A Hot Time

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I live in a lakeside town on the coast of Michigan. It’s small and pretty, often filled with visitors passing through or vacationing–both winter and summer. One of the most interesting places to meet people is at Willhouse Inn, a bed-and-breakfast-like hotel with a great restaurant and large, active lounge.

Just this past summer I stopped there one evening after work. It was warm enough to get the urges flowing, but not so hot to be oppressive. After I’d sat down and my eyes had a chance to adjust to the light, I noticed an attractive, nicely dressed blonde sitting by herself near the window. She was very inviting as she stared dreamily at the lake and the gulls.

I got up and moved close enough to her that we could talk without seeming as if I was pushing myself on her. After the usual ice-breaking comments about the weather, the season and our surroundings, she gradually opened up to conversation. When we got around to introductions, she told me her name was Connie.

“Pleased to meet you, Connie, I’m Samantha,” I said with a smile while extending my hand.

As she reached out to me, I admired the outline of her braless breasts showing through her thin blouse. My boobs are pretty well developed, but she had the best set of tits I’ve ever seen! Their shape and the high, proud way they hung excited me. Her nipples were erect, but I couldn’t tell if she was chilled by the air conditioning or if she had something else going on to stimulate her. Our conversation perhaps? Me?

I mentally compared our builds and idly wondered how well her 5″1′ 105-pound frame might fit with my own. I’m almost 5’6″ and weight 110 pounds, but I sure didn’t see a problem! Her cobalt blue eyes danced with a certain fire when she talked. I responded by concentrating intently on her. Her glance repeatedly returned to my eyes and I could tell she was fascinated by the color, which, though normally grey, were purple this night thanks to my contact lenses.

As we sipped our drinks and talked, we talked about being relaxed and feeling kind of sexy. I probed a little and learned that she wasn’t into girl-girl stuff. Damn! She was so inviting, too! Instead, I suggested we find a couple of guys to fulfill our NEEDS. She liked that.

The only problem was there was only one single guy around. He was pretty good looking, too. I really wanted her, not him, but if that’s the way it was to be, I told her to go after him. Since she was afraid her husband would find out, I offered her the use of my place. She thought about that, looked at the guy and said, “Well, thanks. I’ll do it!” I drew her a map to my place on a napkin. She put it in her purse and winked at me.

She moved close to the guy, and soon they were talking. I struck up a side conversation with the bartender but kept an eye on Connie. She was blocking his view so he didn’t even see me.

In about a half-hour they got up to leave. I dashed out a side door, and took a short-cut to my place so it looked as if I’d been there for hours when they arrived. I said I was Connie’s roommate. I got Connie alone in the kitchen for a few minutes and told her where the bedroom was. I volunteered to stay in the kitchen until she and Steve (that was his name) dropped out of sight.

They had some preliminaries on the couch before finally going into the bedroom, and I stayed out of sight. I went back into the living room, acutely aware of what was happening on the other side of the door. I couldn’t be anything BUT aware because they couldn’t have disguised THOSE noises if they had tried: she was a screamer!

I finally drifted off to sleep on the couch, which is very comfortable and not punishment of any kind. I’ve slept on it many times and done lots of colorful things on it too!

Awakening around 3:30 in the morning after dreaming about Connie and Steve in the bedroom, I was horny and ready. I got up and fumbled around in my dildo collection, selected one and took it back to the couch with me. The dream had made me wet, and the dildo slid in up to the hilt with no trouble at all. I gave it to myself long and slow.

About 4 a.m., Steve slipped quietly out of the bedroom. It looked as if he was going to take off without even a good-bye. When he passed me, I reached out and grabbed his sleeve. He was startled and kind of jerked at my touch. By some accident the covers just happened to fall off me! There I was, his sleeve in one hand, and a dildo in the other. He gracefully picked up the blanket.

He wasn’t fully dressed and I pulled off his underwear. Then we re-did the scene in the bedroom, only I got to scream. He was nice, but not repeatable. He seemed more interested in hustling his buns out instead of moving them for me! He said he had to catch a plane so he dressed, kissed me lightly and left.

Still not satisfied despite the fucking I’d just had, I locked the door after Steve and debated about what to do next. I went back to my “toy” drawer, took out a strap-on dildo and put it on. (This one is special to me because I had fastened a small strip with tiny Üsküdar Escort rubber fingers on it. Certain kinds of action with it can produce the most exquisite orgasms!) With my “equipment” in place, I walked into the bedroom.

Connie was awake, but the dim light just faintly exposed my lower body. All Connie could see was my “hard-on.” Suddenly she started to purr.

“Who is it?” she cooed.

Wordlessly, I slipped into bed and started feeling all over her body. I kept her at arm’s length so she couldn’t detect my curves. Certainly HER curves were turning me on! I knelt between her legs and slowly slid my tongue between her secret lips. (Below the panty line, I later discovered, she was a redhead!!)

My hot oral work on her soon had her panting. She loved it and moved her hips in rhythm with my tongue motions. She took my head in her hands to guide me where she wanted me. My hair is kind of short so in the dark she couldn’t tell that she was caressing a woman.

“Oh, I have to have more,” she whispered. “Slide your cock into me. Plunge it in deep!”

I got up on my knees, positioned myself at her opening, and mounted her. I guided my “cock” where my mouth had been seconds before. She moaned with delight and reached up to rub my chest. Then she felt my tits and screamed.

I was going crazy trying to calm her down. I kept the fake prick in her as I soothed her, but it seemed to be doing more harm than good. I finally pulled it out and took it off, talking quietly to her as I did. About 15 minutes later she had calmed down but was still pretty well freaked. She said she just wanted to go home, and I felt like shit.

That made me decide to lay low the following night, even though the experience with Connie left me longing for pussy. (I love guys and I need them, but I love women, too. Sometimes I need only what a woman has to offer.) I had just finished dinner and was watching TV when the doorbell rang.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I opened the door and there stood Connie, fetchingly dressed in shorts and a halter top! She didn’t leave much to the imagination, and I know my eyes must have opened wide as I stared at her bare, well-shaped legs in full light.

She smiled sweetly but stammered when she spoke. “You’ve been on my mind lately, and I wanted to come back and apologize for running out the way I did last night.”

I was delighted and invited her in. She brushed close when she stepped inside, and desire laced through me. I opened a bottle of wine and we both sat down–chatting as we sipped. She told me that she and her husband had been having problems and that she hadn’t been fucked very well in a long time, even by Steve the night before.

“When I left here early this morning,” Connie said, “I had the most peculiar feeling. It wasn’t bad, in fact it was good, but it sure was strange. All day I thought about what happened with you, and I repeatedly got hot. When dusk arrived, the urge overpowered me and I had to come back to see you. I want to try it again, only this time I want to participate!”

My mind raced, and I could feel a delicious warmth erupt and gradually spread through me. I told her how beautiful she was and how much I wanted her. Our talk became hot and explicit. When I suggested we slowly undress each other, Connie immediately got up.

“How about coming over here so I can get at you,” she said.

I stood and walked to her. All I had on was a man’s dress shirt that hung to the middle of my thighs. She immediately began opening the shirt one button at a time. Slowly, almost hypnotically, she slid it off, exposing myself to her. I loved the hungry look this produced, and I seductively shifted my weight from one foot to the other. Still trance-like with her eyes half-closed, Connie caressed me, stopping to focus on my nipples. She still seemed shy and didn’t let her hands drift below my waist.

Shaking myself back to reality, I said, “Connie, your touch is exciting, and you’re really getting to me, but how about letting me return the favor?”

She smiled and slightly pushed out her inviting chest. I melted and kissed her lightly on the mouth. When she didn’t recoil from it, I kissed her again–only deeper, longer, invading her soul. I massaged her breasts as we hugged.

We both gasped when I finally broke loose and groped for her halter. I slyly tugged out the bottom edge. Holding it out from her body, my fingers slid underneath and danced across the nipples. Wanting more, I continued to move the halter upward.

“Raise your arms above your head for me, OK?” I coaxed.

She did and I popped the sliver of material over her head. Those gorgeous, now-liberated tits begged for attention, standing out with both nipples puckered and firm. I had to have them and immediately took one in my mouth to gently squeeze and suck. I centered my attention on the nipple. Connie held the breast in her hand, steering it to where she wanted it most–first over my tongue, then against the roof of my mouth, occasionally raking Üsküdar Escort Bayan it lightly against my teeth.

I reached down and felt her crotch. She was still wearing her shorts, and I slithered my hand up underneath. She had obviously prepared to visit me because she was wearing no underpants. I probed my fingers into her bush and found she was dripping hot liquid.

Pulling myself off her breast, I paused to open her shorts and lower them. She deftly stepped out of them and stood before me, naked, beautiful, and ready. Her eyes smouldered, and she held one breast up to her mouth and licked it all over. As she offered me this little show, she gradually spread her legs further and further apart. Her free hand disappeared into the wet down between her legs.

I wanted to be part of this so I gently replaced her hand with my own. She was drenched, and I wanted to suck her. And she wanted me to!

“Please lick me, Samantha,” she pleaded. “My cunt is ready for you. Is yours ready for me?”

“See for yourself,” I offered, standing and moving her hand to my own wet pussy.

Presenting myself to her searching hand, I maneuvered my fingers past her swollen doors and into her love tunnel. Fastened together that way, we approached each other and kissed again with growing passion. Our mouths opened wide while our hands feverishly massaged each other’s mounds. I sucked on her tongue as it glided far into the back of my mouth. Then we reversed and I “fucked” her mouth with my tongue.

Finally I stepped back, moved her to the couch, and had her sit down on the back with her feet on the cushions. She leaned against the wall and spread her legs. I knelt on the cushions and faced her gaping snatch. I was so hot I trembled at the sight.

I kissed her cunt in the same open-mouthed way I had just kissed her face. My lips created a seal around her pussy lips so that I could suck at the same time I tongued the sweetness overflowing from inside her. The sensation made her jerk. I liked having her twitch that way so I rolled her clit lewdly between my lips. She raised her hips to meet and then grind against me.

As I ate her, I took her nipples in my hands and pinched them. The nipples swelled even more. I rolled them so that they were covered by the other flesh of her breasts, and then I squeezed them inside the “pocket” that this created. She groaned in response.

Finally she retreated slightly and said, “Please, Samantha, I think I want to try it, too. Let’s go into the bedroom so we can really get to each other. But please be patient with me since I’m a little unsure of myself.”

We uncoupled and went into the other room. As she bent over to pull down the bedspread, I leaned down, spread her cheeks from behind and stabbed my tongue into her puckered anus. She loved it, but begged me to stop so she could get some too. When I did, she turned around, put her arms around me and pulled me down to the bed on top of her. Still holding on, she rolled over so she was on top.

She was completely engrossed now. She ran her fingers through my hair and held my head in place as she repeatedly sucked my mouth and gave me her tongue in return. Our pelvises rubbed together, and I could occasionally feel her clit against my own. We were locked in a deep, abandoned embrace.

Connie’s intensity was startling and incredibly arousing. I kept reaching higher plateaus of desire for her. She shifted slightly, and her left leg came to rest on my mound. Her own love spot pressed against my thigh. I desperately wanted friction and moved my clit against her. The fucking motion translated to her, and she humped my leg. Her arms surrounded my head and her eager fingers laced through my hair. Breathing heavily, her kiss was ablaze. It may have been a new experience, but the sexual longing overcame her and she surrendered completely. Our arms and legs became so intertwined that we were like one body. I had to have her. Now!

I repeated her earlier movement and rolled over so that she was now beneath me. Disentangling our arms, I ran my hands up and down the insides of her thighs, pressing outward as I did so her legs would be wide apart when I arrived at her “V.” Connie needed little convincing. She kept spreading her legs farther and farther until they formed a straight line broken only by the dip into her bush. She was lithe and supple, her body well conditioned and rippling slightly with muscle.

Moving down and kneeling before her, I teased, “Tell me what you want, Connie. Tell me and I’ll do it.” My breath was close enough to her most sensitive spots that she trembled when it struck her.

“Please suck me like you did last night. Let me feel your soft, warm mouth on me. And while you do it, let me worship you. Give me your wetness. I can’t wait any longer.”

I swung around and positioned my legs on either side of her head. I wanted first to overcome any lingering reservations she might have. I rested my elbows on the bed below her legs, gently rolled back the hood of her Escort Üsküdar clit and exposed its erect head, red, hard and glistening with moisture.

I shaped my mouth into an erotic oval, darted my tongue several times against her clit, and then ringed it with a moist suction. She writhed and wrapped her arms around my legs, pulling slightly at my own clit-hood so I would be as exposed to her as she was to me. I lowered my wet down close to her face.

Connie sucked on either side of my bush, mouthing my groin muscles. I liked it a lot. She repeatedly worked back and forth, occasionally grazing my lips with her tongue. My action was having a delirious effect, and her hips developed a circular, rolling movement. In that moment, her mouth came to rest against my opening. She licked tentatively, not entirely sure how to proceed.

I demonstrated on her, rhythmically tonguing her button. Taking the cue, she slipped her tongue between my pussy lips. Her hip movements stopped abruptly and she moved her hands in place around my opening, spreading my lips far apart. I loved the feeling of having the INSIDE of my cunt exposed to her.

She extended her tongue farther and farther, then stopped and held like that for a long moment, savoring the sensation. Her tongue started moving in and out of me, and I moved my hips in a classic fucking motion. A cat-like growl came from Connie as she unexpectedly found my clit and focused on it. In that instant she lost her “virginity” to a woman, sucking me off and being sucked in return.

Our act was complete. Our drenched mouths and wet cunts were the perfect complement. We fused together in this mouth-to-cunt/ cunt-to-mouth embrace, rolling together on the bed. As we exchanged positions that way, our mouths never lost their fusion. First Connie was on top, fucking and eating me at the same time. Then I replaced her in the top position to bury my face in her snatch while receiving her.

I gave her face a fast, hard fucking and fastened on her clit. It was bulging and erect, almost like a two-inch penis. I didn’t know a clit could be this long and I rapidly moved my head up and down, sucking her the way I’d blown guys.

I paused for an instant and whispered, “Now, Connie, let’s cum NOWWW!!”

Connie cried out and madly humped my face. I held her down with my hands and fucked her as hard as she fucked me. My insides rolled and a shot of the most delicious heat tore through me.

Connie’s cunt suddenly opened wide on its own. I sank my lips and tongue, even my nose, inside her gushing gash. I was rewarded by a series of strong contractions, and Connie bucked out of control. She jerked over and over. The repeated tightening of her sexual muscles catapulted me into orbit. I let my orgasm go, sitting slightly on Connie’s face so she could thrust her tongue inside me.

“Oh, fuck me, Connie, fuck me with your tongue,” I exclaimed into her cumming cunt. I drank deeply as she spun off into repeated orgasms.

When the intensity of our climaxes subsided a little, I started playing with her ass. It startled her and she said, “Oh, Samantha, not there. Oh, please not there. Ohhhh, please, oh, oh, unhhhh!!”

It seemed that the words didn’t match the emotion behind them. She didn’t really want me to stop at all; in this case “stop” meant “go a little faster”! I ignored her pleas and continued working on her ass. I rubbed and massaged it, which was easy to do with all the moisture that had leaked out.

It apparently intrigued her enough that she pulled my lower body down on her in such a way that she could reach my anus. Her hot breath made me contract slightly, and I jerked when her tongue struck my sphincter. She spread my ass checks and slowly worked her tongue into me. There we lay, our tongues implanted, paying anal homage to each other.

I had an idea, a way to make Connie’s “deflowering” nearly complete. I slowly separated from her and said, “Roll over on your stomach and crouch down with your ass in the air. Then spread your legs.”

She obediently did as I asked, displaying her lovely legs and well-shaped ass. I savored the view of her anus and the downy patch that began there and stretched down to her mound. I put my hands on her cheeks and, with my thumbs, spread them to expose the small pucker that I was about to assault. I blew my breath against it and enjoyed seeing her quiver in response.

Bracing my elbows on her thighs, I leaned down and slowly licked her anus. Her sounds were gibberish, but I knew what pleasure she was taking. I reached between her legs, felt around to relocate her clit, and snapped it back in forth.

I needed more, and stopped briefly to move her right foot slightly. I settled on it so that my own clit could rub against her heel and began humping. I resumed my wanton tongue-rape of her ass. I soon found a rhythm and synchronized my tongue and my hand with the rubbing I was getting from her foot. She wiggled it, adding to my gratification.

I couldn’t stand the intensity and lost myself to the building orgasm. I jerked her clit with one hand while tweaking and rubbing one of her nipples with the other. She groaned, long and deep. I sucked her ass with my open mouth, occasionally shooting my tongue in. Connie unexpectedly shoved her ass even farther into me and I realized I was about to lose it.

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