A Little Late

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My master is sleeping soundly when I return home and enter our bedroom. The light outside allowed me to admire him as it poured in through the window displaying his strong jaw, and chest with his tattoos that covered his skin. He doesn’t allow my eyes to soak him in like a normal lover would in acts of passion unless he tells me so. I moisten at the thought of disobeying him at this moment and that his cock is being hidden beneath the sheets, I could see a bulge; it made my blood pump through my veins quicker and made my breath catch in my throat. I was out later than expected so I needed to quickly strip down and slip into bed before he notices, I’ll get punished in the morning but at least I’ll be rested. I have my jeans pulled down to my knees with my back turned to him. Then the bedside light illuminated our dark room that we shared because neither of us could bare to sleep alone, I turn and he had a smile on his face, a devilish one at that, as he’s leaned upon one elbow and his hair fell in face.

“You’re late my pet.” He said softly with gravel in his voice.

“Yes sir, I’m sorry I wasn’t here to please you.” I answer in the way I should, I was frozen in excitement and fear with my jeans half down.

“Don’t worry my pet, stand still for a moment.” He told me and I heard him rise from the bed. My heart began to thud against my chest. He stood in front of me I saw his feet before I saw him stroking his already hard cock.

“Did you have fun tonight?” he asked me. I got flustered and stuttered when I answered him a little.

“Uh…ye- yes sir, I had fun tonight.” My body felt like it was on fire and he hasn’t even touched me. He grabbed my hand making me pet and play with his erection.

“Did you have more fun than you do with this?” He asked really making me feel his cock pulsate in my palm.

“Oh no sir, I can never have more fun than I do with you.”

“That’s my girl.” He said and tilted my face to look at him. “You have to make it up to me for being late.” His voice was lusty and radiated pure sex.

“Yes sir.”

I stared into his dark eyes and came undone, I was his personal pet and he was my sex God. His lips over took mine for just a moment as his tongue played with mine.

“Mmm, Whiskey?” he questioned me.

“Yes sir.” He went back to kissing me again; I enjoyed it while it lasted just before he pulled my shirt up and off of me. He managed to unhook my bra and toss that away too. He pushed down on my shoulders; it was his way of telling me to get on my knees. As I did his cock grazed against my skin from my naval to my neck. I looked up at him waiting for his command. “Suck.” He told me with a caress to my cheek. I smiled and opened my mouth happily, my exhaustion went away once my tongue started to do its job swirling around the head and down his shaft. He always gives me free reign when it comes to this. I licked away his pre-cum then I started to bob my head taking his cock further and further until it was lodged into my throat. I pull back and leave his cock wet with my saliva Demetevler Escort and start to suck the head of his dick like a lollipop that I can’t get enough of the flavor. I hear him moan and tap me on the head in pleasure. I take him in deep again and continue for a few more times before I suck on him again. His hips start to buck a little and I pulled back to look up at him to see if he wants to cum just yet.

“Fuck, that was good my pet.” He gestured for me to stand again. He grabbed my head and kissed me hard in thanks for having the abilities I have… I suppose. He groped and grabbed at me in every area that is off limits for every other man to touch. Next thing I knew he had me on the edge of the bed with my ass up in the air. My jeans were still half on and constricted me from spreading my legs any further apart.

“Oh pet, you’re all wet.” He said as he slipped his fingers into my panties and rubbed his knuckles against my slick pussy. “As happy as this makes me…” he rubbed his knuckle harder into me. “I’m afraid my pet that I have a taste for something a little different tonight.” He pulled down on the crotch of my panties and let them snap against me. It didn’t hurt, it was just shocking, but then he started to pull off my panties. “Oh I just thought of something…. Don’t move.” He tells me. I hear him leave the room and just as quickly as he left he was back again. I felt cold metal against one hip and then heard the *snip snip* as he cut my panties off of me. “I hope you didn’t like those too much.” He told me as the bit of material fell away and exposed my ready for action lady parts.

He started by rubbing my ass with one hand over the entirety of both cheeks. I started to moan a little because his palm rubbed against my wanting pussy. I wiggled my ass up at him and he greeted my playfulness with a nice smack to add some blush to my pale skin. He placed a hand on each cheek and spread them apart; I didn’t know what was coming next. Then I felt his hot breath as he exhaled and began licking at my puckered tight little hole. The sensations that ran through me were ones that I had never felt before, I found myself straining to push my ass to his mouth more and more as he licked and flicked at me with his tongue. He held me and pushed his tongue into my ass; I felt as his tongue wiggle and wormed its way into me. My arousal began to drip down my legs as he continued. I moaned softly, the torture was quite exquisite and then he removed his tongue from my ass.

I drove his fingers into my hot wet cunt while twisting and twirling them within me, I plied his fingers well with my girly cum before he pulled them out and went back to working on my ass, he stood up and stuck the head of his cock into my pussy as his fingers prepared my ass for a real fucking. I moaned and tightened on the bit of him I had inside of me I wanted more but I knew him and how he’d want me to be aching for more. I know my orgasm will be much better if I just hold out a bit longer; I’ll enjoy what Otele gelen escort he has in stored for me even more. He stuck one of his slick fingers into me slowly as he loosened me and prepared my ass for his big cock that was currently keeping me on edge with partially being inserted into me.

“Soon my pet.” He cooed to me while rubbing my ass with his free hand. “We will enjoy ourselves soon.” Then he pushed in a second finger it was a tight squeeze. “Just relax baby.” He told me as he worked to stretch me open more. I moaned more out of frustration that anything, the torture was almost too much for me to bear. I just wanted his cock to impale me over and over until I’m screaming his name in ecstasy. I heard him fiddling with something besides my ass I heard a snap then a squirt followed by a click, like his was closing something. He was busy doing something because his free hand wasn’t rubbing my ass cheek anymore.

Then he pulled out of me, I was so excited that I think I squirted a little at this point because something was going to happen. He removed his fingers from my ass; my excitement had my ass pushed up to him waiting expectantly for him to finally take the plunge in. His fingers returned with something cold on them, I imagined it would be lube. I smiled to myself mostly, I’m glad he cares enough to have me well lubed up; it’s the little things that makes me so loyal to him and keeps me coming back every night to see what he has in stored for me.

“Okay, here we go.” He told me as he rubbed the tip of his cock into my ass hole; he pressed hard into me and managed to get the fat head of his cock in. He slowly but steadily pushed all the way into me until his balls were against my still wanting pussy. He allowed me to adjust to him and relax further. “Oh you feel so good.”

“But sir, it feels better on my end in my opinion.” I wagged my ass, I was feeling daring; I wanted him to fuck me good and hard, I was also a little drunk, so I needed it to be rougher than normal.

“Oh Grace, you want it bad don’t you?” he asked me, not his pet, me.

“Yes, Owen.” I really was feeling bold; I rarely get to use his name when we’re like this so I took the chance while I was able. It left a wonderful after taste on my tongue. He started to pull back slowly then he stopped just before falling out.

“I’ll let it slide that you used my name only because I like how it sounded coming out of your mouth.” he told me before he started his thrusts. He went slowly letting me feel how big he really is, and just as he got to the base he finished the thrust with a hard impact. He ground into me, and I welcomed it as he loosened me up further. Finally he picked up the pace and glided in and out of my ass in a fluid movements, but I wanted him to pick it up further because with out that jolting end to a thrust it’s just driving me crazy. I moan because it still felt wonderful, but I wanted him in full force and really make me feel it tomorrow. I think he enjoys torturing me, Balgat Escort he slowly started to thrust harder and harder, but not hard enough. I wanted him to dig his fingers into my hips as he fucked me long and hard, and when I walk tomorrow I want to feel the remnants of him being inside of me every time I make the slightest move, or even when I walk tomorrow. I could have sworn that he had a sixth sense because he did exactly as I wanted, and I couldn’t help but scream and praise him and his cock.

“Oh God! Fuck!” I started to curse because it was damn good.

“Tell me more.” he said laughing but still kept up his hard thrusts.

“You’re! A-mazing!” I was suppressing an orgasm. “Oh. Mas-ter.”

“Yes… my pet?” He was starting to get flustered as he grunted.

“I’m about to!” I don’t know how much longer I could hold out.

“I know.” He said and pulled out of me completely. He flipped me onto my back, ripped my jeans off my legs and spread my legs wide and he drove his cock back into my ass. “I want to watch you enjoy this.” he told me a little out of breath.

My heart was racing as he held me like a lover, this was new, his eyes were locked on mine. It was so much more personal now, he continued thrusting just as before. I could feel him more somehow. I could see him struggling and straining to hold back, I couldn’t help but enjoy this closeness. His heart was next to mine as he stared down into my soul.

“Did you?” he asked me in a choked clipped way.

“No.” I pulled him into a kiss, I needed to feel like we were normal for a moment. He hesitated against my lips and then gave in and thrust into me with my feeling it felt almost. Did I break him? We’ll see. I felt him slink against me as he kissed me back like it was our first kiss. He pulled back completely breathless and his eyes were softer as he gazed down at me.

“What are you doing to me?” he asked, and I didn’t answer. “I want you to cum now.” he was back to being my master, clipped and cold with his commands.

“Yes, Sir.” I relaxed and my orgasm took over, I buck and grind against him and hold him close while digging my nails into his warm flesh. While my back was arched as I finished he began to unload into me.

“Fuck!” he grunted while staring me down still. I watched him enjoy himself as I bit my lip and raise my eyebrow at him and took delight in watching him come undone. When he finished jouncing and spurting off the last of his pleasure he collapsed onto me. “You’re a bad pet.” he told me.

“I’m sorry.” I held him while I could.

“No, you’re not.”

“Yes, Sir.” I rolled him off of me and went to the bathroom to clean off. I padded down the hall barefoot to the bathroom, I started the water and got in. The water washed away the mess, and my anger. Then Owen stepped into the shower.

“No you don’t get to be mad.” he told me and pushed me up against the wall so the water was hitting him.

“And why not?” I barked back.

“Because we had an agreement.”

“Okay you’re right, I’m sorry for making you feel something.” I glared at him. He reached down and cleaned himself off of all lube.

“Fuck you make me mad.” He lifted me up and fucked me right there against the cold tile in the shower.

“Shut up and kiss me.” I told him, I didn’t care right now I just wanted him in an emotional way.

“Yes ma’am.” he smiled and did just that.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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