A Princess Dream

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The year was 1716, and it was now spring. It had been a long, wet and cold winter, but Princess Juliana made time to walk the beautiful gardens around the palace, before leaving on her spring trip to visit her Aunt and Uncle in Paris, France. She wasn’t looking forward to the trip. It would be long and hard, but her parents had insisted that she go, in hopes that she would meet a favorable suitor, at the annual ball, that her Aunt and Uncle held every year.

Her sisters had all been married off, and lived with their husbands now. Juliana was the last to marry, and her parents were starting to get nervous that she’d never find a good suitor. Juliana had turned nineteen last fall, and that was much older than most girls were, when they were expected to get married. Her parents were starting to worry that most men would find her to be too old to take as a wife, but at least Juliana had royalty and beauty on her side.

Juliana was a beautiful sight. Many gentlemen had wished to have her hand in marriage, and several had already proposed, but she found no interest in any of them, and had no intentions of marrying any of the ones that her parents had recommended. She was lucky, in that respect. It was usual for most daughters of her statute to have their husband picked for them by their parents, with no thought given to the feelings of the bride to be. But Juliana’s parents had been more than generous in their aid to find her a suitable husband of her own choice, as long as she gained their approval first.

Juliana was dressed in fairly plan attire, for her walk through the gardens. She wore a long jade colored dress, lined with gold and white lace. The neckline was plunged low, revealing the tops of her tightly sewn up breasts. It was still fancy dress, but lower key than what she was usually expected to wear, within the presents of guests. She wore her beautiful golden hair, mostly down, with just the sides pulled back in elegant twists, uniting in the center, behind her, to cascade in wide flowing curls down the center of her back. Her skin had a soft, ivory tone while her eyes held a sharp shade of an almost iridescent blue. She had sharp, elegant features about her face and she was captivating, to say the least!

As she rounded the corner, towards the side entrance of the palace, she met one of her handmaids there.

“I’m sorry my lady,” said the handmaid, “but I was told to find you, so that you may change into more suitable attire, before you leave for Paris.”

Her name was Mary. She was an attractive maid, and Juliana had always enjoyed her company. She was happy to know that she would be accompanying her on the trip. She would be a fun partner to chat with along the way. Mary had been with Juliana for several years, and they were both close to the same age. They had spent many evenings telling stories and keeping each other company through many fateful years. Juliana had always found comfort in her presents through many hard times, as she grew up.

Mary wore an elegant dark brown dress, lined with gold appliqués around her plunging neckline, and a thick golden ribbon tied around her waist with a big looping bow puffing out behind her bottom. Gold trim lined into the hem of her dress and up the sides of the thick material that draped in layers to the ground. Her corset was also pulled tight, almost giving her bosoms the appearance that they being forced out, but still restrained within the tightness of the dress. Her hair was a light brown, done up in loose twists, in an maze of hair pins and ribbons. Her eyes were dark and warm looking, while her skin was a milky white. She was almost as delightful to look at as Juliana was. “Oh……” Juliana moaned in disappointment, “Is it already time to go?”

“In about an hour the carriage will be here to take us,” she said, “but we must get you ready for the ride. Your parents expect you to look your best for the trip.”

Juliana sighed, and started for the door at the side of the palace, while Mary followed. As she entered the long corridor, she made her way to the entry room, and up the steps that led towards her room. As she entered her room, Mary shut the door behind them. It was time to pick a suitable dress out for Juliana to wear.

“Well,” asked Juliana, “what do you think I should wear? My burgundy dress or perhaps my blue one, with the ruffles at the bottom?”

Mary pulled the dresses out from the closet and laid them across a couple of chairs.

“I personally prefer the burgundy dress,” commented Mary, “but they’re both beautiful and you’ll look wonderful in either one.”

“I’ll wear the burgundy one then,” said Juliana, “Could you help me get out of this dress and into that one, please?”

Mary walked over, behind Juliana and began to unbutton the long row of small buttons that held her dress together. Mary loved helping her mistress dress. It was just one of the things she looked forward to, everyday. She hadn’t told Juliana, but she was very attracted to her. That was why she still hadn’t married, herself. If she were to marry, then would have to focus her attentions on her husband, and there would be a good chance Göztepe Escort that he would require her to stay home.

As she undid each button one by one, she thought about what it would be like to lay with the Princess. She had fantasized about this quite often, and she longed to touch her in a way that she never had before, but she knew it was unlikely. Of course, there had been a couple of frolics in bed with one of the other maids in the palace, but that was just a substitute for what she really couldn’t have. Juliana had always been the center of her ultimate desire.

When Mary had finally undone that last button, she reached up to Juliana’s shoulders and started sliding the top of the dress down past her shoulders and off her arms. Then she pulled it down from her hips to the floor, so that Juliana could step out of it. Then she started to undo the strings holding up the lacy petticoats that Juliana wore under her dress.

“Oh, Mary,” Juliana began to ask, “when you get that off, could you please loosen up my corset. I want to be comfortable for a while, before I get dressed again.”

“Yes, my lady,” Mary replied, “Maybe you would like to take it off for a while. You have time.”

“Yes. Go ahead and take it off. That would be nice, for a while.”

Mary proceeded to remove her petticoats and slid them down to the floor, also. Juliana stepped out of them and motioned for Mary to work on the corset. Mary loosened the cords enough to start sliding it down over her hips. Juliana turned around just as she started pulling.

“Ouch,” squeaked Juliana, “The corset is hung up on my undershirt, just under my arm.”

“Let me get it,” said Mary.

She put her hand up beside Juliana’s breast to undo the corset from where it was caught. She could feel the softness of her breast against the back of her hand. She almost didn’t want to move it away, once she got the garment loose. As she pulled it free, she brushed her hand across the front of her breast, as if on accident. Then she moved the corset down past her hips, she guided Juliana to step out of it, once it came to the floor.

As she stood up, her eyes met Juliana’s. Juliana smiled at her with loving eyes. Even though Mary was her servant, she had a soft place in her heart for her. She had been a trusted friend for much of her teen years, and she was always comfortable around her presence. She had often wondered why Mary hadn’t married. But then she also understood how hard it was to find a good husband. She was having a difficult time finding one, herself.

Juliana decided to walk over to her bed and sit down for a while. She motioned to Mary to come join her, as she patted next to her, on the bed.

“Come sit with me and talk for a while,” insisted Juliana.

Mary walked over to the bed, wishing that she could be closer to her mistress. She longed to hold her and touch her in ways that she knew was forbidden. She wished that she could tell her, her feelings, but she did not want to risk being thrown out. Her position as Juliana’s hand maiden, and her equal friendship with her, was too important. She sat next to Juliana with her head slightly bowed in submission to Juliana’s request of her presence.

“Tell me,” Juliana asked, “Why have you not married? You are as beautiful as I, but yet you do not seek a man. Does no one pursue you? I’m curious to know.”

Mary paused for a moment, trying to search for an answer. She knew why she hadn’t married, but she was scared to tell Juliana the reason why. Even though she longed for her, she didn’t dare to tell her that she loved her, and that Juliana was the only person that she wished to be with.

“I’m not sure,” she began, “I guess that I enjoy my job serving you so much, that I never really taken the time to make myself available to a man.”

Juliana giggled, “You know that I would give you the time to be away, if you needed to.”

“Yes,” smiled Mary, “but I enjoy your company more.”

“You almost speak as if I were your lover,” she laughed, jokingly, “I guess I am not one to talk,” she continued,” I haven’t fancied after any particular man either. I find most of them to be a bore.”

They both started giggling, and Juliana reached over to tickle Mary. Mary fell back on the bed as Juliana proceed to tickle her. They both laughed as they rolled together over the bed. Then Juliana stopped, laying on top of Mary. She looked into her friend’s eyes, and the love for her friend filled her heart. She was glad that she hadn’t married yet, but she knew that she would in time, and they would probably be reduced to seeing each other every once in a while, at best.

“Stay with me forever,” asked Juliana, “Be my friend and servant forever.”

At first Mary was stunned. Was she really hearing what she thought she was hearing, or was Juliana just mocking her? Mary decided to play along.

“I will, I will,” said Mary, as Juliana laid on top of her, “You are my one and only.”

Just then, Juliana gave Mary a kiss, hard on the lips. Mary could hardly believe what was happening. Perhaps Juliana was more serious than she thought. Göztepe Escort Bayan She had dreamt about this for a long time, but she had never thought that Juliana felt the same way! Mary lay there with eyes opened wide in amazement.

Realizing what she had done, Juliana jumped off of Mary with a start.

“Oh, my goodness,” pleaded Juliana, “I am so sorry! I was just joking around. I didn’t mean anything by it. You mustn’t tell anyone of what I just did!”

Mary still wasn’t sure if she should reveal her love for Juliana, but she felt that if she didn’t, she would never get the opportunity again. She tried to push her fear aside, and tell her, but what if Juliana was only mocking her, and she didn’t want her like it seemed, when she was kissing her? She decided to take the chance, hoping that she wouldn’t regret her choice.

Mary stood up and walked over to Juliana. She looked into her eyes and began to speak.

“It’s okay,” said Mary softly, “I understand. I have always loved you as a friend, and sometimes I have had the desire to do the same.”

Juliana just stood there with her mouth wide open. She almost couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Her friend and servant loved her, and was standing before her in confession of it. But did she actually feel the same? She wondered in her heart, not knowing how she felt. What drove her to kiss Mary like she did? Was there something wrong with her? She searched her heart, realizing that she had actually enjoyed the feeling of holding her friend close to her. The realization of it almost hit her too hard. Maybe that was why she didn’t have much of an interest in finding a husband. None of the men that had asked for her, had stirred any love in her heart. But her friend had managed to do so without her barely realizing it.

Juliana fell to her knees as Mary tried to catch her. Mary embraced her with loving arms, as Juliana tried to catch her own wits.

“I do love you,” said Juliana, with a tender voice, “I just never realized it before. Now I know why I have yet to marry a man. But is this normal? I feel that it is not.”

“It is more normal than you know,” Mary responded, “I have had this feeling for you for quite some time. I have even been with others that have found it fitting to lay with me, but they were only a substitute for what I felt that I could never have. I never thought that I could have you.”

Juliana lifted her head to gaze at Mary. “You mean, you have bedded with other women before?” she asked.

“Yes, but only a couple of times and it was only because I longed for you, and I never thought that you would ever have me. It just seemed like an impossible thought.”

Juliana looked into Mary’s eyes, finding that she wanted her.

“Will you show me?” Juliana asked, “Show me how it is to lay with a woman. I know nothing of it, but I’m curious to learn.”

“Yes, but first we must block your door,” said Mary, “We wouldn’t want any of the other servants to walk in on us.”

Juliana smiled, and they both got up and tried to find something to put in front of the door. Mary pointed to a heavy chest, already close to the door, and they started pushing it over into position. It was almost too heavy for them, but they managed to get it in front of the door.

“That should do it,” said Juliana, as she smiled up at Mary.

Then, Mary led Juliana over to the bed and signaled for her to stand there. Mary took in the sight of her, as she anticipated what she was to do next. Juliana wore just her long undershirt that went down to almost her knees, and her bloomer type undergarments that also went down past her knees.

Mary decided that she should undress first.

“Would you mind helping me unbutton the back of my dress?” asked Mary, politely.

“Of course,” answered Juliana, “This will be a first…..the mistress unbuttoning her servants dress,” she giggled, “I must say….that I am quite nervous. My hands are shaking tremendously.”

“It’s okay,” said Mary, “I fully understand.”

Finally, Juliana unbuttoned the last of the row of buttons and Mary managed to wiggle her way out of the dress without any other help. Then, Mary skillfully reached behind herself and pulled on the top of the cord holding her corset together.

“May I help you with that?” asked Juliana.

“Oh yes, please,” said Mary, as Juliana began to loosen the cords, so that Mary could slide the corset down over her hips. Once it was loose, Mary pushed it down to the floor and proceeded to remove her petticoats, and bloomers, beneath them.. With only her long undershirt left to be removed, she lifted the hem of it and pulled it up over her head. Now she stood before Juliana, fully naked, hoping that she would soon be laying with her.

Juliana was amazed at her beauty. Mary had gorgeous full breasts that stood out before her. They were round and firm and showed no sign of falling. She had a slender waist that tapered out to the swell of her hips, down to the curve of her buttocks, and to her graceful long legs that supported her frame.

Then Mary approached Juliana and brought her Escort Göztepe hands up to the loose edges of her undershirt. She began to slide it down over her shoulders as Juliana closed her eyes. Juliana was trembling at her touch. She was very nervous but she didn’t want Mary to stop. As Mary slid the garment past her breasts, she paused for a moment to admire the view. They were also round and firm, much like her own, but the nipples were larger and more erect. She wanted to kiss them, but decided to remove the rest of Juliana’s clothes first. As she came to her waist, she hooked her fingers into the edges of the bloomers and slowly slid the rest of her garments to the floor.

Juliana still had her eyes closed as she stepped out of the rest of her clothes. She was almost afraid to open them, in fear that she would change her mind. As Mary laid her clothes on the chair next to her, she stared at Juliana with eager eyes. Juliana was more beautiful than she had ever imagined. Her body seemed to be almost perfectly proportioned. She was slender with graceful curves that went from her breasts, down to her waist and over her buttocks, to the form of her legs. Some of her long golden hair lay over her shoulders while the rest hung low down her back.

When Juliana finally decided to open her eyes, she saw Mary starting to walk over to her. She wasn’t sure quite of what to expect. She had never laid with a man before, let alone a woman. She was very much a virgin in every way. As Mary came to her, she slowly bent over to kiss one of Juliana’s firm breasts. She only gave it one kiss before she came up to find her lips. Slowly, she gave Juliana her first kiss, softly on the lips. Then she gave her another as she moved her body close against her’s. She could feel that Juliana was trembling, and she raised her finger to touch her lips.

“It’s okay,” she whispered, “There’s nothing to be scared of.”

Juliana sighed as she tried to relax. She closed her eyes again as Mary gave her another firmer kiss. As she kissed, Juliana tried to respond with a kiss back. She was very inexperienced, but she was eager to participate. She felt Mary separate her lips with her tongue, as she tried to probe into Juliana’s month. Juliana opened her mouth slightly, welcoming the wanted intrusion of Mary’s tongue. She bent her head to Mary as she opened her mouth wider, to have her own tongue try to search out Mary’s mouth, as well. Soon they were embracing each other tightly as they consumed each other with passionate kisses.

Mary began to lead Juliana backwards toward the bed as they kissed. Gently, Mary guided Juliana down onto the bed, covering her body with her own. They embraced each other as they kissed. Juliana could feel the heat of Mary’s body over her’s, as the excitement swelled within her. She could feel the moisture between her legs increase as she anticipated what was to come next.

Just then, Mary drew her lips away from Juliana, to look at her with hungry eyes. Passion burned within her as she looked into Juliana’s wanting eyes. She had wanted this for so long, but she never thought that she would ever find herself this close to the woman she had dreamed about for years. She was very young when she started working at the palace. She may have only been eleven or twelve years old when she started there. When she first saw Juliana, she couldn’t help but to admire her for her beauty and unwavering kindness. As the years went by, they had grown to love each other as friends, even though Mary was still her trusted servant. Now, she was laying naked with her, in the royal palace, making love to her. It was almost an impossible dream come true.

“Juliana, do you know how much I have longed for you,” Mary whispered, “I have dreamt of this for so long. I have loved you for so long.”

Juliana could only look back at her. She could not bring herself to respond to Mary’s words. She only knew that she felt the same and that she wanted Mary as much as Mary wanted her. All she could do was sigh and close her eyes in response. She arched herself to Mary’s body, and that was all the response Mary needed, to know that Juliana wanted her too.

She bent her head to start kissing the side of Juliana’s neck. She moved her tongue across the contours to her neck, moving her lips down across her shoulder. She planted more kisses on her soft, milky skin as she slid herself lower over Juliana’s body. She felt Juliana arch her hips into her, and she responded by drawing her lips over one of Juliana’s erect nipples. She gently took it into her mouth, kissing it a couple of times. Again, she looked up at Juliana, to see that she was already lost in the pleasure of it all. Juliana’s eyes were still closed, but the pleasure showed on her face as she turned her head to one side with a moan. Then Mary bent her head again to take in the flesh of Juliana’s breast into her mouth, but this time she suckled on it hard, as she nuzzled her face into Juliana’s breast like an infant kitten. She ran her hands up and down Juliana’s sides and she flicked her tongue over Juliana’s tender nipple. Juliana sighed in pleasure and reached up to caress her fingers through Mary’s hair. She loosened the pins that held her hair into place and shed them onto the floor, releasing Mary’s light brunet curls, to tumble over the sides of her. Mary released Juliana’s breast, only to take the other wildly into her mouth. Again she suckled her with passionate lips.

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