We could go for a walk. It’s nice out tonight. I heard a couple of sax players practicing out their windows the other night. I think I heard a violin, too.”

“That does sound nice.” And they were off. She shyly kept her hands behind her back most of the way and occasionally shuffled her feet. They did hear some music floating in the air as they wandered. He kept looking at her as topic after topic floated by in conversation. And she still kept looking away.

“Why do you keep doing that?”

This made her blush. “I don’t know. I just can’t seem to look you in the eyes for too long just yet. There’s just something about you.”

“Oh well thanks…” he said sarcastically.

“No, no! I’m sorry, it’s just-” her sentence was cut off by rumbling thunder and a flash of lightning, followed by pouring rain. One of those tropical freak summer rains. Daniella’s smile widened and she was out in the empty street, rain drenching her from head to toe, and she just stood there, her hands out at her sides, eyes closed. She was just enjoying the sensation. Tommy watched her for a little while longer until following her. Looking at her through the rain, her level breathing causing her now wet breasts to move up and down, he took her chin between his thumb and index finger, forcing her to open her eyes and look at him. Her breathing suddenly got heavier and time seemed to slow for both of them as they stared at each other.

“You’re so lovely, Daniella.”

She looked as if she was trying to speak but couldn’t, making Tommy just smile and hug her closer to him with his other hand, wrapping it around her waist. She made a slight whimper, but melted under him like Scarlett O’Hara, the heavy rain soaking them both, as he leaned in on her and kissed her deeply. And she kissed just as deeply back, her breath coming even heavier now. silivri escort When he finally released her lips, they were both slightly faint as they came out of the rain to get somewhat dry under a balcony.

At this point they were two blocks away from Tommy’s apartment. He decided to risk sounding like an asshole and asked her to come back with him. She smiled and took his hand, leading ahead of him, asking, “Which way?”

Once he closed and locked the door, he turned to see her back was to him as she looked around. He also saw the top she was wearing was backless, tied by strings in two places and revealing a gorgeous koi fish tattoo. He stepped behind her and took her shoulders in his hands, running his fingers up and down her arms, lightly kissing at her exposed neck and shoulders, up to her ear lobes which he nibbled. She started to softly moan at that, causing Tommy’s penis to harden even more than she had all night. He wanted her so badly and her hands running over his neck behind her told him she wanted him too. He turned her around, swiftly pushed her against the wall, not hard, and started deeply kissing her, the both of them moaning into each other’s mouths as they started stripping. Her top came off easily and she shimmied out of her metallic looking miniskirt as his light flannel shirt flew to the ground and he fumbled a little with his belt, all the while kissing and walking down the hallway. By the time they got to the bedroom, she was slipping out of her panties and sprawling out on the bed while he was getting his boxers off. She looked so luscious just laying there waiting for him. She was running her hands all over herself, avoiding her erogenous zones on purpose he was sure. She was saving that for him and it was driving her crazy as he slowly made his way to the bed to lay next to her, his cock, hard and long. But she wasn’t ready for that yet.

He kissed her deeply once more before slowly making his way down her body and between her legs. Gently massaging her clit with his fingers, he licked at the slightly swelling lips of her pussy, loving the sweet taste on his tongue. Her moaning was getting louder and louder the more he kept licking at her, every few minutes lapping at her clit, covering the lower half of his face with her juices. She was delicious. Suddenly she was pulling his hair forcing him to stop. She pushed him on to his back and climbed on top, of course with no complaints from him.

Slowly letting him enter into her, she let out soft moaning sighs as he gently moved under her. She started a slow rocking rhythm moving back and forth on top of him, causing her to moan deeply as his hands moved over the sides of her hips to her ass cheeks, giving them a soft squeeze as she rocked above him. Part of him was still just amazed that she’d randomly walked into his diner and now she was riding him. Then she started grinding into him harder and harder causing him to moan slightly as well. Her gorgeous shapely breasts moved up and down as she bounced on him. He was mesmerized by everything he could see of her. She looked perfect to him. And she felt so good moving on top of him. With her still riding him, he sat up, held on to her and picked her up as he leaned her back against one of his bedroom walls. Standing there holding her legs up, by the knees, her arms wrapped around his neck, he kept going, getting a fantastic angle as he fucked her against the wall, while she kept moaning and saying, “Yes! Yes! Oh, Tommy, fuck me, yes!” over and over again.

Sweat was starting to form on his lower brow as well as starting to run down her breasts. His arms soon got tired and he laid her on the floor of the bedroom, on all fours, fucking her pussy from behind, as she ground back into him, looking back as far as she could. He held a chunk of her hair and pulled it back, giving himself a little control over her. She obviously liked it; he tried to stay gentle, but she kept forcing him to pull harder and fuck faster and deeper. His knees started to ache so he flipped her on her back, lying on top of her, her spread legs a welcome invitation for him. He pumped into her hard and şirinevler escort fast, and she bucked against him with every thrust, her face grimacing in pleasure as he grunted with exertion. He held up one of her legs and kept on pumping, but this one slight change in position felt so much better to her; she started to moan at a high pitch not heard the whole evening, and in much longer wails. So of course he kept going, just pounding away at her pussy, grabbing the back of her hair forcing her to look at him. Again they were staring into each other’s eyes and for a minute his constant thrusting slowed as he kissed her, both of their eyes closing. Then, he starts fucking her hard all over again, with a new vigor, still staring down into her eyes, and she still stares back at him as she moans over and over. Faster and faster he keeps fucking her, the whole while she’s fingering her clit harder and harder until she comes so hard that she soaks both of their legs. He keeps fucking her as hard as he was until he starts to feel the tell-tale tingle in his balls. He pulls out and comes all over her breasts and stomach, covering her in his juices as she had covered him.

After about an hour of just laying there in exhaustion, and a few cigarettes, she said, “Good god, I was so not expecting that.”

“Me neither.” he said with heavy breath, still staring at her gorgeous body, pulling her close to kiss her. They were both covered in each other’s juices, and a shower sounded perfect to the both of them. They piled into Tommy’s shower. Somewhat small, it forced them to get very close. Of course they didn’t mind. It was obvious to him that every soapy caress he gave Daniella made her randy all over again. Her nipples were hardening, her skin was getting goosebumps, and she kept trying to hide her low, sultry moans. It was enough to start making him hard all over again. He started to play with her clit and nipples simultaneously, while whispering naughtiness into her ear.

“You want me to fuck you again? You want me to bend you over and fuck you? Huh?”

“Oh Tommy, please, please fuck me.” she said, breathless and grinding against his growing cock, making him moan as well. Finally he grabs her hair again and bends her over at the hips, opening her legs by rubbing her pussy lips with his fingers. She was the perfect height and he slipped into her just as easily as he had earlier. Only this time, he wasted no time. He started right away with the hard fucking, making Daniella start moaning even louder than she had all night long. “Oh god! Oh fuck! Oh! Oh! Oooh! Oh, that feels so fucking good! Keep fucking me! Oh fuck! Fuck! Ooooooh!”

It wasn’t long before he was coming all over again, significantly diminished by their previous four hour fuckathon. The bluish light of dawn was coming through the frosted bathroom window, and it made her look even more beautiful than he imagined she possibly could. He pulled out of her, and came onto the shower floor. As she stood up and let the warm water rinse all over her, he decided that he still wasn’t finished. He got on his knees and pulled her closer to him by her hips. His fingers immediately started to explore her pussy while his tongue went for her clit, making her shut her eyes and moan up to the ceiling. He worked the tip of his tongue in circles, slowly slurping at her, then flicking her clit, then tongue fucking her pussy, and back to the slow circles, and again down the list, varying it up a little bit until she was moaning so loud his whole apartment was echoing, and her legs buckled with him under her. Within a few minutes the moaning stopped for a few seconds, until her multiple orgasms set in, and wave after wave of pleasure came over her, causing her to truly scream. Once finished, Tommy caught her as she almost fell back from near fainting.

“Oh my god, Tommy. That was fucking amazing.”

“Agreed.” he said, still breathless, her cum all over his face again. She nestled her head in his neck, and he picked her up to lay her down on the bed. Once tucking her into the covers, he cleaned his face once more, and laid down next to her drifting into a wonderful exhausted sleep.

It was later in the afternoon, around two or three when he finally awoke to see Daniella zipping up her skirt.

“Hey,” he said.

“Hey,” she replied smiling widely at him.

“Where are you going?”

“I was going to head home.”

“Do you have to?”

She grinned. “No.”

“Good because I’m making pancakes.”

“I love pancakes.” Oh, that smile.

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