A Most Pleasant Afternoon!

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I arrive at the hotel earlier than expected. Nick is not due for another couple of hours. Ah what to do with this unexpected free time I seem to have!

I set my bag onto the bed and start to unpack, smiling to myself when I pull out the nightshirt I know fine well I am not going to need. Taking my toiletries I head for the bathroom.

It’s been a warm day and all the travelling has left me with the feeling that my clothes are sticking to my body. Turning on the shower I adjust the water temperature to luke warm. I want to cool down as I have no doubt things will heat up later.

Just thinking of what is to come sends tingles through my body and straight to my pussy, making me groan and bite my lip. Closing my eyes I imagine Nick is watching me as I start to undress for the shower.

Leaning my head slightly to the side I imagine his kiss on my neck, and the tips of his fingers tracing the outline of my collarbone. His hands sliding gently down over my breasts to the edge of my T shirt, which he then eases up and over my head. Placing his fingertips on the back of my neck he pulls me towards him and places his lips over mine. His kiss is tender, yet wanting and when I am lost in the moment he seizes his chance to unhook my bra and release my breasts.

He traces a line from my throat, around to the side of my breasts making me moan and my nipples stand to attention. His lips again go to my neck as I lean into him, his hands cupping me and rolling my nipples between his fingers and his thumbs. I close my eyes and moan. I love the feel of his expert fingers on my body.

I need him so much I am not now sure I can wait for him to arrive. My whole body is on fire and in need of release.

Unbuttoning my jeans I let them slide to the floor and turning off the shower walk back to the bed, naked except for a pair of black panties and a smile. A quick rummage in my holdall turns up my little silver bullet. It may only be two inches, but it is a very powerful and pleasurable 2 inches.

Lying back in the soft bed, head against the pillows my hands return to my breasts, my nipples so hard and sensitive, every brush of my fingers sends little shockwaves straight to my core.

Moving on down my body I part my legs and can feel the heat from my pussy as my middle finger slides against my soaking wet panties. Opening my legs as wide as I can I pull my panties to one side and trace a line from my clit all the way to my soaking wet hole with the bullet, gasping out loud at how unbelievably wet I have become in such a short space of time.

Waiting is now no longer an option as I hold my lips apart and place the little silver vibrator against my pussy.

“Oh fuck!” I moan, lifting my hips to allow myself better access to my swollen and throbbing clit.

My other hand goes back to my nipple, teasing and working it frantically between finger and thumb, my eyes closed so focused on my task I am oblivious Zonguldak Escort to anything else. My moans getting louder by the second the closer I get to orgasm.

I can feel it building inside me, my legs wide apart, my hips lifting off the bed, the little vibrator humming against me.

“Oh Nick, where are you when I need your fingers.” I moan.

“Right here!” he says. “I’ve been here for some time admiring the view.”

With that he strides towards me and plunges two fingers deep into my soaking wet cunt, pushing me over the edge. My muscles tighten gripping his fingers as I start to spasm, and I am almost gasping for breath with the force of the orgasm that rips through me, crying out in pure ecstasy, his fingers probing me deeply, stroking me from the inside.

After a few minutes when I can breathe again I whisper, “Mmmm that was amazing, you came at just the right time!”

Laughing, he says, “As did you.”

He lies beside me on the bed, lazily stroking my stomach and says, “Hey.”

“Hey yourself,” I reply, leaning over and laying the palm of my hand against his cheek and kissing him. “I’ve missed you.”

Climbing out of the bed I take him by the hand and pull him to his feet in front of me. Standing on my tip toes I use the tip of my tongue to trace the outline of his lips, before sliding my tongue against his, moaning into his mouth, my body involuntarily leaning towards him. His erection lets me know he enjoyed my earlier show. This is only the beginning I think to myself.

My hands caress over his shoulders and down his chest until I reach the bottom of his T Shirt, which I peel over his head. I shiver when I see those broad shoulders and my pussy gives a little shudder of appreciation also. Using my nails I trail a line down his chest, my thumbs brushing past his hard nipples. Sliding my tongue out I flick them gently, then suck and graze my teeth against each nipple in turn. He moans softly and twists his hand into my hair pulling me close.

My nails trace on down his stomach until I reach the waistband of his jeans. I can’t resist pushing the palm of my hand against his hardness, tracing the shape of that gorgeous cock through the denim. Another moan louder this time lets me know things may be getting a little uncomfortable for him so I undo the buttons slowly one at a time and slide his jeans down his legs to let him step out. I moan again when I see he is wearing the kind of tight black boxers I adore. His cock straining against the fabric.

Easing my hands into the back of his boxers I slowly slide them down his legs. His cock springs free, rock hard and in need of attention, but it’s not yet time and taking him by the hand I lead him to the shower.

When booking hotels we always ask for a room with a large walk in shower. Even Nick nods his approval at this one and allows me to push him inside. Discarding my black panties and lifting the shower gel Zonguldak Escort Bayan I follow him, turning on the water as I go.

There is something decidedly erotic about water cascading over skin. As I move closer and kiss him again, I can feel it between us, coursing over my breasts and down over his cock which is pressing against me, invitingly.

Lathering up my hands I start at the sides of his neck and run my hands over the tops of his shoulders and down his arms, then move back this time on the inside of his arms. Next I soap his chest paying close attention to his nipples which are obviously pleased to see me. I travel on down his sides and stomach, lowering myself as I go, hands roaming over his gorgeous butt and down the backs of his thighs, until I am on my knees in front of him.

Looking up, straight into his eyes, I lick my lips, his cock tantalizingly close to my mouth. Taking him in my hand I slowly stroke the length of his shaft, holding him straight while I lower my head to tongue his balls, running my thumb over his swollen head. I feel him shudder and sigh, his hand going to my head and running his fingers through my hair.

Circling the head of his cock with my tongue I move forward and gently graze my teeth against him, my tongue licking the drop of pre cum that has formed, savouring his taste. Sliding him slowly into my mouth, inch by inch, licking and sucking as I go. His hand moves to the back of my head urging me onto him as he leans against the shower wall to push his hips towards me. Sliding my tongue from his balls to the head of his cock one last time I stand up and turn him away from me. Using my nails I trail them down his back and across his sides, then slide my hands over his hips around to the front and down to his groin. He knows what’s about to happen, I hear his groan of anticipation and feel him push me back a little so I am against the wall.

When my hand snakes down and slides around his cock I feel him relax against me, my lips on his back, blazing a little trail of kisses as I start to slowly stroke him, my thumb glancing over his head. Gripping him firmly, my other hand massaging his balls I slide my hand up and down his rock hard shaft. He loves me behind him, wanking him, pleasuring him, slowly but purposefully stroking him towards orgasm. My lips go to his neck and I hear his breathing quicken, so I pick up the pace, massaging him with my hand, feeling his balls tighten.

“You’re so fucking hot!” I whisper in his ear. “Cum for me and I will let you bury that gorgeous cock deep into my soaking wet cunt!”

I feel him stiffen and a groan escapes as he starts to cum, ropes of gorgeous hot cum, making me almost sorry I did not offer my breasts to receive it. My hand milks every last drop from him, but I am pleased to note he is still hard. Turning to face me again he kisses me, brushing his fingers against my pussy.

“Not here baby,” I Escort Zonguldak say breathlessly. “I want you in the bed.”

He turns off the shower and leads me to the edge of the bed, tracing his hands around the sides of my breasts and kissing me deeply, his fingers probing my throbbing pussy. I close my eyes and tilt my head back and feel his lips go to my throat. Now it is my turn to moan, my body cannot help but respond to his touch.

Gently he lays me on the bed, his legs between mine, parting them wide. Our need is now almost animalistic. I have to feel him inside me, but still he teases me with his fingers, sliding them deep into my womanhood and then making me lick and taste them. Kissing me to share the taste and then probing me hard so I arch my hips and moan against his lips. He seems to derive some kind of satisfaction from this. He has a cheeky smile on his face.

“Fuck me,” I say. “Stop playing. I need to feel you inside me.”

“Beg,” he says. “I want to know how much you want my cock!” and with that he starts to slide his fingers faster into my cunt.

My hands go to my nipples, twisting and playing, before lifting my breast to my mouth, my tongue darting out to circle the hard nub.

“Bitch!” he says, his thumb going to my clit.

“Oh yes, right there!” I say. “Baby, fuck me please! I need to feel that cock inside me, my cunt is soaking for you, make me cum!”

“You only had to ask,” he says winking at me, his hands sliding up my arms, his fingers entwining through mine, making me arch my back against him, his mouth clamping onto my nipple, his cock positioned at the entrance to my cunt.

He slides slowly in, his head just at the entrance of my cunt, letting me adjust to his size and coating his cock with my juices. I wrap my legs around his back and lift my hips to meet his thrust, he leans down and kisses me, a long tender kiss and as he does so, he slides his full length into my waiting cunt, making me moan and bite his lip.

I close my eyes, feeling every stroke of that gorgeous cock in my tight wet little hole. Pushing up to meet him, his balls slapping against me, his cock so hard it feels like he is going to split me in two. I can only gasp, I am breathless with lust and fast approaching orgasm.

“I’m so close baby,” I whisper. “Fuck me hard and fast!”

Letting go of my hands he puts his arms under my shoulders and using me for leverage, slides his cock fully out of my cunt and then slams it back inside me, rotating his hips and fucking me with long strokes.

My nails graze down his back as I cry out, “I can’t hold on!” My legs so wide apart, watching his cock, glistening with juice, mercilessly fuck my little cunt.

My eyes lock onto his and I stretch up to kiss him as I start to cum, moaning his name against his mouth biting his lip gently, wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure rolling from my core to his cock. Heat and moisture surrounding him, spasming against him, my cunt clutching at him. Pushing me back down into the bed he explodes inside me. Pumping every last drop of his seed deep into my cunt, he kisses me at the same time moaning my name.

Taking his face in my hands, I kiss him and giggling say, “Can we do that again later?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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