A Ghostly Tail

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–A Ghostly Tail

Brandi was driving to the summer beach cabin in her sports car. Bikini clad and sunglasses, she rides the coast highway with the wind in her hair. He bold self confidence had been spurred by her social media presence. Her followers cheered at her antics. Half naked posses, risque positions and her habit of making everyday things look sexual. She loved it and even tho she would never give it away, she teased and tempted her viewers regularly.

Her eyes always looking for the next big selfie. As she rounds a corner she sees the skeleton of an old ship washed up on the beach. A recent storm must have washed it ashore. The spine and a few ribs are all that’s left. The front of the spine has a figurehead that looks like a giant penis and she is spurred to post it on social media. She pulls off the road and works her way through the scrub and seaweed with her cell phone until she reaches it.

The figurehead is covered with seaweed and Brandi brushes the long strands free. As she does the entire skeleton surges. She grabs onto the giant penis to catch herself. She feels a pulse surge through the wood like a heartbeat. Looking close small cracks in the wood seemed to mend themselves. The carving starts to become more detailed as if returning to its original beauty. She takes pictures of the amazing transformation. The more she wipes the seaweed and rubs away sand the more the figurehead reverts to a cloaked maiden. Its face faded and hollow. She brushes its cheeks with sudden empathy. Stepping back it continues to transform.

The details became clearer the more she watches it. Brushing the face Brandi can see the features revert as the eyes and cheeks seem to come to life. She steps back again to look at the whole thing. The hooded face looks like it is smiling down at her. As she watches the whole figure seems to swell and when a wave crashes on the beach, a small blob of sea foam forms on the very top making it look like a big hard dick with a drop of cum at the tip. Brandi smiles with a sly grin, climbs into the carcass of the ship and gets her camera phone ready. Selfie time.

She gets into position with her bikini covered bottom against the shaft of the figurehead. She bends over so the picture shows her face, cleavage and her covered butt against what looks like a huge dick. She pauses. No. That won’t do she thinks. Reaching back she slips her bottoms off. Then she wiggles her crack right up against the wooden shaft. Again she feels a pulse as the skeleton surges in the waves. Starting the video recording she makes a peace sign and sticks out her tongue.

Then she rubs her ass up and down on the piece of wood. Again the wreck vibrates and a sudden wave splashes water up the spine surprising her. The ocean water wets her crotch as the wood between her cheeks shakes. It feels strangely familiar as it pulses. She turns back to look at the phallus when a second wave sends water up the figurehead causing it to squirt out the top and spray down on her hair, face and cleavage like a giant ejaculation.

Her mouth was open in surprise and she got a mouth full. The ocean water tasted thick and salty. It made her revolt and she spit it out but not before swallowing some of it. Something in the water tasted funny. She coughed and wobbled as the skeleton shook again. Her ass bumping up against the wood like a rough ride as it shook again. Something felt like it tickled her ass causing her to jump away. Her crotch started tingling and flushed with heat. Brandi wiped her face and stopped the video. She spit again as she felt something tighten in her stomach.

Heading towards her car she felt wobbly and weak in the legs. Her crotch and ass burned and tingled as she walked through the loose sand and low shrubbery. Her nipples got hard and tender the more she walked. Part way up to where she had left the car she had to stop. Her breath was short and she felt her stomach turn. Looking back at the skeleton of the ship her body convulsed and shook. The big dick of a masthead seemed to be pumping up and down as she watched. Then she dropped to her knees with a sudden overwhelming flush. It felt like an orgasm was coming over her and she was surprised.

Back in her car she drove on down the highway. Every so often she would see something shining in the rear view mirror but she just ignored it. But when it shined in her eyes she looked to see where it was coming from. After looking around in the car she looked up into the rear view mirror and suddenly slammed on the breaks. For there in the mirror was a ghostly apparition of a pirate captain. His outstretched hand was covered in seaweed. She turned her head back to where the vision should have come from but there was nothing.

She got goosebumps all over and her face turned white. What was that? she thought to herself. She looked around trying to assure herself. Something stirred in her stomach again. Maybe there was something in the water that caused her to see visions. She sat there trying to settle herself when someone honked their horn. She was parked in the middle of the highway and traffic was building up.

Brandi made it to the cabin and found her parents, her brother and two of his friends already there and settled in. She greeted her parents and standing in a provocative pose in her revealing bikini demanded her brother and friends bring her stuff into the cabin. Then she went to the kitchen to get something to settle her stomach.

Her head was swimming like she was in heat. Her groin throbbed and it still felt wet. What was going on? She had a soda water and splashed some water on her face. Then she went in to the living room and sat staring out the window at the ocean. Something drew her eyes to the horizon. It felt like something was calling to her. A fog was forming near the horizon and she watched in a daze as the sun dropped towards it.

She felt strange, fearful. Something was out there but she couldn’t focus. She felt so worn out and Eskişehir Escort tired. Maybe laying down would help. The walk to her room was wobbly and she leaned on the door frame looking into the fading light. Her bags had been piled on the bed. She just crashed around them and fall fast asleep.

A dream took her immediately. A sunny day on the beach turned into a breezy sailboat ride. Her mind played back a busy crew on her father’s boat. But her father looked different. When she tried to look closer at him, his face transformed into an evil figure. The sea turned dark and the boat began rocking. Then the boat wasn’t a sailboat but an ancient ship and the crew became pirates, her father the captain from her vision in the car.

Suddenly she is startled awake when her father comes to get her for dinner. He notices a medallion around her neck that he’s never seen before. He asked Brandi about it but she doesn’t remember putting one on. Going into the bathroom she looks it over in the mirror. It looked like real gold with a Phoenix on one side, Jolly Roger on the other. As she looked closely, words appear around the circumference of the Jolly Roger. It spooked her and she tried to take it off. No clasp on the chain and it won’t slide over her head. How did it get around her neck?

Looked in the mirror again she sees the pirate captain standing directly behind her. His outstretched arm reaching for the medallion. She is terrified. Spinning around she finds nothing but the spare bathrobe that is always hanging there. She returns to the living room where everyone is set for dinner. Brandi shows her father the writing on the medallion.

He reads it aloud with everyone listening, “Om um reel bak low cum hoom fee om nom” then their eyes glow for a moment. Brandi’s eyes grow big as saucers upon seeing their reaction. No one else seems to have noticed but they all blink and wobble. Everyone feels lightheaded for a moment but it passes and they all sit down to their meal. The hair on the back of her neck raises as she feels that strange twist in her stomach again.

That night she has trouble falling asleep. Her hand holding the medallion she finally falls into a deep sleep. Her dream quickly turns to nightmare as she feels something slimy wrapping around her wrists and ankles pulling her spreadeagled. She wanted to struggle but as she tried the remaining arms of an Octopus slid along her sides. Two wrapped around her breasts, one wanted in her mouth and one in her ass. Everything began to vibrate and she suddenly woke. Nothing was there.

Her body was sweating and she felt like she was going to vomit or have diarrhea, or both. She ran to the bathroom and sat on the toilet. Then she put the wastebasket between her knees. Brandi tried to keep it together but she was tired and closed her eyes. Her body felt stuck and when she tried to move, she couldn’t. Like a huge suction cup the toilet held her ass in place. As she sat there she felt the slimy tentacles of the Octopus from her earlier nightmare pushing into her ass and pussy. She tried to wiggle free but they just kept slipping in. They twisted deep into her and she felt them reach her heart which began racing.

She couldn’t stop it and she was too frightened to scream out. She opened her eyes and there in the corner was the pirate captain again. His outstretched hand and his evil stare. Then she felt the medallion rise up and pull on her neck as it tried to return to him. The tentacles were sliding and twisting inside her and she felt something coming to a head. Like she was going to explode. Her heart was pounding and her breath struggled to calm her. Suddenly she jerked awake. She was alone in the bathroom. Only the robe hanging on its hook. Then her bowels let go, she threw up and emptied out.

That helped settle her down and she washed and returned to bed. But that wasn’t the end of the night. Brandi crashed back on the bed and straight to sleep. Minutes later she was back in the nightmare with the Octopus holding her firmly to the bed. But this time she heard chanting. An ancient sound like a sea shanty echoed in her head. It was all around her. She cautiously opened her eyes and there was a strange glow in the room.

Brandi looked around to see her family and friends standing around her. Naked. Their eyes glowing and their mouths moving to the chant. As their arms raised from their sides she felt herself float into the air. She couldn’t move. She couldn’t fight. She couldn’t cry out. Everyone walked to the beach in the dark guiding Brandi’s hovering body. Brandi could see a thick fog just off shore and her father turned and seemed to chant towards it. As he did the figurehead from the wreck appeared from the fog. It looked new, painted and polished.

Then the bow of the ship took form. She could just make out the shape of the ships sails when a small skiff drifted into sight. The sound of oars staining against old wood rose from the waters. The pirate captain stood at the front with his outstretched hand. The medallion strained at her neck again trying to return to him. Brandi tried to struggle free but it was fruitless. All she could do was watch in terror as the skiff made land and the crew debarked. Their ghostly bodies gathered around her family and as she watched each of the crew members possessed them.

She could just make out her family as ghost’s of themselves floating inside the very real looking pirate crew. She tried and tried to break out of the nightmare. Her struggling was useless. Her screams were silent as she watched them open their cloaks. Octopus tentacles slithered out and formed their penis’. Which all become hard and longer than she had ever seen. She felt faint and terrified all at the same time. The boys were all swashbucklers, her mother was the first mate. Her father was the captain. He turned from the shore looking like a real pirate but she could see her father’s ghostly naked body inside the apparition.

The medallion Eskişehir Escort Bayan followed him as he got closer and closer. He walked up to her head and put his hand around her neck, “Temptress! Receive your well earned reward!” He parted his buckled jacket and a slimy arm from an Octopus appeared from his pants and wiggled its way towards her mouth. She clamped her jaw against the invasion but with little luck. For at that moment each of the other pirates began fucking her ass and pussy. They thrust into her, filling her with both fear and pleasure and her mouth popped open.

The captain’s slimy cock, like a sheath around her father’s cock drove into her mouth and down her throat. She felt like she was going to choke to death. Her eyes closed as her body was raped and fucked by each of her family and friends bodies possessed by the pirate crew. Each member of the ghostly crew took turns possessing her family and friends bodies until every crew member had fucked her over and over. As frightened as she was she remembered coming over and over as they used her body. It went on and on until the dusk light chased them back to their foggy ship.

Brandi and her family found themselves naked standing on the sandy beach. Most of them had no recollection of how they got there or the night’s events. Her father and mother on the other hand fell to their knees and cried out. Then her father jumped to his feet and grabbing Brandi’s hand dragged her double time back to the cabin. He rummaged around in the tool drawer until he found a pair of nippers and tried to cut the medallion from her red and raw neck.

His eyes filled with tears as he tried unsuccessfully to cut her free from the curse. The others guided her crying mother’s naked body back to the cabin. They dressed their naked bodies but that did little to help calm their spirits. They all milled around wondering what had happened. Brandi’s mother and father knew but couldn’t say. They were too traumatized and just stared at each other and cried. All Brandi could do was stare out the window and shake. Her body felt used, abused and still twitching from the nights sexual and horrifying events.

Soon her father decided they had to try to get away. They all jumped into the car and just drove away without packing, preparing or straightening up. They just ran. The car lurched as they made the coast highway. They looked around. Nothing seemed familiar. There seemed to be a thick fog just in the distance. It blurred the landmarks so it was hard to tell where they were. They drove for an hour wandering around country roads. Something seemed off. No signs. No other cars. It was like a phantasm. Soon the sun was at its highest spot in the sky and they pulled over to get their bearings.

When they pulled off the road they found themselves back at the dirt road that led to the cabin. They had been driving around in circles. They turned the car around and headed out in the opposite direction trying to escape the nightmare. They drove until the sun was getting low in the sky. They pulled over and got out to stretch their legs. But to their frustration they were back at the same dirt road. The cabin was just yards away.

They returned to the cabin to eat something. As they sat staring out the windows they could see fog rolling in. A chill set in and they all feared the coming night. Brandi pulled on the necklace trying to tear the medallion from her throat. But each time she tried the chain tightened until it was choking her. She felt herself fading and everything went dark. Her body seemed to float and she was accepting death as the final escape.

When she opened her eyes she was back at the beach with her family, their eyes aglow watching the phantom skiff appear from the fog and head for shore again. Brandi was filled with dread. What could be done? How could she escape this curse? She tried to think it through. Something about the figurehead. Where this all started. There’s something about the smiling woman on the bow of the skeleton ship. When Brandi first touched it.

Then she felt her family around her again possessed by the pirate crew, begin their insatiable drive. Her body was used and abused as every part of her body was used as a sexual toy for their desires. She began drifting in and out as she was fucked and stroked. Her body unable to remain separate from the event had orgasm after orgasm. As her mind faded she caught a glimpse of the figurehead in her mind.

When the dusk light chased the ghosts away again she felt a slice of hope. As soon as she could possess her own body again she ran weak legged to the cabin. She grabbed her phone to look at the pictures and played back the video she recorded that first day. She flipped through it over and over until she noticed it. There around the neck of the hooded woman was the medallion, carved in wood. But something was different. There was something written on the hood above her head, “Cook and Cleric” but what did it mean.

That day they tried to escaped again with not luck. They just kept returning to the cabin over and over. Finally she got an idea, go back to the skeleton ship if they can. Her family was despondent. She grabbed her keys, jumped in her sports car and headed back up the road. To her surprise she was able to find her way to the same place but the wreck was gone. She walked to the shore crying, then waded in to the water looking for any signs of the skeleton ship.

Then a wave crashed into her causing her to fall into the water. As soon as the medallion touched the water she felt it pulling her down. Brandi struggled to gain control but she felt herself transformed. Suddenly her body floated in deep water and she could see clearly. It became very bright and she had a vision. The hooded lady appeared like a saint outlined in bright light. Her mouth moved and the tentacle of the Octopus slithered out from between her lips.

But Brandi could hear her words: “I am Cook and Escort Eskişehir Cleric of this Pirate ship and the crew you tempted. Now you come to me?” Brandi pulled at the medallion, “How do I stop this? How do I break the curse?” The hooded lady’s eyes glowed like her families had, “Ye shall reap what ye sew.” Brandi shook her head, “No! Please. I beg you.”

The hooded lady floated above her, “Harlot! You came to us. You bared yourself and touched us with your sex. You offered yourself to us.” Brandi thought back to the first time she was there. At the wreck. Her selfie with the big wooden penis. It was just a spontaneous moment. How could she have known? She cried and begged, “This is not what I meant. The wreck was a backdrop. I couldn’t have known…”

The hooded lady looked down at her and shook her head, “Tsk, tsk, tsk. Your actions were selfish, rude and carnal. How could you not know what would happen?” Her hands rose up and she looked to the surface. The water above her began to glow bright again and Brandi felt herself being pulled out of the visitation. She began to cry again wondering what could be done. As she cried the hooded lady looked down at her with pity.

“Child. I can do nothing to change your actions. You must be sincere in life.” The brim of the ladies hood glowed while she looked down. The words shown out bright and clear. Brandi stopped crying. Her brain flashed on the words inscribed on the figurehead. Brandi put her hands together in prayer, “As a cleric. Forgive me. I beg you. Absolve me of my rash actions.” The Cook and Cleric smiled, her eyes cleared, her hands clasped and she looked down in prayer saying,

Return to where you first joined us

Follow the Firebird to the sea

Touch the Great Mother

Take back the spoken words

Brandi felt herself being sucked back as she rose out of the water and the vision faded away, “Take back the spoken words” echoed in her ears as she spit and coughed up water. She quickly checked her phone but it was waterlogged and useless. She closed her eyes trying to etch the words into her mind. “Return to where you first joined us.” That’s easy. She’s here now. “Follow the Firebird to the sea” What’s the Firebird? “Touch the Great Mother” Again she struggled to understand the clues, the Great Mother? “Take back the spoken words” She repeated the words over and over as she made her way to the car.

She drove back to the cabin and wrote down the clues. Then she gathered everyone together and showed it to them. Her mother knew what the Great Mother was… the ocean. Her father had been a naval man. To anyone who has spent time on the sea knows it as the Great Mother. One of her brother’s friends said in ancient times the sun was considered a Phoenix that crossed the sky each day to die and be born again each day back in the same place it started. The Phoenix is also called a Firebird.

Great. Now we just need to figure out the last clue, “Take back the spoken words” They all looked at each other trying to think of what it meant. Brandi’s dad looked at the medallion hanging around his daughter’s neck. He wished all this had never happened. That he had never read the in***********ion. All his thoughts were clouded by the events of the last two nights. When he had just watched helplessly as his possessed body fucked his daughter in every conceivable manner.

Then it struck him. He read the words on the medallion the first day. Before all this had started. Could that be it? How could he take them back? He would take them back in a second if he could. He looked at the medallion again and read the words in his head. Then he flipped over the medallion. On the other side of the Jolly Roger was the Phoenix and the words were written again. But something looked different. He flipped it back and forth looking over the phrase. They’re backwards. Then it struck him. Take back the spoken words… means say it backwards.

That was the last clue and it was getting late. Brandi looked out the window with dread as the sun prepared to drop into the sea. They all piled in the car again but this time headed to the place where it all started. When they arrived at the spot the sun was entering the water. They all rushed to the shore and they all groaned when the fog began to cover the sun. “We need to do it! Now!” Brandi cried. Her father joined her in the water as they waded in.

Suddenly she felt her father’s grip tighten. She turned in horror as she saw the glow fill her father’s eyes and they were suddenly naked. She looked around and all of them were heading towards her, naked, eyes aglow. No! She thought. She struggled to keep control and broke free from her father’s grasp. She dove forward to deeper water and submerge the medallion in the Great Mother. The medallion began to shine like the sun and the fog seemed to thin as the sun reappeared half submerged at the horizon.

Then she tried to remember the charm, “Om um reel…” No! It has to be backwards.

“Nom Om Fee Cum…” NO! She looked back and her father was getting closer and the others were just behind him. Tears began filling her eyes.

“Nom Om Fee Hoom Cum Bak…” NO! Dammit. She dared not look back but closed her eyes and focused.

“Nom Om Fee Hoom Cum Low Bak Reel Um Om!” Everything suddenly went quiet. Her body felt lite and floated in the water.

She felt her father’s hands grab her and pull her tight against his body. She could feel his hard dick push against her body. She began to cry. Why didn’t it work? She thought to herself. Then she felt another grab her, and another. But something was different. They weren’t moaning or humping at her and she wasn’t floating in the air unable to move. She opened her eyes and saw her mother’s face, eyes filled with tears.

They all stood there naked and hugged. The curse had been broken. Brandi looked out to the last sliver of sunlight as the sun sank into the see. There in the fog she could see the hooded lady. Her smile appeared as a fading ray of sunlight in the ephemera. The glowing medallion around Brandi’s neck broke free and floated out to the hooded lady. It became a glowing tear that ran down the ghostly face as it faded into nothingness.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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