A Night Out

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You told me to dress nice, but comfortable, and to make sure I was ready by 6 pm, at least that was what your note said when I woke up this morning.

I puttered around, doing odds and ends and other chores. I decided to splurge and call the day spa by the house and they had a quick opening. I only had time for a mini facial, as I listened to quiet music while she massaged my face with 2 or 3 different types of lotions and masks. Then she put a mist spray near my face and left me alone for 10 minutes while the mask went to work. The next thing I felt her hands wiping off the mask as she took my out of my pseudo sleep. I then had them put my hair up in a clip and put some strategically placed spiral curls to frame my face.

I made it home, put on my makeup and started to get dressed. First, I put on a raspberry lotion on my whole body. So of course I had to put on my raspberry silk underwear and bra, and then a pair of sheer black thigh high nylons. I got out a cotton plaid skirt, colored with browns, yellows, reds… like falling leaves. The skirt falls to just above my knees, but it has a 2 inch slit on the right side. I then put on a black angora turtle neck sweater, knowing that you can’t keep your hands off of me when I wear it.

I was trying to find some earrings when you got home, came up behind me and said “Wow, I almost want to cancel our reservations, but you are much to pretty to keep all to myself.” I gave you a silly look, finished putting on my earrings and heels, and you helped me into my coat and then into the car.

You drove us to a small little restaurant and we got settled at our table. We made small talk until they brought out wine and appetizers. Even with the food I could feel the wine going to my head a touch and could feel my cheeks blushing. Every so often, you brush your fingers over my hands, or even teasing me further I feel a hand on my knee slowly tracing little designs over it, tickling me.

We ate dinner, still talking about this and that and waited for dessert, which was a chocolate mouse cake, which we split, but since they only brought one fork, you fed it to me. You ask me if I want to go out anywhere else or just home, and I suggest we go home early.

As we head out to the car, you tell me to look up at the stars, and as I do you quickly pull down the top of the turtleneck exposing my neck and put your lips on it.

“God, I needed to do that all night long,” You said quietly. As you do that, you wrap your arm around me and pull me into you kissing along my neck and chin and up to my mouth. First tasting my lips, still sweet with the flavor of chocolate, and then slowly opening them with your tongue, probing inside my mouth.

Your kisses feel so urgent against my lips, and I can feel with every touch the tingling start on my lips, working its way down making my nipples hard and then all the way down to between my legs.

I said breathlessly “All this, just from a kiss. Amazing.”

You break away, much to my displeasure, saying “We better get home or we might never make it there at all.” You help me into the car and I try to compose myself after that prelude of what was to come.

The Rize Escort car ride home was quiet, but comfortable with our hands resting on each others thighs. Your fingers gently trace out imaginary designs on my leg. My thoughts on how you could possibly make this night any better than it was already. When we pulled into the driveway, you turn off the car, and as I was about to open the door, you stop me and tug on my arm. I turned back around to ask what was up but I was quieted with another long teasing, toe curling kiss.

Slowly we make it in the house and as you take our coats, you tell me to go and lie in front of the fireplace in the living room. I hear you walking towards me and I turn to see you loosen your tie and take it off. All the while you have a little devilish grin on your face. I start to wonder what you have planned and I start to speak, but you again quickly start to kiss me hard to stop any thoughts I might have from escaping my lips.

As we kiss I feel your tie slip over my head and cover my eyes. You pull away and position it carefully so I can’t see anything and tie it tight, and put me in a sitting position on the floor with my legs curled under me.

Relying only on sounds now, I wonder what you are up to, when I hear the sound of the fire start up and feel the heat slowly hit my face. I feel you behind me, sit down and straddle my body with your hands. The next thing I feel are your hands on each side of my neck starting to massage it and down to my shoulders.

First very gently you started, now with a little more force working the kinks out. You slowly move down my back and sides sometimes with no more force than a whisper other times strong and willing my body to relax. As you reach my hips I feel your hands move under my sweater and lift it up raising my arms as you take it all off, revealing my raspberry satin bra.

Still blindfolded, I flinch slightly as I feel your finger trace my bra along my back and feel it makes its way to the front, gently tracing the outline of my breasts. As you continue to tease me, a finger makes its way up to my shoulder and pushes the strap off making the bra sag and reveal more of my breasts. Then you do the same to the other side, giving me no support and making you able to clearly see each hard nipple. You tease them slowly by touching just the tip of each first with your finger, then with the tip of your tongue. You feel me jump a touch and place a hand on my back steadying me and pulling me into you closer. With that hand you unclasp and finally remove the rest of my bra, leaving me completely naked on top.

You tease and taunt me, kissing, sucking and licking my entire upper half of my body, from my neck and ears down my shoulders. You kiss my back and use your tongue to tickle my spine all the way down to the top of my skirt. You move to the front again and tickle my belly button and work your way slowly up to my breasts. You kiss and tease each one and purposely avoid my nipples which are very hard by now. You see me wiggling from all the attention and place a tender kiss on my lips and then leave them looking for more. I don’t feel anything for about a Rize Escort Bayan minute, and then I feel a light touch of your tongue on my nipple. Slowly you lick, kiss and finally suck on my aching nipples. First one side and then the other, your hands alternate with your mouth.

All the while I try to keep reaching for you, because with my sight gone from the tie covering my eyes, I feel the need to touch you even more. In the end you keep placing my hands down, telling me not to move them. Now you take my hand and tell me to stand up. I can sense that you are walking around me, just looking when I feel your hand on my back, and slowly you unzip my skirt. Without any extra help it falls quietly to the floor. You help me step around it and while doing so you take my heels off as well, leaving only my undies and my nylons. It was a strange feeling, hot on one side from the fire and cool on the other. But you tell me to lie down on my stomach, and I do.

I feel you start to massage my hips, legs and feet so slowly and tenderly, working away any aches and lingering stress. As your hands move down one leg and up the other you come closer to my undies and trace the edge of them with your finger and tongue like you did with my bra. You nibble on the point where my butt and the tops of my legs meet, making me giggle and squirm. You pull down the backside of my underwear so you can start to see my butt and then ask me to roll over.

As you repeat the massage down one leg and up the other you remove each nylon. Again reaching the top of each leg you kiss and nibble the point where my hip meets my legs. As you do that I start to squirm again and my legs open for you. You kiss the inside of my thighs going as slow as you can bear, working your way up to my pussy. I can feel your warm breath through my undies and then I feel your tongue tracing my pussy over them as well.

You finish pulling down my undies now and settle back in between my legs. Carefully you trace my pussy lips again, kissing them sucking them softly in your mouth, not being surprised as to how wet I am already. One hand wanders up to tweak and rub my nipples, the other works its way inside the folds of my wet pussy, feeling the heat. Up until this point you have been avoiding my clit, not listening to my requests to touch it. You just keep working your fingers in and out of me while sucking on my pussy lips bringing my closer and closer to orgasm. You do this for ages it seems, your tongue and fingers never tiring, just changing the tempo every so often, slow and soft then hard and fast, just to keep my guessing.

I finally beg you to make me cum, that I can’t handle it anymore. Without warning, you take my clit and suck it hard at the same time thrusting your fingers deep inside me. You hear me cry out with relief as you feel me clamp down around your fingers and the rest of my body releases with a long shudder. You pull your fingers out quickly, leaving me feeling abruptly empty and quickly lift up and thrust your cock in me, hard and fast, catching the tail end of my orgasm.

You keep thrusting through my shudders, making them increase yet again and so soon. Escort Rize As I feel you thrust inside me, I bring my legs around you, pulling you deep inside me. As you bottom out, I start to cum again and start to milk your cock like I did your fingers just moments before. As you feel my pussy clamp down, you thrust one last time and cum deep inside of me, coating me completely with your cum.

You fall on top of me and we lay on the floor in front of the fire for awhile until you slowly pull out of me. You finally remove the tie covering my eyes. As you look into them, you tell me how much you love me and how you had wanted to make me feel special. You grab a quick blanket from the couch and we snuggle watching the fire, quietly talking and then dozing on and off through the night.

I wake up in the morning, that time where the sun is just starting to break the dark of night. We are entangled in each others arms, still lying on the floor wrapped up in blankets. The fire had died down and there is a slight chill to the air. The memory of last night comes flooding back, how you teased and tormented my body until I was weak from all the times I came. Immediately, I can feel my pussy juice start to flow again, and I realize I want you more now then before. I want to show you just how much I appreciated last nights effort that was all for me.

I slip away from you, and sneak off to the bathroom, and brush my teeth and use mouth wash making my mouth extra minty. I come back and slide the blankets off of you and look at your naked body. I slide next to you and slowly trace my tongue around your nipples making them hard. I work my tongue slowly down your sleeping body to your belly button and lightly flick inside of that. I still work farther down as I start to kiss, lick and nibble on your thighs spreading your legs open.

I decide against the slow approach as I decide that I just want you to wake up. So quickly I take your cock in my hands and quickly suck it into my mouth. The minty, tingly sensation from the toothpaste and wash quickly wakes you up as it sparks your whole body. I wrap my tongue around the head and suck at the tip with all my might. I take hold of your sack and start massaging them all the way from the front to the back. Quickly I take as much of you as I can into my mouth as I hear your groan loudly. Slowly, while I am still sucking I pull up away from you reaching the tip.

I kiss the tip of your cock, “Good morning love, I just wanted to thank you so much for last night,” and then I plunge quickly back down, making you groan even louder. I keep doing this for the next minute or so, and I can feel your hands on the back of my head urging me to go faster. Every time I plunge down your cock feels alive with from the tingly sensation of the toothpaste. I grab the base of your cock with one hand and start pumping your cock as fast as I can go.

My hand and mouth meet somewhere in the middle each time. With my other hand still massaging your sack I can feel you are about ready to cum, I pull slightly on them making the urge even greater. With one last plunge I dive down taking you as far back as I can. I feel the splash of your cum hit the back of my throat and slide down to my stomach. I keep you inside of me until I suck you dry and I feel you soften again.

I say good morning once again, and I am greeted with a smile and a very simple “Wow”, and I know that I woke you up nicely.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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