A Slave’s Tale Ch. 05

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When I woke the next morning I was alone in the bed. I lay quietly as the memories of last night came flooding back. In the distance I could hear noises from the kitchen. Magda must already be up and preparing breakfast. I looked over the side of the bed. My new acquisition was still there curled up on the floor in a foetal position, her blanket still discarded at her feet. Quietly I put my feet on the floor and stood up and put on my silk robe. I could still smell the scents of last night on me so, stepping over the still-sleeping slave, I made my way to the bathroom and luxuriated in a nice hot shower.

As I came out of the bathroom freshly bathed and dried a voice called up the stairs.

“Breakfast in ten minutes, Mistress.”

Magda had obviously heard the shower going and had assumed I was up. I called back down that I had heard and went back into the bedroom. Slave was still curled up on the floor where I had left her. I prodded her with my foot.

“Wake up, slut,” I said sternly, “stop being lazy.”

She rolled onto her back and stared up at me, blinking then stood up with some difficulty. Her hands were still cuffed together and locked to her collar. When I remember the reason why I had done that last night I made a mental note to punish her later. One must start as one means to go on and slave’s must learn discipline as soon as possible. I reached into my drawer and found the keys. I unlocked the cuffs from her collar and then freed her hands. She rubbed her wrists where they had been imprisoned all night. I found the leash and clipped it to her collar. As I did so I sensed a familiar smell coming from her. Obviously remaining from when she had serviced Magda yesterday evening. I walked back to the bathroom tugging her behind me with the leash. I picked up a flannel and ran it under the cold tap then scrubbed her face. She yelped in protest and the cold water. I towelled her dry and then pointed at the toilet. A look of relief came over her face and she sat down. The look turned to embarrassment when she saw I wasn’t leaving. Her cheeks blushed scarlet. I tapped my foot impatiently until desperation overcame her shame and she pissed long and hard into the bowl. Still blushing she wiped herself and then stood up. Taking hold of her leash once more I took her down to the kitchen where Magda was putting the finishing touches to my breakfast.

“Good morning, Mistress,” Magda smiled in greeting, “I have made your usual. I have made some extra toast as I wasn’t sure about your new resident.”

“That will be fine for now, Magda but I must start feeding her up soon. She is far too skinny at the moment.”

I sat down at the table and motioned for slave to kneel beside me on the stone floor. Magda laid a plate of my usual poached egg and exquisitely fried bacon in front of me along with a rack of still warm toast and a dish of butter before returning to cleaning the work surface. Hungrily I started to tuck into my breakfast. As always the egg and bacon were perfect. After several mouthfuls I picked up a slice of toast, tore of a corner and tossed it onto the floor. Slave looked up at me questioningly, uncertain what to do.

“Eat, slut, unless you want to go hungry all day.”

She immediately pounced on the piece of toast and thrust it into her mouth. I carried on with my breakfast occasionally throwing down another piece of dry toast. Finally sated I pushed my plate away and leant back in the chair. A cup of steaming fresh coffee miraculously appeared in front of me. As I sipped at it the door bell chimed. I hoped it was Ms Nora making an early start. I nudged slave with my foot.

“Answer the door, slut,” I snapped. “If it is a Ms Nora show her into my office then assume your usual position in the centre of the room.”

She hesitated looking scared.

“A problem, slut?”

“B-b-b-but I’m naked, Mistress,” her voice quavering and close to tears.

“Yes,” I said, “as you should be. Now run along and do as you’re told. It is not in your interests to make me annoyed.”

She scrambled to her feet and rushed from the room her leash trailing behind her. I looked at Magda and raised an eyebrow.

“I think I have work to do with this one,”

I strained to hear the conversation coming from the front door but I could clearly make out that it was indeed Ms Nora and that she was being shown politely into the office. I slowly savoured my coffee. I would let her wait and let Ms Nora have plenty of time to admire her.

Eventually I stood up and went into the office. Ms Nora was standing patiently next to my desk a large bag and several boxes on the floor beside her and the slut, as I had instructed, was standing in the centre of the room hands behind her head and feet spread. I sat in my chair and pointed to the one Anadolu Yakası Escort on the other side of the desk.

“Please take a seat. May I call you Nora?” I asked out of politeness.

“Of course Miss,” she replied.

“Would you like coffee before you start? I assume you’ve come to continue your work.”

“Thank you, Miss, that would be nice.”

I pressed a button and spoke into an intercom.

“Could we have two more coffees in here please, Magda.”

I then slowly looked the slut up and down before turning to Nora.

“What do you think of my new acquisition?”

“She’s very pretty but also quite young, Miss.”

“She has just signed for 6 months of training with me. It’s not going to be easy.”

The slut blushed and shifted slightly on her feet with discomfort at being talked about. Magda appeared carrying a tray with coffee, cream and sugar on it and laid it on the desk next to me. She turned to leave but I stopped her.

“Take the slut with you and set her to scrubbing the kitchen floor. Make sure she does a good job.”

“Certainly, Mistress.”

Magda walked over and took hold of the leash dangling from the slut’s collar and led her from the room. I handed Nora a cup of coffee and sat back in my chair.

“And so, your plans for the cameras, Nora?”

“I believe you said you wanted full views of the kitchen, bathroom and slave’s room and a single one in the master bedroom. What about in the other downstairs rooms?”

“For now we can leave those private although I have thought of one other item. Is it possible to have a mobile camera that also connects in to the system?”

“No problem, Miss, I can set up the system today and bring one round tomorrow for you.”

“Do you foresee any problems, Nora?”

“No, Miss, in the three main areas I can simply set a camera at the two ends of the room such that everything is covered. In the main bedroom what is it you want covered, Miss?”

“Just the bed and as little else as possible.”

Nora put down her cup and stood up.

“Then if I may, Miss, I’d like to make a start.”

“I suggest you start upstairs then. I’m sure you can find your way around.”

With that Nora picked up her bag and some of the boxes and left the room. I sat for a while slowly sipping my coffee. This new system looked like it might be quite fun. I got up and walked into the kitchen. Magda was just putting on a coat and the slut was busy scrubbing at the floor. She had started at the back door and was slowly working her way backwards. She seemed to be doing a fairly good job.

“Ahhh, Mistress, I have left two portions each of lunch and dinner. The lunch can be microwaved but the dinners need to be heated in the oven, about 20 minutes. There are others clearly labelled in the freezer should you have other guests. I’m sorry I can’t stay longer, Mistress, but I am booked with another Mistress for this evening. She’s having a dinner party for ten people and I need to get started.”

“No problem, Magda, you have your business to run.”

With that she turned and left.

“I shall be in my office, slut, and I expect this place to be sparkling by the time I return.”

Without waiting for a reply I turned and left.

In the office I found that the rest of the boxes brought by Nora had been removed. I occupied my time with various mundane tasks and then wrote up my diary. I found that I quite enjoyed writing a description of the happenings of last night. So much so that I could feel myself becoming aroused. My thoughts turned to the slut and I imagined her in the kitchen on all fours her breasts and arse moving in time to the scrubbing. It was quite an exciting image. After about an hour I wandered back towards the kitchen but stopped in the hallway. Slut, still on all fours, was blocking the door having nearly finished the floor. I quietly admired the view of her from behind. This was always my favourite angle from with to see a slave. I could see the pucker of her arse still filled with the black butt plug from last night and glimpse the lips of her cunt between her legs. Then she sat back up and looked carefully at her work making sure she had missed nothing.

“Good girl,” I said suddenly from behind her. She nearly jumped out of her skin and almost fell over as she spun round. “You may get yourself some water,” I said, pointing at the sink.

“Thank you, Mistress.” She stood up and put her cleaning materials away in the cupboard where, presumably, they belonged and then went to the sink. She looked round searching for a glass or cup.

“Use your hands, slut. Later I will organise a bowl of water in a corner on the floor for you but for now do the best you can.”

I watched as she turned on Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan the tap and caught the water in her cupped hands and drank it gratefully. I heard footsteps coming down the stairs and turned to see Nora carrying her bag and a much smaller pile of boxes.

“I have finished upstairs, Miss, I just need to do down here.”

“Slut, come with me.” I ordered and to Nora, “I’ll leave you to finish in peace then, Nora.”

I walked back to the office closely followed but the slut and sat behind my desk. She stood in the proper manner on the other side. I ordered her to turn around with her back to me. I wanted to check on the state of her back and buttocks. The welts on her back had almost faded to nothing although there were still marks where the skin had broken and her previous Mistress had drawn blood. Her buttocks still showed signs of the beating I had given her as punishment for breaking in but I had no regret about them. They would also fade with time. For the moment I was more concerned with her misdemeanour from last night when she tried to play with herself without permission. I picked up the riding crop that I always kept next to my computer and walked round the desk to stand in front of her. I saw her eyes widen with fear when she saw the crop. I looked at her sternly.

“Well, slut, your back and bottom are healing quite nicely and will be clear in a few days but now we must now deal with your behaviour last night. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. There are a few things I insist on and one of the most important is no playing without my clear permission. I won’t use your bottom again quite yet so I think four on each breast and four of your cunt will suffice this time.”

A look of fear came into her eyes and she opened her mouth to speak.

“Silence, slut, do not question me or the punishment will simply get worse.”

I stood to one side and extended the crop and gently stroked it down her right breast and over her nipple. I repeated this until the nipple started to stiffen. With no warning I brought the crop down hard on it. She yelped loudly. I gave her three more in quick succession by which time she was starting to whimper and her eyes were moist. So too, I noticed, was her cunt, the lips faintly glistening. I moved across to the other side. She knew what was coming this time and braced herself. I repeated the stroking to arouse her nipples before administering four blows on that side. She was now crying but, in her favour, she had not cried out again.

“Now lie down there, slut,” I said pointing to the floor. She obeyed reluctantly knowing what was to come. I was pleased to see her legs were obediently spread wide. I moved to stand over her. I was still only wearing my silk robe so I thought to distract her I would let her glimpse what might be her ultimate goal. I leant forward and lightly tapped my crop on her cunt lips. I could see her trying to resist the temptation to close her legs. When she didn’t I gave her a sharp smack. This time she did not stay quiet but instead she cried out loudly. Again to her credit her legs only closed very slightly. She was now crying more than ever. I gave her a second smack with the crop. She yelped again and this time her legs closed.

“Don’t be a baby, slut, and spread your legs. Just two more to go.”

Slowly her legs opened and I stroked the length of her cunt with the tip of the crop. A third smack had her bawling like a baby. She would definitely need to be toughened up but at least her legs remained spread. I’m sorry to say I softened at this point and her fourth and last strike was less severe than the previous three. She still gave a small whimper and rolled on her side and curled up. Time to show my more gentle side. I picked up the end of her lead and tugged her back into reality.

“Up you get, slut,” I said in a more gently voice. Slowly she staggered to her feet and stood, her head hung down, in front of me quietly sobbing to herself. I stepped forward and put my arms round her pulling her into me. I sensed that this took her by surprise but I needed to show her that punishment may be painful but that forgiveness was also available. I am never unnecessarily cruel to my slave trainees and I always try to pass them on to Mistresses that share my beliefs. Kindness is as good a teaching aid as pain in some cases. I could feel her sobs dying away as she slowly came back to reality and her tiny frame blended into mine. I lifted up her face so that she looked at me.

“You know you were due that punishment. Now it is over. No harm done apart from a little pain. Now say thank you to your Mistress for teaching you a valuable lesson.”

She looked at me with a sorrowful expression on her face before finally, “Thank Escort Anadolu Yakası you, Mistress,” was whispered to me. I bent down and gave her a quick kiss on the lips before releasing her. I walked round and opened a drawer in my desk and took out a pack of tissues. Pulling a couple free I held them out to her.

“Wipe those silly tears away.”

She took them and wiped her eyes still with a look of slight confusion on her face trying to reconcile the beating with the hug and kiss she had received.

“Your name is anna?” I asked.

She nodded at me. “From now you will be known as slave anna. No need to change your name.”

“Thank you, Mistress.”

Just then there was a light knock on the door. Nora stood waiting politely. I beckoned her in and motioned to the chair opposite me. She walked in but remained standing.

“I have finished the installation, Miss but I need to do some work on your computer if that’s ok?”

I stood up and motioned her to my chair. I stood back as she deftly logged on and watched as her fingers flew across the keys. I was strictly a two-finger typist but hers moved so fast I could barely seem them except as a blur. The screen steadied and the two images of the front and back door came into view. Then, one by one, views from the new cameras appeared. I could see both ends of the bathroom, slave’s room and the kitchen and lastly an image of my bed and little else. She had done an excellent job. She showed me how to switch an image to full screen and to swap between one and another. After her demonstration she turned to me.

“This may be a little presumptuous of me, Miss, but can I show you one other item I’ve brought with me?”

“You may and can I just say that so far I’m delighted with your work.”

She stood up and went to the far side of the desk where she had left her bag. Reaching in she took out a relatively small laptop computer which she opened and switched on. After a couple of clicks a small version of my main screen appeared with the nine images of rooms. She slid it across the desk towards me.

“This can easily be carried from room to room, Miss. You could sit in your living room and keep an eye on the kitchen or sit in the kitchen and watch any comings and goings upstairs.”

“And this does the same as that?” I said pointing at my somewhat aged desk top computer.

“Exactly the same, Miss.”

Suddenly decided I said, “Please send the bill, including this, here. I promise I will pay promptly. I can see why you suggested this.”

“It will need plugging in at least once a day, Miss. Possibly overnight or if you go out.”

“And you will bring the handheld camera round tomorrow?”

“Yes, Miss. Will you be wanting a tripod as well?”

“I might as well,” I paused and then added, “I’m delighted with your service, Nora, and I’d like to offer you a bonus.”

“Miss?” she said looking bemused.

“I can offer you the services of my new slave, anna. I must warn you that she is at the start of her training and, as yet, has no great skill but my chef tried her last night and didn’t complain.”

She turned and looked at slave anna letting her gaze wander over her.

“If you are sure, Miss. I thought I heard the sound of some sort of punishment going on earlier.”

“That is a matter that has now been dealt with and it should not have affected the use of her tongue. Besides I’d appreciate a second opinion.”

“In that case, Miss, I’d be happy to accept your kind offer.”

She leant back and smiled. Slave anna meanwhile had been listening to our conversation. By now she was already reconciled to her place so when I ordered her to pleasure Nora she quickly dropped to her knees in front of her. Nora quickly stood up, hitched her skirt around her waist and shamelessly pulled down her black lace panties. She then sat back down and spread her legs wide. I got a brief sight of her fashionably shaved pussy before anna leant forward and applied her mouth and tongue to the job in hand. I sat back and enjoyed the sight of Nora’s face as her arousal grew. Her head went back and her eyes closed as anna went to work. She slid forward in the chair and one leg lifted to allow greater access. She started to moan, at first quietly but then louder and louder. Her hand was on the back of anna’s head and she was pulling her in tightly. A series of muttered ‘Oh FUCK!’ and ‘Oh SHIT!’ heralded her impending climax. Finally I saw her knuckles grow white as she gripped anna’s hair and then she came with a scream. Her whole body shook violently and then slowly calmed. She slowly relaxed her hold on anna who came up gasping for air. Slowly a stillness crept over the room before Nora finally opened her eyes. She looked at me with a smile on her face.

“Oh my goodness, Miss, thank you so much. She really is quite good, Miss, considering how untrained she is.”

“I value your opinion, Nora. Now I have other matters to attend to. Take as long as you like to recover. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.”

With that I picked up anna’s leash and tugged her to her feet and left the room.

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