A Happy Marriage Ch. 02: A Curious Desire

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My wife had been planning a vacation with her girlfriend for some time. They were going on a Caribbean cruise together and had everything ready to go.

“We’re staying in Florida for a night and then we’ll be on the cruise the next morning.”

“Ok, have fun while you’re gone!” I said.

“Oh, if you want to have fun while I’m gone, go ahead.” She winked at me and I knew that she was thinking about doing the same thing.

The next day I finished my work and headed home. It was Friday but I had nothing to do, so instead of locking myself in the house, I decided to head to adult bookstore.

I’ve been here a couple of times before but I’ve never tried anything with anyone. The bookstore is dark and has 2 entrances. The front entrance opens into the storefront which has a bunch of DVDs, some magazines, and a small selection of toys. The packaging is dusty and the toys look old compared to the high-tech devices you see at a Lover’s Package.

In the back of the store are some booths laid out in 2 hallways. Each booth is about 4ft by 4ft with a very old TV embedded in the wall. The doors come with locks and full-length windows.

I’ve never quite figured out if the windows were for exhibitionism or to make sure people aren’t breaking the rules. Maybe it’s both.

I walk up to the counter and am greeted by a young guy that looks like he’s just trying to make extra cash for college.

“Can I get some change for a $5?”

“Here you go,” as he dispenses change into a small cup. He gives a little smile as I walk away, knowing that my cum would likely be on the floor in the next few minutes.

I wander through the first hallway to see if there’s anyone interesting to watch or who could watch me. I’m a slight exhibitionist, so I enjoy having people watch me cum.

I don’t see anyone in the first hall, so I walk to the second hallway, passing the list of movies playing that night.

The back hallway is a little darker since it’s more secluded from the storefront. There’s also less of a chance of the shop attendant bothering people if they want to break the eryaman escort rules by going into a booth together.

I notice a booth with its light on and open the door across the hall from it.

I get a handful of quarters and the lights dim as soon as the first quarter enters the slot and the video begins. I have to fumble with more change in the dark until I’ve finally inserted all of the change.

Flipping through the channels, I find girl with guy porn, girl on girl, orgy, t-girl, guy on guy. The gay porn captures my attention. I imagine myself being fucked in the ass while sucking on a hard cock, like the guy in the video, and I take my cock out of my pants.

It’s already getting wet with precum from the thought of masturbating in semi-public spaces with strangers watching.

I look out the door-window and notice the guy in the other booth watching me. He has his dick in his hand and is slowly stroking it. I turn my body so he has a better view of my member.

I pull my pants down a little further to show my cock and ass.

I start to jack off faster while he watches, precum moistens the tip and my hand starts to get wet. I stop to rub the precum with my finger and lick it off.

He opens his door and walks toward my booth. My door opens and he sneaks in.

“Do you want your dick sucked?”

I nod yes.

He gets on his knees and starts sucking my cock, taking it all the way until I can feel the back of his throat.

He’s whimpering and moaning as he jerks himself off while he sucks my dick. He does this for a couple minutes, bobbing his head back and forth, twisting his lips around my cock.

I warn him so he can get ready however he wants. “I’m gonna cum.”

I cum hard, my dick pulsing as he jacks me off from the base with the tip in his mouth, catching every drop of cum and savoring the taste. He unleashes his load on the floor between my feet.

“Thanks,” he says as he wipes his lips and leaves.

The video is still playing so I cool off and slowly rub my cock sincan escort some more.

Another man enters the booth across from mine and watches me. He rubs the bulge in his pants and takes out one of the biggest, fattest cocks I’ve ever seen. He wraps his fingers around it, barely encircling it with his large-sized hands.

I take the cue and sneak into his booth.

No words need to be spoken in these meetups, a glance or a movement is all that’s needed.

I reach down and wrap my fingers around his big cock, enjoying the girth. I get him hard and then kneel down on my knees, taking his large cock in my mouth. I can barely fit it but try my best to take it deep in my throat without choking. It’s so thick that I focus on the head, sucking and licking the base, making sure to excite the nerves around it.

As I’m enjoying his cock I notice out of the corner of my eye a couple of guys walking by. They can see through the full length glass that I’m acting like a wanton slut, savoring his massive cock.

“Hey, wanna fuck that bitch there?” One of them says to the other.


The door opens and I feel some hands around my waist. My pants are pulled down and I feel a hand wrap around my hard cock, precum is pouring out of it.

A guy wets his finger and slides it into my asshole, then another to stretch me out.

He pulls himself forward and guides his cock to my waiting hole. I raise my ass a little so he has an easier time entering my boy pussy.

I feel my asshole strain against his cock as he pushes forward. It burns and I wince. He pushes harder and bottoms out as the pain peaks and then diminishes.

“Oh yeah, fuck me hard.”

He drives his cock in and out of my ass. I can feel his cock head against my prostate as he pulls outward. I feel it deep within me as he pushes inward and his hips slam against my ass.

“Yes! Fuck me”

I grab his friend’s cock and start jacking him off too. Now I have a dick in my mouth about to blow, a cock in my hand, and a stranger taking me etlik escort from behind.

“Yes, come for me baby.” I plead to the dick in my mouth. I jerk the base of it faster and suck it as deep as I can go.

He starts to buck and he grabs my head. He forces me as deep as I can go, my lips at the base of his cock. I feel the flood of cum enter my mouth. The salty flavor is wonderful and I jerk myself and the other guy off at the same time.

“I’m gonna cum!” He says as I’m jerking him off. He takes hold of his dick and lines it up to my face. Just then I feel splash after splash of cum hitting my face.

The guy behind me pumps faster. Finally I feel his dick pushing deep into me and he holds it there as he pumps his cum into my bowels.

Each guy pulls up his pants quietly and leaves the booth as I lay on the floor, soaked and covered in cum.

I start to get up just as the store attendant opens the door to make sure I’m alright. He says to me “I hope you had a good time.” Then he pulls me toward him and kisses me, licking off some of the stranger’s cum as he returns to work.

I returned to the bookstore a few more times that week, each time I would either suck off a few guys or get fucked. I even got a chance to fuck the store attendant just before closing time.

Today my wife comes back from her cruise. I’m happy she’s coming home so I can tell her about my week. Hopefully she has a few good stories for me too.

“Hi Honey!” she says as she enters the door. I pause my TV show and get up to help her with her bags. “I hope you had a good time.”

“Did you have a fun trip?”

“Yeah, it was great. I got a little tipsy one night and met a girl. We had some fun together.”

“Oh yeah? What’d you do?” I asked.

“One thing was we found a lounge chair and she fingered me. It was pretty fun. What did you do?”

“I went to that adult bookstore.”

“Oh really? What’d you do there?”

“I jacked off a little, then a guy sucked me off.”

“Oh, that’s hot.” she said.

“Then I sucked off a different guy with a big cock, and while I was doing that I got fucked.”

“Wow. I knew you liked dildos, but this is new!”

“I went back a few more times and had my ass and belly filled with cum.”

“Mmmm. I’m so horny right now. I’m gonna fuck you like they did.”

That night we fucked like crazy, talking about everything we did apart from eachother.

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