A MidSummer Night’s Dream

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The lights are dim. Soft music is playing in the background. I am sitting on the couch. She is standing in the middle of the living room floor facing me. I told her to stand there. Her hair is long and auburn. Her eyes are blue. Her skin is fair and her body is voluptuous. She is fully clothed. I am watching her in silence. My eyes are roaming over each and every inch of her lovely body. She stands motionless, awaiting my instructions.

“Take off your shirt,” I command her in a firm, yet gentle voice, “but do it slowly.” She averts her eyes in embarrassment as she removes her shirt and lets it fall to the floor beside her. Her breasts are heaving. Her hardened nipples are poking through the thin fabric of her white lace bra. They are a deep pink color. “Take off your bra,” I command in a hoarse whisper, “I want to see your breasts.” She is still looking down at the floor. She removes her bra and her big, beautiful breasts spill into full view. “Look at me.” She raises her eyes to meet my gaze.

There is hunger in her eyes. It is tainted with fear. The fear of being totally exposed and vulnerable. This does not stop me. I am drunk on the power. “Now, take off your jeans,” I tell her, “but don’t stop looking at me or I may have to punish Ümraniye Escort you for your disobedience.” A soft blush colors her cheeks as she removes her jeans and kicks them aside, never once averting her eyes from my gaze. “Good girl,” I say approvingly, “now you know what you need to do. Take off those skimpy little panties and show me your pussy.”

She blushes a deep shade of red as she removes her panties and stands before me, totally naked, totally vulnerable, totally exposed. She is absolutely breath taking. My own pussy dampens with excitement as I drink in her beauty. “Come sit in front of me,” I beckon to her. She complies and walks towards me. The fullness of her breasts and the sway of her hips leave my mouth dry with anticipation. Slowly she walks around the coffee table and proceeds to seat her derriere on the table directly in front of me. Her sweet little pussy is just inches from my face for a fleeting moment. I can smell the aroma of her sex. I close my eyes and I take a deep breath.

I am not sure exactly what I want to do first. I decide on a kiss. A deep and soul penetrating kiss. I reach out to her and place my hands behind her neck. I pull her face to mine and I let my lips hover over Ümraniye Escort Bayan hers for a few moments before I make full contact. I feel the jolt of electricity charge through her body as I devour her lips. My hands find their way to the softness of her breasts. I caress her skin slowly and softly. My thumbs lightly brush her nipples. They grow harder with each caress. Her chest is heaving. Her breath is coming in gasps. She widens her legs. She wants me to play with her pussy. It is a silent plea. I grant her request with pleasure.

Reaching down between her legs I can feel the heat of her desire emanating from the lips of her pussy. I place my middle finger at the base of her pussy and then drag it slowly but deliberately up towards her swollen clitoris. She moans and begs me to fuck her. I am not ready yet. I repeat this motion several times. Her pussy is soaking wet. She spreads her legs wider. “Please,” she whispers, “oh please.” I lean forward to nuzzle my lips against the side of her neck.

“Please what?” I ask.

“Fuck me,” she says in a strangled whisper, “please fuck me.” Reaching down with my left hand I place my thumb against her tight little clit and I begin to rub. A startled gasp Escort Ümraniye escapes her lips. Then I slowly begin to insert the middle finger of my right hand into her sopping wet pussy. She begins to rock her hips back and forth in time with the rhythm of my strokes. Her head falls back and she begins to groan. She wants to cum. She starts to rock harder. I insert another finger and increase my pace. I can feel her orgasm building. The muscles of her pussy are tightening around my fingers. She starts to convulse. She is just wailing now. Screaming out my name.

I can feel her juices gushing over my hand. My cunt is throbbing. I need to take her. I am wearing my strap-on underneath my jeans. “Stand-up,” I growl to her through clenched teeth, “turn around, and bend over.” I have never seen someone get up so fast. Deftly I unsnap my jeans and urgently kick them to one side. She bends over in front of me and I grip her hips firmly in my hands as I plunge my artificial cock into her hungry little pussy. My strap-on has an attachment for my pleasure as well. I am fucking myself as I fuck her. I slam my body against hers in a frenzy of heat, lust and passion. I can feel my orgasm building. I can hear her screaming again as my cunt starts to convulse. I can’t stop fucking her. We are in sync. I am screaming. She is screaming. Our orgasms are multiples. Finally we can cum no more and we collapse together in a hot and sweaty heap across the table. Our bodies are heaving. Our breathing is ragged. I kiss the back of her neck. We are in heaven.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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