A Dirty Surprise

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Female Ejaculation

One day are sitting on the couch, me leaning over and kissing you, and stroking your inner thigh. Our kissing gradually gets a bit more erotic, and soon we are licking each others tongues, and kissing each other deeply and sensually. As this happens my hand moves up a bit, and I am rubbing your pussy through your pyjama bottoms and panties, and I can tell you are enjoying it.

‘Shall we move to the bedroom?’ I say, your eyes light up and a big grin comes across your face.

I let you go first, and follow you into the bedroom. As you pass the door, you pull off your top, and drop your trousers, eager to feel me against your skin. I lean forward and undo your bra, just as you drop your panties. I stand and watch as you walk to the bed, enjoying your ass bouncing with each step.

‘How do you want me?’ you ask.

‘On your back’ I respond, and I get to my knees as you lay back and spread your legs for me.

Without hesitation I dive right in, licking the sides of your pussy, teasing just a bit. I look up and see your close your eyes is satisfaction, just as I run my tongue down your swollen clit and taste your juices, gushing from your already wet hole. You grab my hand, and so begins five minutes of me moving from your soaking hole, sticking my tongue in as far as it will go and tasting you as deeply as possible, and moving up a few inches to your clit and feeling your body tense as the sensation runs through you. I introduce a finger while licking your clit, and rhythmically move it in and out of your wet hole. I tell you to roll onto your belly, because I know you love feeling my face between your legs from behind.

Straight away I go back to your clit, and my nose buries itself inside your dripping pussy, and you start to breathe a bit deeper, loving feeling me at your mercy. The added benefit is that your asshole is right at my mercy now, so I move my head up, sticking my tongue deep in your pussy, and take a long breath through my nose, which is right up against your tight brown hole. The smell is mild, with just a hint of the strong, deep flavours on offer within.

As your anus has been left out of the fun so far, I decide it’s time to give her some pleasure finally. I move my head up again, kiss each massive bahçeşehir escort soft cheek once, then start licking the brown around your wrinkly hole. Your body shakes slightly, enjoying the sensation. Soon after this I move in further, and taste your actual shithole, putting my tongue right into the middle. A few strokes later and I can feel your sphincter relax and let my tongue in a few cms, licking a part of your body that never gets touched. Again you let out a soft moan, and I dig further. But then I pull out.

‘Baby’ I say, ‘you have a strong taste today’, and you can hear the enjoyment in my voice. You turn your head to look at me, your cheeks slightly red.

‘Maybe it’s because I need to go to bathroom’. You see my eyes widen, understanding what you mean.

‘You need to take a shit?’ I ask, making sure I understand you, and you nod. In my pants my already swollen cock gets even harder, and my heart start beating quicker. ‘Can we change positions?’ I say, and as you nod I get up and run off.

Ten seconds later I come back through door, holding the stool, and a smile again flashes across your face as you say ‘Baby’ in an excited voice. You get up from the bed, walk over to the stool, the turn around and sit your round ass down on it, hanging it off the other side. I put my arm around you from behind, and lean over your shoulder and kiss you deeply, taking my top and shorts off in the process. Then I pull off my pants, take your hand and place it against my throbbing cock, and your mouth gapes in anticipation.

Back down on my knees behind you, I look up and see your big round butt, naturally spread and revealing your sexy brown hole, with your soaking pussy just below it. I move in, take the side of your ass on my hands, and spread it just a bit further. Your pussy gapes for me, inviting my tongue in, and it doesn’t resist. Dripping wet juices cover my chin and lips, as I moan at the taste, while my nose buries itself against your pulsating shithole.

Feeling it’s movement draws my tongue out and upwards, and swiftly I am licking your sphincter, digging deeper and deeper. As I do this your hole starts to open, and suddenly I feel a short blast of air come out. I pull bakırköy escort back as your anus tightens again, and realise that your ass just farted straight into my mouth. As I realise this, the taste hits me; and its strong. But oh my god it turns me on; my cock hardens further, as I enjoy the memory of the feeling and savour the taste in my mouth.

‘Baby’ you say suddenly, ‘I’m so sorry’, embarrassed at what’s just happened.

I stand up behind you cuddling you strong, and say ‘Don’t be love, I’m the one who’s putting my tongue in there, knowing what’s inside. As I say this I again take your hand, and put it around my cock. Your eyes open wide as you realise how much pleasure it gave me.

‘Okay’ you say, ‘but if your tongue touches something else, it’s your own fault.’ I smile and tell you not to worry, as I get back down onto my knees.

I dive straight back into your brown hole, hoping the same will happen again. My tongue gets deeper and deeper inside your hole, and what seems like an eternity, but is only a minute later, again I feel you fart into my mouth. Your body tightens as it happens, still a bit surprised, but this time a slight moan escapes your lips, as you start to enjoy the dirtiness of what we are doing, me sharing such a personal thing with you. I pull back to admire your slightly open hole, and your anus twitches just before I feel a puff of air in my face. I close my eyes and say to myself that I will never forget this, trying to save it to my memory. I open my eyes and dive back in, sticking my tongue as deep into your hole as it will go, moving it in and out. After a few moments though I feel something with the tip of my tongue, and realise as the taste hits my mouth that I have just touched your shit; the taste is strong and deep, neither good nor bad, but the knowledge of what’s just happened makes my mind explode, and my heart beat quicker. I move my head back to admire your hole, and deep inside, just at your inner ring, I can see the tip of the turd, brown and filling your anal canal.

‘Baby’ you say ‘I need to go toilet NOW’.

‘I can see baby’ I quickly respond, and you can hear the intense pleasure in my voice. I spread your cheeks just a little başakşehir escort further as I say ‘I want to see’.

As you’re quite desperate, me having relaxed your ass so much, you finally ask me if I’m sure; I don’t respond vocally, but you take the feeling of my tongue caressing the inside of your shithole as a yes. I slowly lick the inside of your hole, not far off as deep as I can, all the time feeling the intense flavour of your shit, just a cm away. A second later and again I feel and taste it against my tongue, and I know that it is coming. I take my tongue out and lean back a bit, taking in the view of your gaping hole, the brown long inching slowly towards the ring. The whole time my cock is throbbing, and my mind is going crazy, shocked at how much I am enjoying what I see. You grab your ass cheeks and spread them just as the thick log protrudes from your hole. I lean in, my nose a few inches away, and breathe deeply, by now used to the deep smell, and reach down and take my cock in my hand. I can feel it throbbing, dying to fill you. As the log slowly moves out of you, I lean in and lick the brown colouring around your ring, tasting the shit in the air, just millimetres away. You moan at the sensation, never imagining you would feel it in your life, and in total awe at how free it feels, and how much you are enjoying sharing this with me. By now the thick log is extending three inches out of your straining ring, and I can’t resist the intrigue anymore; I stop licking your ass, and instead run the length of my tongue along the thick brown log. The taste is strong, again neither good nor bad, but also warm. I pull my tongue away, and just as I do so, gravity does the rest, and a thick, 6 inch long log falls from your hole, noisily on to the floor. Immediately I bury my nose into your asshole, still gaping from the thick log, and covered in shit. I breath deeply, inhaling the deep taste and smell. Finally, I move up, and use my tongue to clean the hole, licking up all the mess until your ass is clean. You moan the whole time.

I stand up as you pass me some tissue, which I use to wipe my face, before leaning in and kissing you, full tongue to tongue. You don’t resist at all, and moan at sharing the deep taste of your ass with me. You moan even more when you feel my rock hard, massive cock slide up inside your soaking pussy, burying itself in one stroke.

‘Did you enjoy that?’ you ask as I slide in and out of your hole, moaning at the feeling of me so deep inside of you.

‘Does it feel like I did?’ I ask. You grin widely.

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