A Dirty Dog Doggin’ Around Ch. 01

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I’m a military guy, very fit, with hard muscles and a tight butt that ladies always seem attracted to. I’m also married to a lovely, sexy woman, but I just can’t seem to stop chasing tail. I also love sliding my hard cock into a nice, tight butt hole. But basically, I’m just a dog who loves to sniff around for horny bitches that I can work over in my own special way.

I took classes in massage in Germany and attained a public license. Not many Americans can say that. Very few ladies turn down a skilled massage either. That’s just one of the hooks. I also have a refined method for eating pussy that drives women crazy. I have had several women who would otherwise not orgasm from oral sex, have earth shattering orgasms with me. Okay, so you think I am feeding you a line of shit, well let me preach on!

Mandi and I met Elvie and Frank in Germany, and they headed back to the states to this desolate military post in the mid-west, with us to follow in about 6 months. We had played cards together and drank more than a few beers. Elvie had always seemed really shy and almost prudish for a German woman. She just didn’t seem to relish partying and things like most of the crowd Mandi and I ran with. She was pretty but I never could tell what kind of body she really had. She always wore layers, even in the summer, and tended to dress very modestly, like an old woman who was afraid someone would get a peek of an ankle or something.

We got back together right after Mandi and I returned to the states. In the 6-7 months that Elvie and Frank had been back, they decided to get divorced. We found out later that Frank had met some local slut, who he later married. But that aside, they apparently made the split amenable, and when we talked to Elvie, she seemed more than happy to leave Frank and head back to Germany.

Both her children from a previous marriage (her husband had been killed in a trucking accident on the autobahn) were still in Germany, and she relished the idea of returning to see them. Her mother had found her a nice apartment in an old, historic building in Nürnberg, and Elvie was quite happy even though things hadn’t worked out with Frank.

She told us that Frank had changed completely after they returned to the states. He bought a brand new Mustang GT, and immediately started cruising the streets (what little there was here) and met up with a local girl whom he decided he liked much better than Elvie. Since she was due to fly out in about a week, we invited her to stay with us.

She had some really nice German furniture, a decorative bar combo unit, and a beautifully upholstered German corner unit called an eckebank. We helped her sell the bar unit, and she got a really nice price for it. We had the eckebank set up in the dining area at our house and used it as our eating and drinking place, after deciding to buy it from her.

A couple of days after Elvie moved in with us, I came in from work to find Mandi and Elvie out back in the shade on the deck, and neither was feeling any pain. They had demolished a couple of bottles of wine and were well into another. Mandi was already beginning to slur a bit, and they obviously hadn’t eaten much.

To my surprise, Elvie was wearing some really short shorts and a loose shirt, and I could see a nice lace bra underneath. Mandi was in shorts and an athletic top. Those wonderful 36C’s of hers were jutting proudly through the thin, stretch fabric. I enjoyed the view for a moment, but wondered why they stayed outside in the worst heat of the day.

They obviously decided that they needed some sun, and had stayed for a while. I asked who was hungry, and when they both eagerly agreed, I went into the kitchen, deciding on some grilled burgers. As I mixed the ground meat mixture, I watched out the kitchen window as the late afternoon sun began creeping up on the deck. I stuck my head out the sliding doors and asked them if they needed a blanket or something so they could cop some rays, and suggested they might want to grab a bathing suit. This was met with giggling and a rush inside to change clothes.

I heard Elvie tell Mandi that she didn’t have a bathing suit, and then I heard some rummaging around and some tittering. Mandi came back to the kitchen and I refilled both wine glasses, and she went back into the bedroom. After about 10 minutes, I heard the two of them coming through the house.

Mandi said, “Tell Elvie she looks fine in this bathing suit.”

I turned from my work patting out burgers and almost choked. Elvie was wearing one of Mandi’s skimpiest string bikinis, one we had gotten while we vacationed in Nice, France, last summer. Elvie looked positively gorgeous, and had a killer body. She had large, firm tits that stuck out proudly, and a tight, narrow waist that swelled to wonderful hips and a nice butt that started to cause twinges in my cock. I never thought 36-24-36 was anything but a fond wish of some pervert, but my engineer eye told me Elvie was possibly the real deal.

“Damn!” I exclaimed, Çankaya Escort “Where have you been hiding?”

She giggled, and Mandi laughed, telling me, “We have a story for you while you cook the burgers.”

Elvie blushed demurely, but then smiled with slight Mona Lisa smile. I was positive she enjoyed the attention, and the compliment. Mandi, in a bikini barely less revealing than Elvie’s, led the way out to the deck. I fired up the grill, and proceeded to cook burgers while Mandi told me an interesting narrative.

When Frank met Elvie several years ago in Germany, some time after her first husband’s death, they hit it off quite well. But Elvie noticed that he wasn’t comfortable going to places like the beach, or large lakes, especially where women were topless. He was always commenting about women who wore something as simple as tight fitting clothing being sluts or whores. He was adamant about Elvie not going topless at the beach or lake. He bought her a one-piece bathing suit that looked like something her grandmother wore.

But he was wonderful to her kids, made a determined effort to learn to speak German, which he did fairly well, and in spite of his prudish behavior toward her, they married. They had a comfortable marriage while they were in Germany, and her relatives seemed to like Frank just fine. But it was Frank who was the reason for her dressing so school marm-ish. Elvie chimed in occasionally, adding her personal comments.

By the time Mandi finished her story, the burgers were done. Mandi and Elvie had stretched out on a couple of blankets on the deck and were copping rays. I had set my big umbrella up so it shaded me and the grill. They had soaked down in suntan lotion, and both looked delicious lying there cooking in the sun.

I took the burgers in, made plates for all three of us, grabbed another bottle of wine from the cooler and a beer for me, and headed to the deck. I almost dropped the tray with the food and drinks. Mandi and Elvie were both topless, laid out peacefully on their blankets, copping rays and enjoying life. What a wonderful sight!

“Who’s hungry?” I asked them.

Mandi sat up, stretched, and told Elvie it was time to eat.

“Better grab your top,” she told Elvie, “we might get a neighbor upset.”

Both slipped their tops back on, and grabbed a plate and refilled their wine. I moved the umbrella so it would shade our café table, and we pulled up chairs around it and ate quietly, enjoying the food. The big, juicy cheeseburger seemed to sober Mandi up a bit, and she ate with a relish. Elvie was slow at first, but soon began to tear through her burger.

When I asked if they had eaten anything at all today, they both nodded no. We finished eating our food, and I refilled the wine glasses for Mandi and Elvie and then cleared the table. I took everything back to the kitchen and started cleaning up, washing dishes while keeping an eye on the girls.

As soon as I went in, they went back to their blankets for some more sun, doffing the tops and taking turns rubbing sun tan lotion on each other. I was getting a hard on just watching this, and still was incredulous over finding out that after all this time, Elvie had a killer body and apparently didn’t mind showing it off in a casual, European way.

After I finished cleaning up, I got out of my clothes and into some comfortable shorts and sandals. I took a beer and a boom box out to the deck, and turned on some music. Mandi and Elvie ran out of wine again, so I got yet another bottle. As the sun faded behind the tree tops, the temperature had gone down to a reasonable 92° and the humidity had settled down some.

Mandi and Elvie didn’t have any more sun, so they folded the blankets, donned the tops, and settled down on the bench seats around the deck to talk about what was coming up. During the chat, Mandi mentioned how nice the breeze felt, and since it was getting dark, she didn’t need her top anymore. She slipped the bikini top off and dropped in on the bench. Elvie decided she would join and did the same.

Elvie would be leaving for Germany in two days, and Mandi and I would use Frank’s new Mustang to drive her to the airport. This was about a 130 mile trek to the major metro area where one of the largest hubs in the mid-west was located. She had a direct connection to Frankfurt, and from there, she had a transfer to Lufthansa to Nürnberg. We made plans on timing, what Elvie might want to wear, what carry on items to take, and just general chat. They continued to down the wine, and had demolished 5 bottles from the case I had bought a couple of days before.

We stayed on the deck after it got dark, enjoying the little breeze that blew in, and listened to music. I noticed that when Mandi went into the house to go to the bathroom, she staggered a bit, and bumped into the door. She and Elvie got into a giggling fit over this. Elvie had slowed down on the wine some, and Mandi hadn’t. Keçiören Escort

When Mandi returned from the bathroom, Elvie went, and Mandi took the opportunity to refill her glass. When Elvie returned, she sipped a bit, and watched Mandi down her glass. After about 15 minutes, Mandi got up again, as though to go into the house, and began to lose her balance. I grabbed her, held her upright and took her on into the house. She was warm and a bit slippery from the sun tan lotion, and in nothing but her bathing suit bottom, there was little to grab onto.

I thought she wanted to go to the bathroom again, but she pulled away and told me to take her into the bedroom. She turned and sat on the edge of the bed, looking really trashed. I slipped her bikini bottom off her hips and down her legs, and helped her lay back, grabbing her legs and rolling her into a comfortable position on her side. I put a towel under her head in case she got sick and threw up before she could get to the toilet.

I returned to the deck to find Elvie leaning back against the deck railing, hands behind her head. Her tits looked wonderful, and I enjoyed the view. I grabbed my beer and sat on one of the bench cushions next to her. I sipped my beer, as she asked what happened to Mandi.

“One glass of wine too many,” I replied, and she chuckled.

“I hope that doesn’t happen to me,” she said with a giggle.

I mumbled something about not having to worry, and asked her how she was feeling about leaving Frank and returning to Germany. As she was talking, I casually sat my beer down and slipped my shorts off, so I was naked. I picked up my beer. She continued to talk, not missing a beat like she hadn’t noticed.

As she went on, I reached over and pulled on one of the string ties on her bikini bottom, untying it. She sat her wine glass down, stopped talking for a minute, and slipped the bottom off and laid it on the bench. Typically European, she had done little to trim a dark patch of pubic hair. Apparently the reason they took a few minutes to change into bathing suits was her effort to quickly trim up some of the bush so she wouldn’t stick out of the tiny bikini.

She resumed her explanation, and then began to thank me and Mandi for letting her stay there and helping her sell her furniture.

I told her, “No problem. We always try to help friends out.”

She sipped a little more wine, and after a brief chuckle, leaned her back toward me. I moved my arm and she leaned back into my chest, turning slightly away from me and placing one long, beautiful leg up on the bench.

“Can I tell you something?” she whispered to me in a conspiratorial tone.

I whispered back, “Sure.”

She scooted back into me some more, and I wrapped my arms around her, grabbing those nice, plump, C-cup breasts in each hand. Her nipples were rock hard.

“I didn’t mention this to Mandi, but my first husband didn’t have a very large…his manhood was….”

I interrupted and said, “He had a small cock!”

“Yeah, not so big.”

It sounded so cute in her German accent that I wanted to laugh out loud.

She went on, “So when I met Frank, I thought maybe this time it would be different. Well he was a little bigger but not much. I guess it was okay but he never did make me…you know…feel good.”

I asked, “You didn’t have an orgasm?”

“Well, a couple of times, maybe, but almost never.”

I took this with a grain of salt until she followed this up with, “Mandi and I were talking this afternoon and she said you were pretty large, and maybe I should try you out before I go back to Germany.”

I almost bit my tongue, since I had already wondered how I would approach this German babe and see if I could get some of that pussy. This changed the ball game completely.

“I think I could do that,” I told her softly as I continued to caress her breasts.

I kissed her neck, and she stretched her arms over her head and around my neck. I kissed the side of her face and neck some more, and then gently pushed her away. I stood up and took her hand and helped her to her feet. For the first time, I realized that she was a bit shorter than Mandi. I had always seen her in low heels.

I love a petite woman, especially one with plenty of tits and ass. And I was amazed that someone this short could have legs that looked so long. She was nice. I pulled her to me and kissed her, grinding my quickly hardening cock into her crotch and got a firm grip on her ass. She wrapped her arms around me and kissed back, passionately, and retuned the pressure on her crotch.

She kept her arms around my back for a little while, and as I broke away from the kiss, and took one of her hands and slowly placed it on my cock. I was pretty well hard but not quite finished yet, and she almost purred.

“Mandi was right,” she whispered to me, “I have to feel it in me.”

I turned and sat back on the bench, Etimesgut Escort pulling her to me. I lifted her leg to the bench, and she realized what I was doing and climbed up on the bench on her knees, straddling me. I reached under her and grabbed my cock, now raging hard, and rubbed it along her slit, feeling her pussy starting to get slippery. I placed the head at the entrance to her pussy, and grabbing her hips, held her suspended with just the tip of my cock working upward into her pussy.

I kissed her again, working some tongue into her mouth, and she responded with urgency, trying to drop down on my cock. I held her hips up so she couldn’t get penetration at first, until after breaking off the kiss, I quickly pushed down on her hips, slamming my cock all the way inside her. Her clit ground into my pubes, and she stayed there, writhing and gasping while I continued to hold her hips down and not let her ride too quickly. She moaned and said something in German under her breath, something I didn’t understand in spite of my prowess in the German language.

I picked her hips up an inch or two, and dropped her back on to my cock. She rode up and down on me, not getting but an inch or so out until she immediately plunged right back down on me. I could feel the nub of her cervix as she ground down on me, and I had the odd thought that she had probably never had a cock press into her this deep before. She didn’t seem to want to ever remove it from the fullest penetration, so I let go of the controlling grip on her hips and grabbed her tits, pulling them together where I could play with both nipples with my tongue.

She had a death grip on my shoulders and began to bounce in earnest now, riding my cock. I moved my hands back to her hips and assisted. She began to slam down hard on my cock, and bent her head over to my shoulder. I thought for a second she would bite me, but she pressed her face hard into the cup of my shoulder.

In a few more seconds, she had a spasm that I felt with my cock, and she groaned into my shoulder and blasted her way into an orgasm. She shook and shuddered, and slowly stopped bouncing and after taking all of my cock, began to slowing writhe around on it. I let her go until she finally stopped and pushed back from me.

She smiled and said, “That was so good.”

I smiled and said, “Glad I could help!”

She reached over to the rail and got her wine glass, and took a sip. After setting her glass down, she picked up my beer and offered me some. I let her tip the beer into my mouth and got a long drink. She sat the beer down and started grinding back into my crotch.

She closed her eyes and just let the feeling of her previous orgasm work through her. I didn’t know what I could get her to do, but considering that she was loosened up from the wine and a great orgasm, I decided to see what she was made of.

I slowly lifted her hips up until she was almost clear of my cock, and reached down and grabbed it and began to slide it up and down her slit, occasionally working back to her asshole, then forward to her clit, rubbing it roughly before sliding back again. It was slippery wet from her pussy, and I pushed back into her pussy again to keep my cock lubricated, and began teasing her slit again. I kept this up for a couple of minutes.

She had her eyes tightly closed, and let me take care of the action. When I reached her back hole one last time, instead of moving my cock forward, I pressed down on her hips, letting the head slip into her tight back hole. She gasped lightly, but didn’t open her eyes. I pushed the head of my cock clear of her anal ring and began to tongue her nipples again. She pulled the back of my head tighter to her, and gently moaned.

I held still to see what she would do, and she began to work her hips in a circle, slowly working my cock into her ass. It slipped deeper with each circular motion until she finally sank back and it was in completely.

After a low groan she opened her eyes and whispered in my ear, “Im meine arsch geficken.”

She wanted me to fuck her ass, and I guess she wasn’t sure what to say in English, or didn’t care. I began to lift her hips up and down, until she took over and began to grind down into me like she did when she had my cock in her pussy.

She began a low whimpering into my shoulder, but didn’t stop, steadily bouncing on my cock, taking the entire length into her ass. I worked her nipples one more time, and as she began to moan louder, I felt my orgasm coming on.

I whispered in her ear, “I’m going to cum in your ass.”

She began humping into me even harder, and I felt the first shot of cum boiling up. I pushed up off the bench, and shot a load of cum deep into her ass as she plunged down on me. A second shot soon followed and as I was finally settling down, felt her spasm and she worked into a second orgasm, grinding her clit hard into my crotch.

She sank down onto my chest, breathing harshly and raggedly for a few minutes, totally spent. As my cock began to soften, it slowly slipped from her ass, and within seconds I felt a drip of cum leak out. A faint aroma of shit slowly crept up around my nose, not really stinky, just lightly obvious. She reached up and took another sip of wine, wrinkled her nose, and without a word, slipped off me and headed into the house.

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