A Good Ol’ Fashioned Breeding

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Note, this story contains consensual incest, breeding/pregnancy, and a religious kink (Catholic flavoured specifically) so if that’s not your thing, this is your warning. Enjoy 🙂

Rosemary, or Rose for short, had always been an introvert, ever since she was young. She preferred reading to sports, coffee shops over bars, and staying home to study over anything close to a party. It didn’t help that she was a student at St. Mary’s, a prestigious all-girl’s Catholic school whose graduates were, more often than not, hand-picked for some of the best nunneries and colleges in the region. Not that she minded much, though; her late mother had always insisted that she be educated, and so she was brought up in a proper Catholic house. After her mother had passed suddenly when she was just ten, Rose’s father Isaac threw himself into his work, and hired an au pair to continue rearing her. When she turned fourteen, she was shipped off to St. Mary’s and hadn’t seen her home, or her father, since.

Six long years later, and Rose had graduated with impressive grades, at the top of her class. She had a bright future ahead of her if she so wanted it. Her grades alone would land her a scholarship to any number of excellent academies, and her choice pool was doubled thanks to St. Mary’s alumni connections. There was just one problem, though.

Rose had no desire whatsoever to pursue further education. In fact, she had gotten her fill of schooling at St. Mary’s, and by the time she graduated, she knew exactly what she wanted her future to be. Of all of the many teachings she absorbed during her time in school, the story of Mary and her holy conception had stood out to her. An immaculate conception, she was untouched and pure, and yet full of life all the same. The plates and etchings of a heavily pregnant Mary that appeared in Rose’s textbooks soon began to fascinate her, and she spent many hours poring over these images under the guise of “studying”. The truth was, she began to obsess, and found herself burning with a desire

to befall the same fate. Though she never admitted it during confessions, she would pray to the Lord to visit her, as He had done to Mary, and make her pregnant as well. She desperately wanted to know the joys of motherhood, but like any dutiful Catholic she knew that sex was off of the table. Rose was a clever girl, though, and as her schooling finished and she began preparing to return home, a devious plan began to take shape in her mind.

“Daddy!” Rose squealed as she hopped out of the airport valet car and into the waiting arms of her father, Isaac. He wrapped her up in a bear hug and planted a loving kiss on the top of her head. He easily picked her up off of the ground, her petite feet dangling as she kicked her legs, laughing and smiling at her father.

“Rosie!” Isaac returned his daughter’s energy, grinning wide and genuinely happy to have his baby home again. “It’s so good to finally see you back again, sweetheart! I’ve missed you so much. How was your flight, angel?” He set her back down on the ground gently, and brought his hands to her shoulders, giving her a loving squeeze. She beamed up at him, her heart-shaped face wrinkled in a smile.

“Long and cramped, Daddy. I’d love a bath, honestly.” She replied, bringing her fingers to her face to coyly tug on one of her curls. She may have been on the petite side, but standing next to her father made her look even smaller. Isaac was of the spry age of fifty, but you wouldn’t know by looking at him. He kept in shape, his six-foot frame padded with practical muscles, giving him a strong but soft appearance. The only thing that gave away his age was his salt-and-peppered hair, and a slight gut from years of

lovingly-prepared homemade meals.

Rose, however, came up just at four foot ten, taking after her mother in both demeanor and proportion. She was sporty, just like her father, which gave her an athletic build on top of her naturally violin-shaped body. Her curly, golden-blonde hair came down just below her ribs.

“Sounds like a plan, sweetie. I’ll bring in your bags, you go up and draw a bath while I get dinner figured out.” Her father said, walking toward the cab to pay the driver and fetch her suitcases from the trunk. Rose thanked him, and began walking up the steps of their home. She had made sure to wear a short uniform skirt, and as she bounded up the steps quickly, she could have sworn she saw her father sneak a glance at her panties. She smiled to herself, praying that she was right and that this would work.

After her father brought up her bags and she unpacked some of her clothes and toiletries, Rose set about drawing a bath. She brought out her favorite floral soap and ran it beneath the warm water, frothing the surface and filling the bathroom with the delicate scent of lavender. It wafted out through her cracked bedroom door and into the hallway, catching Isaac’s nose as Girne Escort he rounded the corner. He had just about finished bringing up all of her things, and was just dropping off the last of her bags when the

warm smell of flowers drifted over him. He was glad to see she had begun to settle in and was now taking a much-deserved bath. He had worried she might be hesitant to unwind here, since it had been so long ago since she’d last stayed at home, but he was pleased to hear the squeaky knobs on the bath being adjusted and the sounds of rippling water increase. He would be quick, just duck in and set her bags on the bed

while she was in the bathroom.

Isaac gently cracked her bedroom door and sidestepped inside as quietly as his socked feet would allow. He was graceful as he crossed the room, carefully placing his footfalls so as not to creak the wooden floorboards and startle his bathing daughter.

As he approached the bed and set down her last few bags, he noticed the clothes that Rose had come home in were in a crumpled pile on the floor. He smirked, just short of rolling his eyes. Still just as messy as ever, he thought, and glanced up at the bathroom doorway. His breath caught in his throat. Isaac had been so focused on watching his footing entering the room that he hadn’t noticed the bathroom door was halfway ajar.

Where he was standing by her bed gave him an unobstructed view into his daughter’s bathroom, where she sat unaware on the side of the bathtub.

Her honey-blonde hair ran wet down the length of her back, sticking to her glistening skin as she swept it around her neck to the front. Rose brought a delicate hand up to her left shoulder, gently soaping her skin and letting the suds run down her body, taking her sweet time in the steaming water. Her motions were achingly slow, almost

intentionally hypnotic, and Isaac found himself unable to tear away his gaze. What was he thinking, peeping in this way? Had his daughter always been so…beautiful? He swallowed hard, finding his mouth to be suddenly dry. It was almost like she was teasing him, he could swear.

She leaned forward, reaching down into the tub to wash her legs, which pushed her perfectly pert little ass outward and gave him the slightest peek of her golden pubic hair. Isaac choked and practically bolted from the room, his face bright red and his jeans tenting. Our Father forgive me, he prayed as he collected himself outside her door.

What in the world am I doing? He sighed, bewildered at his body’s sinful reaction to his daughter. It had been some time since he had known the touch of a woman, and of course, he used no other means of relieving himself in the meantime. It would be a sin to waste seed, after all. He gritted his teeth and walked toward his bedroom, to take a cool shower and calm down. He’d fix a pizza and they’d have a normal, casual night together, as fathers and daughters should.

Rose’s heart was racing, hard, as she finished rinsing her hair and began to exit the bath. This might be easier than I thought, she mused, her breath hitching a little at the excitement of it. See, Rose had planned and prepared very well for this. On the floor next to her bathtub, out of line of sight if you weren’t in the bathroom, was a small mirror. From which, she had a perfect view of the bathroom door she had left temptingly cracked. She had seen her father standing there, ogling her as she bathed, and it filled her belly with butterflies. See, she knew her father was a man of strong faith and followed the Word, which meant she was certain he didn’t…relieve himself, like men do. The nuns at St. Mary’s had taught them abstinence, of course, but that didn’t mean that the girls didn’t gossip. Rose knew all well what men were prone to do when left without a wife to care for them, and she bet that he would be easily pushed over the edge with

the right type of teasing. She had worried that her little bath show would be too much, but she’d gotten a good look at the half-mast he’d sported when he fled her bedroom, and was confident she’d be able to pull this off.

Rose dried off and began picking through her bags, searching for a pair of pajamas.

She settled on a silky white set, a simple bralette and tee shirt, with high-waisted shorts and a short robe over top. Modest, but still showed enough for her to work with. She

went about drying her hair, carefully separating it so that it would be bouncy and curly. The excitement grew in her as she fussed over her appearance, pinning her hair modestly out of her face so that it framed her cheeks and cascaded down her back. She took one last twirl in the mirror, smiling approvingly at herself. This is it, she thought, and paused for a moment to pray while her eyes settled on her flat belly in the mirror. Soon, she hoped, this flat belly would be round and taught and full of blooming life, and she

would Magosa Escort grow bigger and rounder as the months passed and life grew within. She couldn’t wait—the very thought of it sent shivers down her spine, to that warm place between her thighs. Rose realised she had been absently stroking her belly in the mirror, hypnotised for a moment by her daydream. She snapped out of it then, turning to leave her bedroom and go downstairs to her father with a renewed vigor and determination. It was now or never.

As Rose descended the stairs to the kitchen to help her father with dinner, she noticed that he had changed clothes and also showered, as his hair was damp and beginning to curl. He was just pulling the frozen pizza he’d bought for tonight out of the warm oven, and smiled brightly when he noticed her come in.

“Hey Daddy! That smells amazing,” she said, her stomach beginning to rumble. It had been a few hours since she’d been able to eat, and she was getting hungry. Her father set the pizza stone down on top of the stovetop and turned to face her while he took off his oven mitts.

“Hey there, angel. All settled in now? How many slices do you want, two?” he asked, grabbing plates and handing her a few napkins. She nodded as he began pulling the slices apart and carefully placed two down on her plate. He grabbed two more and fixed himself a plate, leaning against the counter and beginning to eat. Rose did the same, and for a moment they stood in semi-silence, just enjoying the meal and one another’s company. When Rose finished her food, she brought her plate to the sink to rinse, and piped up.”Want to watch a movie together, Daddy?” She asked, rinsing her hands while leaning into the sink. “There’s that new rom-com that came out, with what’s-her-name in it,” She didn’t have to stand on her toes to reach the faucet, but she knew it was showing off her toned legs and little ass to her father, so she hammed it up a bit to entice him. She heard him swallow loudly and quickly gave a “sure!” before offering to set up the TV in the living room. She smiled deviously to herself before drying her hands, and following her daddy into the living room.

He was sitting awkwardly on the far end of the sofa, a blanket halfway across his lap and remote in hand. He hit the play button as she pretended not to notice why he needed the blanket, and plopped down on the couch across from him, spreading her legs out so that her toes touched his thigh. She held back, resting an arm on the sofa

and not laying down completely. Rose knew she had to be careful and do this right, or else she might not get a second chance. She waited until the moving kicked in and she felt her father relax some, and began to settle in to the couch as well. Once they were about halfway through, she slowly sank further into her lounged position, until she was laying chaise on the arm of the sofa, her head in the crook of her arm and appearing to be lulled fully asleep.

Isaac stole a glance at his sleeping daughter, watching the slow rise and fall of her small breasts as she soundly slept. His eyes wandered over her body, her fair skin glowing in the soft light of the screen. He placed a hand delicately on her calf, brushing his thumb up and down as he watched her face for any reaction. Seeing nothing change on her face, nor her breathing, he moved his hand further up, brushing against her thigh ever so softly, coming to a rest at the hem of her shorts. He paused there, watching intently as she took slow, steady breaths. Isaac felt a stirring in his belly, his hand resting on the soft flesh of Rose’s thigh. He lifted his fingers and delicately began to pull back the tie on her robe, slowly undoing the knot and letting the loose fabric fall away from her body.

Her small, round breasts poked out of the top of her tight little lace bralette, threatening to spill over the hem each time she inhaled a slow breath. Isaac’s mouth watered, and he felt his hands drift toward her chest before he glanced up at his daughter’s face. Her eyes were wide open, watching him and he felt his stomach drop as he recoiled in a panic.

“Oh god, Rosie, I’m so sorry. It wasn’t what it looked like, I swear—” he began stumbling over his words as he scrambled backwards, but she caught him by the collar of his shirt and pulled him down into a chaste but firm kiss on the mouth. His whole body froze, and when she didn’t let go of his shirt, he began to relax some. She pulled back, looking up at him lovingly and biting her lip. Rose pulled her father’s hand up into hers, and brought it to her breast, squeezing his hand around it with her own.”I know what it looks like,

Daddy. I don’t want you to be afraid.” she said, pulling his hand across to her other breast and letting him feel it in his palm. She was just little over a B-cup, and her father’s hands fit perfectly around her little tits. She brought one of his hands down Lefkoşa Escort to her belly, and let it rest there as she looked up into his face. “I want you to know that I want this,” she said, cupping his face so that he looked down at her. Her father furrowed his brow, the mixed feelings swirling in his expression as he stared into his daughter’s face.

“Angel, this is a sin, you can’t be serio—” he began, but she interrupted him again.

“I saw you watching me in the bathroom, Daddy. I know you think about me…like that. It’s a bigger sin to deny love, and well, the truth is I’ve felt this way for a while now,” she admitted, squeezing his hand again to reassure him. She met his gaze, straightening her posture just a tad to push her chest out.

“Daddy, I want you. I want you to be the one I give myself to, to be the one to…to fuck me,” her voice trembled a little as she cursed, but it was too late. Perhaps it was the way she’d presented herself, or hearing such filthy language out of her, but Isaac’s rational mind had escaped him and the animal within him was desperate for release. Something snapped in him, then, and before she could protest he scooped her up into his arms, cupping her ass in his powerful hands and pulling her close to him. A gasp escaped his daughter as she wrapped her legs around his waist and arms around his

shoulders, lapping up his kisses hungrily. She could feel him hardening, his tool rubbing against her beneath the fabric of their pajamas. Isaac shifted her in his arms and sat

down on the sofa, placing her in his lap and holding her by the hips. She ground her cunt into his lap, his cock pressing against her slit through her shorts. She moaned desperately, pulling off her bralette and freeing her breasts. Isaac grabbed them, rolling them in his strong fingers and sucking her little dime sized nipples until they were a dark pink against her pale skin.

“Please, Daddy,” she moaned as he licked and bit her breasts, each new sensation eliciting a yelp or gasp of pleasure from the girl writhing in his lap. “I need you. please,”

Rose found her ability to articulate herself quickly dwindle, her thoughts muddled and hazy with bliss as her father explored her body. A warm heat had begun in her belly the moment he’d started to touch her, and now it quickly was stoked into a fiery desire.

Sensing her desperation, and equally lost in sensation, Isaac picked her up in his lap, turning to set her down on her back on the sofa. He pulled her shorts and panties off in one quick motion, revealing the little blonde curls that rested atop her perfect mound. She scooted a pillow beneath her hips as her father dropped his pants, his cock springing up as he let them drop to the floor. Rose’s eyes widened, taking in his

member. It was big. bigger than she’d thought. Easily as big around as her forearm, she

figured it had to be at least seven or eight inches of shaft. It was thick, with big veins running up to a swollen, purple head. For a moment, she wondered if it would even fit, but her mouth watered as her father wrapped a hand around it and pumped his shaft a few times. A thick, clear glob of precum formed at the tip, and he brought his cock down to her soaked entrance, using it to lubricate her slit. She wiggled her bottom forward as he settled over top of her, the tip spreading her ever so slightly. He looked down at her, unable to look away, as he brought his weight down and sank his cock into his daughter’s virgin cunt.

Rose expected it to hurt, and it did. Her father had no trouble breaking through her hymen, and the sharp pain in her belly was quickly replaced with a hot fullness that overcame her. Her father pumped once, twice, slowly working his way further inside her. She let out a low moan, her head falling back on the sofa and her legs falling to her sides. Isaac thrusted once more, this time fully bottoming out inside his daughter’s pussy. He could feel her cervix with the tip of his cock and his mouth watered, an almost

animalistic need boiling up within him. There was no turning back now. He was going to breed his daughter, and there was nothing either of them could do to stop it.

Isaac felt her clench around him when he picked up the pace, each time he thrust pushing him hard against the back of her cunt. She had sunk into an almost delirium, squeezing and kissing him wildly as he pumped in and out of her belly. Her breathing was ragged and she mumbled wildly, begging her daddy over and over again to go harder. He obliged, grasping her by the hips and burying himself as far as he could go.

She squeezed down on him as he pounded her mercilessly, and soon, he felt a burning rising in his belly. He knew he was close now, feeling his cock twitch hard as his orgasm built.

“Oh, Rosie, baby I’m close,” he whispered, pulling her close and bearing his weight down on top of her. He ground down into her as she wrapped her legs around his waist, locking him in their embrace. She felt him swelling inside him, his cock seemingly hotter than before as the ache in her belly grew. She could feel herself getting close, the warm feelings in her body reaching a fever-pitch as her daddy buried his thick cock deep in her unprotected pussy.

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