A Relaxing Spanking?

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New story for the new year. Hopefully it won’t take me as long to write the next one. Hope you all enjoy and please let me know.


It was a long day. Work was nothing but trouble. Training new people, getting things organized, and trying to manage everything else at the same time. The door opens and Jeff shuffles inside his home. A flash of annoyance crosses his mind as he finds Mary just sitting on the couch in her robe. She quickly jumps up with a bright smile to greet him just inside the foyer. His annoyance melts away as he sees her smile, as it always does. He tries to smile back but the day he had prevents it.

Mary’s arms wrap around Jeff’s waist, hands covering his ass as always, and she holds him for a long moment. She takes in a deep breath, enjoying the warmth of his body and inhaling his scent. Jeff’s arms surround his wife, squeezing her slightly and opening his mouth to speak. Being quicker on the draw, Mary covers his mouth with her lips. A slow tender kiss is exchanged. Mary pulls away but replaces her lips with her finger. Keeping Jeff quiet long enough for her to speak.

“Do you really want to talk about it?” Mary asks while she looks into Jeff’s tired eyes.

“No. Not really.” He replies with Mary’s finger still on his lips.

“No problem, love.” She says as she pulls him further into the house.

She takes his bag and sets it behind the small table at the door. When she stands up fully Jeff notices that he has to look up at Mary a little. He looks down as she drops his bag to see a pair of sexy heels on her feet. Black, shiny, patent leather with a four inch heel. Jeff’s questioning glance meets Mary’s. Her only reply is another smile. He reaches for the belt on her robe thinking maybe she hasn’t had an idle day after all. Mary playfully slaps his hands away before he can get anything open.

“Uh uh, Mister. Not yet.” She teases with a sexy grin. “Don’t move.”

Standing motionless, Jeff watches as Mary takes a step back and unbuckles his belt. She pulls it off his waist and hands it to him.

“You just hold onto that.” Mary tells Jeff with a pat on his hand.

Jeff takes hold of his belt but stays quiet as he wonders what’s going on in her mind. Her eyes meet his. Mary grins yet again. Her eyes sparkling with mischief as she unbuttons his pants and lets them fall to the floor. From there her hands move up to work at the bottom button of his shirt. With her eyes never leaving his she opens his shirt and pushes it off his shoulders, letting it fall to the floor and pool near his feet with his pants. Mary’s hands roam over Jeff’s chest, drawing a soft sigh from him, with her fully knowing that having his chest rubs never fails to get him hard very quickly.

Mary kisses Jeff. A slow and sensual kiss. With another grin she kisses his shoulder, then down his chest to suck on one of his nipples. With her eyes still on his she moves lower. Her tongue snakes out to circle and dip into his bellybutton making Jeff chuckle and finally smile. Once Mary is fully on her knees she leans in and tugs at his boxers with her teeth. With just a little motion she pulls at his boxers so her cheek rubs along his hard shaft. Nuzzling his cock just a little as she gets his under ware to join his pants on the floor.

Now that Jeff is naked and still holding his belt Mary stands and steps away from him. Her eyes wandering his body. Drinking in the hard physique he’s worked so diligently on. Jeff watches intently as she begins to untie the belt on her robe and lets it drop to the floor. Jeff’s eyes widen and his jaw drops open a little as he looks over the incredible sight his wife has just uncovered in front of him.

Holding her sexy body is a black corset. Snug fitting and very hot. Her breasts are near bursting from the top, her nipples just barely hidden by the lace cups of the corset. Black thigh high stockings hug her legs. The four inch black heels on her feet making her legs look even more lithe and curvy. The panties she has on are lace and pulled a little tight against her pussy. Jeff licks his lips as he looks over his beautiful wife. His cock throbbing as he thinks of everything he wants to do with her.

Mary turns away from her husband and takes a couple steps toward the couch. Her thong doing all it can to make her hot ass even better while Jeff stares at it. She sets her hands on the arm of the couch, bent over and spreading her legs some. Arching her back, she raises her ass a little while looking over her shoulder.

With her eyes on the belt in Jeff’s hand she speaks in a sultry tone.

“Use that belt and spank me, Jeff.”

“I don’t want to hurt you, honey.”

“I said spank my ass! Now!” Mary demands more firmly.

Realizing that his wife has gotten into her aggressive mode, Jeff sighs, steps up behind her and swings the belt. It hardly touches her skin and makes no sound.

“Harder!” she demands.

Looking over her ass again, he swings. This time Mary feels a bit of a sting and a soft pop sounds Kuşadası Escort off.

“Harder, Jeff!”

This time he takes a full swing and cracks the belt across his wife’s upturned ass. A half yelp half moan escapes from her mouth followed by “Again!”

A second crack crosses Mary’s ass, making her jump a bit. “Again!”

A third smack falls hard onto her rear, leaving a long red mark on both cheeks.

Mary purrs and smiles. “Now fuck me, Jeff.”

Looking over her shoulder, Mary watches as Jeff drops the belt and moves up behind her. His hand glides over her ass while he stares at it. Gently he rubs the red marks from the spanking. Two slow circles over her warm reddened rear. Finally taking hold of her panties and pulling them lower on her hips so he can expose her pussy just by pushing them to the side. With one hand on her hip and the other guiding his cock, he sinks his hard length into his hot wife. A moan of relaxed pleasure escapes Jeff when his thighs meet hers and every inch of him is deep inside Mary. Both of his hands grip her hips and without warning he pulls back and begins thrusting hard into her.

Mary’s body rocks forward with each push of Jeff’s hips. Her moans echo in his ears. Making him want her even more. He looks down between them to watch his cock disappear in her wet hole and see her lips cling to his shaft as he pulls back.

“Harder.” Mary moans as her pussy hugs his length.

Jeff grins as he thrusts into her. “Is that the word of the day?”

“Yes.” Mary giggles but follows it up with a much more demanding tone. “Now fuck me harder!”

Jeff’s grip tightens on his wife’s hips as he laughs a little. His next thrust crashing into her. A loud slap echos in the room from their bodies meeting as he pushes forward and drags her back onto his cock by her hips. He rocks himself in and out of his wife. Pounding his throbbing shaft into her hot, wet center with every pull on her hips.

“Oh, god.” Mary groans while Jeff drives into her. Her nails digging into the couch cushion as she takes Jeff. With her tight pussy squeezing his shaft he knows he’s not going to last much longer. Feeling his orgasm build he pulls out and squeezes the base of his cock.

“Nnnoo!” Mary moans feeling suddenly empty. The sound so needy and forlorn is surprises Jeff. Mary glares back at him. Lucky for him the need to cum has passed and he plunges back into his wife. Beginning with the hard, deep thrusts she wants so badly.

Again and again Jeff feeds his thick length into Mary, giving her every inch with every push of his hips. She feels his hand slide from her hip. It travels down to caress her stomach, then past her thighs to her pussy.While he fills her with cock. The hard, rough thrusts that she wants. Jeff’s fingers find her clit and he begins to rub circles over it.

They fuck like animals for long minutes. The both of them moaning and groaning while they drive their hips toward one another. The slap of their bodies meeting echoing in the room and mingle with all the other sounds of Jeff giving all he can to his demanding sex goddess. He’s fighting to last as long as possible while Mary’s body trembles and her legs shake. Finally, with his cock driving deep and his fingers strumming over her clit, Mary throws her head back and screams as her body explodes and waves of orgasmic ecstasy slam into her. Those moans and the squeeze of her body around Jeff set off his own orgasm. He pulls back and watches his cum splash across Mary’s sexy ass. Long streams run down her cheeks and over the red marks left earlier.

After a moment of stillness from the pair. Resting, catching their breath, Mary moves. With a quick and graceful turn she presses her body against Jeff and kisses him. Their arms encircle on another. Their tongues meet. Jeff reaches down and grabs her cum slicked ass to pull her hips against his still hard cock. Both of them moan into the kiss while hands run over Mary’s sticky rear.

Mary pulls away and steps out or their embrace. “Come with me.” she says as she takes Jeff’s hand and leads him into the bedroom. At the foot of the bed she stands facing him. Her hands rest on her hips and a glazed look of desire shines in her eyes.

“Take off my panties.” Mary instructs.

Jeff moves without question. He kneels in front of his wife and eases her underwear off her hips and down her legs. He hooks his thumbs into the waistband so he can use the rest of his hand to caress her smooth skin as he pulls the lacy fabric to the floor. With her hands on his shoulders, Mary steps out of her panties and Jeff tosses them to the side. Taking her hands off of his, she turns to face away from him. For a few moments she stands there with her husband on his knees behind her. Jeff caresses, squeezes, and teases the skin of her thighs and ass as she stands and enjoys his attention. On a whim, just before Mary moves, Jeff runs the tip of his tongue along the back of her thigh where her skin meets her stocking.

A slow sigh Kuşadası Escort Bayan escapes Mary before she speaks. “The corset, Jeff.”

After a kiss to the small of Mary’s back, just below the corset, Jeff stands and begins to open the back. Soon it joins her panties on the floor, but before she can turn he wraps his arms around her and steps close enough that his cock rests between the cheeks of her ass.

While laying kisses over her shoulders and the back of her neck, Jeff’s hands roam over Mary’s stomach and slide up to cup her breasts. They are lifted, squeezed, and fondled. Her nipples find their way between Jeff’s fingers to be pinched and rolled while Mary moans in his arms. Listening to her and feeling her body already has his cock swelling against her. Mary grinds her hips back against his shaft while she basks in the sweet feel of his touch.

“Get on the bed.” Mary tells Jeff once she feels the full length of him against her. He kisses her neck one last time before getting onto the bed like he was told. Once he’s in place and looking over his wife’s beautiful body still in her stockings and heels, Mary crawls up onto the bed. She continues to move until her knees are on either side of Jeff’s head and her mouth is hovering over his cock. With her pussy just inches from his mouth, Jeff leans forward. The weight of her breasts fall onto him just before her hand wraps around the base of his cock and her lips close over the head. With his hands on her ass he groans as her tongue begins circling.

In return for her warm mouth sliding down his length, Jeff squeezes Mary’s butt and parts the wet lips of her pussy with his tongue. He probes her clit and pushes his tongue inside her. The both of them moan with their mouths busy on one another. Mary’s lips embrace his shaft while her tongue presses against the underside and her head slowly bobs along his cock. His tongue darts into her again. His hands roaming her ass and thighs while he licks the length of her pussy. The tip finds her damp, sensitive clit and begins drawing slow circles around and over it.

They take their 69 nice and slow. In a big contrast to the heated, animal-like sex in the living room, this is much more attentive and exploring. They both enjoy the feel of the others body against their own and under their hands. Jeff groans between Mary’s thighs as the head of his cock slides to the back of her throat and her muffled moans float through the room while he sucks her clit and swirls his tongue around it again.

Nothing exists but Mary. The incredible feel of her mouth on him. The warmth of her body. Her smooth skin under his hands as they roam over her back, ass, and thighs. The taste of her excitement on his tongue and the sweet sounds of her moans. Their movements begin to speed up as they enjoy one another and do all they can for the others pleasure. They try and keep it slow to make it last but the more they lick, suck, and stroke the more and more frenzied their bodies become.

Soon Mary’s tongue is racing along Jeff’s throbbing cock. She is engulfing his length. Stroking with her lips, pressing her tongue against it while she quickly bobs her head to get him the best blow job she can. Jeff’s tongue probes her pussy. He teases her wet hole, running over the soft skin of it. Her moans urge him on. He traps her clit between his lips and rolls his tongue over it. Her thighs tremble under his hands while he sucks on that sensitive little nub then pushes it against the roof of his mouth.

This time Mary is the first to cum. Her orgasm runs hot in her blood and streams liquid lightning through her body. Jeff’s tongue flicks over her clit until she lifts her mouth from him and lets out a squealing moan. Electric sparks flash behind her closed eyes as he slowly licks away the wetness left behind by her orgasm. Mary continues to moan but drops her mouth back onto Jeff. His cock swells against her tongue as she begins to suck on him with a lustful vigor. He can feel his own orgasm building at the base of his shaft while her lips nearly press against that base. He lays his head back with a long moan. Every second the intensity of feeling expands along his cock. His hands tighten on her ass as he gets closer. His moans coming more frequently as precum wets her tongue.

Finally, with a loud moan between her legs, Jeff’s body tightens and his cock jerks in Mary’s mouth. Warm streams of cum splash across her tongue. His body shivers under hers while more moans reach her ears. She swallows hungrily and continues sucking to draw out his orgasm and get every drop she can. His orgasm fades from euphoric, leaving his breathless and laying below his wife with his eyes closed, basking in the warmth of her body and his orgasmic afterglow.

Mary moves from over top of her husband. Looking down at him from her knees.

“Turn over.” She tells him.

Noticing that she is still using the “Mistress Mary” voice, Jeff rolls onto his stomach without question. He folds his arms under his head and Escort Kuşadası soon feels Mary settling herself across his upper thighs, sitting just below his butt. The next sensation is a little strange before he realizes that Mary is dribbling bits of warm oil across his shoulders. Her hands smear the oil over his upper back before they grip and dig into his tight muscles.

A low moan caresses her ears as she starts her massage. She works his shoulders and upper back like a seasoned pro. His muscular tissue gives way to her skilled fingers and firm grip. A low relaxed groan rumbles from deep in Jeff’s chest while her soft hands melt his muscles like hot wax. His eyes close. He lays and lets his beautiful Mary skillfully massage his back. Her thumbs running along his spine, her palms and fingers squeezing and kneading.

His arms are next. Every inch falling prey to Mary’s probing fingertips and slippery hands. She smiles as she looks over the side of Jeff’s face. A light smile has his lips pulled back some. She can see, with each relaxing stroke, the lines of tension on his face fading from existence.

Mary picks up the oil bottle and turns in place to face his legs. As a tease for Jeff, she settles her bare ass on the small of his back and makes sure her pussy pushes against him while she massages his thighs. He moans again, feeling the soft, damp warmth of her laying against his skin. Mary works Jeff’s legs until they are nothing but masses of pudding attached to his body. She begins work on his calves and decides to take her teasing further. While she runs her hands over the lower part of Jeff’s legs she rocks her hips. Slowly dragging her pussy along his back to run her clit on him while she works.

“Oh god, Mary.” Jeff moans as she rubs his legs. The feel of her hands and pussy have him relaxed but feeling the inner sexual tension building again. Mary smiles but reaches down and smacks his ass.

“No talking.” she scolds.

Jeff’s legs and feet take up more of her time while her fingers dance along his skin to draw out every tight muscle fiber. After she has finished with the massage of the bottom of his feet she pulls herself from over top of him and gets him to roll over once again. Once Jeff is on his back, Mary looks him over. A sexy, salacious smile crossing her face as she adds more oil to her hands and stares at his growing erection.

Mary’s oiled hands settle on Jeff’s chest as she straddles his hips. She begins to massage him once again. Their eyes stay locked together while her muscle melting touch penetrates every layer of his being. Five heavenly minutes pass until Mary feels Jeff is relaxed enough. She leans forward without taking her hands off of him. They share a long, slow, passionate kiss that sparks more desire in each body.

“Don’t move. Not one inch, Jeff.” Mary tells him with a sly shine in her eyes.

Her hands never move from his chest as she changes her hip position just a little. Soon Jeff feels her pussy pressed against the underside of his cock. Her lips part from the pressure and her clit contacts his hard shaft. She traps her bottom lip between her teeth and keeps her eyes locked on Jeff’s while she rocks her hips. Her clit glides along the base of his hard length. Her first moan makes his cock throb between her legs. Her pleasure sending a hot thrill through her husband. He wants so bad to reach up and touch her but keeps reminding himself she told him not to move.

Mary keeps her rhythm slow and firm to begin with, getting all the friction she can on her slick clit and sending bolts of lightning up her spine. He watches her eyes close and her chest heave as her breathing quickens. Her fingers dig into his chest. Her hips speed up. She rides the bottom of his cock with her clit rubbing the last couple inches of his length. A long low moan is forced from between her lips as her thighs tighten against him and she clutches his chest. Her head tilts back. Her hips rock against him. His cock throbs against her clit as she rides him. He can feel her wetness dripping down his length while she grinds against him.

Jeff can see in Mary’s face and feel it in the trembling of her thighs. Her eyes close tight. Her thighs tighten further on his hips just before a sexy, hot, loud moan flies from her. Liquid fire rolls up her body as her orgasm burns under her skin. Groans of pleasure fill the air while her throbbing little clit continues riding along the bottom of his cock, her cum wetting his shaft and thighs while quakes of pleasure rock through her.

After one last little convulsion she falls forward against Jeff. Her breasts crushed against him. Her breathing deep and rapid, trying to catch her breath and relishing in the pure pleasure of her orgasm. Jeff wraps his arms around his wife. He holds her close and strokes her hair while she catches her breath. She smiles when her forehead gets kissed, making her look up into Jeff’s eyes. Another passionate kiss presses their lips together and he reaches down to squeeze her ass just before they pull apart.

“Come shower with me.” Jeff requests as Mary moves from over top of him and heads for the bathroom. He stays in place long enough to watch her sexy ass and legs strut into the next room. Once he hears the water start he pulls himself off the bed and heads for the shower.

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