A Naughty Girl for Mommy

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All characters of this story are over the age of 18. The names have been changed, simply to protect the guilty.

“Oh honey, you look so cute!” mom teased me, kissing my cheek.

We were standing in mom’s bedroom looking into the mirror on her closet doors. She was right! I did look cute! Mom had done my hair and make-up, even picked out my costume. Mom ran her hands up and down my legs clad in white stockings. She had me turn around and lifted my plaid skirt.

“Look how cute your little butt is!” Mom purred.

We picked out a schoolgirl outfit for the little party she had planned. I loved the tiny panties mom bought me. They were making my cock rock hard! She was rubbing my bulge through the silky undies.

“We’re gonna have to take care of this though!” mom said squeezing my throbbing prick.”It kind of ruins the illusion!”

She tugged my panties to the side and slowly stroked my cock as out popped out of my silky confines. I was already oozing precum like crazy and she spread it all over my shaft.

“Oh fuck mom! That feels so good!” I squealed.

I loved when mom would do this. We’d stand in front of her mirror and she’d jack me off, talking dirty to me all the while. Then she’d slid her fingers or a vibrator up my ass and that would really get me off!

“You love it when I fuck your cute little ass, don’t you? You’s such a little slut! Momma is going to make you squirt all your hot fucking jizz!”

I couldn’t help moaning and squealing as mom slid two fingers up my ass. She was really gripping my shaft hard, squeezing and tugging on me. I wasn’t going to last long!

“Wait until my friends see you in your cute little outfit! You love that don’t you? You love it when mommy dresses you up as a naughty girl! Then mommy strokes that big hard cock for you, making you pump out all the hot cum!Shoot out that spunk for mommy, you little slut!”

Just a moment later I was blasting off, squirting long ropes of cum and splattering the mirrored closet door.

“Yeah! Look at that! Look how much cum you shot!” Mom moaned.”What a fucking mess! Get down there and lick that up, you nasty slut!”

Mom pushed me down to my knees, ordering me to lick up my own jizz. I didn’t mind at all. I loved licking and drinking down my own spunk. It was best when mom would help me squirt my cum right into my mouth and all over my face. I’d lay on my back and she’d hold my legs over my head, usually thrusting a vibrator up my ass. I wasn’t able to actually suck my own cock but it was close! I loved watching my prick start squirting so close to my face and open mouth.

“What a nasty little cum-whore you are! You love licking up that spooge!” Mom purred, helping me get up. “Mmm, give mommy a big wet sloppy cum-kiss baby!”

It all started about six months ago when I’d come home for the weekends from college. Mom got lonely when I wasn’t home. She’d divorced my father years ago. Me being her only child left her alone when I started college.

My college kırşehir seks hikayeleri roommate was a guy named Jason and we got along great. Before long we became close friends and we’d watch porn together when we didn’t have class. It was his suggestion that we stroke each other’s cocks. I never touched another guy’s dick before! I really liked it! Jason liked to kiss while we’d jack our cocks but I wasn’t really into making out with another guy. But I did like sucking his big prick!It wasn’t long before we really got into having sex together. We’d suck each other and what really got me hot was when Jason would slide his big dick right up my ass! I came like crazy the first time Jason started squirting his hot jizz inside me. It was a wicked sensation, actually feeling his juicy hot cum blasting up my ass! I loved it!

I’d miss the fun Jason and I had together when I’d go home for the weekend. But that didn’t keep me from jacking off like crazy. My hormones were in high gear, I was a very horny 18 year old boy. I even bought an eight inch vibrator that felt wonderful up my ass! Being around mom didn’t help either!

She was a very tall woman, taller than me at over six feet. Mom was in her early forties and tried her best to keep in shape. But she was always battling her weight. She had big boobs and a very large round ass that topped her long curvy legs. She wasn’t gorgeous but very pretty with long auburn hair. There were many times I’d wonder what it would be like to fuck my mom. The nasty thoughts I had were so taboo which only heightened my pleasure. I loved trying to get a peek at mom when she was changing clothes or getting in and out of the shower. Lots of times I would need to jack off in the bathroom while mom was home. Wicked thoughts would flood my mind while I masturbated. I’d imagine my mom giving me a blowjob and then pulling my out my cock as I shot my cum all over mom’s pretty face. Or what it would be like to have mom on all fours and sliding my dick inside her while I grabbed her big fat ass! Fucking my own mother up her ass was the ultimate taboo and that would really make me shoot my load! The more I thought about it, the more daring I started acting around mom.

Sometimes I would hug mom from behind while she was doing dishes. I loved to tickle her and make her squirm watching her tits and ass wiggle and jiggle. I even started to let her “catch” me jerking off! The first time I had left my bedroom door open and pretended like I didn’t know she was home. My heart was racing as I heard mom walking down the hall towards me!

“Oops! Oh…I’m sorry honey! Didn’t you hear me calling you?” mom said in surprise.

I acted like I was really embarrassed about it. But I was really excited knowing that mom took a good look while I was pumping my prick! Later, I came out while my mom cooking dinner.

“Feel better now?” Mom asked with a wink and a chuckle.

“I’m sorry mom. I just, well, can’t help it sometimes.” I said, keeping up the embarrassment act.

“Oh nonsense, honey! I know how you young guys are. There’s nothing wrong with making yourself feel good.” Mom openly stated. “Hell, even your old mom likes to feel good!”

Whoa! We never really talked about sex at all and now mom was suggesting she likes to masturbate too! I didn’t know what to say.

“Oh, don’t look so stunned! You don’t think I like to “get my jollies off” too?” She blurted. “You just need a girlfriend that’s all.”

“Aww mom, I don’t like most the girls my age anyway,” I said as I moved closer to mom.”Besides, they can’t compare to my sexy mom,” I confessed as I started tickling her sides.

“Hey! Stop that,” mom giggled, “I’m cooking now!”

We had our normal chat during dinner. How my classes were going and this and that. Later we watched a corny movie together with a big bowl of popcorn. After the movie mom said she was going to go read in bed.

“Goodnight baby,” mom whispered as she kissed my cheek. “Do you really think I’m sexy?”

I could feel my face flush as simple nodded.

“You are so sweet for saying so, that makes me feel a little younger.”

It didn’t take much to feel my loins stir. After I checked the house, I headed to my room for an anticipated jack-off session. I heard mom moan softly and saw she had left her door open a little. I crept down the hall and heard mom moan again! No way! Was she doing what I think? I tried to be quiet as I peeked inside. Sure as shit, there was mom naked on her bed! In the soft glow of her nightstand lamp I could see moms big breasts and her chubby thighs were wide open! I could hear a buzzing noise and could see mom fucking herself with a vibrator! I was fishing out my cock in no time and in the process my hand accidentally rapped against her door!

“Chris, are you there?” Mom asked, pulling up her sheet.

“Umm, yeah mom…I just wanted to say goodnight,” I fumbled.

“Come in here, honey.”

I stuffed my hard cock back into my sweats and walked in.

“Were you watching me baby?” Mom asked with a lustful glaze in her eyes. “Do you want to watch me do it?” She whispered, pulling off her sheet and exposing herself. “Watch me do it. I know you want to. Watch mommy fuck herself, baby.”

Holy shit! I couldn’t believe this was happening!

“I got so hot earlier, baby….seeing my big boy jacking off,” she moaned.”Look at me baby. Watch me fuck myself with my toy. Do it with me honey. Take out that big cock and let me see you stroke it again.”

“Oh my god, mom! You look so hot!” I said as I tugged down my sweatpants.

“Oooh look how big and hard your cock is! Stroke it for me baby. I’m so fucking hot right now having you watch me!”

Mom was squirming on the bed and started fucking herself harder and faster.

“Jerk it good for me Chris! Jack it good while you watch your nasty mother cum! Oh fuck! I’m gonna cum Chris! Cum with mommy honey! Oh my god! Let mommy see you cum! Shoot your hot fucking cum right on my tits!”

I was wailing away at my cock, standing right beside mom, moving closer and aiming my prick right at mom’s jiggling tits! Waves of pleasure were surging through my body as I could feel my cum squirting out. Wow, did I blast her tits good! She lay there for a moment and started rubbing my jizz into her skin. But then she rushed to the bathroom and I could hear mom crying.

I pleaded with mom to let me in until she finally came out. She kept saying what a horrible mother she was doing that and made me promise never to tell anyone.

“Mom, please…that was awesome and I promise you I’ll never tell a soul. But don’t be upset. I’ve dreamed of doing something like that for a long time.”

I was certain that mom would never let me see her naked or masturbate again. Boy, was I wrong! I couldn’t wait for the weekend to spend with mom! She even started wearing sexy lingerie around the house and I’d get so fucking hard! She loved teasing me and eventually she’d tell me to masturbate for her. Then one day my dreams came true.

“You really want this honey?” Mom asked. She was kneeling between my legs. Mom was tickling my balls and then running her fingers up and down my hard shaft. “Tell me what you want baby,” she teased.

“Oh please mom suck on it for me!” I gasped.

Fuck yes! Finally my mother wrapped her wet lips over my cockhead and gave me the best blowjob of my life! It was so wild watching mom suck dick! She was looking up at me very sexily with her big blue eyes. I could only stand it for about a minute before I was cumming right in her mouth. Then she led me to her bedroom and let me explore her chubby body! I loved sucking on mom’s big tits and couldn’t help but lick every inch of her. It didn’t take me long at all to figure out how to lick her pussy good. Mom loved it when I’d push my thumb up her asshole while lapping away at her pussy like crazy. Finally, one night, mom gave in and begged me to fuck her! Just as I had imagined, it was awesome having mom on her hands and knees while I thrust my prick inside her. I’d grab big handfuls of her meaty ass and fuck her as hard as I could. It was just as good when mom would ride me, bouncing up and down on my dick, while her hefty boobs would jiggle. Mom would squeal and grunt like a banshee when I’d slide my long skinny dick up her asshole! She would yell at me to spank her fat butt while I ass-fucked mommy.

Things really started to get kinky when I told her about Jason and me fucking around. I even showed her my vibrator and she’d fuck me with it while sucking or stroking my cock.

She loved how kinky I was too! Mom would tell me to cum on her face and then I’d lick it all up and share it with her as our tongues would entwine. Mom bought a strap-on and she’d fuck me really good and hard while we watched in the mirror. She loves to talk dirty and would tell me how I loved her “cock” up my ass. She’d sometimes call me Crissy and tell me what a slut I was for sucking Jason’s dick and letting him fuck me.

We were far from done and that’s when mom started dressing me up in the privacy of our home.

To be continued….

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